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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

2-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 the DEA. I watched the look -- you -- great. -- yeah if the whole look. -- My brother maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller what -- generally feel stupid. But -- people in charge. -- -- I'm not only -- I don't know what that. Good. Kind of -- people know me. I'm very. These greedy and -- you know partner one simple request. And that has to have sharks let. -- Well bad -- That is sent an email about it no you put a picture -- yourself follow up on FaceBook you can use this by you. Yeah I think that people have learned it's kind of -- -- why I -- -- it's here it's like I'll put it this man. Exception of a job next -- your car coming from a mile away. All all leave the windows open okay. Just say you can see I don't -- the view of the visuals -- missing out righteously well. I love John Sherman John. Jobs were we're we're we just were funny we're rubio relate three peas in pod -- a -- ever want to leave early to. The catch Ryan Miller's last game as a -- And because joke claims his best friend is coming in just for this game and he wants to hang out -- -- best bud before the game. I think it sounds like BS to me I think -- looking to get his freak on with some baby just doesn't -- would admit it. George yes you can yes is longer Sherman's download it you know -- I operate. -- -- It's like you do it every day. And in frankly. You're gonna call it the show at some point. So it's college student from the that's how we justify to bosses right. All right it is 511 news radio might just get -- going down there were before your shift is over because that I got to explain and I got to do a cell drive safely in that that beast of the PT cruiser that is yours. You they wanna watch shopping this week. So overrun -- next week while here's your buddies in town we got -- 207. Practices that are okay that's what. In mind terribly if I change the subject. Because I don't think I've ever done a show like this before. But I want to you know I want to know because it's generating unbelievable. Interest on FaceBook. Here's the question. Are you ready for it. If you are getting married. Does eight pre nuptial agreement probably called a pre nup. Does that mean that you are expecting the marriage to fail. Or are you simply being responsible. Knowing that any lawyer at the end of today will tell you that if your marriage ends it really is just a business deal. You can tell where my buys these are as one 803930. Is the up on number 8030930. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. How many have you. Either have or wish you had eight -- A pre nuptial agreement I'm curious. Now usually again I'm not a lawyer but I am a citizen of the world and a grown up in -- -- on the block. -- -- -- And I've been -- never leave my house again but I've been around the block want to -- but the here's the sad reality it's I wanna bring anybody down on a Friday. -- you're happily married. And you love the person to whom you're married and you still love them after all these years. And your soul mates and you just never gonna leave each other publishers you know really everybody should be that happy. I think you're also in the minority. I think most people go through lives -- -- tolerating the people with whom they've chosen to spend their entire lives with. And I think some people are and sham marriages that are simply done for appearances. And four other people's satisfaction. Good for the family a -- Grow a set and start your life. You guys are miserable. -- -- no pre nup. Now not that I will ever get married again. But. If you are a divorced woman. Or -- divorced man. That lets just say that you've got some assets. Let's just say that you're not come into a situation broke. I think you'd be a fool. To Mary without a pre nuptial agreement. Making it perfectly clear. That what you bring to the marriage you leave if the marriage should end you'll leave with the exactly what you brought. And that any. Property. Accumulated in common will be dispensed with work partitioned it. In a reasonable weight 5050. Because how many people do you know out there. Who wish they would have had a pre nuptial agreement. Yeah thank you. 8030930. Is the phone number now as far as I know and -- model border. The prenuptial agreement would not cover your child support me that you can't -- a child support president if we have -- -- but pay child support. I've worked. Now you're still gonna be on the -- As you should be because they're your kids and you have an obligation morally and legally to make sure that they're not want a dollar fifty years old and that is period. 