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3-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 got a dvd -- I want the beat you with great. -- yeah. And the -- look. That -- Brooke maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- can why can't really feel stupid. -- -- people in charge. -- -- I'm not only I don't know what that. Good. Kind of evicted people you know. I'm very happy with. These greedy and dirty you know partner one simple request. And that has to have sharks let her -- -- Eight so I'm all right. Lot of their potent as that outmaneuvered and is out balled it. Barack Hussein Obama which by the way it should not be a surprise to anybody. Let me just ask your question guys. I'm not peace loving. I like to bring people eager. -- said he did appreciate that approach because I heard in this morning from nine until know he loves the new Bauerle approach can't get enough of talks about it constantly. And I know quite so hard to believe. But. If you ladies and gentlemen. If you had to go into battle. If you had to go to war. And US this year foxhole with somebody. Would you share with Barack Obama. Or Vladimir Putin now I can't speak for everybody. But I'd rather have a lot of report in my foxhole than Barack Obama. Now that says nothing about ideology although the two are probably work closely aligned that you might affect. This says everything did that would just Putin's sorry but -- -- loneliness he is a manly -- And -- Hagman is witnessed by the way dugout later fans. What are your fans -- her name is Shelley wrote in my FaceBook Walt. -- Doug had -- your mom called she wants you to bring up the laundry when you're done playing secret agent man in the basement and you also want you to clean your room. I responded to work Shelley. I'm calling what are your qualifications to judge Doug Hagman a man with more connections in info in his left eyebrow then most have in the whole brains. Which you'll once again -- for the and it's it's Monday. For the Jewish bags in the audience would you like -- my one for the week we're today would you like to I give us some idea as to your qualifications. And what makes you. Worthy of discussing such important and far reaching areas as Ukraine. All thanks for the opportunity and so hooker. On my mother actually made it clear in my action figures and not not much room in the laundry done. Now you're still up -- it does have seen things with your star war figures are you because I heard attic and skywalker needed a good bleaching. No no actually through. They're pretty realistic here excellent. -- It is the group briefly on yours a thirty year. -- it was a this year. Working for fortune 100 copies of the last thirty years. Through that on Google contacts in the intelligence world -- operational and inspirational that for the department -- via via. In other several agencies. This. OK and I do have on -- but ranking intelligence complex in the ultimate agencies here in the United States as well in Europe in the including. You -- -- hand Israel yes having so that I can go on but the okay yeah you know what Shelley a but without -- You know took what you want to. And I would also add to that that in the past three weeks I've had invited representatives. -- -- about this two alphabet soup agencies. That my whole. Who actually like me and adore me and think I'm a brilliant man so I just thought I'd throw that in just to make myself look good I'd give you names but. While -- blow in long term sources. Now lettuce gets let us get back to the situation at hand -- with potent. And that Ukraine and he said look this is all about the IMF the IMF the International Monetary Fund. You're going to be going over there they're going to be meeting tomorrow. Dark why is this important and what are the economic ramble for patience about him pronounce -- one of our congress people once that. The economic ramifications. Of via Ukraine and Putin and Russia. Okay what when we step back a few steps and take a look at the global economy your saying countries that are it is. Really -- upon these games with respect to the Fiat currencies including that states with the Federal Reserve and so on and so forth that. Of course we've got a global Ponzi scheme going taken place here and it's the IMF is going to be in Ukraine. If not already now. Tomorrow. To solidify. The the loans in the bailout programs for the Ukraine. For Ukraine that ultimately what that that this was all about is in the in this for the long discussion but to simplify it. You're looking at. Russia being the pop supplier of natural gas for Europe you're looking at eight critical pipelines that run through Ukraine. You're looking at oil -- do -- on energy being paid for in the US footballer. Currently -- and there's a fraction of of the world that wants to keep that intact at least for now it's all about timing. There will be a time when of course sort of pull the plug up the -- imagine. The world economy or specifically announces army being the Titanic in and everywhere it looks good in the great ship everyone -- on board. And -- -- that Titanic out mamet -- effect. That's what they wanted to do to our economy in the global economy to usher in a global currency that's going to be essentially the Federal Reserve on steroids. Once you understand that and understand what people -- saying that this is. A banker called for the that the that the that -- one of the court one of those layers of the it is about money. You also have to understand that and of course with that comes Saturday. It we also have to take a look at to -- a larger sense and we talked and touched on this earlier. That this is that this has been planned for sometime. This the -- the Ukraine. Crimea. Scenario and we can illustrate that or verified documented because. On the 21 of February Victor. Yeah and you Coke which -- the head of Ukraine has signed the