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3-3 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tobacco did you governor Al-Zawahri Delaware about 24 hours away from which today. Which is tomorrow I mean -- Tuesday right. And as we know vomiting and pastry is no longer in business and it wasn't used to bring us all of our case. For those of you would know from out of town that's a year it's at the doughnut like thing a lot of vote. Lot of filling always yummy I can tell you this that Michelle Obama would run away from Oakland. Job magic has a dream of -- chasing her -- -- -- legs you know I'm -- about. And -- the traditional filling on a -- he is raspberry. But it can be anything gas but raspberry traditional like a big jelly donut but it's different they make them differently. And we -- out of every our trove Tuesday but tomorrow and get a and a masking I ask -- today where. You can still get them in some people who supermarkets have them but they're not it's. I'm really not filings bakery dimension pushing the big Korea in Zurich Zurich is a few bakeries around but. We're pointless tomorrow I think we're going to be without when he cried a man without his -- he is like a day without sunshine as the conflict. But they proposed. Phase out of ads on junk food on school grounds first of all. You're Europe into -- junk food is and look what this is just so that you'll know agency can keep track. This is another piece of the pie being taken away from you -- definitely is an analyst OK it's -- what we call the slippery slope. Like for instance they said well you can't advertise Coca call law on the score board. But you can advertise Diet Coke -- and water. Because of Coca-Cola makes water tool. So is say well and ever -- it's got too much credit but it is still have Diet Coke what's wrong with -- until somebody funds a study that says that too much diet soda is good for you either and then suddenly they're goals Diet Coke. And that's the way it works that's the way -- progresses so now what's up there water. You have a scoreboard advertising water. And seeing that people think about water all the time and just grab whatever bodily -- That this scoreboard signage will go away. But that's the way it is. They you know don't wanna make anything illegal per say. Because they don't wanna lose the tax revenue that comes from a and the jobs that are tied to a but they're willing to make sure you can advertise it or use. Just like cigarettes is exactly the same thing now idol like cigarettes and in smoking sucks and it'll -- -- But the bottom line is I think for government. Their job their main job is to keep us informed of of ingredients what's there what kind of calories were kind of whatever and then let us make our own decision. You don't have to put a scary skeleton on every pop tart that they sell stuff like that the scholar and cross bones. But this is the way it is government works and the thing I need is Michelle Obama telling me how to raise my kids luckily my daughters -- -- is raising her own now. And she's doing a good job she doesn't need help from the government as the menu selections about it. Put -- information and that's good enough for us meanwhile if you if you wanna tie it into. If you're getting government assistance with boat like stamps what they can be useful -- that's fine. But if it's mighty dollar and high earned it and I want to -- a pop pop -- I -- -- a pop -- you got it and I don't need the obamas to tell me. What is better for me. There and a have been buying that pop -- I simply don't its government intrusion especially the new ones. I haven't had Georgia they're really good wow it was its stock go. Intrusion by 101000. Dollars worth of peanut butter pop tarts and and then when the food police have knocked on everybody's door will have a because they'll last forever yeah that's going to sneak in as the kind of thinking as governor from this mine. Okay Chris though we have any hits on the on the intrusive as far as I'm concerned government. New rules and regulations on know what can be advertise on school grounds. Yes we do this is from -- and he she says Michelle Obama's crazy what exactly is junk food and her -- should the school be able to decide what to serve. I'm offer kids eating healthy but I don't think you should at the legislative that's exactly right. I think conscientious. Parents duel the best job they can in the best job you can help them weather is to provide them with information. If there's a you know study out and talks about -- given the chicken information. If there's one about -- doing that or talk about French Fries things that we enjoy in our lives and I don't want this to be misunderstood. Okay. It will be but I think it's were saying. What is the goal. What is the goal is the golden make all human beings live to be a 150. Is that the goal. Because I don't understand now I'm not saying we should eat all the junk