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3-3 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hall held all along as region governor I'm sandy beach do you find it curious. That's Saturday while all of -- was going down with the trains and patty LaFontaine leaving with the sabres. -- at the very moment this was happening the sabres were running a special promotional night called. I'm pox. That's I think what little tweaking make -- more accurately described it that night. No I series I've found that. To be out a controversial and slightly amusing but their running their one pocked promotion while they're doing things that sound very much like that. The trade okay we know the trade was coming up patty LaFontaine. I'm not even that big -- hockey fan but I know that he exudes class and and he is the man and and nobody's heard from him. Except they're claiming that he he resigned. I don't know there's a picture by the way. Of it's a -- black the president on the sabres. And Tim Murray the general market manager did you see this picture of Tim Murray does and he local warm and friendly and inviting. Wouldn't you love to come to work every day and have him as your bus -- don't know anything about him and I don't know much about -- black but I don't know. That in this vote though. Their noses seem to be a lot longer than they used to be I'm not really sure we're getting the whole story. But we'll find out let me get the opinion about the guys regarding the trade and the fact that LaFontaine has no longer here. All the trade we knew was coming and -- what I did is why can't understand is how many people were upset why. There were so upset we've been talking about since the beginning of the the NHL season that it would be a wise move to trade Ryan Miller. Get value for him while you can't. OK so that make the move everybody freaks out the ready to jump off a bridge I react understanding result they'll likable player he. Did very well during his stance here so. In that part confused me but I think he made that the team batter any time that you -- collect draft picks to build for the future that's a good thing. Look at what about video what about -- LaFontaine we -- we haven't heard from him. So we don't know. Right well my initial thought was that he lost a power struggle with Marie and deciding well you know if I can't. Have final say are certain things and really what am I doing here and you've talked about this many times it's like you've been named program director of radio station and you're not given any authority to make any kind of changes. That's why I've never program decision and I didn't have authority to do because is no point in your name is on it. If your name is on the success or failure you better have some input now Chris Chris eats sleeps and -- talking or give me your thoughts on the and a deal is outstanding. 11 trumpet is guaranteed if the saint Louis blues and make the Western Conference finals war. If Ryan Miller gets an expansion there's a conditional pick in and it could move all the way up to another first round pick. So you're looking at possibly 21 round picks for two guys that. Could've walked at the end of the season -- Elizabeth turned 34. Before next season so I'm not sure why fans thought he was going to stay here anyway if he wants -- he loved buffalo he stayed here he sent along expansion here before. He's had a lot of success here he's got more wins anyway -- sister but he hasn't won a Stanley Cup when you're gonna you're gonna want a shot that. You know our minds and bottom drawer Emory -- where are we get rid of people who are really playing well and our names and an integrated in the community. And we kind of -- we do this all the time with our sports figures -- whether it was good deal or not as -- as you guys have pointed out it may turn out to be a good deal but I think that's the initial knee jerk reaction -- -- agree with that the difference a jury -- there was. They walked for nothing but you're still looking at a guy walking away guide its medal lots of the city so I understand people being depressed about it as for the LaFontaine thank. I I still don't really know what to make of it I heard I was actually at the gym. I'd glancing down -- my phone when it happened. And I set my car for like an -- I'm just trying to get all the information it possibly could. There is there were reports that said he wanted to leave and go back to New York the reports that said he was upset are about the coach about the trade about a power struggle. And you don't really know what to believe I guess -- -- plausible the least plausible to me. Is that Regis went back to New York because of the left amicably why wouldn't there be a press conference of him just announcing -- change its. Exactly exactly especially since he hired Bill Murray. But I don't know it it just seems like. When you think it's starting to turn around it just doesn't and they and that's basically what are subject of a showbiz. As I said I know I know very little about hockey but I don't know that one LaFontaine came back I was excited and I'm right and hockey okay. Because he's -- hall main guys -- is a quality guy everybody knows that. And we're thinking now a guy like this coming back to our town shows a good investment in buffalo and what happened these government. So that's that that's where that was big story certainly is talking about there and done. I look here's here's some advice to channel four and I give some advice detail please let me just Davis. The next time you cover story like this. Oh is that as somebody who's good at social media got. My god it was embarrassing. It really wise. -- know more about hockey and