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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

2-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The and welcome to the New York's beyond -- extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York you know one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There really is nothing like a short time now. It's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. Itself for Lebanon news radio 930 WB yen hit. Hourly. Thanks for being here and a -- -- I did it first off Friday number one or 211 very moment a weird place are right it's you know I've processing some things it and I don't feel like talking about it right now and I'm just. -- in that place it's a good place it's a happy place. In my happy censor are you in the happy center with. That. But we should find her little happy centered in which to BR at in which to find ourselves. So anyway. Now is seriously -- I don't wanna focus on game is again today because I am really gave out. Look he's a -- readily admitted he's get a now I'm just don't get it out I I read the topic I just can't do it anymore can I just it's it's just it's too much. It's too much for me to take little ones. Will just let that one aside but. Should -- -- be allowed for whatever reason to say we're not gonna serve. -- about this for. There's invest the capital business is that taxes the business pays the rent the business bought the furniture business bought the table where the business bought the plate. The business hired the people the business at the dish washers. -- -- -- -- But it got the investment in the business. And come up big believer. -- put it this way do you think that people are fundamentally good or fundamentally. Tools. Now how many have you. What you think about this for a minute. I presume that like let's just say 85% of my audience listening to me right now is white. All right let's just presume 85% a year are white. Would you go to a restaurant and an answer honestly. If there was a restaurant. At one of your black friends could not give in because simply of the color of his skin. Would you do business with that restaurant. -- I would not. You have the right to turn down my friend -- be that way guess what you don't get my money either appears. Because why would I wanna support somebody who treat my friends was such disrespect. No law is needed. No loss is need. That's just enjoys the good people are gonna make. I think I would all outlook there may be some -- liars both black and white. Who prefer to live -- or be around mostly people who look like that. That is why did you not racist about it is really you know here's another thing we've we've done the shows that race a lot. First the ball. I don't really get off the off the beaten path here the first the ball. It's black and you're listening to my program. And when you were up fifteen year old boy you couldn't stand crackers you can stay at white people you thought were all -- -- white double racist scumbag hey seeds. And as you grow up you got to realize you know what I was wrong. I don't judge you for that any more than I wanna be judged from my stupid opinions it was acute. You know you you're live you'll learn you at a certain point in life and you realize that you got a lot in common with people that you don't. However as a rule people tend to associate with people most like that. And sometimes people paying out that with white people. Sometimes people hang out with black people. If they're black or the white every one of trying to say is birds of -- Federer. Not to oversimplify things and and sometimes it's not -- based on race at all sometimes it's just based on a common interest. For example apple did this before. Whatever it is you do for a living. There are certain archetypes are at your job. That's why the office the TV show was such a hit because it properly showed certain archetypes in that line of work. In the radio business. I can walk in any radio station in America and spot the news guys. I could spot the engineers to spot the salespeople and the general manager without even being introduced. I cut so naturally the people I hang out with the most. The -- at its peak. Because I've got a common are right it is -- sixty minutes after four at that WB yet. Are you as your premise is this at all they can sense the -- I don't think we need all these laws and I don't -- we need all this whining. And it really you know what bothers me. A lot is that when Governor Cuomo. Made some absolutely. Hateful comments. About conservatives. Some of who by the way our papers say at that game. When he made comments about people who are right to life. I don't know if he knows that. How many black babies are -- I mean aborted every year in New York City. Let's put it this way it's not exactly white on black tree -- -- violence we're talking about here. We talk about self inflicted genocide by the black community with abortion. Sorry. Enabled by the Democrats. Sorry true. Truth -- Now the anti gay thing. You know what got guys that things has become obvious to me we had on the game show I don't wanna turn this into another one of those. But. Have you heard seriously if you aren't any words of hate or region. From this audience in this audience that is supposed to be -- up all WB -- and that's the station of the neanderthals that's the knuckle dragging