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3-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. You with. That. And a -- look -- For us. And welcome to the New York's yeah. -- they -- -- street and conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- Until then. His ball club. There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's not mind he's 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out the -- I just wanna prove 18. Magnanimous and generous individual I am because. I have inside information regarding local bakery and -- need to AKA -- Tuesday tomorrow now. Because our morning guy sandy beach from 19 to noon. Is such a fan of mine I mean I could not. Not ask for better teammate -- -- he beat you couldn't ask for guy you'd rather spend time in a foxhole with you know beating at the -- I'm loyal to the court. So well. I just want him to know. -- because I am a magnanimous individual. The particular. Ski places that is going to be delivering -- -- tomorrow. Sandy it's called -- donuts. And I happen have inside information. That I am expecting. A full blocks up -- keys from Paulus doughnuts. And said to pro. Matt I in fact and the bigger man. You may have my twenties. I am. Donating my apologies. To sandy beach. And is true Tony Caligiuri interest Johnson. Now I don't know if the plan was to gives it his own box or not. But this comes to me from the -- DRI AA which is about the Defense Intelligence Agency it is the don't intelligence agency. Now I just want -- and his legion -- fans. -- just wanted -- -- he's all -- For which -- -- Tuesday. I will take care of him I'm hooking up in fact Joseph we need to make -- at the front desk order that when the point he's come from very. She is not to take that call. Knowing that I will body that she is to scratch out my name and puts any beach's name in mice that. Okay. So sandy beach view of that. A -- box. Up punch keys. Tomorrow she wrote Tuesday if I have anything to say about it. Because not -- -- Bragman. I have eons in the donut world. -- in -- this and I have eons in the adult world. Anyway and a sick IQ anymore that's affect. -- weekend is true can -- my tastes. Well so what argue how can you lose -- ever had speaking of ten used by the way. Also have lost if I don't my mind along the way but that was several years ago. My contacts and my cellphone that I don't like that. I don't Holler that at the wrong deal but over the weekend the other things like on the computer cellphone. I've got the galaxy from Samsung which is the it's the -- everybody wants. I just capital locked into. And I actually got a great. Cell phone however the -- photos only as great as the idiot hitting the buttons. And because I was trying to like reset some privacy settings on it. I -- totally wiped out every continent that I I don't have anything anymore unless I go to the cloud and a whip it out from clout. Which is pretty much what god has been doing was all winter long years partisan bill. But is a courtesy as far as this telephone that comforts of avatar all the Doug Hagman and -- -- what -- about it. Of Doug Edwards won't ever anymore I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking I don't anymore so I try it old school I try to email. Because it that it -- let's not what is happening between a lot of report -- that and the Ukraine. And I like offer some thoughts which are going to go over about as well as he Led Zeppelin will go over. First of all let's just state the obvious. Barack Hussein Obama. Is a pussy cat. He is a and everybody knows he's a girly men and I'm sorry to say it that way but he's a girly man. Now you if you are girlie man but you seem like you're not you always leave open the possibility. That you are. Like OK for example. You could be the most offended at Hollywood actor in the universe but you could go on stage and play some real bad asked tough yeah. Like OK James Gandolfini for example in fact the guy was a gentle giant. The guy would -- heard of but in many of -- roles and particularly yours Tony Soprano in the surprise. He was known as they violent SO BS social office psychopath and everything else. You want somebody to not look at you and know your pushover. That's number one what is happening right now with Ukraine and by the way I don't care. Might surprise. I don't care. Lot of report is doing nothing that the United States would not do in a similar situation and has not done in the past in a similar situation. Which is gonna go about -- that's gonna go over as well as a lead balloon in the Ukrainian community. But folks ought to remember in 1983. When -- Castro's troops went into a little island called Grenada. Little island -- the United States and are gonna establish the Soviet style Castro style Communist dictatorship. In -- much like the one we have now in Washington DC general Bob. So that we're gonna set one up there under Ronald Reagan sent -- -- -- you. That's what he said it was his exact words in this -- And Ronald Reagan sent our troops to Grenada. To kick the crap out of the Cubans and send them back home with their tails between their lights. Why because the Western Hemisphere is our sphere of influence we did this thing with KB. And about a zillion places in central and South America where we have said to the world what. We are the gods of the Western Hemisphere it's the United States Europe. Keep your damn hands out of our hemisphere the exception being Cuba. Hole and back in about 1960 we tried to get Castro -- Cuba that didn't go over very well little something called the Bay of Pigs and ever since then. There's been this Cold War between the United States and Cuba because Cuba is a Communist country and a lot of Cuban votes went to Florida. Thinking someday they go back to Cuba. Which by the