8030930. Is the phone number pre nuptial agreement good idea. I'm by the way I think that are. You -- also think it's a good idea. Joseph John. Here's here's your chance to look at me. And you can shake your head at what a bitter individual I am. I don't know what you're doing -- stop. Here's your chance. You know before you decided. To spend the rest your life with some but he. Don't you think you should run a criminal background check on the what you think you should run eight financial background check on them. What you think you should try to accumulate as much information about anything in that person's past is possible. To make sure that -- not hooking up with somebody who's done a ten year stretch its equipment for murder when he back went that you ever told you about. I think that makes perfect cents. While I'm better on the Internet she's got to be tell me the truth. Ultimately -- she used to be viewed. Not. With them but I'm just. You wanna make sure that what you get is what you're. For -- -- Especially women if you got kids from your first year. You wanna bring into your kids out lied about whom you don't even have a criminal background check. It would if it turns out that he used to be ye in the -- counters and I got drummed -- because too many boys came forward said he was appropriate. I'm talent in today's world. Call me paranoid I really don't hear I call myself a realist. Because. I think you need to have a background check done on somebody you're considering. And I also think you need every pre nuptial agreement. I hate to break the news to you but those of you -- women with some money and guys with some money hate the hate play this there are gold diggers out there. I hate the -- at our gold diggers out there. Somebody asked me what I do for a living on a garbage man. Is she still interested maybe there's something there. But. I'm talking about out of town squares because ever been with -- -- buffalo let's go to our -- in west Seneca. On net WB PM hello -- -- the radio. -- great program great question the value opera -- you used that is tremendous comfort that their signatures said. I've -- CPA I was consult the young couple aren't very happy two -- ago well. And one of the -- they won't that the male female head of existing business writing racists are well. And one of the members will certainly big job and I will have a lot of money. Bill doesn't work anyway well I'm Obama. I -- and I I don't at the very uncomfortable situation but you have to think about one thing. The company employs a lot of people and hire overtime you know a lot of businesses your. Body. Battling out. You know. And at the end of the day providing leadership of the mature voters marriage means. This I'll have to maximize their income. And reduce the amount of money spent I'm legal fees. And divorce proceeding. And throwing garbage each other amen amen amen what you're going by entering into a pre nup. If you're protecting your children your future children are protecting important of this business. Keeping the list he. That was -- offers multiple business partners that the L entered into the same kind of rational. And being so that we don't under pressure put on a business. There may not an -- result good business practice but -- beak sizes. While who -- like one of the partners. I wonder how many people listening to the show right now right. Lost their job because of exactly the situation you were talking about a divorce basically destroyed the man or the woman's ability to do business they had to shut down the shop -- we just did have the money because of all went to the charities. And I bet there are people out there listening sell. As they CPA. You believe that how ever on romantic and unsentimental. My thoughts may be. That at the end of the day they are rational thoughts that are in fact well planned. Oh. Well are well you know what. -- open this up than it. When I was going through my divorce that was lesson number one. At the lawyer's office. Forget everything you think you know about marriage ultimately your divorce is all about the Benjamin's it's all about the money it's all about who gets one. And nobody goes into Ameritech and it's gonna end. But you also wouldn't give up playing. At a 50% chance to crashing without buying some insurance. I'm glad you called thank you specially found try to do crosswind landing. You do in their January Joseph you're only two of traffic now I'm having too much fun working. Well Alan Harris is having fun too because he's a guy get your home safe and sound any traffic problems our being caused by a short white man with long blond here. It's Alan go ahead. All right AccuWeather must again inflict such punishment on my beloved friend who listen to this program. I'm afraid I must believe me -- this hurts me more than it's going to hurt you. Frigid tonight increasing clouds a couple of flurries toward on the overnight looked and tomorrow it's gonna be cloudy and -- of snow shower in the afternoon the high 33. Which gives me an excuse to basically spent the week and on my couch on Valium sleep. I right now thirteen degrees at WB fifteen degrees at WB -- sorry big big difference there fifteen verses thirteen degrees beast like -- -- -- All right. Pre nuptial agreements. To -- up or not to pre nup. I think that if you think eight freed up. Is a bad idea. I don't think you have a realistic. Understanding. What happens in the real world. When marriages fail and about 50% of them do. And I'm not trying to really guys I'm not trying to bring down. I'm not trying to suck the life out of the room on the show especially on a Friday night. But what I am saying is that. If god for bit. Your marriage ends up his mind. You've got to understand. That at the end of the day. All that matters is the money. All that matters years how much alimony will York soon to be acts receive. How much child support and for how long. I remember something the uniform child support statutes. Dollars are kind of like suggestions. Because if you earn a lot more money than most people. You're gonna pay a lot more than what the regulations call for it will be expected of you. Now I've always been under the belief that your children. Should