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3-3 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back could be engine company in the last hour I announced the bubble parks in and day in order to introduce our next guest I'll I'll go over again. Today's -- today from my buffalo parks as they certificate to Shays and salon and city spot. On Delaware buffalo get a full color or highlighted deep conditioning treatments style and finish from Janet Snyder -- Francisco for Todd well. For just 676 dollars go to WB and -- comment -- buffalo. Perks logo and on line we have her -- that Francisco potato hey thanks for giving us a call era Francisco we appreciate that. -- I'm doing fine so you are a silence to the stars you get to work are you here doing their job that we would do for free. I've -- his work on Janet's and Erica she's a beautiful while -- must be one of your pleasures away when she comes. You agree -- for -- and to work on -- very talented and beautiful. Now when did you have different styles for different events and other words if she's going to host some big gala as opposed the jazz though -- and and the -- the usual. Crew looking at a does she have different looks. Yeah definitely we always talk about different look and the trends that are current right now and does -- -- event that should join our radio -- -- or. Personal appearance we pilot according to. Which is wearing in the books and going for. Also you get to save her what are you wearing and she doesn't get angry with you. Well known to Wear her down. Put it up a couple times which is. Not her favorite she gets a lot of compliments and so we've been doing different outlook are. I ask you I saw that some people come in and and you don't like the look of their style and they're not crazy about it are you do most people take your suggestions as to what to do with -- hair. Or that they come in and having a picture or a definite opinion of what they want when they leave. You did -- we get like sometimes Crittenton then they know exactly what they want or they have a picture and and they want. Myself at the professional I have to get my professional advice and sometimes. -- -- Does there. You do without they're looking for quite -- to give them my personal opinion and to -- modified versions ago with their style their futures their coloring that -- I somewhere they get compliments that means that you were both on the same track you have more options we have women -- longer hair a bit shorter haired is that does that work that way. Yeah because if they have longer -- there's more you can do it if they have shorter hair there's not much you can do it shorter -- you have to. Go with. -- currently for shorter and that -- and be sure there're like spiral. And their -- and how much the woman is willing to. Been in the morning but the first thing I asked my part of a much arguing that span that they went to spend five minutes you can't give that corporate few that are going to be able to retrieve all of these new. Customizing it to their -- Well you know she's on television should have a lot of appearances outside the building a season here and abuse laws are so. If you I get some way to let people know like a little advertising sign similar hearings saying this is for title you know. -- Our question mark it. As yet she has a very good contract here is she a big tipper. You get paid your fingers or is there man in the world by the tale princess about his regalia. -- -- -- That's something we -- if they said the new hairdo as anybody willing to do it for free agent out of the kitchen. I'd go for urgent that instrument things -- very attractive woman when your fingers are here -- -- better than doing what he's is there. Or certainly Nicholas's you don't like you don't want to do them don't wanna do them at all. In any way shape or form but Janet not a story. All right we're going back to what we're talking about is buffalo dysfunction. Junction. With the sabres in disarray. Even though they're building you know the big building outside the the rank and looking good whatever with what came down over this past week it shows that things are not necessarily what we hope they -- need. The bills same thing not only what is at thirteen years since we've been India. In the playoffs about thirteen years and now we find out that the younger. A management types don't like the older management types. Who have been -- of Ralph since the beginning guys like -- And stuff like that so there's there's some dysfunction there we know how dysfunctional school system is this totally dysfunctional. And were asking are we snake -- are we a dysfunction junction it was a examples and you could even take it beyond. Buffalo on -- new York state of ago we are good example. It's something you don't wanna be good example. And that is dysfunction. A good well oiled machine comes along gets a maximum effect maximum bang for your buck dysfunction -- lot of waste. A lot of thought whether. Wasted energy wasted creativity. And instead of working as a team you know these -- team sports the sabres and they. And the bills but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. 