way is never gonna happen anyway. Well once Cuba does go back into the capitalist fold. How many Cubans do you think you're gonna leave their multimillion dollar estates in Miami go back to Havana I'm going with about five. And that'll be there with -- elevator summer homes okay so. It was short of a skewed. They -- walk the short of it is. Why would the west be so upset. Over something the United States has done over and over again in our sphere of influence your -- it's kind of funny how we talked about the Monroe doctrine last week. Now for those who have no idea what the -- doctor and issues I'm just gonna give it to you in layman's terms because it's really all you need to know. Way back when we the president of the United States his name was James Monroe he was president way back in the 1820s. And you look at over Europe. And he realized the Europe would never be happy just running Europe so he understood that the Europeans were gonna try to get over on our side of the ocean. That there are gonna try to exert their influence in our part of the world. And president James -- at all know. -- issues something unilaterally called the Monroe doctrine which basically said in a nutshell Europe get the hell out of our part of the world. That's what it's. It did not have the standing of law it was not an international treaty it was our foreign policy declaration to the world. That we basically owned the Western Hemisphere and anybody else could go screw itself. That was our policy Decker a declaration known as Lehman wrote doctor so what does put into. Who is basically enacting the doctor. He's doing nothing more that what Reagan did in Grenada. What we've done in Haiti what we've done in Nicaragua what we've done an El Salvador and about a million other places throughout the world. Folks you don't have to like it but it's real politics. Every country on the face of this earth acts and what it perceives to be its own best interests the United States -- its own best interest in 1983. It's going entered our Grenada and throwing the Cubans out. It's going into Haiti and putting in a dictatorship in Haiti help even back into the 1950s. With most today Iran putting the peacock throne in power in Iraq. At that last very long -- Now it's the Islamic Republic -- -- led by a couple of -- So. What what who is doing however it outrage. Is nothing more than what the United States has done. And I'm sorry you're up construe itself Perot like year. Lot of important is less of a threat to your freedom as an American citizen. Then is your own president then is your own congress then is your own Supreme Court let me just say that again just in case you missed it. Lot of airport and is less of a threat do you. Your freedom. Then is President Obama the congress or the Supreme Court. Lot of important cannot enact laws in the United States Vladimir Putin cannot tell the congress of the United States screw the constitution I'm gonna do my way in the United States he can't do that. -- and cannot tell your school kids what they're gonna be eating lunch rooms. Vladimir and cannot tell your kids comedy sugary beverages they may have or whether Coca-Cola may have a sign your kids' football game. The real enemy to you and your freedom is with. OP taken by the distraction. Ladies and gentlemen will be very proud Ukrainian community here I get there but fundamentally you're an American citizen. That's the old world Betsy -- old country -- a bit. Well not to the Ukraine but point is you know that I get to keep going back to my grandma but I have to because that's relevant. My grandmother came from Germany in 1923. And while she had family that lived under nazism and some Nazis in the family of whom I have pictures. In their full not to uniforms by the way. Which have never hidden by the way because it's a part of history and I had about as much control over that as I do the child born to not. But the bottom line news. When they -- you're even in the Second World War my grandmother from Germany she was in America. She was an American and she was proud to be -- America. And even before the song was a sought so my apologies to -- Lee Greenwood for absolutely is destroying you saw. But the Ukraine is the Ukraine you are an America. Your sentiments are should be with the United States of America. And not with the old world no matter how many cousins aunts uncles parents you have over there this is your country. And you've got a greater danger to freedom in your own country then you do from anything lot of airport and downs over the air which again and and I -- -- beat a dead horse here folks what Paul has done he has unilaterally and -- the -- pooh and doctor. Just as president James Monroe unilaterally enacted the Monroe doctor way back when it. Russia has its fear of influence and it will not allow its security to be compromised we have our sphere of influence and we will not allow it to be compromised. Asterisk Cuba and we tried but we decided at the end of the day it wasn't worth the world war three nuclear war just for Cuba. We decided it would just be a bad it be a bad policy. We were willing to go the limit for Cuba and it turns out I think that was the right decision. I really do believe. That your threat. The biggest threat that you as an American citizen comes not from some colossus striding the ocean. When and at the Lincoln's a pretty much the same thing I believe me it. That revered phony Abraham Lincoln. I used to talk about. Never -- colossus people describe the ocean. And crush America if this country is to be destroyed it will be destroyed from within. That's a paraphrase not a direct quote. In that case mr. Lincoln was correct. The biggest threat you have folks is when you've got a Supreme Court saying that Bob accuser. Is legal. That