food we want to die at 35 I'm not saying that at all what I am saying is. We can't take care of of people will be life cycle we have now. We can't there's there's a crunch. You have more more people living longer and longer and longer now I'm not saying you shouldn't eat healthy because we can't afford to take care of you I'm just saying what is at all what's in what's the end game. Is there an end game. Yeah there are some things that they're big can be problematic if you eat too much of anything but if you notice a lot of those studies. If there are there like Joseph when they study the mice. In their did it they're going -- trials in on drug trials and things like that. The final well if while this show her will blow cause a problem -- be and then you find out you have to eat you know. 3500. Sugar cubes of data get to that level that they put in the mice. I mean that's the kind of stuff they do to make the make the sale of the program this is what they're doing. I say give us the information let us make our own choices let -- be a marketplace decision. If I wanna Pepsi dammit I'll I wanna Pepsi. As it turns out -- -- -- -- OK but if I want a Pepsi I've I should be able to get want if you really want. If you really want to curb obesity. Mrs. Obama may I suggest you find a way to outlaw and I mean don't even wanna manufacture. Spandex anymore. When you -- thirty pounds of ascent up five -- -- it don't look good and that will get you to quit eating junk food will be back after this. We talked to Francisco. For Tonto and it was a -- guy -- nice guys so. You you wanna be wearing a for Toronto people will admire for time -- from miles and miles around those say what are shapely for Colorado. Look at the Furtado on that -- I mean it can become very descriptive don't -- And I suggested -- I'm Francisco that -- Janet being out about Lawton a very high media profile person public figure she's -- And all kinds of things that he should have little for Todd oh maybe dangling earrings. Which may be his local ones so feeble -- Janet your beautiful warm and I think that for Tonto even enhances your natural beauty what do you think. -- Okay so that's that that's for Donald. Now. This proposal phasing out ads on junk food on school ground I mean this is right along the lines of Mayor Bloomberg. You can have large containers. Of voted to sugary drinks okay. You it doesn't matter could have small ones that add up tomorrow than a large drug which can have largely menaces that kind of thinking. And also the basic concept of food and and human beings. Yes we all have to week in order to have enough nutrients to preserve our life we understand. But do you realize how much eating is done. For enjoyment purposes. -- how much of your life. Is around food for enjoyment purposes and as far as I know the government can't tell us we can't enjoy the -- were having. You go to a party there's vote. You go to was sporting event there's food go to a movie there's food goal our goat to weigh an intercom Christmas party. -- that regard go to either is -- us so there's almost everywhere you go. A little while Cummings -- Are on -- your trip you might bring some snacks -- you this is what life is about and we don't need a nanny government. -- their nose in the wrong place -- shortened week. I'll telling us what we can't not only what we can't eat but what we shouldn't even see advertised but that's the same route to cigarettes and that's where they're going right now it's. No you can't advertise Coca-Cola on the scoreboard even if Coca-Cola gave him a scoreboard but he can have Diet Coke. In water if you're like well what's the next step when he can have Diet Coke because. You know and it's good and we -- you should just be drinking water. They can put water only on there I mean this is word go this is what the slippery slope is all about the nanny state the government getting involved. We have your choices. As an as an individual. I give the government a big -- a big portion of what I earn every year and I don't need them meddling in my food choices. That we all make better choices from time to time of course. But there are times when food helps get you through some very difficult times in your life and I don't be needing to get my idea -- snack bar out. A with the artificial flavoring and as I said I wasn't kidding. They really wanna get rid of obesity or get people think about their dietary choices bin spandex. You see people who I think that the way to do that is if they're buying the spandex it should come with a mirror for forty. Okay ACC what it looks like. And that might be helpful but the rest of it forget it. Years ago I might have agreed with either seen the but I don't anymore because it just seems of people don't have shame anymore. I got told I got an argument with somebody. -- I said to speak a post a picture. Of three women and there were honored by the end -- bought one on about this