station that's the station for them born again Christian moron it's. Com you know what I didn't hear one hateful things said by anybody. Regarding homosexuals. And in fact folks the overriding theme of my audience which by the way tends to be. On the right side of the fence conservative conservative Terry and libertarian. That line of thinking. The most overriding thing was that. We don't hate. People were homosexual. We don't condone this and what they considered decision of homosexuality. And I don't think that that's an unreasonable. Position. In fact it's a position to Catholic church's -- for a long time. Not just with gay people bought with a lot of different people who were sinners. Hate the sin love the -- And it's a very pretty beautiful. Part of catholicism. Don't mean to aggravate the cap the the anti Catholic Protestants out there but. To me that's always been a beautiful expression I know the Protestants have similar things to a -- -- it's only about. Hitting the -- while loving the sinner I I don't think you lose that way. Are really now it's like you don't lose and and folks again I'm not a Christian. But I will defend the Christians the Catholics. I'll defend the Jews and the Muslims the cows come home -- -- to be in -- And what I see right now is an absolute bullying. A Christian people. Total disrespect for. Catholic Protestant unit. And it makes me sick. And I'm very disappointed. Bet some of the people who consider themselves to be so progressive. And so advanced in their thinking. Can't put down their little agenda -- progressive agenda on Twitter every now and again. It actually makes some common sense and be consistent. And say. Not only do we issue hate speech against homosexuals. We hate it when it's against Christians we hate it when it's against conservatives. Because my friends. And I -- mean my friends you are all my friends even my enemies are my friends I pray for my enemies. Doctor King did -- And so did Jesus think those are pretty good role models. But. There was no hate on this station. Nothing hateful at all what you're heard were people who were making legitimate arguments. You didn't hear a punch a more options. And I'm so proud of my audience the past few days talk about this Arizona thing. And when I say my audience I beat everybody. In the audience. No matter where you came from on the issue you're great. And that's where it -- to BC. And it bothers me -- bit. It just seems as though where's the reciprocity. You know where what the liberals were the lefties coming out saying what Andrew Cuomo said was wrong. It was hate speech it was wrong and we must go after a hate speech whenever and wherever it raises its head. If I want to do that. That's my goal in life now okay. That's my goal. All right thanks -- and any major traffic issues you can always feel free caller traffic top line 8030321. We appreciate your eyes on the road as well. I mean about the rolling out your skull then at two other comparable for you about that but it you know were going with that. Frigid tonight my mind is just not working well -- my mind doesn't work like most people's brands like I don't have that filter both report. The frigid tonight and it will be cloudy a couple of flurries toward dawn the overnight low tan and -- seventeen degrees right now thirteen. Thirteen degrees at the WB yet. All right let's get back to the calls here. Sand and say hello to all of the person who was and hold the longest -- run calling in from the land of driving run on WB -- -- -- They come -- I I salute you showing restarted. Today and I congratulate your go to great sum -- I mean. Honestly mean that gentleman that called it's just that day you know it. I didn't see the majority of people people like him are all things. -- -- creation. I think that where we're. We're not that we're working further apart from each other because they're always trying to indicate Carter the racecar etc. And I think we want unity we got to stop doing that and munitions that's my opinion. And you know what I think that's an excellent opinion and it happens to be from where I am coming from here on out okay just so you know. It's there's been a revolutionary change my thinking. Along with conservative organism it must be a theory devoid of hate in inclusive of everybody and I wanna make that perfectly clear. Well I I just you know and when. People can detonate these big credit racially kicker I get really upset about that. -- on her book -- wants an atomic command. And you know usually confined to be Serbs and the parts are there was very busy and he just -- them. Just reluctant -- -- -- -- -- because you know I'm black and I should know he's not -- -- -- now because it's. I mean immediately you know is certainly that helped me easily and then that the children would earlier today about that particular guy. I would be in fun and did you think that maybe the guy was like maybe the guy had a sense of humor like mine and the legislature to strike up a conversation with so I'm assuming your life. Now now -- -- investors are there. Just completely in this sudden -- part. To bring up of the ticker -- that just how can -- don't have a -- circuitry and you're not Q let me read and I remembered that in college of sorts. My literature professor well around you know why. I'm sure why didn't he know that he's now back -- -- low because she's just. Now