it is legal for the government to force you to buy a product. That is a threat to your freedom it's Ukraine but about Washington DC and Albany, New York. The biggest threat you've got. Is a governor who in the fashion of all Hitler and the Reich start fired -- says well I have a message of necessity. We're going to go after those mean nasty looking assault weapons -- could only load so many rounds in your magazine. That's a threat to your freedom. The direct violation of your Second Amendment constitutional rights direct violation of your freedom. The Obama administration wanting monitors in newsrooms across America which quite frankly given the liberal tone of most newsrooms across America seems rather unnecessary. At this point given the great tolerance in separate the newsrooms -- for the Obama administration -- dictatorship anyway. So. Does the guys -- -- a real hard time being vexed over what apple is doing with the Ukraine anymore then. Well. Any more than I would over the United States going into Grenada. You don't have to like Wada report. But at the end of the day did you really think the United States would be doing anything different. It would MP. Pop -- if you have a serious question about that I'd like to open up your. Your history book when it went. Time out I'd like you to go online. And Google civil war US 18611865. And you can see how the United States dealt with situations where breakaway countries wanted greater autonomy away from the greater hole. The United States did the exact same thing. -- Europe. You really want American kids dying in Europe dearly want a -- -- of the charge of the light brigade. Over what is a European conflict. I sure as -- -- Europe has always been a Mongolian clustered -- it will always be a Mongolian cluster danced in the background you're always gonna find Russia's somewhere. Germans are neutered the French were -- neutered it's just the way that it's. Now granted Obama has enabled this because the man has no testicles I agree that you. But you voted him and as a great talk show host once said elections have consequences. And -- Big sized up Obama's personality of the KGB and they know he will do absolutely nothing. So. What are -- is opportunity and he's taking and we would do the same thing. It's. -- you right now Sherman do you envision. You -- kill -- -- what's left out this week and -- by fighting shops. It. I'm mr. young yet you have mr. nail gun. It's. A op is illegal but Monica okay. Oh wait a minute he has the testicles that remind our rights away what I was gonna say here is you know you really get offline. I get off well well that. Yeah and that. Yeah -- but what I really enjoy news. Went when I get email from people who are regular thirty saying -- is and you really don't saw. Com well yeah it was new -- -- the sixties. And it's still -- do you have that the first time you've heard that that's what people think about music. That's why people don't. What I talked about how music brings out passion in me and hopefully it'll. Because. -- on written. Almost fifty years ago and I can play it as a musical -- I get email saying dude with a name that's on who doesn't. Well as Buffalo Springfield mr. soul written by Neil -- Mean any Neil Young fan knows it's wrong but keep in mind that not urban young man. Michael couple dozen Neil Young man but a longer at Michael's phone number. A longer have anybody's phone number in myself albeit a single handedly wiped out all my subjects my little black book has taken a severe note that. A little mister fingers are right it it's. Well all because my fingers are the people responsible for the leading at the leading deleting and make you stupid decisions on the cellphone. -- -- -- -- -- -- Call. 836 number I gave you earlier as we get the -- -- I wanna talk about. Look policy is one of these things that -- a talk show host expected you must know foreign policy and most golf foreign policy when it's appropriate. And -- talk about what's going on with Russia and the Ukraine. But in my take is a little bit different than you might even be expecting because. Most of my ancestry and am probably most of your ancestry comes from Europe. And maybe this is my father speaking with the father at the right idea. Let Europe wash its all the damn good one. Let Europe do its own thing. The Russians won a duke it out with the ukrainians. Go ahead ukrainians wanna shoot back go ahead. It's your part of the world you deal with it you sorted out. You know what this reminds me almost like a cop going into a domestic call. Like the United States there. Where NATO going over there basically where the cop in the middle of a lover's spat just what we end up dying. They end up killing each other anyway. Let me perhaps were more lighten. And circumspect opinion perhaps. -- go to our good friend and a good friend of the show and an American patriot hi renowned. Mr. Douglas. US dot com is his website. And a Doug thank you very much I really really appreciate your time. They. On the problem all this stuff. There's effect throughout -- and and you know I got to play I completely disagree with what little life heard -- -- your opinion about this but. This would make for interesting radio. Well we've disagreed people -- for those who think that were African -- First of all right well let's let's start out with red meat. I think this is red -- we can agree. If Barack Obama. Was not the president of the United States. This would not be happening so Russian troops would not be in the Crimea which by the way that's how you -- at the crime may yet. Part of Ukraine over which by the way the British and the allies fought the Russians and their allies in a bloody war in the 1850s. Which ended in that will be and -- Davis -- -- the charge of the light brigade. Do