on nonaggression pact bird treaty -- -- -- with with the papers on the 22 apparently you run CE -- He had the support of the secret military the police force there was no reason for him to -- runner regardless it was planned from the beginning. Or early onto the disaster leadership of focused a wider area which is Crimea. So it and is -- funny immediately after you let the country's new president or the intra president. Warned that Ukraine that might erupt into civil war and what is taking place right now but that very threat. These war ally with Russia the west with western looking for -- -- agree with Europe. And this is all about conditioning people to think the unthinkable. Putin will stop at nothing to me Tina Crimea Russians -- -- percent population. Plots are critical naval base there the whole Russia's black see fleet direct access to the warm water ports. I think about this right and so that's the pole that looked over the Russian blocks briefly -- -- basin in Crimea. That was also port that was a stinking -- were the last time the west got involved and the crime may have because of the water for stagnant and back in those Peja didn't exactly have. Facilities that -- modern standards. Right so what went on win all the innocent also done. And once again people have to really understand that this is not something that that the plug. The unrest or the actual physical display of unrest began wave -- back in November people don't -- -- of this conflict this. This whole. Ukrainian uprisings have been good isn't going offer some populist began back in November. Public or the last year sometime let the emitter late November so this is suffering from some time. And so it would you have actually it was November 21 wouldn't -- Play at the social associate agreement would be would be your opinion. That's if we look at where we're -- right now buoyed by the way get mentioned earlier about Obama and being weak -- -- -- you're you're absolutely right. This news mean he's talking about ninety minutes phone call. Between him and who -- okay mine told those sources -- give them that phone call lasted even more than ninety minutes. But the part time. Was. In the single digits in other words it was under ten minutes. It was like a teenage spat. Well right -- and held to it and maybe it Obama to hole that you put on hold work. Well all but single bit -- -- under ten minutes of that ninety plus minutes phone call. So who in the west would stand for that will be treated like. Russia Putin is withdrawn -- of the world at the moment and he has a moral high ground and rightfully so. Thirty years ago and never be pocket like this and so in that respect I agree -- -- -- -- Well but edit that. You know I I guess what I'm saying your diet is we we had two elections in which Barack Obama won and won both of them handle late. Anybody with half a brain could tell that the guy -- the backbone of cooked spaghetti. -- he could be easily manipulated. By people who are stronger than he except of course -- a -- now here at home when it comes against the Tea Party. When it comes up against people who are pro Second Amendment. When it comes to people who are 40. Freedom of life for fetuses that's when the president really developed to seven ads and he really -- -- But when account of lot of important. Barack Hussein Obama is nothing like a lap dog shifts to waiting to be scratched on the ears by his master. And that is not a racial slur by the way dog master not. Well I gotta say that because I'm trying to bring people together not which part all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- loves that approach so while hole holed out here on WB -- let's find out about traffic right now and hopefully not coming together too much but I'm afraid it -- -- transit and French here's -- Harris. Do I need to tell you the national weather services telling him look out for the windshields tonight year active are going to be pretty Carly. -- -- -- About nasty pot -- and free easy tonight frigid tonight fair overnight low minus freaking one. -- -- Saturday night I opened the door like. Yeah it has been able. Let's eat tomorrow cloudy and cold some light snow flurries at times -- team. And right now we're holding a minus seven as what it feels like and if you feel. Or if you see any major traffic accidents we don't have any. -- mean that there. Oh wait I just looked out the window there's some sun outside you know what that means. In a weird paradox. Like the more -- we have now the greater the chance of an accident so please be careful look out for glazing. Dignity and the look for anything else that might be impediment -- separate drive home. So it -- just a question reader and and a lot of good at the end game. But what should the United States be doing right now because George Washington -- his farewell address gave -- words we have chosen to ignore over the years and I think quite frankly to -- cost we have become embroiled in wars and conflicts that are not -- in -- to be -- number one number two I don't trust the Obama in his administration and I am far more concerned about the loss of freedom and the loss -- the checks and balances three tiered approach to government we have in the United States in 20:14 that I -- -- -- does in Russia's sphere of influence. Okay look I agree except. That -- what's going on over in Ukraine with who worked in the entire world was watching. Well. Perhaps watching what's taking place over there the united states of course Washington references. His statement to be where foreign entanglements. Absolutely we should not even be over there. The United States and the west NATO. The really all -- -- specifically. Has engineered that the -- spring they engineered the that all of Egypt and Libya and of course that resulted in bay guardian and that the main target here. Is Syria look toward doing so we have to you answer