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Outsiders View of Sabres' Weekend

Mar 3, 2014|

USA Today Hockey Writer Kevin Allen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sabres shake up a tumultuous three day period in buffalo sports history the Ryan Miller Steve on trade to Saint Louis and then the abrupt resignation. Of president of hockey operations Pat LaFontaine the following day. On the WB Ian lifeline this morning news Kevin Allen USA today hockey writer. Well respected around the country -- we appreciate your time what do you make of all of this. Well it's pretty crazy and it's certainly the Ryan Miller trade and see Bob was so much expected and I thought sabres did a pretty good job of getting -- good return a first round pick a third round pick Stewart who can play right away. But the second part very puzzling indeed. I have duplicated -- two different -- one of contemporary -- without bail out pretty well. About elephant care absolutely you know he's a guy that's already established that. In his ability to negotiate a big trade but. You know I I think the credibility that the sabres had when they brought aboard well Fontaine and -- and I think. That's really been disruptive I think you know -- buffalo failure going what's going on here because. You know the model that the sabres have of having a high profile. Director of hockey operations cool front page of the post to general manager that's a model that's working in Columbus. You know which -- Davidson. There is that as their director of hockey operations evident also in LA within the pro Ouattara as president than -- being -- -- yourself. People looked at -- but. This sabres were going in the right direction now I think it was looking -- dead and -- what's going on here. Some people are brought up loose so called two when it could actually connection a scenario -- you moved by that. Well I mean that's always the possibility. You know when you have. A high profile guy like LaFontaine and that you also have. You know what would be eight regular GM -- and very soon. You know I'm I'm sure expected when he gets his opportunities he was gonna have a fair amount of autonomy but. You know I know all the partying a little bit there and he doesn't see -- need to be the type of guy they have they have absolutely every little. They go to ways so you know it's a little bit surprising where I I think there's still. Layers of this story that they're gonna have to come out I mean what it was is simply a matter that he missed it working in. New York -- the NHL or whether it was more to it and that I think most of us are speculating that it's a little more complicated than that. You know he yeah obviously it's seen -- dynamic work for awhile. And for whatever reason he decided it was better for him to go back and we're totally. Another issue here is the future head coach Ted Nolan he reportedly was offered a contract about what do you see happening now with him you think he's gonna stay here. Are you -- Japanese you know if if he's I think that would be a poor decisions you know it took him a long time these have been actively. And he reasserted themselves but I did what I thought was a fantastic job. But having that taking -- team that really was going nowhere and making it you know competitive as best he could. You know he's is that history you know he's a good motivated. And you don't -- does not take this -- You know you can pretty much expected the ugly here. -- you know program like kind of took what the look how long it took in the get back well I I I think we've got to take the job and -- -- to be out so why it would have adapted Goodling of contract. Or for -- to three years that you kind of establish himself. -- I'm sure is a solid this quote. He's wondering what's going on here because you know he was brought him Bible but to develop -- god but I think it's a pretty good vote count that's when you know you know three year deal. Kevin do you think there's another shoe to drop here regarding trades anyway. Oh yeah absolutely yeah I mean you know. There's players that you're you're gonna rebuild mode and in buffalo and that's the way to go. In this circumstance and you know guys like Molson certainly. Calendar. You know these are guys because. They'll be moved to get something an asset for them. That could help the team in the long whether there's no reason not to do -- that's. You know these are guys that are not going to be around when the other team is ready to compete at a high level so I would expect we'll see. What two or even three deals from the figures before Wednesday at three. Kevin we're so glad you could join us thank you. Kevin Allen is a USA today hockey writer.