you believe that if it was president Romney this is a hypothetical question had -- -- president Romney were president. Art can say the word. Would this be happening. Probably not as quickly as it is right now but but this is that this is. What's going on right now -- is is been in the works for a long time. Yeah this is a direct result or I should say this is tied to the Arab Spring supplied to our. -- nations in the in Libya. This is tied to Syria this is also applies to the well the economic. A situation that we're -- This is about oil this is about energy and this is about who is gonna always in the next fifty to a hundred years. People are thinking too small -- debt that is seeking to. They've they've got their blinders on and they're thinking that this is too much Avaya a limited or should say Leo. The situation -- the that's limited -- Okay but argue talked and I'm gonna interrupt you because you talk about this being over energy. Everything in 2014 is over energy and a couple years ago our president. Even before the election of 2012 decided to -- -- the Keystone Pipeline. Had that pipeline been okayed. We would be swimming in an economic Renaissance and the we would be energy independent so that is also part and parcel of my question regarding would this have happened without president Barack Obama and I think the likelihood is far less than -- what do. Well I think the timing. Likelihood. I think would have happened anyway that the timing was expedited because of Obama's presence to be here as well looking upon many analysts say that. This is about the destruction the the actual -- killing of the US -- as the world's reserve currency. This is actually a a look our march back into the conflict with Russia it was from the Cold War news this is part two of the Cold War -- -- Possible -- one a World War II was an extension of World War I and you've you've talked about the before Vista is really an extension of the. I noticed -- -- I can recite this stuff in my sleep I grew up with the stuff. Right right and if so and so yeah you're in the histories so. But I thought I agree to some extent with which are saying I think Obama is is is obviously the weakest of the weak. It -- yes. I think that he is absolutely responsible for the timing of this. But I think in the larger scheme of things and only in the larger scheme of things. When you look at the power brokers would they wanna do they want a brick stone and economic regions -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sparring with was not spontaneous uprising now. That was a formation of other Islamic health fate but it was even more than that meant that with the formation or is -- formation. I'll put one of ominous signal for the and economic zones of the will be settled across the across the globe. This is part of that it but it's much more than. The and I think of ownership to Toms saying wait until after associate you're gonna see. Engage in some -- gauge of some things in the book that come off this is part of that. Well I I do remember you talking about and I it's certainly is not an accident tripped as Sochi the Olympics are over and -- important is again in the news but. But Hitler to dark and again you are are your student this stuff this is what you do. This is your gig this is sure this is your Bailiwick. Before we started hearing about potent and Ukraine. What was the relationship between Ukraine and the capital -- have and the potent and rusher. Well within the complex obviously I mean. It's in the that would which would probably reporter. It's -- -- or. Should. Oh well you have created the Ukraine you're looking at the Ukraine. Apple that is pro west the other the pro Russia you about half of the Ukraine. Wanting to -- to drift into the European Union the other wanted to do it with Russia. You had a a president of rather -- president in the Ukraine. Who on the 22 of February. And the ones after signing especially signing this contract or that some agreement this treaty. With. With the with the European powers so I mean -- -- -- the relationship. Is dynamic I suppose or with its its. What we're seeing news via television and what is actually taking place two separate things. I'm not a mature work to go with that read with your question again. All I think complex you know what complex is a good word use because I think we can all relate to it here in the United States -- because we've got half the country actually more than half the country that believes government is Santa -- we've got the other half of the country that believes that government is being -- the -- too much and we can no longer afford -- -- -- -- government I mean I hate to break it down at the simplicity but I'm in the mass media that's what I don't. -- Is great because again in the big picture of the bottom line here of -- is is that the intelligence western intelligence is responsible. Entirely responsible for the exacerbation of what's going on Ukraine right now. Western intelligence you're talking CIA NS ADIA. Oh and I. And the brits in the French shown that he and even by the saudis due to some extent absolutely says the very same players for the very same suspects. The war in vault and are involved in in Syria. Hidden -- that these stabilization -- -- them in the Ukrainian the stabilization. So there's it's OK you know Doug this is why I love getting you one and I know that if I ask you another question I'm gonna talk over the break and if I do that it's gonna end up very unfortunately for your humble host. You're going to be -- for awhile right. Your mind. And while you know it's not often it's just it just doesn't happen that way all the time -- All -- Doug had that I by the way this is up that I -- Doug and I are not gonna agree today we're gonna beat each