question the intelligence. Services which are closely allied with. A -- -- and the allied with and working on behalf of the Central -- you're in this country. Have to get back a lot of but the countries like Ukraine like the at least get out get out. Because all we're doing is -- destabilize the region all across an area. This is we're we're actually the mercenaries for the -- All right -- I I hate to. Our -- hate to stretch out electors but that enjoyed. I've got a break got a hit on time so don't -- were holed that passion hold that thought and I'll say something negate your pissed off and fired up the first thing we come back I promise you. A promise you under is ready at 930 WB. 430 for almost a news radio 930 WP the end and a -- Hagman -- weather -- northeast intelligence network -- website Homeland Security US dot com open -- up to on line. By the way also on -- -- FaceBook page idea -- I've a couple of photographs up -- our promotions guy Zach Evans. You know the movie slap shot remember the seven these ports that's mustaches. Which were featured all over the movie slap shot. Zach has now shaved his beard in late seventies era up for a Spanish. It was too good for your humble host to pass up so while we took cell -- your -- host who has adopted the longer look. And -- Evans or promotions guy who's adopted the seventies porn -- look these pictures just up on line we just put them up by a second ago. -- -- Hagman does not have reports and I don't know what it looked like with one but we're talking about something serious and that is blotter potent. And Ukraine and you know we're talking about and should regard about their Russia's. View of Ukraine in the and is a warm water work for Russian Navy and also. Something. That used in what he would consider to be Russia's sphere. Of influence and that we had to go to -- Right right. But boy a player what one of things don't wanna mention to I suppose this should have been mentioned earlier of course. Would there was the capturing. CIA assets in the Ukraine here not too long ago -- -- And the particular. Branch of the intelligence. World that this that was. From. Protects actually protect the C. -- poor and turn protecting the IMF people. View I said the all that to say this the IMF was present there. Long before they announce that they were living proof of their two more official -- like polo you know who it is who we are attacking weasel words is attacking poverty of their region with our dollars. In in of course. Prudent knowing there and then having store having the better business smoke from the Cold War and as we took down his economy your economy. Well you go to Michael -- QB at the time we took up the US so far. Bite bite picking up the Ruble. There I mean people starving in the streets what. This is of pretty much reverse of that Putin does not saying okay we you wanna play that game when I still remember of course which you you folks that -- us. Back in the late eighties early nineties we're going to. Just turn around an issue back seat in the east symmetrical ways than one of those is of course we're searching our forces which will in turn. This people from being able to finish the war or are sure the free flow of oil to western countries and that of course. What circle back wolf that fifth of the Petro dollar is backed by the our ability to make sure. The oil energy is it is flowing freely to the west in the -- who doesn't strike back. -- which which by the way it would be a non -- had President Obama said yesterday Keystone Pipeline I just wanna emphasize that elections have consequences his decisions have consequences the only time President Obama grows a set of balls is what he's talking about the right wing in America then suddenly becomes ultra man when dealing with that a lot of -- and it becomes a pussycat. It well exactly and other president before him have done the same thing -- the pipeline -- with drilling here at the United States we could be we've got more oil than any other. Place really in the world untapped. And natural gas reserves why we're not taking it taking -- is is because of the ball that that a -- -- agenda but -- A dark week we have some people a lot of talking factors one guy who are usually is really up on this kind of stuff and it's a first name is Dan and he's from the west side of buffalo Dan. Welcome to buy hourly show you're speaking with a great target Hagman and the mediocre -- legal. Okay. I want it to mentioned confesses to the that I -- glance at the same time. Number one. Who with his background would have experience in dealing with these local marxists that toppled in the world like old Bob off. And understand. That there facility is that towards them but through their own society. No data so funny you mention -- because I hadn't thought about that before orbit Dan I'll betcha that Obama is one of those guys who looks at as a useful idiot like Lenin and Stalin used to. Well you know -- -- the other parent is. I mean I'm not you know -- disagree with that. The other -- though is that we're looking at. On our side that continuity from the Clinton felt the policies and bill remember that Bill Clinton gave. The wrong guys in Russia at a crucial time of billion dollars a year. So look at what is kind of the reason that we're dealing with who now and you know and then that that's that's going to -- but that seems to have gone by without. And noticed pretty much. A bomb or being remembered. And I can always count on you for interesting point it's like I like when we when we agree because you make me sound smarter and it electable we disagree is a piece announced Jupiter. And and well it does happen from time to time -- to admit what was your your second point the -- marveling over the suggested -- your first. Don't commit -- I mean I mean. From whom the president and from the Obama played an important knows where's where