the person that reported on and on channel four and I know nothing about talking I don't you're supposed to get a little black puck in the and that and that's how you scored all in the most -- I -- -- but even I know more than that now man I'm just telling him. But yes the man is the man is set -- Bob cinema Bob if you listened. That Friday. Bob May 24. PX that's every award given out okay 24. He got 21 right one he's 21 and three. And guess what he's first place in our hearts he second place in his own house. Cinema abandon the newest cinema member of the family that 22. He was 22 going to -- me Bob as you know he's finishing up the track here at 21 and three. The eight most of last year I think he did I think his family is outpacing them. But get this two of the three that he missed one was animated short and the other was. I'll live action short so I guess Bob took him in the short. That's -- Americans are more about I'm good -- social media diamond absolute disaster on them. Will be back after this I woke up on a Sunday morning yesterday and there was snow in my yard. And I looked at the calendar and were already in March and I have officially declared screw. I'm not I'm not blowing snow again I don't care if it's my second I'm not blowing it again our refused the next time I start the snowblower will be on the gas. I figured I got a month at most. So that you'll planted them a visit regions of one the usual W I I can drive over anything. I have an extra link in my garage doors like an extra space. I could have like two feet of snow and they'll get into the garage and that's intended to I've had enough. I'm all in -- ball over -- that now did you guys that when your driveways yards walks there. I did I woke up there and I looked out the windows at all not all. That's what you get because you have to do it because you have people coming and visit you when you have children. You see if Europe like I am the hell when it you just go back however I'll -- you. Well the cousins again a driveway since the owns -- house what I call our park in the streets so -- do a little around the car and brush -- the car it's an absolute nightmare. I'm tired of it this winner it's started the snow started at the end of November and it hasn't stopped at a Gaza react to -- and everything off has been there are you know is resulted in a catastrophic -- and just when you get that done thinking OK we're kind of past that. Forget and on next Sunday you know change the blocks right then said that it was a little a little bit of sunshine in our lives. I did either -- you watch the Academy Awards last night. OK that's one I'll buy you resides at night I heard about it this morning I what I did as I watched -- monologue 'cause like Ellen I think a lot of -- molecular. She was okay. Which wasn't awful but you -- knocking on the park either. So it was kind of gentle humor though is known for but she's very friendly and very nice and usually very funny it was okay. But not not not fabulous. But -- no problems with the ten years a twelve years a slave his best picture are the problem I have is. When you'll make a picture like twelve years a slave anybody else's picture and medical water because it's going to seem. Unimportant in -- -- talk about you can't have well up for the award this year twelve here's a slave -- -- he's eighteen. I did that just doesn't work you know we're talking about. -- so they -- that and I I watched over the weekend. Bob -- me his. Adults buyers club. It is those that. Very well done I'll say that very well done but he didn't enjoy it because it was so Graham. I mean it's audio and a very sad and Graham and whatever. But -- McConnell I did a great job. I think I saw is becoming a movie critic. Missouri yes Saturday night -- took them to see how late the -- movie okay he comes and and I greet him at the -- says daddy that movie was terrible. All the while -- about that he did not like he said it was too much -- -- warning and sentiment hit the gas allies like -- policy that was too long. Of the next generation. Are right let's say Susan banks the lovely you've former queen of vote buffalo TV news is having a birthday today. And that we liked it was Susan banks of burglary at -- These seasons ago she really is and if you like Susan banks. On camera. You'd like or even more often. I'm just say she's funny she's very funny and occasionally. She has some of herbs vocabulary. Now yeah a little bit a little bit every once in while. -- shock you because you expect to hear about her. Don't expect it here without -- but they did sit next to each other for a long time and so I think some of its just them by metamorphosis kind of drifted across the desk so just blame her -- flavor of but happy birthday do you. Susan banks by the way there's there are a couple of ops bites that I heard this morning that are amazing one from Sarah Pailin. And it was from several years ago remember when Russia got involved with Georgia remember that when they went over and invaded Georgia. And Sarah Palin was criticizing the administration's saying. There in activity and there you know lack of aggressiveness and dealing with something like this is going to cause -- Russia to look at Ukraine next. That's exactly what happened exactly the second one was Obama. Criticizing Mitt Romany. He says this is that during a during the campaign. He's criticizing Romney says that Mitt Romney says the greatest of foreign danger we have now is not al-Qaeda. But Russia he said didn't anybody tell Mitt Romney that the Cold War is over. Well apparently. There is that is Obama looking like a full on both of votes. And it's amazing. Imagine that imagine who would guess that so that's