illegal in that and treat sleepiness but. I also think that -- sources -- right because what Amal. After a certain time you can -- -- -- if you're under the age of eighteen is he discrimination. You can go to a restaurant Yorkers who are sure. You can't go to mercker with McDonald's wouldn't sit down expected you know -- without the hostility. But I would not go to a restaurant that the Chinese restaurant if it's. Hollywood's. And the issue that didn't sign a person you know you can't commander mr. black or whatever color and I would picture but -- -- certainly was my friend to her either. They give the restaurant wants to make a stupid business decision that's their right the marketplace we'll take care of these we don't need the government. Sarah I gotta put jumbled because argument late for the break on WB Ian. I. Do. -- This is good news here. -- -- I. -- At a world invasion now life on the Eagles that 1977. Concert in Washington DC online sell out -- sneaking suspicion the next -- music awards Friday we got to get the Ramones and bill. We know enough to get Brian etc. and this whole house. It looked. -- looked beamer. -- my job as you're elder. Is to exposure. Two different. Frontiers. Of music as you in large -- frontiers of music with your addiction to new country. All right I mean you took a Delbert McClinton. And you brought him into the Toby Keith -- at least and then beyond so there's that. All right folks say thanks for being a part of the show and we're talking about. What we're talking about today we're talking about. -- -- morality and your -- got a man who's edit. Now. Which governor elect all my -- while they are doing -- anybody do have a volunteer anybody John thank you thank you. All right let's I get back to the call holes left -- UV and I got up -- -- at some point is that today it's Friday. We gotta get their moans and that I mentioned that there are right let's. Talked about businesses and should a business have the right this day and we don't want you as our custom -- no thank you. By the way have you ever been thrown out of a restaurant or bar. I am not proud of this but I did you know I told -- before it definitely oak Park Plaza Hotel New York City I was wearing shorts. The the manager was very cool about a very nice guy no hard feelings no lawsuit. No yelling and screaming just to gentleman and a conversation. Discreetly. And doing it is -- -- -- As a way out of Wear shorts should have been weren't short talking to somebody today who way back when. At memorial auditorium before the sabres games the wealthy people used to eat at the auto club. It's -- -- really prestigious but the foods -- Sorry but anyway one of the rules was you had to have a blazer at least if you're gonna eat at the club. And this individual as a young man did not have a blazer. And it was not a big deal to the family they were all set to leave not make a scene and not act like idiots. But -- -- because they were break in the -- I don't have a problem. And I will tell us something and this is gonna sound it folks look I think you know me well enough to know that. What's that Sherman something I need to know. A rarity. Who cares about this to people. I'll let I'll ponder upon up we'll -- -- -- the ponder do you use you know would you ask. Their -- -- all what we're doing this market that you sorry guys I just inside radio stuff and -- use -- and direction from the front office. But anyway. -- of them like I'm gonna get fired Tuesday just needs some direction on something that's all so anyway. Day there there's something to be sent. For mutual. Respect. That's all that's the point -- try to make wanna talk about the gay guy was on Buffalo's early news this morning you know what. -- go to bat for you I will defend your rights with my life to be treated as equal members of our society I will. But it returned do you think you get the Christians or the conservatives. A little love. When a governor comes out is Andrew Cuomo did. With hate speech against 25% of the state because it seems to be an unrequited relationship with you gay guys. And ladies. Preferably the ladies. I don't agree it should be both ways and the reason ladies and gentlemen is very simple. And I'm I'm not trying to cover -- we've covered before but the reason is very simple. Because of a government can attack one group. What makes you think in five years the government won't be attacking your group should the tide turned. Think that just because you're on top now you'll be on top in five years. As you might not you might be bottoming and fire. I don't even liked the way that started to come on I'll just stop here is the let's put somebody -- holds the driving guy I did Ron. Get me out of this run -- -- quite where my own making a WBBM am. Hey you know you work with labor talks. So my point is this time. These places them all persons gallery etc. They're -- private property opened to public and it's not public property is private opened to the public so there's a difference all of yes I have been gasoline from a that was actually happened and from the business -- all simply because I disagree. What he business format with wit -- how to operate as a I disagree. And they told me well you're gonna leave and don't come back so I -- I don't and then just say it's what it means. And and and an end you know I don't want to check Turkish and I think that we don't need