one at a very large. -- backside -- here were very next to fat -- say it seems. That's ahead. That's that's treasurys. While Democrats. And the title was just because -- make -- size does that mean you have to Wear a throw in this 11 girl take receptions. And no that's brave play. It's made you exactly I think that people have a mirror a she and I've always been a big guy always. You know always I would over 400 doesn't want to. But I tried it and trying to split you know who does that too young girl's even have a bigs public. And they let it hang out over you know like the kind of shirt doesn't blow it down and they're saying and now. I don't see that is too attractive well that they can that they have -- than the IR well you know there are gonna think he mirrors and they knew you ball seeing the on line -- trail. We won't say -- the company because it's not fair. But it's spandex on display. To the nth degree poet at and at -- that at that shopping place because retail world can -- I think. A website that they'd hoped they'd know and there. -- players who. It went out to arguably -- well I mean I haven't of -- to take on the defensive line about -- I'm literally it's it's something else but they don't seem to care now it doesn't matter. And if enough let's get an improbable. And people don't see it. You know all they think maybe there -- back of assault truck during a winter storm let's make -- in purple so that they can't miss. What don't forget a few years ago when I went to the beach. And there were there was two girls there in bikinis. And to say that they were fat would be an understatement McCain they were in bikinis. It's amazing had to be surgically removed when they you know when they yeah I got home at the end of the day goes on 30 is just no insurance. I should the marketplace decide. I think the government is what intrusive on our of food choices now and this is the way they're doing it. A little bit at a time. Chip here a chip they are chip there and Ireland over the potato chip chipping away at our rights to make individual decisions. Not only. They want us not to buy -- they don't want us to see it make our own choice they'll make the choices for us and you can tell by the great choices being made. In Washington. On a daily basis that you wanna put everything. Into their into their food basket let's go to Andrew on a cell phone Andrew you're on W via. And leaders on him. And are Abidjan one time. On the beach but all of the National Geographic -- a report but beached -- I was referring to Europe culture. The victory they. Food that people will be able. The promises for Obama. Have the people that have to be higher. -- -- fact that we might be. Overweight. Your obesity and -- That pressure. You know Olympic project -- -- just because you don't eat the you're have to larger. That's all on into the great nanny state that work so -- -- -- The American people. That's thinks that. Keep. That's exactly right they will have if you look at those tables that the insurance companies put out as of your height and your weight. You see that -- impossibly. Then I mean much more revenue woods in his seat and that's what that's all about and you just explained and Andrew and hit the ball right out of the park thank you thank you very much as it is all about. -- outside of the accepted an armed are you gotta pay an extra 10% penalty that's what it is and if you really really think about it. Wasn't there and now I'm a little foggy on this. Eric drop permanence in in the world that try to come up would have. A group of people that were superior. In every way. Especially in in health and discipline and all that it was kind of like a super race. And anybody that didn't fit into of that category. They didn't want around I I could swear I read it somewhere in the history books. In the in the thirties and forties I can't figure it out now but they were looking for not people to make their own choices they were looking for a super group of people. I'm not being facetious when I say what the hell's the end game here do they want us to live to be a 150. I mean I don't want people die early because they're not eating nutritious things -- the reading too much stuff that isn't nutritious I'm -- -- what's the end game. Can't we make our own choices I say -- you give me the information. Give me the nutritional information give me these statistics charts graphs whatever you want but let me make my own decision. I don't need the government telling me. What my choices are when it comes to -- wanna make my own. And if you think I'm so well the reason you think I'm so weak minded is because we've voted you was president for two consecutive terms. Mr. Obama and your lovely wife. I say if you believe in that -- -- that would your children with your daughters that's fine with us leave us the hell alone. Will be -- -- would be to and company are the no rules and regulations. These proposals would phase out ads for junk food on school grounds courtesy of the US government will be back. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. I thought I should share those -- -- guys. Because usually. You know I'm kind of a private guy about it. Timlin are coming in -- novice Friday. And I didn't alive because I meet them before -- -- -- I almost never me when after the show on. Andy every sit down and -- were gonna do for him and he said I just thought I'd tell you this is I don't say this enough. What an incredible week -- shows. -- -- was fabulous he said how can a talk show host like yourself. Such a diverts. A group of different subjects without getting any calls that a lot of talk show host as well. It's because them I'm trying to bring people ago and that's what it is I'm trying met my new mission actually. Bring people together it's easy to divide people just say things that. You know some people don't like and the others -- like I mean that's human. -- -- it was nice that the and the management to me through because every once in oil and picked me up you know I don't have enough confidence I'm very number via low and sell its name. And so every once in awhile. Tim never stood taller in my mind them that moment on Friday when he lifted me up. -- -- because we have the greatest callers and listeners -- -- and to -- buffalo we have the greatest cold contrast there's no question about it it's not even open for discussion on talking about and I think would be great listeners. The great topics and I'm doing an effective where you know we're just bringing people together whom. So it's all right now we're talking about intrusion from the federal government. -- they did have regarding our food choices. And help. OK tell us what the nutritional value or lack of is in what we're going to eat. But we should be able to make the choices the marketplace should be able to make the choices. And that's that. It voters -- is not only for nutritional benefit but it's also used for enjoyment. And I think that should be left up to us instead of all the -- noses who get involved with -- your business trying to figure out what your health care costs are going to be aren't. I think that though once they give us the information we make our own choices in the mood the results fall where they -- we don't need the federal government telling us. What too well what they eat one Nazi. Out of an interesting point during the last great. And it wasn't meant to be on the air but I think it would go on the air he said what Fuld would it take. For the government to say. We can't -- it anymore you can't serve let. You can't get there are fines may be prison sentences if we find that this flowed has entered your body -- what would it take to finally put you over the edge where we could march on Washington where you could say enough. You know it's the straw that broke the camel's back it's I'm mad as hell and I'm Margaret taken anymore okay that that. And though -- throw it and now and if anybody else was throw some -- you can. Okay I'm throwing hand. Okay we're talking which one it would be that would cause the -- -- pizza. I say pizza if they said no more pizza this is for everybody you know not just me. No pizza at all pizza is band get rid of pizza shut down the pizza ovens there will be no pizzas sold in America you think that would do it. -- that would definitely I think we're doing our what do you think cheeseburgers all absolutely. Affect. I might march on Washington before the pizza if the -- birds showed up for us of our eucharist I wanted to do and it has to do would both viewers what do. Did you said you couldn't have cheese anymore oh yeah howl -- -- what she's done everything French Fries beats -- -- par. So remotely cheeses essential. I mean. Nice pasta dish with freshly grated cheese I've -- most cheeseburgers and that can harm spaghetti arm melted cheese. Hitting me -- and -- call. Please see if you didn't -- even the kids to be revolting because kids love Mac injuries. And does so well by the way there was some -- Cheney's available. In our kitchen. This past weekend and somebody said to try there was an email try try and that happens from time time. And so somebody brought me a container of it is poll shifts. How is. Realists know I don't I can't remember the name of mrs. something's. It was a good -- of an element but it was really good you know why because it was real cheese as you know I have a vendetta against liquid cheese. Because I went to area of places and had a roast beef sandwich. With cheese. OK as I lifted the sandwich. To a bar -- the liquid cheese rammed down my arm. Okay that's not cheese it's cheese flavored. I want real cheese if you're gonna say geez give me real trees I don't want I don't want a Portuguese. I don't want spray cheese got it I want real trees. Analogue of -- he gave me some -- it was delicious. That was really gonna give -- Chris. While