not suffer because you got divorced. And I've lived my life that would. And why do you think my ex wife and I are actually friends we went through a very contentious divorce yet to this day we're each -- probably best friends. You know among the very best friends we have -- -- -- I know it's weird. And I only point that out not to show that I can be a good guy but there might be people right now in that situation were we were twenty years ago. And I just want it it just remember one thing. Be careful what you say about your children's father or your children's mother. Because once the divorce is over if you have kids you're still gonna have to deal with that person. And it can either be satisfying experience for both the view or to be 21 years -- well. And you've got to be mature enough to make it work for your children. And you'd be surprised once the white flag of the end of the marriage is raised and it's over. That you really can't be good friends again with -- now ex spouse so. If you're going through that right now. Just be patient it might not happen overnight. But cut each other some slack down the road you'd be surprised. The good things can happen for a 525 WB. Tiger hasn't -- -- bias him and then I realized how impossible. They are at play and even -- and I've. Return to my common sense it is 533 hitters ready at 930 W. Be the end it that's the we have. John Sherman at call screening duties we have Joseph Bieber who is you're. Master control man today. And apparently something interesting news is now nothing interest going on OK just curious scares whatever -- -- that you guys -- your heads up like they. It just opened up well and I realized it could be something else. All three on 930 hey guys. For interrupts that's all I put up on my FaceBook page a few days ago have been to do the show doll don't read anything into it I'm not getting married they'll never remarried. If you are however pre nup. Yes or no. All I can say is. Yes is the only logical. Answer. Let me just draw an analogy. What are you. Get onto that airplane. That had a 5050 chance of crashing without buying insurance before boarding. The answer is now if you got any common cents. Because you want your family to be provided work in the event they're one and two champs actually comes true. And I think that it ought to be the same way with your financial plan. I don't think a lot of people head into marriage expecting a divorce. I don't think that that is the expectation but the reality is it happens. And the reality is folks. Politic is one step further. Especially for those -- -- for it would either second or maybe a third marriage. And you've got an accumulated. Goods wealth possession or whatever maybe a business you've grown. Get it in writing. Get eight freed up. So that if the marriage does and it does so with a minimum of financial acrimony. Or she still they call you bastard and you still they call her a bitch that's to be expected. But the financial stuff will at least be taken care Turkish. Furthermore. I also want more -- Before you marry anybody. Now you can call me paranoid if you want I really don't care. Before. You marry anybody. I would spend the money. And have a private investigator do a full report on that person I wanna know about any bankruptcies. I'd want to know about any previous marriages about which perhaps. She forgot the Tillman. I want to know she's done any time. I wanna know she's been arrested and convicted. I'd want nobody driving record. Why Joseph says driving record okay when you're married to somebody chances are you're gonna have a joint insurance policy. And your insurance rates -- insurance company for every accident is -- and what they call an accident surcharge to your policy. Okay and if you got somebody who has a reckless disregard for safe driving you're looking every year and an increased risk not only of paying greater car insurance premiums. But an increased risk of finding yourself as the defendant in apes and -- and litigation. I'm just saying some folks I mean these are things I think you ought to consider. Because do you think that somebody about whom. You are serious. That you think your -- where do you think they're gonna tell you everything about themselves. When it's gonna reflect badly on them especially. If you were the person with maybe more financial resources. Tell well believe it up there are men in other way out there I hate to break -- who's who are gold diggers. Sorry that this public service announcement brought you on behalf of bitter divorce and everywhere. Because -- that I'm kidding I'm having fun. Well at least with that part of it but the other stuff at least it's about. I would probably people got married and only after your marriage did you find out wedeman. My husband did two years in prison he couldn't tell me that. I'm I'm sure that's happened. What he wanted to say wait but my husband had war. Former largely Toby was only very wants. Background checks -- Here's -- on -- cell phone on WB yen Iran's -- some whack -- do Butler might make consents. No unfortunately. You're making a lot of times. I -- like the comment you made before about. And I'm white should be aren't Smart shot and went through a horrendous divorce. At seven year old right now and they are still aren't right and it's just amazing I mean. There's as terrible the sound I've actually seen where the wild woman usually as a child as a weapon and means that apple for the city. No it is not