unity. -- people like that gentleman there you know how people say well CNET because I'm straight. That aren't but that's all they're the issue a roar in the liberal media would be all over that but not -- -- Well you know. I'm trying to think of what I would have done if I was standing in the nice -- in buffalo when the guys that that you are not being served because I'm black. Now I would try to ascertain first of all whether he knew the and he was trying to be funny as a one liner because that's probably something that I would say. You know just to strike up a conversation. Secondly. I would probably say sir I really hope that isn't the case in fact just to show you -- goodwill I'd like to buy you year round. Now immediately. You have turned that situation around from one of a possible confrontation to one we might actually make different. Well I mean I I was polite -- might just say c'mon guys that's -- Well a lot of it depends. A lot of it depends on the opening statement an aunt and how it's presented to you but sometimes. Sometimes and -- -- of it is sometimes the word you say. Are not nearly as important as the inflection you give those words and sometimes when people are masters of inflection they give it all on. What I need to get couples can get straight couples can get a restaurant are going to be all over each other and asking you restaurants someone's gonna go out and say look you know what. It is -- the quote I'm here I mean their failure so -- got that gay couple and you know they're holding hands and kiss and you know. If someone comes up and as a result you know -- sort of semi -- -- we appreciate if you. You know keep -- now look at immediately guarantee bloggers here because we're counting on how well -- -- ask you because it's generally lesser. May I suggest you -- that comes to and activity like that in fancy restaurant that is why god gave us eight feet and beat long tablecloths. Thank you very much and glad to call. All right yes it's all about the feet and the long table cloths. Are you let's get back to the calls not of course you have any. Personal experience yours I believe it's to unlock -- on WB and hello TI. -- -- -- I'm fighting -- too like Tony Soprano that's got a hot you call -- TV as well my friends call me TB but I have. Well we're both feet. First of all I would like to state that I deeply appreciate your previous accident where you talked about respect and love from one another. I'm very afraid with the business. When you start talking about who's able to be there you're opening up a slippery slope because now you're saying. Aren't -- you particularly. But okay now there's going to be a tractor distances only prepared a file which I don't -- Obviously or murderers or rapists. Or -- people. So it's kind of like a slippery slope and starting to wonder -- that -- Perry 90. Where is the common sense of the American people. Well -- the other groups a first of all I I think you have to exclude pedophile because -- a Philly is an illegal act as well it should be it's a felony it's it's a huge fell. At at. Okay that's an -- but let's just take say this for example nobody is gonna open up. You know Satan is a restaurant you know the gaping gates of hell come out -- it. But they they will mean they've got their own group you know their own little underground groups of sickness and they don't really have restaurants they just kill animals in the warts. Yes I had very little acquainted with and it's simply. Like to go marching and on the third they're reading some night but that's just to sick fantasy that they ought to share on the year lest I be imprisoned anyway. No but I -- what you insert -- and -- I -- wondering why are not using your greens when. True because we honor. -- what went on there and pray a lot dot. And Greek -- You are born again Christian and our Christian. We -- We are. Up my mind that we all the same color we are out there. We all and created. Quite frankly I issued knew what people's -- I indicate it I am I love him and his partner I don't condone lifestyle. I still want them. And and when they're -- -- -- stated when he is out. I'm heterosexual. I'm gay you know that are that are there -- now -- that you know. That person is or is not all are and will be so -- eat at what is your heart. It's not mean there. Leader of what. Do we act. That is flat. Are these are and -- now that you can use. This. As that he is. It is in May in other people and. -- you go to one of the best callers all week I can add or detract nothing from what you have said but I have not previously stated myself. -- and you continued a tradition of outstanding. Calls this week. And that we are setting an example for the entire country ought to have a civil conversation. About something that is. So thank you very much at -- it's been great speaking with you. Thank you very much for taking meg can't hit a perfect weekend. I shall have a weekend. Pleasant this is up to me that that thank you very much -- -- Well let's put it this way at this point you know paying somebody to touch my groin really isn't anything new but I'm glad call. All right it is coming up on 446. At WB CNN. It's never easy with me it's always this statistically impossible. Thing. I don't wanna talk about it I mean it's funny -- laugh about it I I would just go Coleman. Slit my throat but it's. I wouldn't -- that -- because I know