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Narcon & Zohydro

Mar 3, 2014|

Dr. Gale Burstein

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB a live line is doctor Gilbert state Erie county's health commissioner. A talking about the backlash overs oh -- -- new opiate that'll be hitting the markets since doctor bursting. Are you are worried about the strength. I am very concerned about the -- This has person it's unique I think is potential if it's five to ten times more potent. Then the other all be laid prescription narcotics that we have available in court captains like it because it's not absolutely it. We can -- get off and its impact Tylenol like that which is really not. Where is you like it ends in other prescription pain medications. I have high decode don't practice -- get -- as well and it has political order in the south and the I think ten. And more potent. In the other prescription narcotics available on the market. He'll be very easy for somebody who is nigh eve to prescription pain medication overdose after taking -- Catholic. And -- -- -- -- -- -- when -- could -- I feel it's very very dangerous. Doctor burst and why do we even need another painkiller or is this another company with their own version of Hydro call them. Well the company claims that it is medication and it is really the mistake. Four at target population. That is not 82. To treatment. For chronic pain with other available prescription narcotics. Like my question is in in this that are this severe drop and -- -- it's been sleeping you'll -- over prescribing of or open UH. The paring back in this country need to -- in dangerous I don't know the only. Was this unexpected. By the FDA the at the approval. Yes it was not expected. The FDA has an advisory committee that we've used as a safety and efficacy. Of all the drugs that up for approval. And that vast majority of this advisory panel recommended against approving. This prescription pain medications but the FDA went ahead anyway Yukon Territory with this advice. And approved its. And this -- this prescription narcotics syndicates that very clear that the FDA. -- -- in Honolulu -- police officers around the country including here in buffalo are going to be carrying an antidote to a heroin overdose. It can save a lot of lives. It's called -- do you have any concerns about this is there any potential for abuse here. Known backhand is not only did did it's really just you know public health and -- and save lives. And hopefully -- overdosed. And that is -- being used in other parts of the country. And it's really a public health intervention we're getting receiving a lot of support right now from new York state department of health. They're actually up 47 about four police officers. Authorities been trained over the summer with the by the new York state department of health and harm reduction coalition app in the buffalo police department realized that this is that. -- very powerful tool to be able to save lives. So they've reached out the Erie county Health Department. To run helped me in the rest of their officers and -- tickets available for the rest of the officers so. They really don't really be -- help save lives and -- them Harry Hewitt here and over again. Doctor -- on an issue about the potential for possible abuse when I was referring to do is. Someone taking. Heroin. -- -- high and possibly overdoses might say -- I'll just give some -- come on hand and that'll save me that's what I was referring to. Well Pakistan economically. Said that you know there is seen as. I believe that. You know nobody wants to overdose. And you know completely go out and the high. So we really look at this as a public intervention. -- lives. What is that the state of the heroin problem or heroin epidemic locally. Well -- We we know that. -- a lot more overdoses from heroin in the past couple years have in the past so we believe that this is really a growing problem. And we and we believe -- it's partially. -- play in Atlanta you know good you know our state. -- -- the I stopped -- that limits the ability. And people in the community. To be able to feel -- prescriptions from multiple different providers. -- on both legally narcotics. I description. So how let her there are less content in prescription narcotics available on the market so people are turning to heroin it's horrible it's cheap. And so people are using -- instead of prescription narcotics. Doctor Percy we're glad you could join us this morning thank you. Thank you -- without -- everybody's. Be very careful about taking any prescription narcotics is very easy to become what they did that population most at risk are. -- -- literally adults that are taking this medication and getting the game without even realize and be careful. Thank you very much says doctor -- -- in Erie county's health commissioner.

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