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2-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. And he would rate. That. -- -- Hold to a point. That. No one ponds with an assault rifle no -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- Is strong silent. That was an advocate. We're looking women -- -- ten million marks each. News -- 930. And I like Q. You have loans. I'd like -- -- got some text from my ex wife and it is well a good tax cut it's that evidence at this exit is ready at 930 WBM. So we're talking about a couple of things here I put up on my FaceBook page and I don't. Most egregious that shows on this before I ever ever remember having done well. Our cleanups prenuptial agreements and ladies and gentlemen I am a first of all they label applied because I. Well after getting birdied number one number two. If you are so this is surely you if you are getting married. Or getting married for the second or third time. It would be who view in my opinion not as an attorney because I'm not. It would behoove you to get eight pre nuptial agreement. For those were just joining us this sad reality news. As much as I would like to believe that you would like to believe that every marriages written in the book of love. And I wonder who wrote the book of love. Who wrote the book of love. As much as we'd like to believe that it's permanent and forever. We also know that that is not reality. And I don't know how many people listening to me right now. Had the experience. After you got your divorce summons. Of going to the lawyer's office. And being told for get everything you think you know about marriage and harper. This is it about heartbreak it's not about emotion. This is about who gets the Benjamin's it's all about the Benjamin's it's all about who gets what. That's what it gets. Now I know that the spiritual side of view and the sentimental sided view in the emotional sided view. Regards your marriage is something beautiful and sacred and I hope you do. I really do because that's a beautiful thing if you achieve that in your life. And I'm not denigrating that in the least. The practical side of me notes however. That. For those marriages that do not work. I think it simplifies things and it lessens the -- If you have at least financially. Planned. For who gets what at the end who gets the Benjamin's and how many Benjamin's they get. Because that's what it's all about no lawyer has called -- to disagree with anything I've said. See that's always my standard is. Okay has that doctor called in to disagree has a gay person called and disagree pat you know has -- again called -- disagree. And generally speaking when experts in their fields do not call in to disagree I know that I'm on the right path. And that's were elected. And I wish me folks I wish that every marriage and a 100%. Success rate my parents were together for over fifty years. -- And it's rare these years. In all the got out of it was -- and three other rep from its. Let's get back to the calls -- 030930. AW BEM here is up for it in new -- hello frank you're on the radio. I realize I'm. An iPhone like comment on David mentioned earlier we care what you say here. You're your children -- here. I wish I get that so many things back. Yeah in the actually split a few years old and kept urging the early on but. You know Mike and -- and you'll you know relationship but some of the -- on you know -- on the late -- -- -- when -- split and shortly thereafter. Started on needed to you and other -- on the guy's name who was in neutral. That's another story. In -- -- You know as she decided that. You know rank in your son should be -- her every Christmas you know and -- -- -- we like you know compartments on the wage should be in. My parents were divorced I was pretty young but. You know at me and my brother never knew each -- thoughts I had a pretty good example of gold and trying to explain this to our new. It went nowhere soul finally had to take it to court and a pickup mind about it and he was all about -- I pick them up from daycare and I you're from the backseat in all ain't dead yet but without. Also you're trying to take it away from our Christmas. You know the yeah and the list just keeps on -- NG. But. Well and you know. -- you've only got the one child with her. Yeah yet -- much on you seven now you know and then there have been gains keep on and I see it it got. It is that the make matters worse -- -- little bit mental illness -- and we -- we do not CI item. It's that Powell. It's set if you don't mind my asking -- seven years old would. You don't have to answer this if you don't want to but just for my own curiosity at seven years old what was the diagnosis. He's got he's got ADHD but they're pretty confident that's just site are all adults and India. If they think it might eventually lead to bipolar perhaps. Yeah yeah those those in physical the point where he's not in traditional school setting now it's like they want one I mean he's extremely -- no -- Yet you he just can't control in and -- -- Have you. Don't this is breaking my heart frank because. Who have are you able at all to sit down and and granted I know me every woman right now is saying but you're only getting his side of the story you're right I am but. Frank is there any way in hell you could sit down with your ex wife and say look. For the benefit of her child. We have got to take proactive steps here about the psychologist. Or a child psychiatrist. Because you might hate me and I mean that have a lot of great things to say about you. But we've produced this beautiful