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3-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 -- -- DEA. I wore us down upon the he would write. But then yeah if I didn't go to the hole looked up to mark the end and my brother. -- you know. And. Tom -- -- leave -- -- what you showed that started spot news -- 930 check that big great program. I think I can tell us two hours talking about Ukraine. Calls and -- -- it but that's for joining us everybody wants Ukraine and unfortunately parents. At I I maintain my position. -- Russia has its sphere of influence. What -- have all of Serbia of influence. I don't think potent. Is doing anything other than what the United States would be doing in a similar situation now why would I say -- such a horrible thing. Because we -- before. We every country on the face of this planet ladies and gentlemen. Acts in its own best interests. Or to be acting in its own best interest may I present the look I hate to be defending -- Communist but I guess it's like which Communist I want to defend more potent Obama. But folks back in 1982. The Soviet Union and its proxy state Cuba. They decided to set up another proxy Communist state in the Caribbean and Ireland called Grenada. The United States and not in our backyard nimby. Yet you've got Cuba because you guys got real lucky. -- -- -- -- -- Ronald Reagan sent in our armed forces and the Communists were tossed out of Grenada to the everlasting cheers of the people of Grenada. Thank you judge year men of the most wonderful human being who's ever walked the bases planet. But we chased -- of we have also propped up dictatorships in Haiti and for those of you old enough to remember there was also organize and Iran named most of the day. And what should note that we. Led a coup in Iran. That resulted in most today getting taken out of office -- in the show off of a run being put in to the peacock throne and eventually -- was overturned and overthrown. By Islamic militants. That the United States as every other country does on the -- of this planet acts and what it perceives to be its own best interests. And you know last week or a couple of weeks ago. Now that I brought this up with a call -- brought up the Monroe doctrine and in a nutshell. Don't reflect the Monroe doctrine with some law. Don't ever think the treatment -- doctrine -- some treaties into which the United States entered with foreign powers. The Monroe doctrine was a statement by the United States to the rest of the world. And basically what it's a wise. -- Be aware of thought. In other words where the bought. The Western Hemisphere that's our backyard Europe stay the hell -- of our -- there -- Because president James Monroe went back -- anybody remember the era of good feeling. -- hold my old social studies teacher if you're listening and I've never forgotten your excellent lectures on the era of good feeling. You were the best teacher ever sooner but anyway. Always get an ex teachers called to say nice things about it but anyway. We had a unilateral declaration to the rest of the world specifically your stay the -- out of the Western Hemisphere's. And guess what for the most part. The most part Cuba was an exception. And frankly when you've got a guy in Cuba name but he stopped who. Basically was there to steal as much as he could as long as he could. Shouldn't be a big surprise that -- Castro -- able to take power from him with the support of most of the Cuban people. And we tried -- Castro audible office there -- all kinds of plots and imaginations that were launched against them none of which worked he's still alive. Kind of interesting that Castro has outlived Khrushchev he outlived JFK he outlived Brezhnev he I'll think about it. You talked about a survivor. Fidel Castro is a survivor. There were no shortage of plots against that man's life. Because we didn't want -- in Cuba. Well until further notice you're gonna have -- in Cuba by the way I don't start was pretty stupid. Stupid being defined as inconsistent. Bad about it today folks if you want do you could take a trip to Russia. If you're so inclined. You can take a trip if you're so inclined to Vietnam. You can take a trip if you're so inclined to China you can take a trip if you're so inclined to fill in blank of totalitarian country -- Yet the United States still has his dumb -- travel embargo against Cuba because it's Communist. Public yeah. That makes absolutely. No sense whatsoever and it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Which is you win more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. -- Well as anybody else remember blue gene diplomacy. Does anybody else remember what you would go over to Russia on a tour. And you get these Russian kids offering you. The equivalent of 100 American dollars for your blue jeans. Of course that was all good and fine until you're in tourist KGB -- said no no no no no you don't get to do. So it's got to frosted me a little bit like -- -- bet that. Sorry you know you know from you know from where that line comes you