where that is now if you think things are bad because you like Pat LaFontaine. And if you think. If things are bad because the Buffalo Bills aren't winning any thing in this season -- power struggle there between the older employees and the newer employees. And if you think things are bad because the school board seems to be total dysfunction. How would you like to be a woman in Annapolis Maryland who's at honey. It's time. I'm having the baby. And as he is bringing her to a hospital and she is labor. She's in labor. They get robbed by two masked gunman while she's in the labor. They get rob okay. Annapolis police arrested two people. For an arm robbery of a pregnant woman in labor and eyewitness call police at 4:30 AM says -- man and a pregnant woman were being held at gun point. Of the woman who was in labor prior to a robbery was usual was transported to a medical center when officers arrived one of the victims pointed the suspects fleeing. The neighborhood of a stolen vehicle. During the chase the suspects drew a gun. But the police have been a subdued them and they are under arrest the very Kelly. Of Annapolis and Cornell Robinson of Washington being held by Indianapolis police. And charges are pending robbing a pregnant. Woman while she is delivering a baby. And that's where as as word is talks. On being the people's cars the water's coming. What else is going on here why we have tickets -- I do think that that. That un pocked -- so great that is the way it was going on while they became unravel. Much of that was amazing if a tiny I mean I don't know who was handled promotion for the sabres when you talk about good timing very it is policy. And trade. Most popular players captain and in most popular front office going to store on. -- -- -- -- -- They said no we can't say that well where we can't say -- that we can say about -- -- what people figured out themselves like an immigrant you know. A I know is if I work for the sabres may have another on -- -- be out of town. Embassy here's what's going and now we have tickets to giveaway for the bandits and who likes to -- the and its railways are good crowds for -- -- -- the buffalo bandits vs Minnesota swarm Saturday the day. At 730 general load and -- content rules apply the back it was a 112 box. Don't miss the hard hitting high scoring action buffalo bandits lacrosse. As the they host the Minnesota swarm on Saturday it's a -- Saturday. Our greatness is still available for -- -- box office or online at bandits dot com. We come back we're gonna talk about the state he -- probably president -- the State of the Union Address. And Cuomo -- the state of the state address we have the state of the city address and it's called dysfunction. On news item that we are WB. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM WB yen well. He doesn't realize but he just blow up -- -- and we had a moment -- all the commercials are running. That's always been really a big addition of a show over the years and -- many times and very very pleased that Tony is there are now the addition of Chris. And I just thought you know what I should do something nice for Tony. So idea I went out and I made arrangements to buy a new car for. And -- He didn't know I didn't alum but during the break. He was laughing and making fun of the exact car that I have in my driveway without -- -- -- -- and registered -- to hand delivered -- -- house. Tony your your -- your products brand new car. The -- -- -- that. She. -- -- -- -- -- Because -- -- -- -- about a timely braves had a half court shot a contest and somebody made it yet. And a half court shot before you know everyone's annoyed at lucky -- up there yeah but jumped you and that the prize as a -- -- And it's on I was laughing hysterically and by 8 o'clock and and that's the call cope was I had a bloop -- local law you know sorry the opposite the back okay. -- it's -- crystal lake Bonham. Please do what happened. You never know and Dayton over the weekend. I think it was Bob McCarthy's column in the buffalo and as we found out that. Kathy wapner Kathy -- what it was -- may run for congress against Brian Higgins. And so while I think she's got a good campaign plan already does -- have five children something like that just five children. Sullivan fifty marriage doctor originally. Should mention once. Yeah she is five -- are to a doctor saw her campaign plan is grow your own voters she's got at least five. Those -- -- never gonna vote for anybody about her. And they shouldn't that's their mother without her they wouldn't care so I think they overall vote don't you would think as a good luck to -- I was surprised it did you hear about rolling on the burst and it. You know if you're gonna run for office that's the office -- you know -- -- because after one term. One term two years right you get the get a pension polite well 1122 years that's one to four months. For those few words on account from a view that's amazing so ago elected Kathy -- about I was surprised to see that. Today's -- -- for my bubble apart is they certificate who Shays and salons that he spot. On Delaware in buffalo get a full color or highlight deep conditioning treatment style in -- finish from. Janet Snyder's stylist. Francisco. For Colorado. Wow you know I was always hoping to be for -- I did you know -- -- has -- there I'd love to have hair just like Janet while I'm gonna do that I've got to see Francisco for title. For just 76 dollars go to WB dot com is Janet wearing for -- overseas -- that's great. And click on my -- works well now wait a minute get a of these things don't talk about why might Barbara my hairdresser because I don't know one. I have a what they wouldn't talk about it