child together and we have an obligation to see past her own personal antipathy. To provide for the best needs of this beautiful child. Is that even a possibility. It I've been fine for years and little little no results mean we -- -- in Batman. In all some some relief. Highly recommended people Willy Horton you know things go good now and then. You know eventually -- just update -- you know. Are you all are yours is my next question based on the idea. Bet she is not fit in other words that she is ignoring physician's advice vis a vis the health of your child. Is there a chance that you could win. Full custody. I actually I just got on with three year custody case and is -- guardian. Enjoyed earlier in front no problem. Idle for -- with I. I don't want may I don't want the names here but your son had a law guardian to protect your son's best interests. Even it until he shows up for the patriot. You know I mean I record -- you heard about and record is absolutely true it does the magistrate judge -- -- probably normally. There are a lot of times when something like this comes up but there's meant little -- at such a gray area off base. You got custodial about psychologist. Or -- custodial valuation. -- you only somebody with a doctor comes in talks to everybody that has an influence on the child's life. And you know makes an opinion from there. But the judge decided he knows better what my wallet and that's and that's common practice and and how the town that I live. Well this is. This is see the -- beyond unfortunate and now we start getting into the tragic because we're talking about a medical situation. Were talking and again your side of the story is your ex wife the child's mother. Is unwilling to do what it takes to make sure that your child gets the best psychological and psychiatric care available. To figure out what is going on now and to monitor what is likely to happen in the future -- bipolar disorder. And it's almost like the kid is already behind the eight ball through no fault of his all and the system isn't doing a damn thing to help you allow. All my guys use it right -- I mean it's it's issued and we had them on a couple different medications. And I would really reluctant to do it -- -- Don't try to and we got some results. But you know she decides -- well you know he does need to take on the -- When he's gone through this -- -- when he goes back to school. OK -- is she OK okay just out of curiosity. Is she. This year have issues. I -- I mean what I say issues I'm not trying to be a jerk here that she sounds like she has mental issues. Always absolutely I mean the scariest thing that she's ever told me was all the out to be exactly when would it look alike turned out like I was mostly comforting idea. Because -- do what are. Hold on this is too this is too important a call to just let you go and say hey -- result we at least get their wrecked so I don't -- -- what they were all right because I know actually -- and stuff about this lines so don't go anywhere on news radio 930 WB and it's 620 years Allen which rappers. Well -- been a bit slow for fifty years and -- stalemated. As far as tonight AccuWeather says frigid it increasing clouds published flurries toward dawn and the load tomorrow what the 33. With the -- can do its fifteen degrees right now news radio 930 WBE. Let me get back to frank in a new thing. And frank. It really alarms me that your ex wife. The mother of your now seven year old son believes that your son can go off of psychiatric beds. On the weekend. Because that is not what the doctor prescribed and unless -- ex wife has a medical degree which she's been holding from you she is not in the position to make that unilateral determination regarding medication number one. Number two. The problem with so many people with mental illness and I've done mental only shows Albany times is they think like your ex wife thinks that. Well I feel great all yes I don't need the -- when in fact. The Mets are the stabilizing factor and you need to be compliant with the doctor's office I would with a doctor's orders rather. In order to be productive and to maintain your balance and -- wouldn't -- -- you're you're absolutely right. What you're saying is I like that the thing is that he's been logic which is thrown out the windows and as you go on the court on the problem is. We we can't joint custody when he is the primary custodian. He stayed there are off Monday through Friday I get on the weekends and a little while on Tuesday afternoon. -- Shouldn't go into the -- off there's nothing that that you have to be on the medication Britain's ultimate demise. How about a prescription I mean. Yet but it's a mental illness and he couldn't he couldn't function no -- did it on wall. It out but not very well. This -- that this is not your your ex wife is sounds like I'm sorry she's being utterly unreasonable. She is acting outside the scope of her expertise. And frankly she's got a screw loose. It's it's I'm pretty sure this is all rooted in spite I mean -- I mentioned that you know not Obama is not a traditional school into a 611. Which is something I I fought extremely our war and but being a war. Was the start I mean and that's what the middle of the years which the school or was involved. All the way -- to the superintendent that a war. -- started missing programs she took a -- all -- is completely. Now situation I mean it. OK okay I'm I'd be will be. You don't call off of psychiatric drugs immediately because there is a withdrawal affect which sometimes can be freaking fatal. Yet you. I love my son more