how long has it been since the divorce round. -- Here. You know what I'm sorry but. You know and you know what is one of those things where you can't really stick your your nose into it because it's a no win situation. Because -- your grandchild about whom were speaking but unfortunately. You have to have to look reasonable parties working for the benefit of the child or children. Of the marriage and the grownups have got to put their acrimony aside and believe me if my ex and I did anybody can. -- what I thought I I really agree with everything you've been saying about this. But not only that with the grownups anyone -- and I never realize -- until the situation in -- Com. All at times and maybe I'm way off base but I don't think so. -- -- Step that Pakistan -- with this and the court -- -- and there's just incredible until you actually -- very inexperienced I mean. My wife and I we've been married going on forty years and -- this sort of -- there are -- but just. The incredible. When you say stacks I'm gonna presume that the father the man in your opinion gets the short end of the stick. When you guys were talking about it at work I never really believed that. Until I shot and yeah actually it's a true absolutely. Absolutely. Sure everything was forced to be equal. I kind of don't think so that's my opinion what a certainty where patience but I don't let them off stage. Well you know what I've spoken with men -- felt ridiculously blown by the system and a I've spoken with -- women who feel -- by the system and generally you know the thing is generally with women. Is their biggest issue is the husband does not honor the decision of the court and the woman has to constantly go after the guy for the money she's owed for child support. And in the words of that great American Vito Corleone. And then this is entirely his children can never be a man. One thing I would I'm glad to say is that -- -- -- find themselves in this situation. And before that they get established. In court. You get earning money for child support yourself I told my son actually what -- much you make sure that you get a receipt for everything. All never cash never all. -- war now he's got -- job where I think it's great. -- actually taking our work this way she -- challenge they walked in late. Or things like that I mean that's why it's over -- -- in order mean I think I think that they were. Indoors where it was compiled and that might take it out but he chose to I think it -- that are worked out well. Well I'm sorry that you're seven year old grandchild is caught in the middle and hopefully mom will wake up at some point understand that it is important to have a man in in her son's life. And that there is nothing to be -- and once Jordan divorced from continuing a cycle of hatred which is only going to eat at the adults involved and is going to give the children. A very very bad taste in the mouth and some awful memories and good got to use your kids as weapons against this house. You know I know I know men and women do and I think it's just rumbled. Not even at the worst of our divorce did my ex wife ever screw around with or -- -- things like that. Never. Yeah and outlook -- I'm glad you called thank you very much. Up. -- up and bring up my acts -- and I do so in good terms is you know sometimes at this renowned against sometimes. I know that there are people listening. Whom you know you guys might be your twenties early thirties. And you just got served your papers. And it's the beginning of an ordeal for you and it's something through which you never ball. And we've heard the stories from your forums about what's gonna happen. And you know you automatically go into that fight or flight adrenaline -- And I'm here to -- earlier. And you might not believe it now. But there are a couple of things you can never take back in life. This is from the movie gangster squad. Bullets from your gun and words from your mouth. And I learned that the hard way. Sometimes I still do although sometimes I may be a slow learner but. What I'm trying to tell you guys news. When you had children together. For the good of your children. Don't -- their future. About Cindy got a fake being happy with each other I'm not saying. And don't exclude each other -- -- and that's accurate they're too. You know if there's a birthday party. Where there's a birthday dinner you're gonna take yourself and your daughter up for birthday asked mom to come because that's your child's mug her. She may not be your wife anymore but it's still the mother of your children and you should show some respect. And I look I know that my situation is a little unusual. I get there. But I also bring it up just say you know. -- mean our divorce was legendary. As far as how nasty -- And please understand that that despite all of that. Here we are twenty years later and we've been best friends were. I don't know the past fifteen years. So well. It can happen to you -- so don't fall into hatred it takes too long did they got a it will eat you alive. It will absolutely destroy you and make you look small with -- your man or woman. So are so -- get all preachy and is sometimes but you know I've learned a lot the hard way in life. And sometimes that they go back and say people somebody aggravation that I brought upon myself. That I do with service for people. I don't know maybe -- right idea wrong and I hope I do anyway up thanks for making me part of your life we -- a lot of showed adult I can't wait. Pre