know GO -- But it's -- frosted me like UK that we couldn't go to Cuba we can't go to Cuba but we go to all these places are a lot worse than Cuba in terms of human rights I never got -- never understood it and I never will understand. -- big -- of communism. But people there live under the government they live under they get the government they deserve just as we get the government we deserve whether it's dysfunctional buffalo this functional New York where the dysfunctional. This United States of America. It just it's the way it years. Personally I'd like to go to -- To go to -- because they've still got 1950s era American cars are still chug along. Spare parts. -- spare parts and Jerry rig and they're still in the streets of Alabama which I think it would be pretty cool the seat I don't know. It would become like a car show every date in Havana. But again. It just -- seriously folks what sense does that make you can go to the uber Communist country of China. And nobody really gives it but if you wanna go to Cuba. You can't -- I could go I would be able to get an exemption to go to Cuba are really -- But I don't feel like going -- bad enough that I I've flown over Cuba a lot. Never been on the ground -- over. But it just it always just seems stupid and frankly. But. Anyway getting getting back to. Ladies and gentlemen just take it to the bank it's a fundamental rule of human nature to fundamental rule. Relations between nations. Almost sounds -- A fundamental rule is every country on the face of this earth is always doing what it believes to be in its best interests. Russia wants a security zone around yet just as we want a security zone around us. Do we have to like it no but it's the way it works and frankly. As I mentioned a -- Hagman -- a few occasions if President Obama had signed the Keystone Pipeline in the law. Two years before the last election. The idea of the Middle East being must the idea of Russia being must do battle with ideologically. And through proxy. Really would not be that important to original line. Because the whole world runs on oil fossil fuel. And we would have our all and plenty of if only we'd been allowed to build the pipeline. But an ideological man named Barack Obama said no he said -- to prosperity he said no to American energy independence he said no to a booming economy and why would that be. Because it's good for America or it's good for the Democrat party to have a whole bunch of people dependent on government were there every for their every need. I think you know the answer today. It's kind of like -- which kind of has to run for Obama -- I don't root for either -- I wrote for the American people root for freedom for the American people. And one of the things ladies and gentlemen I would encourage you to be in this current situation between the Ukraine and Russia. If I were president of the United States I would say it's your dirty laundry you'd take your kids were not getting involved. George Washington I think would very much have agreed with me we're not getting involved. Europe has been single handedly the cause of more American death. More American misery more American crippling. Than any other continent. On the face of this plan and the far -- we remove ourselves from European wars the better off we're going to be as a country. Anybody wanna get involved there what you be the first to sign up you go ahead -- Ukrainian army go sign up and go fight. Let them work it out. As they worked it out beaten bloody Vietnam bloody. I don't hear you know why don't care I don't live there you know -- live I live the United States you know where you live. Well Canada or the United States what I care about most is this being used as some -- distraction. OK we put the eyes of the world on Ukraine. Now how can we screw the American people even further and by the time they realize what's been done. It'll be too late to think about it because after all we have to sign the bill before we know what the bill. So I would be very very wary is an element of anything coming from Washington or state capitals in states that are run by Democrats right now. That Ukraine is going to be used as a distraction. -- I always talk about bread and circuses. Well this is Brad and it's kind of circuses it's kind of like bread and distraction. They'll lose sight of the big picture the big picture in New York writes the big picture New York freedom. The big picture in New York constitution. Because unless America honors its promises and its commitments it made to its own people which it has not been doing by the way I would hasten to add. Guess what there is no beacon of freedom in the world that are no better than -- and Russia were steak and shine at worst they can Cuba. If the of rights in the separation of powers that -- squat in the United States. Then you wanna tell me where the beacon of freedom it's in the world anymore. If I don't think it's the United States anymore not what we have a president tells people in the State of the Union Address which even Rush Limbaugh calls