than anything in the world but it's it's excruciatingly. And where you just learn to deal with it I'm like yeah it's it's it's -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm about to have a stroke can go over there and slap her silly I'm speaking in jest I'm not going to commit assault and anybody. But I gotta tell you frank this this really stinks and some of the options I'm thinking of our options like all and expressed publicly. But I'm -- IA I am gonna say -- -- sent some positive energy toward you and your son. And I'm really sorry that you go through this report seven year old who's the victim. All products the whole reason I called -- didn't fit anybody listen and they can think award at this like all don't you indicated what kind of trying -- global it and I can't championed that cause and often. My my parents had pretty ugly does or divorced. Me and my brother I would beat -- news. You're you're -- I gotta I gotta go I gotta get some other folks on. But I'm glad you called if I keep over I know we're not gonna stop talking and I gotta get this -- folks to thank you very much. There's 25 -- news radio 930 WB. -- -- It gets up hourly a Holloway case -- wondering if President Obama has drawn a line in the sand with Russia over the Crimea which is. Part of the Ukraine. Com. I'm sure a lot of report news and shaking and his duties it is 633. Well. Folks the -- doctor and that. Is. I mean it for them. Doctrine was never law it was just a foreign policy unilaterally announced by the United States Europe stay the hell out of our atmosphere. The Russians. Whether we like -- -- not protecting their own interest close to where they are. We would do the same day. We've done the same thing it was called. Manassas bull run one and two. I mean I'm sorry but it's a way of the world. Big fish eat little fish. I don't eat fish at all. Would just leave them alone for 8030 -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WBM it is -- always great to be with you pre nuptial agreements. Do you want. Would you ever -- -- will never marry. Again. I know my eyes. But. For the view car. Just a quick question. Why. Would you get Mary. Bringing assets into a relationship. Without protecting yourself financially. All so why would you Mary without doing a full background check on the person with whom you plan -- spending the rest your life. Has anybody out there in my audience ever done a background check on the person they were gonna marry and called off. Because it turns out the person there -- you're gonna Mary was not who they claimed to be. Or the per picture -- Angel they represented themselves debate. C'mon you've got to be some great stories out there L -- picture make wanna you know thrill. Our I don't really want to -- one. It will three element there are at 3180616. WB Ian here's Cassie -- -- islander who bay drew only a new one -- your on WB and hello. I don't Larry but I think you're making a lot of great point today and -- -- -- for the pre nup I'm definitely in favor of it but. Whether good or bad I would doctrine that the pre nup is actually a band aid and that I would -- for perhaps the real conversation might be about the kicking of a partner. Well OK let's let's go back here in what way carry -- or -- do you regard. A pre nup as a band eight minutes more for prophylactic. That it is a healing mechanism. I know but I think people should actually spend quality time about being who they might. Be a partner. And what they're actually looking for in a partnership. You -- and a lot of relations. Cassie in a minute I'm with a talk Q what can we talked to a friend if at any point I start to get in the areas where you think Ambien and ask would you just tell me to back off. Okay have you been in a lot of relationships. -- I've been in enough but a lot of times I kind of see that it is not going in the direction I wanna be and very quickly -- I gathered. What have you had a relationship let's say for maybe up to a year. And you've seen how people can change even in one year. Oh -- yet but also let my one major relationship get taught me how I should never pick. That way again important. How how did you choose based on what a great SE had. Now. And. But -- here's here's my point Jesse with a pre nup bad. We all make decisions based on the best information available to us and a certain point in time. And what we know about life that life is dynamic it is always moving it is always changing someone once that you can never step in the same river twice. And my concern years. That you might find somebody and everything is the romantic ideals for five for ten years but twelve years in the the two of you have changed to the point where you have so little in common. That you really good for each other or the furtherance of each other's happiness and it's time and in a way to end it with a minimum of acrimony over finances. Is by having that pre nup in place. That's one less thing about which you have to argue. I totally agree with what you just but I also feel -- in. Before you go into that partnership with somebody however it is. I think you really need to know your true I think -- and I think so many people don't sit there and discover who they really truly are and and -- law -- that. And actually -- about the -- thousand I think when you're the back -- yourself -- you you're in the back position to actually find someone who -- match at the level of. Now Cassie your start to talk my language because I've done pretty much. A wave actually done an hour long sermon on this wants and I say sermon without any religious intent