other's throats -- we're gonna say that hit squads against each other by the by the end of this program tonight that's how seriously we disagree on this but it's got its current. You know what -- we'll show that we can disagree and at the end of the day. I'm still -- -- the man and he's still gonna love me. And a lot more once might hit squad -- -- -- news radio 930 WB Ian. -- -- may grow old Jamaican checking in with 85 degrees right now I just let you know. Up RX expects him bitterly cold wind chills tonight gang -- minus one. I said minus one do not leave the -- -- do not -- the cat out. Babies and infants of course that leave those out -- naturally but the overnight low minus one it could be down to -- record of minus three setback in 1943. Mostly cloudy and cold some light snow flurries at times eighteen and -- join you told -- temperature but I have a cognitive deficit. Eight degrees and it feels like. Minus nine right thank you -- -- -- the audience what -- about it Friday later on today. Because I promised to be honest have a chance to process things okay. Let's get back to -- Hagman with Homeland Security US dot com and we're talking about lot of potent and Ukraine. And outlook -- we have a lot of. Ukrainian. Americans. Listening right now we -- a lot of -- the ukrainians are a very strong. And very. Solidified. People they're very proud of their ancestry just as by the way our artists -- hurts but the Serbs are -- and it its proud people some people are just prouder than others a bigger and they shot. Their nationality but I also must say that -- short in the United States you are an American when my grandmother came from Germany she ceased to be a German her allegiance was to the United States at its best interest. Even what her pop Warner Bros. were fighting for the Nazis in World War II. Her allegiance was with the United States of America a country she loved with every fiber of her being. Even though her own blood was fighting on the other side. True story. Now Doug -- is -- and Doug you know we talked about the fact that this comes down to energy and Russia wanted to be the player of the next fifty years. And excuse me. And what I wanna know Doug is what what is the end game here for -- And now what are the likely scenario is that today UC playing out and I got about three minutes for this segment. Or are rights of I think just in the interest of time -- them. Everyone listening to this broadcast several figures show if you think that this is not gonna affect you you're absolutely 100% wrong it will. This was going on in Ukraine and especially Crimea. Pardon me for the pronunciation. It will in fact affect us. You said it better than most news people but don't regret. OK thank you what is taking place right now is the push back by Putin's. Against the western intelligence agencies against the -- of the agenda of the glow of the bankers and you know we -- up the bank of power. Oh lead hidden hand in glove. This in the bank and truly epic as the war as all wars are. -- this conflict at the moment. But but here is how to leaders in game the end game of this. The end game. Russia will keep. For warm water ports where she's not aggressive Russia Putin and allow the warm water ports. The galaxies. Fleet could be. Marginalize them by this but this conflict. To remember we talked about Syria one of the issues was serious or more important part and our. Well we're a week from -- Biloxi comes from. Crimea Ukraine. -- this whole. But the end result here is the western -- including Britain and professionals mention poking who would suspect. Unresolved issues from the Cold War coming back on we've done has put them push back. He's got pushed back however. In the in the -- not with the -- -- against he's going to take out -- ball or this is an attack on the door. It's also conspiracy. If you work there -- they. Okay along with a the global in bankers here in the United States. This is an attack on the middle clause in the states in directly east of electrically buying. The global was using Russia using Ukraine you're using Crimea using the theory using -- yet North Africa and -- -- you'll -- And -- states. This is a bunch of on that work this is global positioning this as what this is all about people got the -- the big picture that's not just about some. The war that somebody has decided that. Begin uprising over some anti ukrainians feel. As some of your Internet like were be grateful I wrote a thank you. And so this is this has been long in the planning and as was here spraying this has been long in the planning. For example as long as Scioscia was. Planned the meal of the socialist and this too was long and planning because guess who's going to be conflict tomorrow in Ukraine. Well it's going to be -- -- enough. We need a bigger. -- signature that the bankers game and having the IMF. Present and on site in in meeting in Ukraine to moral of course. Well doctor I wanna I wanna follow up after the break because now you're explaining this in a way that I think it's very understandable and I also I don't by phone call because this is more than just a conversation between Doug and your humble host on the phone number 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB and should the United States get involved. In what's going on between important and Russia. And Ukraine I say absolutely free cannot. I don't think Russia is doing anything other than what the United States has done historically. Generation after generation Russia my opinion is protecting would have perceived to be its best interest just as we have done it -- every country in the face of this earth worth its -- will -- protect its own self interest to -- will disagree on that coming up next.

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