he's annual with a yet to figure it out irony that it's a and yet he fits into spots on Saturday at wegmans it's our state house onion which this -- is just the have you. The job the can't go wrong -- -- and -- straight shooter and I -- fancy stuff is excellent but yeah I think that -- raises the bar we got. Pizza if pizza or banned there would be a riot cheeseburgers. Well -- Jesus as a as a Chris says and she's itself. -- -- me give you one now and this revolution would start we would be at ground zero. Wings. Alia what do you think if -- -- because look wings are used there you were also where people get all -- up exports it in stuff like that. Gotta have you know your beer and wings before you go to Vienna Colin. An NBA and baseball knowledge good stuff so -- all the commercials if you -- it revolves people are having wings while watching the game one of the biggest draws of the NFL OK like football. Cook outs and tailgating. Getting look how many people cook out either Barbara killed. Or they tailgate at the a stadium or they picnic. I mean -- combine more than one obviously. But that's huge in America now we doing that for nutritional value we're doing it for enjoyment you black women to revolt yeah -- ban chocolate. All -- -- Men and women and chocolate chocolate all god chocolate no light -- -- living without chocolate. You know I had when I was American Ireland and -- idea I still around here and couldn't find. It is raspberry. Chocolate bar you know bark is -- like strips of vote chocolate. It and -- up again -- American Ireland I was on vacation their -- this summer. And they had it and it was so good I called all the chart with tears around here for raspberry. Chocolate bar. Because the blue the reds were in the -- with -- two flavors illegal while the okay you're forty pounds of it it a couple of small pieces. But I wanna be able to make the choices that I wanna be able to make without interference from the federal government the so far we got. These are let's let's meet in Washington cause a -- pizza cheeseburgers. Wings. -- of any kind. How about this hot dogs. Hot dogs. That's as American as the -- We couldn't give up hot dogs. No tests are you kidding me. I had no -- are you joking I'll fight somebody right now I will tell and Joseph I don't know me -- will take anybody. I will take a break we'll be back of this mr. -- different starting off on the right foot it's a terrific if you would like to go with my walk. To Alaska. On princess cruise line we're going to relieving the last few days of July and then the first week result of August of this year. It's with AAA and princess cruises. If you might call 1802424244. On Thursday night. At the Tripoli headquarters you know -- beautiful brand new. On them on international and Sheridan. At 6 PM the -- people will be there -- will be there and I'll be there to answer any questions give you all information brochures things are going need. Will see you there at 6 o'clock if you would like more information on the phone whatever 1802424244. And can be good time. By all its code -- way John in buffalo John here on WB yen. I would I would say I ever thought of armored marketer and they'll get fresh round out that you can't have we got up on the back and look at how. And figure out and out I mean there to regulate that Ankara state -- you know not. I mean they're they're going up -- keep people needing help these. And now. -- you know -- -- -- -- about what in this -- -- labels go in Chinese the a label. We go to the -- getting pressed their shirts or you know you're and that vote should be eating anything out though that little thing and labeling -- got out of anyway. We have as you bring a good points I think if they wanna give us information about the food it's out there that's fine we can look at and make our own decisions. But I do think John it should be our decision about the government's. Well I -- it would applicants that there's there's just can't have a lemonade and they don't have abundant life and -- he has got a group eliminate. -- exactly right I mean the would be. What sort of what you are the innocence of our past history has left us now and everything's a boogie man everything's gonna scare us everything's gonna shorten our -- spent. And I'm tired of it thank you thank you very much. Yeah he's right eliminates a member and member Kool Aid it's also -- and I'm sure. The drug of choice of Jim Jones a -- never used them and advertising campaigns they can't figure out never gonna repeat business I get a local. It's about if he thought it would have been an exact way to big purple -- -- dance around. I hit it and think. About it. The UK have a full proof life. You don't Sebastien cam with the information you have give us the information let us make the choices because nobody know. If they said all of that like that things were talking about now. If a pizza. Cheese burgers cheese wings hot