Ted Black & Tim Murray

Mar 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What he knows about. I'm not a whole lot beyond what was in the statement that was issued last night. I found out about. Few days ago I was -- -- -- I was going to be announced and win and actually last night yesterday it was miles -- -- like him so. Wasn't around for the actually breaking news. It was right up those deals for me -- blame injuries. Just -- that currency. -- -- Well I mean that's a lot for our fans are swallowing a short amount of time your franchise goalie is gone and you're captains is traded. The former player hall of Famer and it was the present like operations has resigned it's. They create the same reaction you're probably measuring. From your readers and from Twitter it's it creates uncertainty and and you know that's. If it's something that. Fans. Are gonna be upset by it. It's it's. That's -- you wanted to. -- Well -- can take it. That was here for a three -- You know it is it is one person. We wish him well moving forward we appreciate what he's done -- he brought -- Tim Murray. He brought us Craig Patrick. He brought us Ted Nolan. He was here for very short amount of time. He made those impacts. You wanted to go back to the NHL and and he resigned so I don't I don't know it impacts the U you know the greater mission and and all of the terrorist. I think we're very excited. About the return that Tim got on the trades for for Brian and Steve as difficult as those decisions are at it and that's what we're trying to accomplish to rebuild. Things that are going on in her on the franchise. Building harbors -- -- and things like that -- can continue. With or without any and individual. It's. My argument and that you -- -- -- -- -- There are plenty of Bob when he goes in for me. Now -- resigned. And I can't address the bulls and and a and a speculation out there. -- Pat LaFontaine resigned just than that. His comments to act as well. Characterizing and why don't you look and -- but there was an obvious. Risk of some kind or philosophical difference you shed any light because I think most fans and what what else. How wise it is possibly happening this points. Well I mean if your premise was that there's an obvious. Issuer or or problem and and I guess that I disagree with the premise. The how and why. You know I can't speak to two anyone's motives with regard to wanted to go back -- work for the NHL or. Relocate families hear things like that I think you know like I can address that. -- can tell -- there was there was no discord or or whatever phrase you use. It. Yeah. Now -- -- -- I had worked with pat. Season ticket functions and things like that. Making appearances with them and and so it that it was it was right. They've been doing that in your picture we've been told. He still wants to negotiate a contract. That don't move forward from AdWords ads and the process -- Yeah and did it in negotiations. We want to come back I don't know what -- ticket I am. We're going on the road so I guess I'll get an hour or shortly from. He's very very upset. -- Are you concerned that -- Uterine cancer doesn't live here anymore plus and a here. I am concerned. I just want people wanna be here to be here. If you want to be here I want to be your coach -- I'm not gonna. I can't speculate where he does or not and I mean. You know we're not going to. Big anybody to come work here. I want people who wanna be here I want there's a wanna be here and we want -- to veer course torn for. What -- her comfort level with the hands. I'm I'm comfortable with that I was hired to command here being the GM. You know ultimately you have to out of the order. Every single GM in this business does. I got a lot of advice with congratulations from other GMs and and -- to me was the biggest a piece of advice is that. You know you have to communicate things with your owner and you can't do things without letting him know when. He pays the bills and owns the team. So I'm uncomfortable I mean. We did those trades on Friday guess it was and you know I had lots of talks -- -- scouting Fred -- it talks for their support staff upstairs and I got blood sport and I like doing the right committee LA people have a voice and all. I think it's all -- -- -- -- -- We were on the same page I was brought in here for the rebuild he hired me and we were on the same page that. I've been here for six weeks I've been. Probably on the road for four of them scouting. And every every phone call you ought concerning trades I was relate to cut and there was never any indication that we weren't on the campaign. -- -- He was on the open. A we didn't lose them we traded. Our. -- Well and a lot more for these. -- deal with and TI it for me it's just about the hockey and to vote. Continuing to talk trade at about continuing to get ready for the dropped to about continuing to evaluate. Thought out. I just have to keep doing what I'm doing and I'm good to be grateful forever that pat hired me -- gave him a first -- -- -- and but you know I I can make choices forum he he makes his own choices and we all do so I'm not one to dwell on what -- and sentiment and all that but. I'll forever be grateful that he hurt me. Telling you had no -- -- you know. I sent him down to do that because I was on the phone doing the traits. That yet that. It's tickets because -- his title is vice president of hockey related business so he works with the hockey department. That's his role. There now how -- now they maybe within the hockey department he he would be underneath of the GM and -- -- really. Do much in the business administrator I had although he. You know like everyone else on our team you know we interact together obviously. Happy couple hours. Comfortable week. Infantry. The -- going. Forward without actually be president of hockey operations you can use this now would -- the bottle. -- The. Are you gonna say Iran as a man has ever suggesting. -- and I don't -- to make light of this the U. The position was created. When -- came in as of right now there's no attention to. To continue that that position. At all basically the responsibilities will be -- engines and the GM position with him. That is absolutely it was a lot of -- His behavior. And the problem here they -- I don't have any concern about anyone's mental state and -- and from office. I don't have any concern about mental state now. Not sure what that's alluding to. -- -- Craig is gonna remain. As an advisor. Tim can speak more specifically to that. We're thankful -- I said before that. That -- was able to bring cry again. I know Craig from -- Pittsburgh penguin days. When he was the GM there. My great relationship with -- But. You can remain in the same capacity. -- He comes but it seems more roll stars had. In which he reports to do. With the way it it similar to that structure that is. If you think of it is a company that has different divisions. Tim runs the hockey division I run their business and administrative division that hasn't changed my -- my job my role. My title. My duties responsibilities haven't changed. Really since I came here. Tim runs the hockey side we each worked you know the departments. And people all worked together. And ultimately we report to to the owner. The way I have run things with areas I don't bring him every single. Business deal and minutia of it when it -- certain phases that I feel that I need to bring my ball on -- I do and and -- can speak to that as it relates to hike in I think he has a little bit. Guess what. I think we're all disappointed by him. In the trade. -- -- Teams have called I don't and to -- -- -- -- out but. In that happened because of the way the trade the timing of the trade obviously. But there's there's been called the weekend so. Last but they expect tomorrow that. Two teams have talked to in the past we'll follow up and random. Will be a lot of talk of speculation. --