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Sabres Sympathy And More Business Bon Mots

Mar 3, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chills less -- with us this morning CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money Saturday's foreign til six on WB and chills also hockey fan. And your parameter in this morning. Which is wondering how aware you are -- sabres changes this week. Well only real hockey fans would be aware that especially amid the Oscars -- mean you know that I got -- -- got a lot of competition here we've got basically crazy action in Ukraine the Oscars and now that a deal of this for -- all I can say is my condolences and we've been there as an islander -- I certainly -- you. Uncertainty. In the -- in all parts of an organization it's never good recipe for success whether it's business or sports franchises. Hey Joseph how's the weather. Too much actually it's it's actually starting to kind of taper off right now and and you know we are looking at the weather's so much because it has an impact on the economy. And that you know even just today were going to get car sales monthly auto sales. And it's clear that people don't like traipsing around it has driving cars -- really cold and snowy. And as a result we think that they may be at the February numbers are -- to be quite so good. So -- you know it will spring back I think the bigger concern is Friday's jobs report because. It is uncertain how much weather is impacting the jobs market are our employers saying hey I can't hire because people can't get up interviews. We're expecting about a 150000. Jobs created during the month but I'll tell you when you talk to economists. The estimates are all over the place so it. He has some will say yeah I mean it's 150 but I would suspect if we got a hundred it wouldn't surprise me so. We're gonna keep a close side and that lots of data out this week boy -- really blame the weather and a lot absolutely mean -- bad it. The it it it doesn't mean that this a permanent condition but it just full comics the economist you don't -- Janet Yellen during her testimony before senate. -- saying look we gotta watch the weather week and never really had this kind of severe weather in such a concentrated period of time so we've got to watch it because what there to see is. If the weather related things get better -- just one mother nature cooperates. If it's not the weather that we have a slowdown in the economy that's a very different issue and it does have to pay attention to that. They -- a couple of weeks back on presidents day you have the day off and so we couldn't ask you about your meeting. With this top guy on the economy economist Mohammed Al -- we saw your photo. With them it looked pretty sharp entail a look like a giant to let it looked like he would. Did you know event that his days with Pimco California were -- -- -- that. Yes that that had already been announced and he is it very gracious when he spoke to me and said here before allied craft hundreds of people on the audience and he basically said you know I understand what it's like to now go find -- job at the first time in my life I've really been unemployed. So it is interesting but he's he's -- brilliant man. He's gonna land on his feet but there has been so much embarrassing. Press that has come at -- Pimco. Because a Wall Street Journal did a big investigation and they got a lot of people talking. Who said that this was not about Mohammed. Or poor performance was a struggle of good old time power struggle between Bill -- the the guys started and go on and Mohamed el Arian and Mohammed stepped aside and said I've had enough. He jail -- power struggle we've heard about that the last couple days around here. -- we'll talk today. I I. Everything I'm reading between the lines every time you speak -- and OK we'll simulator they care just lessened your host of Jill on money CBS news senior business analysts.