dogs. Policy. Things like a chocolate things like that if they were all removed from our life. People eat for pleasure as well as for a -- nutrition. And they seem to forget that. And I don't need these pointy heads in in Washington or Albany telling me what I should be eating because first of all they're not that Smart -- really aren't and you get any -- Of all of it's insisted -- would come on your side. Odds and does say what you wanna say remember the early days television. -- advertise cigarettes says nine out of ten doctors recommend camels. Okay who. Now. I you -- obvious thing. I defy you amount of fine nine doctors that would recommend camels aren't. I mean it can't but bill with a white coats. You know what they used to know. When that what we had troops overseas in harm's way. They use to send gift packages not packages cartons actually gift cartons of cigarettes to our fighting men and women overseas. So this is what they used to -- now we learn from some things. Cigarettes can Kerio we understand that perhaps not a not a good to have the government sanctions a free cigarettes for the troops whatever. But I'm thinking on nutritional and and just enjoyment eating get the information let me make my own choice. Keep your nose -- or herbs let's go to repeat in Canada beat -- on WB -- There are any it's not even on the -- are probably didn't want. A life. A little bit scary thing that I was going on right now or politically and it. Is it tracking every back so Michelle Obama and report -- -- it. And on the part of congress shut down any kind of you know money went to work on what will be one but all American. Americans those -- Are looking at this how about what a couple of American history. School. But they wouldn't have the option real American once seemed like it's come down and I really believe. A -- fourteen and you election coming up. We're gonna get the we argued that the at a very strongly. And then we're gonna have a lame duck president for you to even if he doesn't eat it is and in some things that are big on within I'm. I don't. I don't know I'd -- thank you very much I applied beads. Prague Rome plan he's got a good plan. Yeah I would that we regard regarding guidelines guidelines should be that exactly should be a guideline. Here's what you wanna do I mean look even buying a car. Any car can speed. OK any car can have a problem. And it doesn't matter so we don't have speed -- was I think that higher speed limits we have or 75. That's it so does that mean in any state. Seven -- suggested. -- possible. As a 75 -- shall we not bigger particles over 75 because you can't drive over 75 watch we've made. Should win may not make food that tastes good should we take things out of bit out of the ingredient list that actually makes the taste. And so that you have nothing but bland. Food -- we is that we want the we all lived to be a 150 years old coming our bland food. Drooling and having ten people take care of us because we're a hundred and sent. And it costs 30000 dollars a day. For our -- that only one is that really what we want -- I'm not saying I want people have died earlier because they can enjoy. -- it's not good form and I'm saying -- need a more rational. Approach this is too radical. This is though you don't know what's good for you we will take care view from the womb to bitumen that's -- the government's trying to do. They are more more intrusive both been non surveillance. -- Observation. The they keep our track it was ten ways to Sunday and yet they don't they don't care at all about the ones that are obviously breaking the rules. Illegal immigration and things like that and no interest -- them. What they wanna do is put the clamps down on you the taxpayers and the customers. Of the people that make these sort of things. If I want a Pepsi I prefer PepsiCo but I like -- -- I wanna Pepsi I want a Pepsi I don't need to get permission slip from rob rock Obama or his wife. -- it if I do if I wanna Diet Pepsi on a Diet Pepsi. Because it's a Pepsi today is the Diet Pepsi tomorrow you know at 90 then -- get down to water. And that's what Ireland up and that's the way this is going chipping away a little bit here a little bit they -- pretty -- you have nothing left. It's that sort of the classic if you put the fraud in the India boiling water frog jumps out but the frog in warm water he likes it until you turn it up that he doesn't realize being boiled. Where in the water now when they're turning up the flames or being -- got it okay. Thanks thanks to of Sony. And thanks for Chris and thanks to Francisco. For -- The best stuff genocide there and tomorrow. I am gonna go on -- show she doesn't know yet I'm just gonna walk him and fondled her for Toronto what -- -- That's that's a nice hairstyle my life for Colorado. See you tomorrow. Understood that I birdied every via. Which they never dreamed that --

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