the state of the -- That he will bypass congress whenever and wherever he needs to do things in my best interest of the American people guess what I've heard those words before same words different dictators different time periods. Ladies and gentlemen take it from the hospital lifetime studying this nonsense. Always look out for the distraction. Always look out for the rope ago. Be ware be where B where B where. And speaking of being alert let's find out about traffic and here is mr. Allen Harris. All right and AccuWeather previous holes that are basically we have baby out. Sorry about that we have a a windchill advisory in effect it's gonna be. Really really really really really cold out the windshield and effective manner and Bridget tonight you when it will be minus one. That's not feels like that's just below minus one. Tomorrow cloudy and very cold some -- well or flurries at times eight team right now are you ready it's eight degrees it's minus. Nine with wind -- all. And he'll be happy -- know that that mr. -- answered your favorite talk show host actually remembered to bring its gloves incited its at a leaving them out in the -- during the four hours he was on the air so at least I'll have warm little fingers on the way out to the cars though. -- that. Now I don't wanna switch -- guys that look are probably what's he was in Caribbean during -- is is Virginia calling in about Grenada. Guys who will help here's what. I don't feel like talking about Ukraine anymore because -- -- because two hours and it's not fair you'd just say -- -- -- call until the last part of the show but I'll put Virginia on the line because -- issues in the Caribbean what 1983 when the United States invaded. Grenada. Hi Virginia that was kind of a question in -- derogatory. Yeah -- don't know yet Cynthia I'm still reeling from that blast of truth that you just gave -- the for the past twenty minute. Well I just. You know get used to the truth then they show because I'll tell as long as I'm allowed. Wonderful to back it up that direction yet I'm glad that went in the Caribbean and from about it went up from one island. Dot requested and they did that another plea for help the American before Americans interjected. Seven other islands who are terrified of the influx of the Communist Cuba and and go about their Angolan troops there as well. It was the terrifying experience and I Eugenia Charles was the prime minister at the time she went out and urging peak very unseemly to present rank and and President Reagan when you look at the scope of precedent that we pat and I think we -- -- in North America. And he has been. No longer in power of course and around he would be Iron Man no one played with him. He's not the situation -- -- -- in the best interest of America does not have input. And that country in the Caribbean in our best interest to acted out and asked for help from America it was over and got it in three days. Virginia I -- hold because dammit why do you have to be such a good caller heading into a break that I have to take don't go anywhere because if you go anywhere I would consider an insult to east roar as mark Rodham marker who gave his life in Grenada fighting for the United States. So don't go anywhere okay. You're gonna hold the line a WB and by 24. Eddie Van Halen. -- I had to learn how to play guitar well he's thanking his lucky stars every. It. In my world actually. A study and yours to our guys I don't think any reports anything yet but just be advised that for reasons which escape me. This time of year when the sun is coming down during the drive home. If you're driving well I guess the reasons don't escape either rather obvious if you're driving westbound and got a good view this on the and your windows are cleaned it can -- So. Make sure you drive within your capabilities and always look out for the possibility of roadway here. Or our roads -- it's all over the road. So well the technical term that you don't wanna go skating so what it has been advised now by the way out FaceBook. We're gonna get back to that called -- but I put some photographs up on FaceBook. The of the hourly afternoon drive crew because they were jealous because they put up a picture of -- Evans or promotions guru who has that seventies porn -- gone. So we put that picture up and my guys were like -- we work with you every day. Where where is Carla. And I said you're right so and we were finally had a chance to put a picture for pictures actually of the crew up. On the FaceBook page if you see John Sherman and Joseph -- and your humble host. All right it is hourly let's get back calls to Virginia and Hamilton and Virginia how did you come to be by the way this is relevant to what's happening in the news right now between Ukraine and Russia. How did you come to be in the Caribbean in 1983. When the stuff was going down between the United States Cuba the Soviets and grenade. I was there from 1971. Listen couple comments throughout the government and also. -- can make it to. Be. Where and when you say throughout