803 -- Montreal 1806169236. -- -- -- we got a couple of a FaceBook -- only yesterday -- from -- she says the politicians in this town are also dysfunctional they take all this money from the taxpayers and nothing around here ever seems to get any better well that's true they come live with their little cardboard check. And make a bigger at a press conference -- -- they meet with the executive board of the editorial board of buffalo goes -- they leave town or -- comment. When their running a a race and to a fund raiser. A but they don't actually campaign around here that much -- the ones that have to do. And so I think basically we're kind of taken for granted. Look as a state where -- -- a serious player in the presidential campaign we're gonna deliver our electoral votes. To the democratic candidate that's the way it works that's the way it's been for a long long time so. I think that we could take that dysfunction. Nationally. As statewide and say -- we we -- all covered a number of ways this is for Michael he says I think the sports franchises here will eventually find it where but the school systems group look at their attendance strict. And that's how they solve their problems out there while -- resolved. Yeah exactly and you know I'm I'm a little tired of the superintendent. I mean think about it like this at first you know I can. -- a little slack you know I I know she pulls some bonehead moves when she first came here like. Promising the state that she would do something and and telling the people she was most duel with don't worry about America until it even though she was gonna get money to do that we understand that. But now -- this last press conference. She said that she's been doing double duty. That's why she has do what she had to suggest that. The assistant be brought the temporary assistant at a 175000. A year and that was less than they -- -- making as a consultant. Too bad that she's actually asked to work to earn her money I was so aggravated when I heard a double duty -- vivid double to rethink. Work earned your money exactly is she needs this assistance. Dot com -- the salary. I like that our letter pay for herself. Are because there at the bottom line is a 175000. Dollars. May not be the top dollar for educator and a management position however -- 175000. Dollars and -- making a good living and you can do a lot of things whether it. I don't know what that would transfer to -- 175000. In New York City or LA or severance Cisco whatever but it's a damn good salary. And it instead of saying I'm doing double duty but I imagine that she's doing great math equation on this one she's doing double duty getting half the results. That doesn't sound too good does now it doesn't she needed training wheels this this person of age has brought back after letting her go. Our she's training wheels double on forwards I don't wanna hear that she's doing double duty boom -- Just a -- susteren job exactly yeah -- that's exactly right she was sources. Are we wanna hear February 030930 wanted to -- it's excellent excellent to -- six 930 is a great idea. And -- give me an idea why my mind is so creative remember a few years ago Tony when you had a bad back. -- we reached out we reached out and we got a a massage therapist to DC in Amaechi. She came in and -- you live on the air remember that and your pain went away. Now we just talked to two Francisco are he is Janet -- Snyder. A stylus friend Francisco for title right now I was just thinking season like this idea. What applied talked to Francisco. And we have him come into the studio. And do -- for Todd roll. On congress and Chris has long hair -- see I asked I asked a Francisco you have more options -- long hair. Then a -- short here he should yes now I have no hair. And yours is short version he thought I was talking about when I was actually Garland guys. Chris in a new for title what do you think Tony. Some volatile decrease was called Chris Chris is not think for title type I pressed to agree. This I mean I'm willing to trade. You know I'm going to I'll sign up for the deal of the day and I'd get ever 76 dollars now we may have to pay extra -- command. But I think you'll be fabulous all that's only if he had his committee hearings that the blade edited if I don't play -- -- content through your mind that argument but I don't cook and a if there's some guys -- but I mean night in Milwaukee. Not my whole morning to amend myself -- we had dueling purpose then now husband wife team. And we were all getting the massages during the show. And I'd never considered massage much but boy once you get one. I'm now I had the chair because I was hosting the show all the others use the table but I was the chair and it is so. Sexy I cannot tell you relaxing it is and that's while I was doing a radio show. Can't imagine if you're trying to relax. So that's great network are good but I just thought Chris. With his new for title would be -- -- a minute all the couples became new beginning at ten to and the best stroke you know we did and I -- -- camera MIA. My -- of twenty dollars cold cash to shave your beard off stance not even enough to trim it out. It is common -- really good -- look like the gold prospector I expect to see you coming out of a mine shaft. Likes that. Seriously I'm saying is that a -- -- A decent looking at what you wanna Wear your scruffy beard like that. One regular tougher beards no I don't need that while I know gene is always that I mean I don't wanna complete weather here's he's got a windows nicely trimmed its. -- -- My wife likes it isn't the keep your -- won't know I just. Just grown and -- I could tell what she likes. You wanted to large why there's no other woman's outlook that you would that would that prospector beard shaven off -- chick magnet -- get me throughout the city. Maybe you could use a potato -- -- a lot of -- -- My good looking days long -- no don't don't use shall I find you when the right light went on language push pull it. I believe enough. -- -- Chris I'm asking is buffalo dysfunction junction. With the sabres it's functional the bills dysfunctional. Front office and on the field. These school system definitely. Dysfunctional are we just snake bit every time you know. That if people or hole hooked up to a lie detector. And tell more in a close game sabres or bills are okay. I would think most people expect us to lose they do the -- more than this but that they expect a salute to have the beginning of this season. Because that's the way it happens we go wide right we go no go we do all this and and -- -- weather as we get close but no cigar. The Jim Kelly here's where our glory years I think it was a fabulous speaker go to four years in rural. But beyond that little bubble. We've had sports here for a long time and I think where a lot of people feel worse it because in in small parts. Lots of people have vote. You know baseball players have all kinds of the things they do before the game winner -- -- -- superstitions. Michael Jordan used to take like 20/20 five minutes. A more to get dressed he used to have to put on his one shoot first then the other issue all of these things. Right about superstitions from athletes and I and I'd be -- vet. Which -- snake bit we really angry you know if we get the seventh game you know when it as it -- -- -- And so I would like to know if you think we're statement also you can give examples of vote of the city. And the state and maybe even federal if you like guard Chris a couple of movies as we encountered the case he says nothing happens in this town -- meetings and planning impressed the nation. UN held it up and you get dysfunction and the best job in Buffalo,. New York is too. -- prepare artist renderings of things you know buildings bridges whatever if you put the rendering together. It'll never -- but the rendering a local really nice you know what I mean. Have a nice -- that's -- I could make a model city out of the model renderings. So this is this is how it's going to look and then it never happened. Look we could fill up a museum with bridge renderings along -- remember how many there weren't a contest. That's a bridges all over the place. Lots of buildings all of a -- to grand ideas let's have a amusement park on the waterfront remember that. The Canadians are gonna come down here and and build something huge and a this that the other thing. And none of it happens now we're getting a few things done now and we're getting a little traction that's why. Whenever we have a setback like what's going over the sabres now it's a double duty really -- more. Chris another one place this on comes from Markey says it wouldn't say that we're dysfunctional. -- duke it at around here images not always done to the liking of certain people. Well most certain people boy -- I'm glad I'm no one home -- tell you that. Because remember I told in the last hour I've turned over new leaf the new senator ought to bring people together that's my mission. I had an apparition and I had to take a -- -- but I had an operation to sandy were designed to bring people together you have. You have the ability of laughter. Very few people have the ability you have with that so use it for good not evil. And bring people together yeah I can think -- -- are -- things that are funny to say. -- with little lower -- -- he's at all I mean it's it's easy to do but those days -- over. I'm going to be a conciliatory person to bring people together. Want them to hold hands and kiss -- -- two other people. And that's the kind of that's the kind of joy I wanna bring into the world the conciliatory that was in the godfather wasn't -- he was a wartime conciliatory. I remember him. What about Groucho marks on the elevator with a priest. This is stroke it's a true story I mean anybody knows mark rose knows that this is true story. The appraised meeting Groucho hole -- The Marx Brothers in their time were the biggest. Movie stars of all as far as comedies concern. Maybe -- went through and very very big. And so the priest meets Groucho in the elevator and he says. Roger on -- shake your hand. I wanna thank you for all the joy you brought into this world which that I think Tuesday. And Roger shook his hand it's and father I'd like to thank you throw the -- you've taken out of this world. Well that -- way I'm going to be conciliatory. Sending a bringing people together on a daily basis I think you should Wear sandals to work I think I -- and ropes yes and death and fishes and Lopes we'll put sand down and in the studio all -- all that stuff thank you organized tie up the -- -- -- George Harrison music will be and it's it's our. Yeah Robert Shankar now in concert -- they've. Are gonna be back tomorrow wanna know if buffalo is dysfunction. Junction I didn't I didn't make up the title that's in the -- -- knows but it's a great title. Sabres dysfunctional bills dysfunctional school system so -- functional. There -- Albany very dysfunctional. Are we stick -- give me examples will be back. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free. And started very spiritual free -- is 1806169236. This reminder we're off to a good start where these sandy beach tours of Alaska you have some princess cruise lines are reliving it via. And the July 1 part of August and so it's a great crew is as I said on princess it's the coral princess as the ship will be using. If you would like information on -- we're going to have an informational meeting. On this Thursday night. This Thursday at the AAA which is a policy on Sheridan and international at 6 PM. The princess cruise people will be there tripling of being there and I'll be there as well. As the as the host here's an 800 number 1800. Tool for two. -- 244. That's 1802424244. I got some even offers all over the weekend it's it's there it's starting number strongly so that's good. And I think you'll you'll find if you wanted to see Alaska this is a great way to see it. And a lot of vote of people I know. Sent me emails surprising -- their surprise that I'm hosting idea tour. But I I told them that this is the only two are really have an active interest in simply because. It's Alaska it's beautiful I watch all those last two shows you guys watch those shows on Alaska I've watched some of them any anything from ice road truckers. Two flipping Alaska buying Alaska. The Alaska state trooper show all this seems to be a lot. Living in Alaska certainly -- a lot of interest in Alaska right now. Bad bad why Alaska that was an episode where. The guys you know looking at a few place since they don't remember afterwards. What they have right in May have outhouse out house and where there's where it is well you kind of have to be careful of the winter type. It's a bit embarrassed. And every house who bears how would you like you know it's twenty below zero and the winner. How would you like to be running out because you have to run out and there's a bear out there and he's -- -- in the out house you wouldn't be banging on the door saying it what did you do follow didn't go almost ready to come -- no this is beautiful view of vote. Are just that just a terrific state and so. Come on out that Thursday night at 6 o'clock and if you wanna call get more information. 18024. To 4244. And it should be lots of fun you know that. When where there. It's a daylight about twenty hours but this is just just that and then during the other time they have movies under the stars. On the on the deck -- cool La and of course I -- they ask me which room I would liken it looked at the yeah. -- -- at drawing of a boat and I said I just want the one nearest the buffet in the -- on a -- All the affiliate goal it's gone check out the buffet now my stomach start grumble all its good this will be good now you know I'd take you Tony -- -- -- -- And and I would take aggressive if he had effort title. As I say this is my friend Chris would love for god look at that I'll -- -- rented a graduate of that one. Now OK we've the buffalo is this function on -- we disagree on that here's something we're not going to Maria. A will agree on -- you and I'll agree on mostly. But we won't agree with the First Lady Michelle Obama we will not agree with the federal government on this I am so tired of this I cannot tell you. I've had this in my stack of things to do. For a week or ten days. The the federal government's very active now in fitness nothing wrong with -- that we wanna -- we don't wanna be sick we understand health care costs. But they're just getting absolutely too intrusive. If they're making all kinds of decisions you know I told you -- in the educational arena. They wanna take your kids as young as four years old and get him started on indoctrination I mean education. And day and keep them from the womb to the -- -- they wanna make all your decisions for you and all what they wanna do they just figure. You know there's a lot of things that we collect taxes on those great money. But -- let's let's. Let's take the money take the tax money. But make it hard to by the -- use the product. Okay that's that's called working both sides of the straight. Now this proposal. From Washington would phase out ads. For junk food on school grounds now may be a bit -- I say let's start with -- high school. Maybe you've been to a high school or maybe even a middle school football game. And the the scoreboard may be sponsored by Coca-Cola. Well the feds would it take a dim view that they said well you camp with -- up there but to put it Coke. Or just sunny water because there may by the local people. Now Tony you you have done high school sports for a long time. Doesn't start at the high school level does -- have to go to a college level before scoreboards are sponsored by yeah. By who goes home. It starts at the or Coca-Cola