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Pat LaFontaine Leaves Sabres

Mar 2, 2014|

WGR's Paul Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning 834 is the time at WBE and and as we mentioned it's been a very interesting weekend so far. For Buffalo Sabres nude in news and helping us to sort through it Paul Hamilton Hamilton doubled your -- -- 550 the -- sabres. Beat writer if you will and Paul I -- on the map and it's something like 37 and a half hours and it's been not quite the stretch eight. -- we want to make some news they certainly did election between their -- -- at 11 of the biggest since sabres history and her. -- on thing and and it's. -- now is it is it fair to say from what you know that one thing led to the other. Well careers through. Two schools of thought here I mean there are some saying that. He just wanted to go back to New York in you know. Miss what he was doing what the NHL one -- gotten. There's another. Bunch of folks are saying that. You know inside the organization that. You know there were people in Jerry Lewis circle that. Pat LaFontaine anger and was butting heads where it then. You know he learned that. You know that that's not the way you handle certain ruined his business and there are certain people that very unique you don't ask what. A bomb. Just got to a point where pop up on offense didn't have the power that keep body pat. And you know -- the move on and so you know it's I guess it is just up to -- -- you know what you want to believe. Yeah I considering the way that you laid it out Paul Light I get the impression that the answer lies somewhere with both of buy your parts of the answer that. Because of certain things that went on here idea of going back to his old NHL job was probably more desirable. He. You know -- -- person I mean. He is a very intense purse and then. You don't see -- what -- Austria has seen front camera. Is not necessarily what I meant go out. He -- he turns for the cameras and stuff but it is totally different person behind the scenes certain. I think he he comes in with the idea we're gonna do my way and we're not gonna do my way then. That's. And or think you found out that. You know it's not a dictatorship there on the error and not going to be everything you say here and I don't think you must -- Now we're talking with Paul Hamilton from WGR Sports Radio 550 beat reporter covering the Buffalo Sabres sabres. What we call on president of hockey operations acts now Pat LaFontaine has returned to his NHL job that happening last night on the heels of the big trade front tonight. Out what does that mean for the status of GM Tim Murray and a senior hockey advisor Craig Patrick in a more intrigued about the Craig Patrick part because. Here's a guy that they plucked from Columbus are -- specifically brought over from Columbus to. Have this rule. Well according to release sent out that's for sure to continue on doing what he was doing but it. He did say that the day he was -- that the reason became wants because of Pat LaFontaine so. Com it will be interest -- proceed down the road how that works out but as of now he's going to continue on doing. What he was doing there as an advisor to emerge fine I don't think. -- any big deal there and if if you really boil it down. I think as far as. Moving forward to trying to rebuild the team and everything I don't think this has really much to do with anything because. -- -- guy who's been around you know building hockey clubs for 25 years. I mean in this that this is a man who you know has studied players and so you what to do when. And you know has been around hockey for that want Pat LaFontaine has never federal. Building a hockey team. So it's if you boil down to. I don't think this would return to do real big deal because the guys who has the experience. -- is is still around anyway. Well since you put it a certain way there in the response. What was a really big deal as what did go down concerning -- Steve hot and Ryan Miller being shipped out to Toronto for. Essentially three players and that two picks one of I -- provisional one. And your analysis of that pick is at the sabres did well by that. Where actually traded to Saint Louis. Are so low as what the heck can I say. A little boy I'm really out it must be the gab a tenth and today. All right does anyway not a big deal saint Louis blues getting hot and a Miller in exchange for three players two picks what do you think of the trade. Yeah I think that's -- to dwell -- I think he and who knows what they're gonna do with the two players they keep from there. One of them buckled under a lot it's an unrestricted free agent the other doesn't appear -- on his contract. So. Who knows mr. cucumber tournament the more assets -- -- upper. But. You know they could wind up the 21 round picks this you have to say those who -- -- conference finals or. Reese signed Ryan -- so you know -- If not it'll -- -- the first and third round correct you got a prospect that they like coming out of it's seriously and I think they're pretty. You know pretty good on the value they already get out of that at all until order to get much more and you know I like Murray said he goes. We had a value on what we thought we could get. We've you know we thought we were getting good value so there really was no point waiting. And lasting for you and your sense of -- where they might be going. The rest of this week in terms of how many more deals they might be making before world -- on here. Aren't -- you know depend on all prisons you know Murray is he will listen that any at all offers. Aaron. You know -- people got were talking about Tyler Myers a couple of days ago -- not calling teams about Tyler Myers. But if somebody calls them. You know you look at what you what you off. That's -- that the how that conversation it's good to go and if Tyler Myers were to be traded it's going to be for a record number one. Slide forward or something like that. It's sort of take a walk. If you're gonna prior Tyler Myers the sabres but. Biblical point being back here -- close is my later years than any thing or somebody wants to call and ask Marc Tyler Myers still have a conversation. -- well thank you for setting me straight on the blues bank and also for joining us here that it -- very much appreciate it. You do while Hamilton from WGR Sports Radio 550 covers the sabres as the beat reporter for that station our sister station on the dial.