Jamaica might year. Are we including are we including the grilled. And the you know -- as well as I do. OK just the thought. -- -- you stay at sandals that. Our associates her marriage of weeks ago please give you -- I think it. And we came around and -- and take a look and present. Turks and caicos. If -- snobs unit Turks and caicos avoid Turks and acres. I -- a few little -- different. This stuff to deal with the defeats knobs. And the utility on the way you have to manipulate people no matter where you -- Well they just listen to come in the Manson drama in the ocean but this just -- -- young and I. Will I'm kidding I wouldn't hurt -- And getting -- what we're talking about there are other little miniature countries in the Caribbean at same time that had great alarms ringing. They were desperate for help because they could see what was going on -- for domino effect -- and -- and the only country that they could depend upon. Well any kind of -- salvation actually let the United States from the court seeking a child -- is approaching what makes the prime minister of gold -- that apparently got laid back about it isn't Spain's. So that he. And it's. Been good no other that an analyst. Good yes OK but -- -- hinted he had a colorful. Content from there and he went quicker and the ambassador to. Washington very quietly. And the very very -- and the kind of light actually the whole. Feature occurred and I think the appeal it took three days and knocked it -- -- the Cuban Iranian government so went there and they had. Definitely. -- Covered by the by the Americans. And learn. And beat the group of violence there but further plans to to infiltrate. All the recounted the ABC islands are quote from. That would be a -- bubble on air Curacao. For those unfamiliar with the Caribbean there's more to the Caribbean and hedonism I mean Jamaica. Oh definitely great got another world really let me think let me shattered pieces but nevertheless. Couldn't they go to they went to America. Because we're a beacon of freedom and the -- Ronald Reagan was going to be sympathetic now but again you know what but here's here's the thing Virginia and well I'm trying to defend Russia and the United States -- given the history lesson here are. And you probably know this anyway because -- -- Canadians generally are a lot smarter than Americans American history and world affairs and now -- know you are you trust me Americans don't know squat about history and foreign affairs compared to Canadians Canadians will outflank and -- speak in American 99 times out of a hundred comes to this stuff -- a much better educational system in Canada it pains me to say it but it also happens to be true. But the United -- Long Will look for Communists the United States and Russia were not exactly best bosom buddies -- -- that's always been a rivalry. Between Russia and the United States in -- looking back on -- now -- for the freaking amazing they actually agreed to sell -- Alaska back -- what 1867. Us words Ali a place loaded with oil and get -- and gold. The Russians to this day must engage in daily limit patient and weeping over that's. You know it's like selling mom's house and turns out that there was a box quota holders Wagner cards in the -- -- I thought there was quite brilliant actually write that down by one man show. Throw in a few F bombs it'll make it worth the price. Yeah. You still want. Yes actually actually you are but so you were in the Caribbean and it really was you know and I've mentioned. A name earlier and I always like to make it make it clear to people. That the invasion of Grenada was not without American lost in -- yard and eighteen or nineteen years old his name was mark rat a -- he was a product of East Aurora school his entire life now I know. And affect us don't know a friend of here's. Named while her name was Caroline Lambert now she's delightful person and she -- mark -- -- robbery well went to school with him. And she told me when hearing about his -- a she was devastated. And beat that mark ran -- always wanted to be an American soldier that was his dream in life that was his destiny. And the fact that that fine young man met his end in Grenada unfortunately I believe it was friendly fire so called. Has never left me into the members of the red marker family listening I still remember your son I still remember the sacrifice -- made for this country and you were still in my prayers and my thoughts in my positive energy what thirty years later. -- -- -- I'm not only that there with the university town in -- it before it probably get in Grenada and let the American University American sponsors and medical college is what is it. Yes -- from but that's absolutely. And right now. The council to you occurred around the area when the American soldiers were trying to pick up a commandeered. Naturally I'd be at the end of -- And about where -- casualties occurred. And -- they did he thank -- the Americans like did. Read the community and people. And the students who were held hostage in that university. And as