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Oscars Recap

Mar 3, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS's Steve thought -- and joins us live now from Hollywood after covering the Oscars last night Steve good morning. Good morning -- you would -- a pretty good you know you're the best position out of single out the highlights. Of last night's Academy Awards on the show all. Itself not aside from best picture best actors want to in the show sort of stood out to you that was sort of special. When I don't know who was special but it's something that people are talking about today that moment when Ellen DeGeneres her she was posing with Merrill's street to take a healthy and then. More than a whole bunch of other. Actors and actresses the -- with them. I would -- young girl would want it. Best supporting actress -- can see her in the background. -- Bradley Cooper's spare. Julia Roberts is where I actually saw a picture from behind not that. Healthy but from behind the -- Liza Minnelli is trying to leap up and get herself in the healthy so that I mean that's sort of what people are talking about today I guess there were a couple of million read tweets within the first couple of hours. -- broke down so. There's not much to do with the Oscars but it has people talking it's. You were younger that's what the Oscar officials -- so they're probably pretty happy with that even -- what has nothing to do with films. Yea -- right. Over -- how did -- do last night. I think she did OK I mean you know you either like -- humor or don't like her humor. I don't think there were any major gaps it's not like go -- speaker with Seth MacFarlane we were talking about that -- so on these things about women's anatomy and that. Are covered joke even though they've been very funny about Lincoln being killed. There are being moments like that this -- I think we're talking about the other degenerate Selby and then for ordering the pizza again. Nothing to do with enormous threat has people talking. You know we -- your reports throughout the morning about those pictures. Twelve years of slavery and of course -- -- -- Matthew McConaughey. Philip Seymour Hoffman attribute to do this tremendous actor last night. You know what they do every year they have this tribute called memorial where they they paid tribute to. Many people connected with the film industry in front of the screen and behind the screen. And it's an honor to be the anchor in other words the last person who is who they paid tribute to and I'll tell -- as I was watching last major states. Some of the amazing big names that were lost this past year. A -- of Philip -- harper was speed the anchor the last person you saw in this very moving tribute. 22 these deported people so that that was a very nice I think moving moment what that this show. You know all of the buzz on these winning films that we're hearing about this morning and just thinking that. American hustle I'm not hearing anything about did it leave and hand it. That is a recent yes. It's it was sort of a -- I guess that wasn't up he did it was tied with the most nominations. Ten but it did not receive a single. Our girl last night we we know what probably was not going to win any of the major awards but it was up for a number of technical awards but -- technical awards were swept by. Remedy which in the end even though the big winner is best picture and -- that -- there's a slave as far as that. Numbers competition gravity got most -- seven. No I did some research with the Oscar researcher was in between the researcher was meets -- and up to relax either asking her question like that. Whom the film that is one of the most Oscars without winning best picture I was sure she did know -- -- it would immediately. -- Won eight Oscars without winning best picture so number two now is is brevity -- seven -- but not winning best picture. Well thanks for the update Steve nice talking with him. Prepare the CBS's Steve thought and -- after covering the Academy Awards last -- and Hollywood.

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