or whomever and that's where it starts so via people and the federal government thinking -- what. They're sitting there watching the game and it says have an ice cold Coca-Cola. And that's the first thing those kids are gonna do they're gonna have an ice -- Coca-Cola widow wanna do that so it the scoreboard -- they have an ice cold diet Coca-Cola. -- or have an ice cold this sunny water I'm sure Adobe throw that but a -- can't advertise certain things. On school grounds and this is where they're going where this this is Darlene. One name shares. Carolina super -- Doesn't sound like an -- model Cadillac the super bill. SUPERVIL. Blocking yeah exactly. What. Our Chrysler darlings superb elevate pity. It's not just about what kids are getting at launch. The Obama administration is moving to phase out junk food advertising. On football score boards and elsewhere on school grounds. Part of a broad effort to combat childhood obesity. And create what Michelle Obama calls a new norm for today's school children and future generations. The new approach to eating and activity is not just a bad said mrs. Obama at the White House. Promotion of sugary drinks and junk foods around campuses during the school day will be phased out under the tag Agriculture Department rules which her. Intended to ensure that marketing is brought in line with health standards that already applied to food served by the public schools so yeah. So there are they telling you hope you can't have this of a public schools they eat you can't have that the public schools eat your Donnie that's your money that would you like it or not. And when you go to a football game we'd -- be way too tempting -- that are scoreboard Saturday at Coca-Cola or Pepsi cola sign on itself forget that forget that revenue of 20. That we're going to make it known now mrs. Obama defend her -- ourself against critics saying. I didn't create this air show she said kids will eventually get used to the changes. -- I guess if animal liver and -- in the morning for breakfast they get used to it eventually what's the point. That's our job as parents to hold steady through the winding she said. You know what mrs. Obama my suggestion to you -- you -- her own -- you take care your own girls and and and I'm sure they'll be very happy with eating what you want them to eat. And doing what you want him to leave the rest of us alone. We're not him missiles parents were here long before the name Obama was known by anybody. Parents have done a pretty good job -- is the perfect no of course -- for perfect are we are leaving a perfect existence no of course not but I'm so tired of these food Nazis everywhere. They're getting as bad as the smoking Nazis. The bottom line is I think that. The government's job is information. If they give you information as to watch in that bottle -- soft drink -- about to drink once in that sandwich you're about to order they give you the information that you need. That should be the end of it it shouldn't be affected -- dictate bill decide what you should be what you -- what you candy. Because these are legitimate things that should be decided by families and by. That's what they're doing vote this a bit at a time. Remember Johnny Cash that's about how we work from a catalog department. In the assembly line and it would take a piece home every day -- enough to its New Salem. Until we had enough to build his own car that's what they're doing here they're grabbing another piece of your free choice. By saying I believe me if you total game tonight. And there is if there is a game tonight and there's a scoreboard and is ready by Pensacola. Do you immediately run out and buy a Pepsi no of course and these things have we've been dealing with -- as Americans for the entire history of our country. We don't need the government which about dysfunctional. You don't want a government to tell you what you can eat what you can say no I say the government's job is information. Give you information wanna you wanna do that that's fine we should know what's in in our menu selections but stay the hell off of our table. And stay away from us. Our choices we wanna make our own choices. Altria and a -- wanted to 61692 for six start -- -- let me know is -- -- intrusive should the marketplace. Decide the product placement. Will be back after. I know to be honest -- you via the intrusion of the government federal state local whatever is just overwhelming I'm really has. And debate they always do it in the name of good and there's certainly some good things to be learned from it but as far as I'm concerned when it comes to nutrition. I think the government's job should be to set standards and not to outlaw and a red pencil things that you can't have anymore or the camp we advertise anymore. The standards are all right as far as I'm concerned for federally subsidized of food standards whatever. But when it comes to just things off the cuff like who can advertise on the football score board the basketball scoreboard is a little ridiculous. Now I understand. The the need for good health. And it's a good way to go through life -- obviously if you healthier of the better. And I understand all of that but they're taking over they truly are this proposal