Obama's sympathies are -- -- with the American interest and social event. -- That's a great caller are you done. Two and these -- go on. -- did you ask your question or comment you wanted to make because -- In your case I'm -- -- the one call per person per week rule this week because those were two out of the park -- point you made was or another one you wanted to bring up. -- -- -- Richer and I pointed. Dan you know you're showbiz thank you my friend. You know what I think -- was getting at Doug and I know you can verify this. Every time somebody takes power in the world the CIA people go to work -- -- prepare it personality profile posse of that individual because they wanna know what floats his or her boat how to get their goat. What their weaknesses are with their strengths are how to get them. How to lure them into things they might not be they might not wanna be seen doing and of course a -- and did the same thing with Obama I think -- knows Obama better than Obama knows Obama. Well the -- couple of things that will look buildup first. -- go back to when Obama was junior senator in Illinois. He took a trip with it was -- Lugar delegation with the senator Lugar to Russia to. My goodness Siberia. And his plane was stopped in parliament if you can remember that back in 20044. Three hours while the Russians. Looked over his past -- and kept Obama in the in a room by himself for three hours or respected again -- is back in 2005. -- We're still bomb but what -- what kind of policy. Does -- prudent than do Russians -- on the Obama you know we really have not and I don't care what anyone says. I would go which owns it he wanted to tell me that we believe that that the we're Obama's allegiance lies. In in the is constitutional eligibility as a president and you think -- -- but that that's an argument that mischievous but over the book that's apparent. In the words -- should it O'Connor the -- Hagman through their own words they will be expo news. And I think we know what Obama's words are and I think when he says fundamentally change and transform America we know exactly what he's talking about now hell we knew it back in 070 -- rest of the country just finding out now. Well it or right and the other. Point that in the did mention was about backing up. I kind of took it to mean Gorbachev reverses Yeltsin and then remember back. We're right when the Soviet Union collapsed well. Who did we back to the west back all the west backfield but ultimately it was. Kind of backing you either backed or Chicago -- Brooklyn New York mob. Well in new York law in this case one hell with Yeltsin won and Gorbachev. Well we're together now he's he's now in the climate businesses. Here in anger over California. So bottom line is that the western world NATO V news. NATO countries including and especially United States. We're engineering these these conflicts we're we're actually exacerbating these conflicts -- were shaping this the world. These world events. Out of these other things ever get some of Iran. On thing is fine families. Are gonna go through love Spencer and -- on WB and Spencer hello. Doug are you I'd like to know what intelligence agencies. Are. Able to use -- of stupid people. Like our organization like neo Nazis stuff like that disturb the parts in the countries like the Ukrainian. And would have assets on the ground in the Ukraine will be able to send them. Into the Middle East are on behalf of mr. behalf. That the bankers. And oil and gas companies figure. -- what it what did you tell us what you think because. I mean you'd you'd just set a mile pole there and I'll try to wade through intellectual. I have no idea that's so they may have -- foreigners don't compare to that. Director Spencer thank you Doug here in this country back in the sixties and seventies the FBI -- something called the in which. In which FBI assets were ordered to infiltrate radical student organizations at the FBI would know where the big riots were going to be. And -- indicated that does anyone think that spot. On it's. It's the CIA at the end of say -- all the ultimate agencies. Here's a look people will do anything if we use -- waving an American life in the -- two despair the patriots among -- the people will do a lot when -- convinces for the patriot difference for the patriotic cause. Women. You might -- call something the Patriot Act. Where there's a decision I'd like to have back ago and about -- Well you know that I was a big proponent of that as well is terrible to my last. Yeah up. Yet I didn't hang my head Xiamen as well with. But the fact of the matter is you've got along. Intelligence office and from the CIA from the -- from. The GRU. Urged Europe stories. Over there in the Ukraine right now. That are actually stirring the pot exacerbating. The situation. They want chaos and don't forget after chaos comes in the order in which they have always talked about. Doug is something it's early reminiscent about this -- can remember hold on -- I can remember it it's all coming to me now -- Holy holy crap you know. There's a there's a place called the suit Dayton -- And I remember that there were whole bunch of Germans living in this who Dayton land. And and this guy named on all Hitler came along and said these Germans are being butchered in the suit the land and we have an obligation to protect our racial Brothers and you know I remember the German forces marching in two and taking this to -- land all to protect the ethnic Germans. I don't remember but certainly remember about that. -- and isn't it interesting that just last Thursday it was the I think 81 anniversary of the -- bonfire. It isn't tradition no history seems to be repeating itself. Some say there is nothing new under the sun and. Just are the words adamant about that just gonna go to my please -- these reference. Hold on Doug because you know the most important question I've