anyway. Days you get a a shaved from Sandy's personal stylist a -- three. You know. That subject that's a lot of people do compliment Janet on her hair looks fabulous. And that's who doesn't. Francesco. Or Francisco. For title. That's it. OK with the urgent earners the north. We're going to our show tomorrow morning walk -- membership because I'm here were sure. Would walk right in and demand to run my fingers through her -- -- What do you think about you I got emotional. And you will be but I've -- You know finger running through for title but you know him and I haven't really. All right today we're talking about this. Buffalo love -- of the buffalo really do -- -- of people. It and actually the weather is giving a little tiresome this what's usually the change of seasons not too bad pretty good. And and we enjoyed the people we enjoy it affected the combined house at a reasonable price. If you have a decent job your money can goal a little bit longer Medicare and a lot of other cities. It fact that we didn't have New York State breathing down our neck it would be even better. But it seems to be up for some time now we've just been snake back. When -- week deter the ball around so it looks like it's heading in the right direction. Things are always scuttling. That'd be good plans things are always in delay I mean you look at how much time we spent a according bass pro and bass pro opposite field we never did see it. And then nub of the peace bridge remember we were -- we were ready to go on the east agents say they found out through the group that we have a better design. Of -- young millenniums. So ago these about the all millenniums all right. But they found out birds can't fly through the guy wires on the bridge and we went out this stuff all the time. And we and I -- our sports team which is a big mistake. I mean the Buffalo Bills outside of the -- -- characterize them as the Jim Kelly years beat before that we had some success before we were actually in the NFL. What were in the AFL that was good but four of four -- contemporary thoughts it's usually the Jim Kelly years outside of the Jim Kelly years. We haven't had much to cheer about. And this goes on and -- goes on and on and on the sabres remember that we knew we had some fun watching the sabres injury numbers there and I got traded away for nothing and now. And now we find out that. That -- we lost our captain our best player for trade but Christian and and Tony thinks we got a good deal so that of them actually easier. And then Pat LaFontaine. Says bye bye we know he's a class guy he will be you know hockey -- not -- what's going on here. And it seems like the owner the owner of the sabres. Put bullets -- go up. He easily and during the good times for the big announcements he's there about. Winner gets -- when the going gets rough Terry Google against going. All right he's invested in the community and he's building the you know the big building project in -- understand all that. But sometimes. You know if a man if you only join -- standup would be hurt okay. -- say this happen under my watch and here's how we're going to avoid this happening again. We don't know what the problem was there. We have LaFontaine. Or -- the other management figures online bill. Is that as a look at this picture as I look at this picture of Tim Murray general manager I've making. Boy I would give my left testicle to work for a friendly looking guy like that absolutely. -- -- -- in a manner that. Seriously -- you ought to be taken seriously ditch those glasses. Win about a Penny Arcade with a -- that came down and grabbed him in 1953 it's crystal beach. Think it's a current glasses -- -- -- -- guys I expect that in there with a break in and not fade away. By a pretty pretty in the areas. -- this is a good look through his T shirt underneath his plaid shirt underneath his sweater would impairments fashion consultant he's not gonna do Janet's there. I can tell you that that you wish I had for 20 that's a pretty cool name is going from Cisco for at all. OK go and Blair. They won't mind our -- I. Francisco. -- oh. I got an effort titles for breakfast I I do I like breakfast for titles. And -- posted I got kicked in the for titles -- -- always very painful let me just -- -- -- I could write a bicycle for many many months after that. Idea -- my insurance didn't cover -- for titles that I can and must have been Obama. It was Obama here. But anyway so he got that we got the other. The Buffalo Bills. A while back went above a month or six weeks ago we find out that the young. A new management team is members of buffalo bills' front office. Don't like what they call although lifers the people of been there a long time. Jeff -- men. -- the trainer. Bud carpenter who's a great guys -- -- -- Carter. Great guy that -- eight bit happy said he got a little fractious relationship there now the sabres seemed to be in disarray. The school board is in horrible meltdown. I mean just absolute total meltdown the mayor is talking about wanting to maybe take over this the school system. The mayor hasn't shown an ability to take over the city yet so I don't think he's ready for the school system which has a budget about three times bigger than his budget as mayor. -- as he saw his shadow the -- exactly. So I'm king is buffalo dysfunction. Junction. With the sabres and the bills and the school system -- -- etc. -- era. Is headed and dysfunction and what else is this functional besides the potholes in roads have you tried to drive. Lately it's impossible. It is impossible used to be one or two roads now it's all of them and parking lots and everything. Your view some of these pot holes are so big you can drive in