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Pentagon Cuts Hitting in Niagara Falls?

Mar 2, 2014|

CBS Military Analyst Mike Lyons & NIMAC's John Cooper

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Figured out that I don't -- order to get much more. That was Paul Hamels and much more of the sabres at WBN dot com. There was a change of command ceremony in that falls yesterday as the ninth fourteenth airlift wing got a new leader. Colonel Steven Parker assumes command of the -- from colonel Walter Gordon who's retiring. Colonel Parker's last command was at a base in Texas. Secretary of state John Kerry calls Russia's military incursion into Ukraine. An incredible act of aggression thousands of armed Russian troops invading the Crimean peninsula that is land that's part of Ukraine there will be. A serious repercussions if this stands secretary of state John Kerry on CBS face the nation says yesterday's ninety minute phone conversation between President Obama and Russian President Putin. Very intense. President told us the food and it was imperative to. Find a different path to roll back this invasion. And undo this act of aggression. I'm Teri -- at NATO headquarters in Brussels. As he convened a twenty -- for urgent discussions NATO Secretary General underscore Rasmussen said. One of the reasons for the meeting specifically was Russian president Vladimir Putin's threat against Ukraine. Mentioning Clinton by name and then saying the security of Europe is at stake here is a clear sign of heightened concern after the Russian government sent thousands of troops into Ukraine. Thousands are right now gathered in Kiev rallying against the Russian occupation of Crimea and Jim Taylor. The mother of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman says there will be a public celebration of her son's life and both New York City and in Rochester this spring. Hoffman's mother Marilyn O'Connor also wants to thank her friends and her -- fans were all the kind words after his death. A friend to read the retired -- statement Friday during a film series honoring -- of the state mirrored by. Retired film critic Jack gardeners at Hoffman was a gift dual congress in 46 years hoping grew up just outside Rochester in the town of Pittsburgh. Well before the best are honored the worst always give a -- last night's Ramsey awards. I hear their thoughts and but now the movie didn't survive long at the box office either. But will Smith and son -- and each picked up a Ramsey for their roles in after earth. The scifi flick tied with a raunchy comedy 43 for the most prices grew. Tyler Perry's feisty Alter ego Medea ankle -- and that these -- in -- shouldn't have gone she was picked as worst actress the Lone Ranger one for the worst remake rip off or sequel. Weather buffs CBS news. Thank you sure player nobody won the Mega Millions jackpot so Tuesday it's worth some 240. Million dollars. The BBN news time a little -- we'll take AccuWeather next. Listen to WB CN anytime anywhere. Online at WV EN dot com we are out on your phone and now wants me dot com. 9:30 PM WDN. 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Tuesday mostly cloudy in -- morning snow showers high nineteen get breaking weather alerts on yourself politics that word weather to 3930. I'm Billy VE NF UN. Time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. NB. And -- a week it is to talk politics for good next portion of this hour. We'll have Erie county executive mark -- cars with us earlier this past week on Thursday he gave his state of Erie county speech. Talked a lot about the role of government also talked a little bit about how abortion issue button issue of Child Protective Services. We'll get into that with him coming up. But I wanted to look at two other things that are on the news calendar for this week coming up on Tuesday President Obama submits his budget. One of the issues that of course is going to be part of that when he sends about congress is what Chuck Hagel said earlier. This week on Thursday this week US Defense Secretary. Unveiled his plans for a scaled back military and in that speech there really was just one cut it seemed. That almost everybody. Was talking about. To some degree -- reviews made two new realities. Very clear. First. That development and proliferation of more advanced military technology used by other nations. It means that we are entering an era where American dominance in the seas in the skies in space can no longer be taken for granted. Let's bring in retired major Mike Lyons who command the firing battery during operation desert shield and storm he's a CBS military analyst and he's with us now. Michael when you heard there were no longer going to be dominant did you say. War has changed and that's may be a good thing economically or did it is somewhat resonate like a gut punch to a soldier. Pletcher wasn't that much I think that the missiles -- doesn't wanna hear that his country won't you know be -- or try to win wars and in the the objective of the military the mission is to. Mystified when the nation's wars. You know and in wars an extension of that net foreign policy. And -- god of war and in the past twenty years in every sense feeling that will be victorious she's an overwhelming force use our great technology. The world has changed in the enemy has suggested any enemy gets a vote in what happens there. And you know we've got to make those kind of adjustments in order to keep you know of course the national defense state -- our country since. So in some -- even though that those words might not have been the best chosen in some regard it sounds like you're saying his transformation plans are. I had a necessary thing may be a good thing. Yeah I mean could you countries and our country in particular traditionally scales back as they come up for wartime footing. Unfortunately don't we history's shown in each case we are lulled into this false sense of security by. That's the naval and air assets that can operate from not over the horizon from the scene from the air. Unfortunately took a great cut back during the Korean War -- there's it's -- difficult task force Smith. Which is a lesson on preparedness and that we hope that we never to learn again to -- those lessons learned in blood. So this time as -- -- back in a responsible democracy and allocate the proper essence sort of defense. Let's hope we get it right in the -- that we're gonna put the money towards things like five -- special operations things where. We feel that the enemy has that little more of an advantage let's say I should they go on the offense but something that that we need to be make sure that we can have that same capability. Your former commander he spoke a little bit about things one how things will change in specifically there was this cut where he said that the troops could face some risk here. Maintaining its technological edge overall potential adversaries. However as a consequence of large budget cuts. Our future force will assume additional risks in certain areas. What does he mean by that and is that something that concerns you. That does concern me because. And having done a war is over the last twenty years and being comment myself I always felt that we had the best equipment. And around and it was very survivable. There's been virtually zero. Conduct has the inside an M one Abrams tank for example. We looked at the equipment of the Soviets and ended -- former Russian and former Soviet Union bloc countries Chinese equipment on the