nup or no -- -- I say not only should you get a pre nup you should also do for background check of the person you're thinking about Mary. Goes and there are a lot of very good serial liars out that are. 549 news radio -- thirty WB EN a RK. Not so have you actually calling me. On romantic and I'm loving -- and -- pickles. Up ladies and gentlemen as much as I would love to believe my dear friends that every marriage is a fairy tale written the in the leaves of gold in heaven by god all mighty. As much as I'd like to believe that. I know the reality. And I know that there are. I would say 10% of the married people know who are genuinely. Totally completely in love with each other after 2030 and forty years. I think there -- a lot of people who are. And whatever. I think there are some people or contemptuous of their spouses. And I think there are some people who put on the -- Which is almost worse than being contemptuous because that's just fraud. You know it's like -- You know of the largest health care. All right 803 on my thirty -- 3180616. WB the end. And before you get married not only should GM pre nup. I would do full background check. Has anybody ever done a full background check and have you called off wedding because it turns out that the man of your dreams turned out to be like Charles Manson's first cousin. Metaphorically speak. Let's go to -- traffic at Allen traffic Alan Harris right now with traffic on WB ENL and so -- it's -- a decent Friday. All right AccuWeather I will torture you again with the forecast I must be some kind of a whacko messages -- -- frigid tonight. Clouds will build. Hiding -- object known as the sun well actually it will be hidden by the horizon sunset. A couple of flurries toward dawn overnight low ten tomorrow it will be 33 clouds and breezy a snow shower in the afternoon right now fifteen in the at news radio 930 WB ENN. It's hourly with yeah on the radio it thanks for being a part of the week thanks -- -- apartment life thank you for inviting me in the yours. And I set this before and I wanna say this again just very quickly. We've done it shows this week and the whole Arizona homosexual thing. That I think have been master pieces of bringing people together. And I mean that so it's Ike could not be more sincere when I say that. Because. We had very strong opinions. But we also had a lot of common respect. And a lot of people cutting each other slack. And trying to understand each other. And whether you're Christian Jewish Muslim or whatever or no faith whatsoever. I don't think there's anything intrinsically wrong with the statement love one another. You know sometimes some people make it tough believe me -- But. We all have this journey. You know were all dealing with winds and currents and tides and everything else. And our shows this week that could've been hate tests. I think were some of the best shows ever ever done. And I thank you for that a lot of that is you. And I think. Here is. Matt on WB -- -- to print up or not to pre nup that is the question. I don't really agreement upgrade up all the way. -- gonna be patient where you -- rather business together. End -- -- both agree but this started. But we're getting married where -- would be. All of our wives left side of bringing up just so that it by making largely. It you know it's been back his future that it jeopardized because as you know I've made it a here. You know what I. Was there any. We backlash. From either of your spouse's involving the pre nup because if somebody says I'm not signing a pre nup. In my mind but by. That I completely agree they were. -- understanding about it because -- -- a lot of mistake I made -- Big Apple would be as good quality work is alike were all so they simply there's a. So there was no golf and and how long it had been married in Hulk -- have the -- worked out. Or not this series but the others all. Older. And I -- see -- he -- Great. Which would be. Now what do you say to the folks who might call in to say well net. You know you're just looking for an excuse to get out the first time some pretty piece detailed crosses your path that work. -- a couple of hot. I would say -- I don't think it'd Rebecca a brother Mike Stanley but other I think it is more ball might well act. -- -- -- But the older I like that like it hurt it protection but at the back. And you're both married longer than I once without a -- so there. Thank you thank you very much I'm glad you called. I most certainly -- thank you by the way yeah my ex wife loves it wanna talk about her on the show because you know what she's also happy. That we have. Salvaged a great friendship. Out of the shattered remains. Of a marriage that wasn't real good -- Europe's. And sir I I I can't say enough good things about her and I think she would also say the same thing about me. And if you're goal -- a little voice in my head missing Tommy got to talk about this a little bit more there's somebody listening needs the years. I'm just gonna say this one more time. Even if you just got served with your papers this week and you know it's going to be long and acrimonious. Hold your tong. You can never take some words Barack. And promised. Did not to do anything stupid number one but promise yourself. That you at least try. To be friends afterwards and again you might be very surprised who's there for you when you most need somebody to help you out Sunday. Stay whether -- on WB.

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