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Sabres President Pat LaFontaine Resigns

Mar 3, 2014|

Steve Manson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve mentioned publish your Western New York hockey magazine joins us now on the WBM live line we're gonna talk about. The events that rocked the Buffalo Sabres from office over the weekend. Steve good morning. It boy you know we have been through a lot with this team but can you remember anything like this happening before Pat LaFontaine gone. After telling us less than four months ago is thrilled to be here. I wish I could say that but you know we went through this before would be had gotten out or Larry Quinn. Ted -- situation. That -- water bowl but what about fifteen years to help. And that's really -- ovals like that and it's a real shame that we got to talk about. All this off -- up or not that seemed to actually on three game winning streak in. You know all it a pretty nice straight -- poll -- Friday night everything and here we go again with all this intrigue. Steve what reasons have you heard for last contains departure. Well of course the sabres are continuing to say that he resides in the water or corrected the -- and everything and I just don't buy it and no reason I don't buy it because of the timeline. You know he was gonna leave. Don't excite -- we for the he's an equal weighted to the end of the season left. It'll usually get a nice big press conference and gave his reasons and everything and also the -- of it being you know on Saturday and it's. -- April foreign trade deadline and there's so much turmoil in the big trade -- party's Knight and everything it just doesn't it doesn't smell like -- LaFontaine broad in that new GM Tim Murray and Craig Patrick do you think this is gonna have any impact on their future with the organization. Well. You know all your passes as good as mine are going to be I was I'm hopeful poll by the entire thing. I thought at the time when. What Murray was brought in and also or Craig Patrick. That maybe beat the sabres had too many cooks at the top of the media portraying noted that it bailout but -- it's it buried it Greg Patrick. They had all the guys it's very cool applauded for amok. But it certainly bought the team many think still and although it'll pretty much all dark -- -- people were still there. And you know it -- some point I guess obviously the knicks did not work. -- you've heard one hockey analyst over the weekend cinema paraphrase what he said we don't need a dictator. In the sabres from office was that a reference to Pat LaFontaine and anyway. Absolutely. It'll and that is that the appeared at the guys that it's that he's done. You know the currency is the -- always smiling at the press conferences these tremendous with the -- and everything. But it's really -- my -- I wake panic. Obviously. You know again it's it's speculation that this style without working with that group of people he was put it -- Something -- abruptly or very quickly. -- could be in the -- trade it could be a mother treated there talking about it despite being. A couple of personalities that like I said all the the critical -- -- and are trying to run the shall. And in all the that the thing I'm most disappointed about it. Is that we hear from that play acted in an error in everything we ever -- Pakula. And we haven't heard from -- -- I think he's pretty much dropped off the face of the year is until we hear those two people we don't know the real true kindness. Do you think we will hear from Google. Gonna have to at some point the answer this town deserve it. They put up an awful lot. Lately in over the last few years it's the goal or -- yes he's been looking at this category a lot of money into the TV a lot of money in the downtown Bob automatic. But boy I tell you what. Think just. Are coming together that it strongly. The ice it and and -- I'm very very sure about future had no. Who I think it is deserve to be this -- -- it -- extension and everything and now. Irritable he. One more thing here looking down the line a little -- and we have the deadline to trade deadline Wednesday you think you know all the upheaval of the perception of this organization of what just happened. Could maybe effect. Free agents wanted to come to buffalo. Absolutely I really thought that the time when they hired Pat LaFontaine and then later on Craig Patrick and think to myself. You know you're -- and Pat LaFontaine a former Borough hall of Famer and Craig Patrick one of the greats. Administration of the gate they sit -- of their living over the trying to convince you become -- awful that it that it is a tremendous. Advantage for the for the sabres they don't have it now you know although I think you know I heard about -- -- it's almost think it's -- now I think there's a lot more scrutiny out to be done. -- the suspense continues Steve thank you for joining us this morning. Steve Manson publisher Western New York hockey magazine.