battlefield. It's very thin skinned doesn't give that soldier in that vehicle very good chance survival so. I think he's got to clarify that make sure that we'll still have great equipment. That risk they'll come in places where we won't have a serial overwhelming firepower we won't have. I necessarily. All of the assets that we might have had in the past I think. Deep down in the back of every soldier's mind right now they go to war knowing they have great equipment. I think that that's got to continual and an order for us to be successful battlefield. And he also talked about the possibility. Possibility of another round of base closings. We cannot fully achieve our goals for overhead reductions without cutting unnecessary. And costly infrastructure. For that reason you do last congress for another round of base realignment closure. In Tony 17. I am mindful that congress has not agreed. To Brack requests. Last two years let's pick up right where you let off what happens if congress doesn't go along an institute base closings. Well sometimes the military is forced to spend money on things it doesn't want. It has that sometimes becomes a jobs program it's not necessarily. I used in a manner that what -- commanders feel awful will allocate the assets towards its its unfortunate that. We can't become somewhat by partisan when it comes to his defense of the country but. When you're gonna close an M one tank came in Akron Ohio or someplace like that aren't being aware that the planet and you're gonna do something in in broaden and in Connecticut were submarines target if you're cause 5000 people losing their jobs congress -- -- get involved and do whatever they can save those jobs. So do you think brackets and okay process and that we need to close basis. Com there are clearly -- is out there aren't that -- to justify such as the regular businesses justified. You know how they're adding value to -- entire defense processor I think that that affair. The analysis that needs to take place -- to transition some of these things I mean. That whole concept of you know -- into plowshares. You know has resonated back 400. Years country's struggle with that as they transition to get off that -- to implement. All right very good thank you that's major Mike Lyons a CBS news military analyst. Let's move on that and bring in John Cooper the head of nymex the -- -- military affairs council. The group that in the past has fought to make sure the base realignment and closure commissions don't necessarily target the Niagara Falls airbase. John in light of what we've just heard where are you gearing up. Well certainly we've been very active. Since -- 1005 preparing or another Iraq. Knowing no one what I'm sure. What about what Mike just said that these are political decisions and really should just be left to the military do you agree. Which are what I would say to a certain extent I mean iMac is a political organization we don't get it all in politician anyway yeah. Certainly we touched. Policy is that is front four but I would agree it. You know the process. We've done her way to think we need to look at. They should be about military value they actually we look at it. Is elected agriculture's are stationed here is for military. Well -- curtains as a nation. Make the case what is the current military mission. And is that justified I know things have changed is not doing the same things that used to. Is it still the valuable national asset in your opinion I asked somewhat rhetorically I know you wanted to stay obviously. Well I I believe it obviously is we're not sure each location we. Several things that we bring to the table. As a military installation now. You know 101000 foot earned run away. We can handle any aircraft in inventory. As far as -- strategic location is concerned you know we have. An eerie -- it was several power plants international bridges someone. Then need to be not just protect it but in cases something happening. We need adult facility like this. They can handle those things. As far as the actual missions that are there now. We at 914 which has a C 130 mission. And the only. Construction project within the airport reserve command this year. Is ASC 130 simulator here aggregate. Will be in constructionist learning. Well we're excited about -- coming years so that's one man one additional asset that we can appear. All right but what about the I were called the changes that former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta put in. That results in a different mission for the other groups up there does the newness of that. I know if I'm hired as a new employee somewhere and theoretically. More likely to be laid off does the newness of the mission follow that same kind of. -- Well they're very excited we're excited about this new nation. While seven there's so I'm true. Several changes over the last several years going into different aircraft so on the hour now. Leading C 130 nation. To go to aid and -- being mentioned remotely piloted aircraft. And the excitement about that patient is effective it is they -- some Wright State commissioners opposed to a science fiction work. You know sort of older aircraft and so on businesses so. Really great to see it come to our area we offer a lot. Or detonation. For instance over the lake again. A military operating area all -- they she used and we hope some day people applied those. Well the -- from men and so on so there's there's a lot really in this nation that. We can easily broke there. Isn't the Syracuse area and even Hancock airport doing something similar. If I'm targeting cost and waste. I would stink -- may be redundancy now. No. Searches does everything mission. They are training facility. Now be treating many of the people that that we had a. I would bring different things to the table I just mentioned the ability to. Fly over the lake. In the the rural areas that we had here. He gets to play in two to do a mission like that they are -- people. All right so on a scale of one to ten. How optimistic. Are you if Brett comes down and we're not talking immediately it will be at least two years down the road. If Brett comes down that we better situated than we've banned in the past or is -- tough for the battle as you've had before. Well I would say you know we're gonna culture. -- military action -- and a your -- as a 30%. Access infrastructure that they have identified so. Certainly I say we people should not be very concerned about what is happening -- into another for. Are right -- You know we can we offer. Efficiencies. In the air force. That are found another place in the country obviously but. The airport freezer in the National Guard air national prayer bring a lot -- able in negotiations yet cost. And so I would say I'm cautiously optimistic. Yes we move forward certainly the new nation as something exciting in -- happening now they're beginning their training. They even moved up schedule maybe a little bit. Will debt and in so we're we're really excited to -- -- on because that's something new and it has something done. I don't -- go away and sooners are machine in the any air force the C 130. Again we're excited about that as we get to -- -- -- coming yourself Nixon's. You want their here. All right John thanks for your time this morning. Will be watching that's John Cooper he's the chairman of the Niagara military affairs council basically a support group to try and make sure that. The army and the air force rather -- of the value of the Niagara Falls air reserve station.