them how of them. I mean just incredible so what else is this functional. And his buffalo dysfunction junction now the dysfunction junction I'll give credit from the buffalo knows it was a headline today and it caught my side because something that's exactly what is. We'd like to hear from view it oak tree on my 301806169236. Think for title would would do -- here while it grow touch it up I wanna have the same hair as Janet as Janet what do you think blonde. Blonde and leggy -- will be back after a while just are we're off to a good start on the end of -- us. To Alaska. On princess -- lines. If you like more information. I have an 800 number also old. Of we're gonna have a kind of a get acquainted meeting at the Tripoli which is international and sharing and this Thursday evening at 6 o'clock there will be people there from AAA people here from princess cruises and I will be -- true. Explaining exactly what's going on its crews. At the latter part of July until the beginning of August and if you like more information now it's just that Alaska is just so beautiful. A 1800. 20424244. As the number so that's an 800 number these people know from which. We speak. All the information you -- 18024. To 4244. 6 o'clock on Thursday. And will be talking about what what goes on to preserve some in my first -- the you know. I've never been on a cruise before the best ever done as the a fairy from Bar Harbor Maine -- Nova Scotia that's debt. The largest. And I think that was a vote -- going ownership. Serena won a big a big large ship if you go to the princess website you'll see the different ships that they have -- -- -- princess. In the while we're going on as the coral provinces where do you see this. This ship it's unbelievable. Mental and that's really nice so 18024. To 4244. If you would like to admit it's an abort him in my luggage to pop out some sort of fated cruise -- what if thing yes I I can open the port hole. The rope out. -- each of the -- beta what's going on. We're asking and you don't have questioned like is buffalo dysfunction junction I want to get one thing clear. It is not -- responsibility normally intention to divide people. You see I'm just thinking that by discussing our differences. We actually bring people together I think that's you know I've been on radio long time. And I never cared about that aspect of it before I would do. Cruel hostile joke and then tossed my head back with -- Long curly hair and laugh at that. I realize the people's feelings would be crushed. And now after all these years I've finally seen the light so my job my job starting with the show today is to bring people together. I had no good having somebody bitching over there and somebody bitching over there and somebody bitch in my job is to get all the bitching one. -- currency that that's my. That's my goal bring people together. I'm called Gandhi's sending Gundy has its own good and sounds ferry and a Auburn were fortunate I'm good at pitching you have everybody it's Tony. But it doesn't do any good unless you have a solution that's where your form sitting on somebody sitting in the chair sitting on the floor cross legged. Which means one thing I -- -- get up at admin at noon and I'll go get down and I don't know. Crisis thirty men and I'm -- government here and lift me off the floor. OK maybe I'm I think that I remember a number of incidents -- the scrutiny. And now -- -- whom. By. -- are a cool guy. Well let's work out okay now we're talking about. These is buffalo dysfunction junction -- the public good title it's it's and I headline today in the buffalo knows that we get credit for that but that's right John. They know what's going on the sabres just what we think -- while that's turning around right see what's happening there there rode their building for the future of the season started out bad but now we got noted there things are starting a little bit better and the both of my guys and nobody hawkish statement. The trade wasn't a good trade good for both sides and that's that's that's good. But then -- you know what hits the fan over the weekend and Pat LaFontaine who we were all happy to see get here as gone he didn't even unpacked yet he's already gone so that means there's some dysfunction and -- land. There was an article in the paper a few weeks ago about how -- young staff of the Buffalo Bills don't like the old staff for the Buffalo Bills. And there's there's tension there are so you got dysfunction and -- -- dysfunction of the bills stadium. Certainly dysfunctional in the school board I've never seen a more dysfunctional. School boarder school system than we have now it's just. Unbelievable. And we have to ask. Ask look we're spending a billion dollars a year on the schools why is it dysfunctional we spend moved up one money in this funny -- revenue before -- the sabres and the bills. Why dysfunctional is -- us are we snake bit is that a dysfunctional on the situation when you come into town. You can probably notice that we are not they can do said he now we're doing more than we used to do I think you're where we've made good progress in our medical coroner. And we have some things we can brag about. But on the whole. Seems like if it can't get screwed up it will get screwed up if it can't be dysfunctional it will be dysfunctional. -- I'm saying this only because I want you to recognize the problem because recognition of a problem was the first step to solving. In my job is to. Bring us all together OK guys for three hours that day five days -- -- fifteen hours a week to do I think your homeland. Give -- donation thank you very much don't touch. We'll be back activists.

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