you wanna buy my house that I wouldn't believe models in the in the kitchen hardwood for but. It's it's always something that is the statistically impossible thing folks I -- historical accuracy. Because the odds yet you are talking about right -- But why can't ever be like something like just a broken arm. You know why would -- have to be compound fracture broken arm with -- and which of course resulted autoimmune disease. Why would always have to be like extreme that it. Market is just the breaks. -- -- -- well you know what honestly could not happen to a better person because it should happen is somebody you can deal is that it's W care right. Well before and be strong leg -- even my doctor to Tuesday he said make must have before -- and it must -- usage of sorts of wrong. He didn't quite say that voice but that's a lights out by it was a doctor -- -- -- it is. 447. Sherman to show up to show up but CU in your fifty. Where we 300000. People lift a finger. 803 -- -- -- thirtieth -- uptight Turkey WV. And AccuWeather. It's 85 degrees and sunny in the -- Jamaica. I don't shut up I -- Odyssey for us -- frigid nights. Increasing clouds a couple of flurries -- dawn the overnight low and -- well at least we won't be in the single digits. So others that tomorrow mostly cloudy and breezy -- snow shower in the afternoon 33 we still thirteen degrees and it feels like nineteen. As a it feels like 25. Yeah I I don't understand it either. All I will say is that mother nature must be doing like high stick and ash that's all I can figure out that's the most logical explanation. Suddenly I just went back to -- -- east in my mind. 453. News radio 930 WB yeah let's get back to the calls here is up Paul in Jamestown all Paul you -- on hello. Yeah a problem if I'm being a -- and local pastor here in the Jamestown area walked into a business. And they -- is as -- pastor and beside -- no we are not gonna take your business. I would politely walkout. -- expect government not to interfere with that. Well OK now tell me tell me why it because I feel the same way as you do tell me why. And the proper. So let's just say. Bat and again this is just an example folks don't get all upset with me. But let's just say that it was a militant. Homosexual. Business owner knowing that you are evangelical born again pastor who didn't want anything to do with you. He should have every right to say you know what I think your bigot I choose not to serve -- And I'm soccer but I think that's the way it should be and that you can tell your congregation what happened and they can vote with their dollars. Let business -- be accountable to the bottom line for the decisions limit. -- Are Christians and photographers. Under that they. Decline. There are so -- for same sex marriage ceremony. Difficulties there. All you ever actually right not only is -- difficulty but there's litigation. And frankly it's unconstitutional. Because as I've tried to tell people all week long. The constitution guarantees you the free exercise of your religion I'll say it again. The free exercise of your religion this Arizona beat -- means Christians and others of faith who do not. Who cannot in good conscience support where -- anything to do with a homosexual wedding have no recourse even in the foundational document of our country that is fundamentally wrong. And I think that fear is present here in our progressive governor. Amongst Christian baker. But congress and both property owners who may open up their property to have a marriage ceremonies. And I feel like. Situation is very unbalanced. Toward. The way. -- minimizing. What he'd -- this can't be true. With respect to who they want and how they conducted. Well it's also you know a boy so -- calling in because this is a great way to cover some of the stuff we've we've been in two this week it's also -- question of why is -- that certain religions seem to be endorsed and supported in their tenets of faith by our government the EE EOC for example start -- case where a couple of Muslim truck drivers actually filed a lawsuit the federal government went along with the lawsuit because these Muslim truck drivers despite knowing they might have to deliver alcohol as part of -- over the road runs took the jobs anyway then they -- -- -- alcohol and then they got the government -- support them because of their religious beliefs yet at the same time. Other people of other faiths who may not wish to have anything to do with the homosexual wedding. They will not be allowed the free exercise of there religion so the federal government has chosen sides it is promoting Islam while denigrating christianity it would -- Exactly certain inconsistency. There and I want people that -- actually got back and take a look at it objectively. And see I'll be prepared that it's. Resulting favoritism towards armed and about intimidation towards others. -- I'm trying my best I'm trying to best in the best part about it is I can speak and the funny thing is. That I've got no agenda because I. I can defend Christians with the same ferocity with which I can defend homosexuals because I'm not a member of either group. And if so nobody can question my motives. You know what all the and I I didn't realize it's 457 at WB -- Joe's question in my ability to tell time big hand little hand again report Sesame Street.

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