out of Washington which would phase out ads. On on school grounds for things like ice cold Pepsi or -- come. Iron you if you saw that on a football score -- which might be donated by. I'll buy Pepsi or Coke in exchange for the exposure. Of -- -- you run around get one you you make up your own mind generally. It also means a scoreboard and a high school football or basketball game eventually won't be allowed to advertise. Coca-Cola at all. Though it could advertise Diet Coke or the sunny water a -- that those decisions will be made by the your brain trust in Washington. I don't care what Washington thinks I think their job is to give us information. Let us make our own decision let the marketplace. Decide. But this is another example -- I think of the Obama administration. Ruling by fiat. In other words just are taking over making these decisions and that's where does this comes through the Department of Agriculture. -- says. You could you could advertise the water which is owned by Coke which could never ties Coke Diet Coke but no Coke. Same with a front vending machines. So -- the cops posters -- menu boards the promote foods that don't meet federal standards. Okay. Now I thinking of that as benevolent while there are. Federal standards. -- George Carlin -- federal standards things that make you healthier but then again. That -- us. Up. Really well way out that way up wedged into its way up that's -- bush did every. It's only one day I Yair and that is tomorrow shrugged as they dropped punched eight. Like Dubai the Obama administration. Mean that's that's -- going they're -- you're gonna find nothing but stuff you don't want in vending machines anymore. And that's the way as we we saw that in New York City. It would the last mayor be portable -- Bloomberg. Limiting the amount of sugary drinks you can have he thinks that the people in new York and so stupid. That they can have you know you can have two smaller drinks and add up to the same which again have that one is bigger I mean come. Also all separate rules which are to go into effect in September will cause will come a cover other food around the school as well including a bending the vending machines and Allah -- lines in the lunchroom calorie fat sugar and sodium limits now have to be met on almost every food and beverage sold. During the school day as mandated by the 2010. Child nutrition law. This is good child nutrition law -- -- you got a good I mean you had the child what you're not Smart enough. Who treat the child in a responsible adult way as far as eating is concerned you're just -- Dellums so let the federal government do it for him. Mrs. Obama this is -- from a Associated Press. Mrs. Obama defended itself against critics thing I didn't create the issue would know but there are prolonging an Arctic. This is a chance to get another foot in the door remember the border control by health of a nation more control the actions of the nation. This is this is why Obama care. Was pounded into our heads so far has been a dismal failure because that's where the power the powers through health. And the bottom line is it to be a company like. Coca-Cola to read those about PepsiCo whatever. Things that you like and enjoy in moderation and you're not you know you know it's one of them down you know 64 ounces at a time. And be told by the federal government they can be advertise. It's it's just more as far as I'm deserve more intrusive. Of behavior by the government into our lives I don't need the government's Tellme. What I can the one eye candy if something's. Illegal because it'll kill you poison you that's different. But because it makes you. Not fit -- the ball -- like you to fit into doesn't give them I think the right to dictate. I have no problem if Michelle Obama or the government wants to dictate. To those who were receiving food stamps and whatever. Are there won't do -- -- he's so be socially engineering. They won't do that no because they want that you want to use those -- -- whatever you want but as far as advertising for maybe people don't get that. Making their own choices for yet. I mean. What is what is it. You know -- out of taxpayer -- Have the right -- have the ability let me go I'll get my food all right if I'm relying on the government to take care of me yeah then you can set thousand standards because it's the government's money not. Don't know -- yeah exactly and these businesses that provide these things provide jobs. And they provide a tax base. And so what they're doing and and what I don't want this to be misunderstood. What is the goal this year what is the goal here is that the goal that we all live to be a 150 is that the goal is that is that big goal in the backyard of any of the White House. That we ought to be honored for -- We can't take care Bebo a living to the -- living now. So what's the answer to that I'd like to know I mean I've I've not in favor of people dying early don't get me wrong when I'm saying is let's go what's the what's the end game on this. Do you need help from the government. To feed your kids nutrition sleep you need guidance from the government or both of those choices. The on your own vehicle will be back.

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