whatsoever but. What -- in each and every shows anger two words they say at the end of every showed you know they are. I'm sorry I don't QB and yeah. Actually the two words with which I and every show are bite me. But that's you know that's just for you Cassie for not listening to the end of -- but bishop -- words with which I didn't every show -- Are no yourself. And I'd maintain. Maintain as you have just said that. LP. A bigger pardon. Tokyo the temple without the race hubris and nobody out. Well I wasn't even gonna get into Oracle's. OK I was simply gonna talk about the idea that many people. Before they even know who they are or what really makes them. -- commit to another person before they fully understand who there all day are. And I think that the bigger problem in the bigger issue and you are not tied carded go down that path in a positive way and and most of garlic I don't think. Well the reason it is all this is a great discussion. I'm glad you called the reason is it gets back this up that we talked about earlier this week and on other programs that. Our public schools and even some of the private ones dissuade students from critical and analytical. Thinking. There's all the teaching to the test and teaching to the paradigm of what the teacher wants. And in terms of being able to analyze facts and come to a logical conclusion. Sometimes even picking -- the box. We don't do that. I know and that's why I was miserable most of my time Dick Cook -- -- genuinely like to learn. And it just wasn't about and when I look back my most -- -- was actually middle school which is usually people more time. But I actually had the most creative freedom man. And I I totally agree with the other -- part of the region like my opinion I don't want children and I've been very adamant about that my whole life and I think that probably. I'd make it harder for me to find someone to connect with sometimes because that's something that mine but I will not ever try to do the meeting thinking that I want children but. Part of the media I -- what about -- school get. Can you have to give a child I don't need to look at that. Some people are not meant to be parents. I can I -- Where -- like that you can't get. OK but something okay but let's let's just get back to simply here and if you don't mind my asking you Cassie. Approximately. How old -- 34 -- -- you are. At that point in life and you've never been married. -- your basically at that point life where you as a person or just kind of starting to understand that. What you really. Find it important to yourself and what use disposable. And accordingly what is genuinely important to you. In a spouse or long term boyfriend and what is not. In one of your deal breakers is obviously if the man wants to have kids well you know that's a one day deal because any change in free. And you're sure about. -- -- I. Well etc. thinks I know people who said that in their twenties who now have like a half a dozen kits. But. Okay well I find I find that very interesting so at the end of the day. Will you pay if you do meet the guy that completes you. Will you insist upon a a pre nuptial agreement or being. And or -- will you. Will you do background checked to make sure the person has properly. And honestly represented himself. As future. I definitely agree with background check and I don't agree with their driving record. Could you turn out to dry -- them -- you know I compliment light area. By the pre nup I guess I'd have to be popular out in that situation but I actually had. I think it I'm definitely in favor of the idea of it. And I guess they have to be in that position to actually be a chiropractor that. Because don't forget to 34 years old I'm guessing that you at least get something of a career under your belt but it didn't even sound right a -- under your belt. And certainly take care and you've got something going for you you have managed I'm sure to accumulate assets a savings account checking account a 401K. A vehicle may be property stock portfolio. You you are bringing material goods into a relationship. And it is important for you and I'm not a lawyer but it is important for you. If you are going to get married to clearly specify what is George going yen and that you get everything. If it doesn't work out. Right well and I also have to look after my cat remembered. Well that would be something going in. That would pick out there that would be considered actually property. -- -- -- -- -- -- The hockey world being combined. And let the. Well there's all kinds of places I could go with what you just said that I think I'm gonna take the high road and just thank you for calling and I wish you the best tennis that you got to really get ahead on your shoulder. News. And I -- plural as. A bigger -- and -- eight national truck. Are -- of the -- folks does anybody wanna tell me seriously. Does anybody -- do not confront. Does anybody wanna disagree with. About a pre nuptial agreement anybody. And maybe you. Maybe everybody agrees with and maybe you've got some horror stories. Maybe -- pre nuptial agreement saved your bought at one point. I wonder if we've got people listen. Who maybe didn't want to sign a pre nuptial agreement because you thought it was anti romantic. It somehow -- Forward. You're an envelope yet for each other but at the end of the day. Because the marriage didn't work out something you didn't even wanna sign ended up saving you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. I wonder how many people up there fought it originally in the hell are glad they did it. I also wonder how many people pooh poohed the idea. And said. I don't need no stake in print up my marriage is gonna last forever. And then you came all -- She was -- in the -- I wanted to make it a 2014 contemporary references instead of the letter carrier the -- at 8030 and I'm thirty. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB at all. And do you think it is a good idea. I'd love -- -- -- numbers. To do a full background check. On somebody you are seriously dating or thinking of -- Do you believe. Everything you're told by somebody. Who senses. They love you. And they wanna be with you for a long time. Or do you wanna make absolutely. Doubly re doubly Shubert. That the person is exactly who they say they are and they don't have a family back in Illinois. And another one in California. And another one in the Philippines. And another one in Tallahassee. And another one in New Orleans. And I just run out of geographic references 8030930. WB. Our -- we all the hook up with joke ever part of the deal which allowed him to get down to the real well before he should be down at the arena. You keep calling Joseph being. Because we figure out what's going -- there because. There are some big big points. And yeah. It is 650 theaters radio 930 WB EN now for those who are just joining us on the radio. My show basically just took a nosedive com. Ryan Miller. And Steve got. Are apparently. Going to use. So he didn't answer -- well. I feel like he's stuck in traffic okay well this man a packet well anyway. And we just replace the first hour I get a lot of -- -- than. Anyway Ryan Miller and Steve pot. Are apparently no longer Buffalo Sabres. We are getting reports. Despite seeing a sports station -- -- the picture updated yet. Some cheap shot but I mean that's earlier the world is dynamic it's constantly change. Ryan Miller and Steve but have likely been traded to the saint Louis blues neither Ryan Miller worst -- -- in tonight's game. Buffalo Sabres are playing at the -- So I hope to talk with -- Bieber about the reaction among the crowd and the fans down there. But unfortunately. Practice is gonna happen and we don't want Joseph to cause an accident trying to get a spot to park and then stroke seizures and if you feel the beacons which might like you run into a busload of people and they all end up with horribly mangled injuries so. Anyway apparently the reign of Ryan Miller as the sabres net minder is over now originally say the story is literally interest. Because today originally he was gonna play right. And inspect all that from our sports sister station he wrote a piece saying that the fact that Miller is it surprised him. And I kind of agree with all open and we got word that. Ryan Miller. Is not gonna play tonight and we got word that Ryan Miller. And Steve -- -- even in the building they left is that that's correct bright ball of those guys left the building. Did they made they may come to work and then they just let -- -- all. And they're not even at a rate no holy crap. So anyway that's the story regarding the Buffalo Sabres. Well I would like to. Say a couple of things number -- about Steve not gonna miss the but I think Steve -- Brought something to this team that was sorely lacking I don't really agree with the idea of letting Steve a lot ago. I think Steve -- is exactly the kind of guy you want around the locker room. To show the younger guys the sabres are going to be bringing up the attitude and the determination and the fighter he got to bring to the game. I'm sorry to see Steve plot ago I really was hoping he would be a longer term member of the Buffalo Sabres. Now as far as Ryan Miller is concerned. I cannot even begin to tell you. The respect I have. For the way in which Ryan Miller has conducted and comported himself. This season as the Buffalo Sabres goaltender in particular. With the constant. Idea of trades hanging over his head. And frankly with sabres management having put one of the most pitiful teams I've ever seen wearing sabres uniforms in front of him. Ryan Miller did not -- Ryan Miller did not act like a spoiled brat Ryan Miller acted like a man. And Ryan Miller. I -- latest update folks. It is not been easy it cannot be easy for Ryan Miller. It could not have been easy for I don't care how much money you make. When you're professional. And management surround you with a budget turkeys and then want you to shine. That's a bad position to be. Asked John Sherman. Radio station management here surrounded for John would be Agile be -- he got screw both -- but I just want to thank Ryan Miller. Number one I think you were a very good goaltender. Very good. I'm not gonna say -- I will say very good goaltender but what particularly impressed me about your Ryan Miller. Was the way you handled yourself this year. And a whole -- when you do come back to buffalo to play. That we remember. That you left with class. And you're left with -- dignity just like Lindy Ruff did. And that we awards you. The highest compliment I think you can get in sports. Applause. From the people that used to be. Supporting the team where that supported the team on which you used to play. So apparently -- Ryan Miller and Steve Lott. They've been treated. Our bets that were that close OK well gang SR -- cut short the other part of the program but. Who went to 630 news was on that and -- anywhere. A lot affect John Germany Joseph beaver for great job today enjoy the hockey game Joseph. And they get yourself a good weekend. And the like to -- -- Two thoughts. No yourself. --

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