long inside the apartment I forget how American Media back. On American short when I was back in Miami and I was watching NBC ABC CBS. They were saying -- how terrible it was with America went into Grenada and and but when you when -- When a student came back to American iron Miami -- the first thing they -- -- -- on the ground they -- -- -- kept the American foreign. And they thank President Reagan and they are still signs in -- saying thank you the United States for liberating -- Thank you I'm glad that I have the opportunity to refresh my memory if people don't like the great president called Reagan and will never see his like again. And you've been to Grenada but you've never been to Granada which is inspect. I don't want good. Bank if it and social. Well I've thought about it but. This morning. Too predictable. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah me. In the shoes. Usually -- locals here is that chuck -- Negron. Its -- Thing to whom he used it. Some core wells -- if you're listening. -- -- know that you don't have to look at them. All right it is port mark Valentino in the group Eli sinking Three Dog Night and that there's always that possibility. 543 at news radio 930 WBE. And by the if you ever get a chance to see three dog night live. Do do it do it an American treasure. Back to the calls we go here is. The planet's thanks so much time talking about Ukraine and you guys are interest it's so what the hell it'll run WBM talked -- Yes -- you mentioned the phrase earlier about American promises and commitments. -- and I'm sorry I missed the beginning of your show with mr. Hague -- would you discuss the Budapest numbering in 1994. God no we do is not snag this summer -- -- When the -- it -- apart. 01 of the largest nuclear weapons. Stations in the entire world. The door number three US. Russia and Ukraine is number three. You Americans talk ukrainians did turn over all of nuclear -- to Russia for ostensibly. Destruction. There was a memorandum signed in 1994 with United States. UK Russia and Ukraine were all four of them agreed that in exchange for -- is -- authorization world history. The war that would would respect. Ukrainian borders at that time there'd be no interference in the country. They would respect the sovereignty of the territorial integrity. In -- -- economic pressure. -- -- -- Right that's right -- and a good. -- -- twenty years ago so obviously Russia is a lie here we did little to either Natalie did that little tender I'm shocked. About it but it violated so the question is our view. And the UK and looked at their commitments and treaty that. I hope not consistent -- got it's out of our business. It's not of our business if you wanna fight for Ukraine you sign up and fight for Ukraine because I'm not going to. So -- thing American promise and commitment -- meeting. What I'm saying is that every country on the face of this planet including Russia looks out for its own. Best interest what did the ukrainians get out of this ukrainians made sure that terrorist groups were not gonna go in and get the nuclear weapons to be used possibly against them possibly against another country and -- blaming Ukraine eventually it's not like Ukraine you know didn't get anything out of the deal as far as guarantees of territorial sovereignty. If but Ukrainian leaders were gullible enough to fall for that dealing with Russia I'm sorry you just talk -- they just don't get a lot of sympathy from. We're very gullible enough to deal with -- in terms of strenuous. Absolutely. Absolutely. Because history are -- history is filled with treaties that proved to be nothing but scraps of paper asking -- So you're saying that the United States and essentially no more admirable than Putin's Russia. What I'm saying is that every country acts in its own best interest wires -- such a revelation to. Well there's a lot of things -- can be done of the -- a lot of in between Euro and nuclear war management can be done. -- reason -- visa Banzer is providing. Good military weapons to ukrainians are expanding NATO membership. To Russia out of -- a lot of things. And it's -- record between them is you're repeating itself. And we all respect. That the President Reagan been destroyed the Soviet Union. He -- economic means this epidemic. There's a big problem well. We are not the players we work. We have basically screwed ourselves into a situation. Where we are like a guy with a nine inch member who can't get it to work. We are so much in debt we can't go deeper into debt. That might just be temporary you know you can't just throw your hands they -- Sir it's Russia at this point -- between Russia and Ukraine. And and the stories between Russia and Ukraine might get lost two years of his wife in Korea between north and South Korea and Africa trillions played -- I mean what's what's what's the great award for America in South Korea. For honoring its commitment to South Korea what's our reward every year students demonstrate in the streets of Seoul against American imperialism. Well I got news form