got and I think my audience needs to know that we're gonna let you go is. What should America's role in this could be because my attitude now toward Europe is its Europe construe its. I don't care about your -- care about the United States I care about the loss of freedom. In the United States Europe has always been a festering boil and the cast of the world as far as I'm concerned he can in fact. And not one American life ought to be lost over what's going on between Russia and Ukraine let them fight it out themselves are the George Washington would have agreed with me human up though -- hold on a WB Ian. Man what I according and all the gruesome details let's just say the National Weather Service has issued a I am. Let's just say it's issued via. Wind chill advisory kicks in at 6 o'clock tonight. The overnight low on the thermometer minus one -- and frigid debt and a tomorrow cloudy and cold some light snow flurries at times eight team right now eight degrees feels like minus seven. And in new grilled Jamaica right now it's partly sunny and 85 degrees and C five minutes before five light years and it's one were met at the pool okay let's go to. Let's go back to what Doug Hagman on that WBM Doug do you see any way shape or form the United States will actively be playing a military role against Russia in Ukraine should things escalate and become ugly. We already are not there. Militarily speaking it's going to be or by proxy it's going to be solutions by proxy. That we're gonna take Russia had they had that we're not gonna pick China had they had Russia and China. Of course it has signed an alliance with it it's. Also that Stalin and Hitler will see how long that lasts. Exactly -- but the fact of the matter is we're already. Suffering and then -- -- doing battle but by proxy nation states about level not at feet. Had to have locals who were already in the in the involved and engaged. In the US a question earlier which we do who would the only way to win is not to play. In this story is just not play and -- of that however Obama has done so much damage. And that the people behind Obama the people behind it George Herbert walker and George W. Bush and Clinton. The people behind these. Trying to do make me puke before virtually the well sorry about that but deployment between mentioning bush Clinton and Obama I don't know what that there. Well you know yeah look I I hear -- but but but look what we need to do is. -- two things possible we need to stop playing I mean quit right now Wii music -- financially Washington at the backbone of the that the Ferraro's. Clean the entire view Washington now. Of these of these global who wore answerable to the move via bankers of the money masters those who hold the money back. In in the Saudi. Course -- Muslim Brotherhood and on and on and on we need to we need to stop playing. And the people on the other hand the suburbs from from those in Washington need to understand exactly what's going on don't fall for the how does -- that on the mainstream media MSNBC NBC CBS ABC you know and even fox. Stop listening to those people in India and get a clue as to what's really going on because it's gonna get really bumpy and really bad here in the United States. Our people because while also mentioned this earlier. Won't do all of this stuff going on. The security here does not stop here when Hillary. Thank you are right you know what that's exactly -- gonna take the conversation next -- winner the distraction. Factor. You're all eyes are on freedom for the ukrainians. Ladies and gentlemen get your head out of your collective bought stocks and worry about freedom for yourself and for your children because we hear every president who wants to bring people ought to report to you even though we can't hold a candle to bottom report as a leader in terms of being up. And I hate the couple about a Russian leader that way but what's right is right. We've got a guy who has already said the constitution doesn't matter to him. He's gonna do what he wants to do irrespective of the other branches of government and -- that's my biggest fear people are gonna be so focused on Ukraine. That Obama is just gonna use that distraction to -- even more power to the executive branch of government and continue to violate our constitution. That's correct nothing happened in the vacuum that of course the great. Time now. To execute the plans. Connecticut against the governor of New York wherever and of course they quit more deliveries and that of course is part of a larger plant have -- people you know. Go back to watching all the wives or listening to Alicia Keys or whatever. End up you know have fun and and and just don't worry about having. People suffer from August that this the this sort of that's exactly what's I think it was right now it can't happen here that we are the Titanic the unthinkable we'll just wait. And Doug I've got to leave you with a quote. And by the way I'm surprised we didn't go to each other's throats more I'm kind of disappointed now I get a call often you know you're -- bomb that was money well spent but. Dug -- wanna leave you with a quote. The basis of our political system is the right of the people to make an Alter their constitutions of government. But the constitution which at any time exists -- changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole people. Is secretly obligatory upon all. And that was George Washington. In his farewell address to the United States. Believe I get old Obama. Boehner and others feel that memo. Yes they -- study history when it's convenient for the thank you for it doesn't really it's always a pleasure thanks for making this makes and got a sense to us. I will talk soon off the year. By the way if your doorbell rings at eight tonight do not open the screen door booby -- -- Talk too soon. -- --

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