quite soon bring our troops home. Who -- is that modern era and if -- that that now it and you won't stop until love somebody don't stop him. Does that -- -- at this list added that it it was up isolation and economic pressure that's what's got to be done well. One thing you're forgetting servers at the United States did not declare war on Germany in December of 1941 Germany declared war on the United States the United States declared war on Japan because of a direct attack. By Japan on Pearl Harbor the United States did not declare war on Germany Hitler declared war on the United States and at every moment most of his generals thought Hitler lost his mind. Yet I don't know what the US one that hold -- by isolating. I don't we win the -- we actually win the Cold War. -- how did we win the Cold War because now once in Russia has actually won the Cold War. We've got to Communist in the White House. About this we've got -- -- that the White House half the country of the United States no longer believes in capitalism half the population of his country thinks everybody owes them something and the other -- -- saying what the hell -- bothered working for a living. So I would submit to you that perhaps the Russians won the Cold War we lost. No they lost when the Soviet Union fell apart in and out of fifteen that's. Nations that were the Soviet prison -- we're free at least for a period of time. And well and again. All right look. I'm glad I'm your call I appreciate the differing viewpoint I'm never -- -- -- Longo whip Eric committing American resources to Ukraine or anywhere else we can't afford it. And frankly let Europe do its own laundry. Europe. Has always been and will always be straight with me it festering in grown here boil on the cast of the world. Those people never get it right they're never gonna get it right and the more we distance ourselves from Europe the better off we're going to be. And AccuWeather basically -- windchill advisory which is kind of old news made by point combine. By this point don't just feel like minus one that without the wind chill you just wanna jump little Lake Ontario and make love. If I do. The all got polar bear -- you guys are insane. I love you. But few markets in love what you do I inputs for charity but just look at that you guys are gonna Italian high in the polls give -- laughs anyway as far as today is concerned. Fair and frigid tonight the -- -- -- minus one they're individual the record low minus three setback in 1943 mostly cloudy and very cold tomorrow some -- -- flurries at times -- -- high tomorrow night will be down to eleven a look at eight degrees and that minus nine with the windchill. All right no big deal no big deal. Now I'm glad the other guy called him and look the other -- makes some points but here here's where I disagree respectfully. With my other caller -- with which the guy who called in last time again this is a respectful disagreement. -- International treaties. Our only ballot win the strength exists too deep and those treaties. Right now here's a dirty little secret of how the real world works. When an American is elected president of the United States. Guess what every other country doubts that really matters on the face of the year guess what the Israelis do. Guess what the brits do with the French. Guess what the saudis do guess what the Russians. Gas what do you -- and the first thing -- who. Is they gather all of the information they possibly can about the man who is commander in chief of America's military the president of the United States. And based on personality traits they determine what. Actions that individual would take given a set of critical crisis circumstances. And the adjust their policy. According. And -- -- just say that what Boris. What lot of airport is doing right now is nothing more than what George Washington plunk it. A career Tammany hall politician in New York City at the turn of the last century did he seen his opportunities. And he took. And what who is doing right now. He knows that there is a weakling in the White House he knows. Frankly that he actually as an ideological brother in Barack Obama. In the White House a fellow traveler if you will or Stalin used to say a useful idiot. Basically here's the deal. He already notes the -- lot of purple already knows Barack Obama better than Barack Obama knows Barack Obama. And if you think that our own CIA people also don't know Barack Obama better than Barack Obama knows Barack Obama you are sadly mistaken. Because at the very first thing that's done when somebody wins the presidency. By any intelligence service in this world. And I would challenge anybody to argue with that. You know there's nobody even off air who's gonna call me it's very problem with XYZ agency -- -- wrong because -- -- Yeltsin and Yeltsin keeps in Boris Yeltsin gets a hearing for the good old days but lot of -- potent is a strong man he's a leader. Barack Obama only gets tough when it comes to the Tea Party. Case closed.

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