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Sabres GM Tim Murray answers questions on Miller trade

Feb 28, 2014|

Sabres General Manager Time Murray answers questions from reporters after trading Ryan Miller and Steve Ott to St. Louis

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Join me here and our independent health intermission report army's -- hosts for the game. He's 11 buffalo insane as they've brought you by mean -- -- that digital market needs since 1999. We're expecting sabres general manager to him marry any -- it now seen as he stepped to the podium downstairs in the sabres media room. We'll take you there live if you missed Ryan Miller and Steve got from our. First intermission we will be replaying that during our Paul Williams felt post game show tonight it through and if you're listening. On our flagship in buffalo on double BGR we will be having an extended. Discussion tonight on post game as well as extended talk. On the big trade until 3 AM. So I hope we can be there if you want to listen Emery in hot before post game you can do so at double BTR 550 dot com and our on demand audio section. All right let's get cities that deet tails up from the period before we get him -- shots. Thirty want to thirteen favour of the sharks San Jose -- eighteen more on a drop in that period. The sabres with just five that you shots on goalie update brought to make believe but get. But goalie is ultra premium -- gets better on ice the official -- to the Buffalo Sabres. Power plays none for buffalo that here they're still one of one the hot single in the first came on the man advantage. In San Jose is 02. On the night both of their chances in the second. At your power play report brought to you by westerners GMC dealers GMC we are professional grade. As far as the out of town scoreboard goes there's no other games going on right now the very light schedule. In the NHL as we look at our around the -- update brought to light humor he Buick GMC -- shop around -- it we look at that humor -- cars dot com. Phoenix the Colorado all started nine to -- that can. Minnesota and Vancouver and Ryan Miller is the -- future team the blues are out in Anaheim to take on the ducks so three other gains later on tonight here. That will force that keep you posted on throughout the night and have more on post game on some of the players were hoping to try to contact possibly some of the players that are involved. That are coming to buffalo -- -- get some other reporters in saint Louis the cover the blues regularly self. We're expecting to have a very good discussion on our Paul Williams -- -- -- frozen for all of you that are listening on our local affiliates. WGR by fifty dot com the WGR 550 app. We'll have extended coverage through midnight and then at the -- taking over until 3 o'clock in the morning so lots -- reaction as we should. 21 of the more prominent sabres in their team's history being moved tonight Ryan Miller a part of a trade along with Steve not to. The saint Louis blues in exchange. For. You are -- collapse -- he'll be the goalie at least back for the moment some reporters saying that this could be a part of future trades. That involve what may be a lack going elsewhere for the moment -- whole lacks a Saber along with forwards Chris Stewart. And a prospect. William carrier also to draft picks coming to buffalo. The first first -- Saint Louis in 2015. And 83 rounder Saint -- -- Criticize what it was a little complicated with the -- this what it says -- so conditions -- But it came together and we're happy with what we achieved when I get -- -- like 6 o'clock so that I was get it was getting to the point where. We didn't want it to happen like that but. We were at the point of no return so we could install office and unfortunately for the team in the players that went so long but it's I wasn't our attention at all but. Just the way kind of shake so you're -- -- night. Proper story from what you're getting back. There's lots of future and 20151. We believe is. His. A strong -- We have a starting goalie coming back in the league. Who's been I believe pretty well thought -- their -- career we have a power forward coming back who is not old. Who is term left. Who in the past put up goals. Plays a physical tough game -- game can fight. And then the conditional pick 20141. Obviously. Conditions that can be met. I won't say easily but there are other reasons that reasons they can be met so. Couple high -- couple players can play for -- now and and help -- -- Stewart and walker the pieces that you'd like to keep or. They pieces that it could be -- for other assets. Out there pieces that will be Buffalo Sabres when they pass or physical and then. You know laughter that it's the same as everybody else of the what I said if it makes sense it makes sense if that. I know they can play in the league if they're Buffalo Sabres and their their good players here and -- we're happy with that. It. Fourteen the first round fourteen of the one that is automatic is that we have now it's 2015. It's been. How -- it in the works its we've. That was the that was the team that showed the most interest for sure -- Well before the Olympics we -- talking. He was part of team Canada's management team during the Olympics so he. Called a couple times just to make sure that obviously there was no trade being made but just to make sure that we had for automotive soul. It showed me that there -- is interest there if you look at their team that you know they're they're considered one of the top teams in the than maybe a piece or two away and and that's what he went off. Me long been -- as a destination for playing a show interest. It recently -- know they showed interest in him well before the Olympics to there was kind of it. Two separate deals. And two separate deals because we Bobby with a timeline was -- Match up on the two of them and then that changed. In the last couple days it was just to press conference champ Murray -- -- -- -- -- Steve not he's a kid that plays in the Quebec league. He was trapped in the second round. He was he was a first round touted kid that missed half the season. With injury and ankle injury and he's got size he's got skill. He's got stuff that we have to help with the and that's. Another part of it is we're going to try to really buckle down here with there development program and and help young guys get better and so. He's he's societies across. It really. -- they -- it your. First why you wanna make a big urge you have a big return on any deal and and biggest relative to who you're trading then obviously. Miller's you know has a big name man and he plays he plays the number one position soul. You have to get fair value back in saying that he is an unrestricted free agent that could be -- rental and that comes in the back of the mind the GM you're dealing with every day. Is he gonna try to sign -- he made but you know that's out of my control so I have to I have to get returns we have to get return that. That is based on being good for us whether they recite them or not and if that you recite them and that's where the other conditional pick comes and -- I think it says its commitments. Well -- Obviously. Like the first they have value and all that and and the great thing about Chris says he's he's not again he's not old he can play force he has term left. Soldiers know. There's no hurry to make an evaluation on him the evaluation we made on him as a power forward he's gonna an actual player if again if somebody. Feels he's a missing piece then I have to talk about it and and the same goal. Photos reveal they would sit there and inquiries on ten to twelve. Players. A much more activity humans they force -- and my entire admired him -- I don't know again that's I've said all along that. I'm just gonna be. You know in the wake of the GM -- once one of our players so if there if they feel that we have. A missing piece of their puzzle then you know we'll be involved if if if they move on to that I mean there's been lots of interest shown again nicely I say you don't know what their interest is because you're not in their meetings and in their room but. They have shown interest so. There are lots of guys that. That teams are short interest on so I'm I'm just listening and this one here was the same like it wasn't that I had to trade Ryan hurt today. You know I guess we could wait until the deadline but. He in in my estimation in the estimation of the guys that -- up in the room with me that were helping me. Stepped up and we were extremely happy with the deal so if you're happy with it make it. Points. Out. Yeah that was the first one trade wasn't done yet but it was getting their so. Whether it was gonna get done tonight or tomorrow so we called down and said you know he can't play tonight he can't he can't start tonight and then. Then it just kept going and then the call was made about Steve not be able play and it was just a matter if it was a gonna get done before the game or not and the call with the league was. There's a lot of conditions in the trades of the called the league was somewhat. Wasn't the quickest but the they've made it as quick as they could and and we Democrat down before a puck dropped -- You know. I would save warm ups that. 630 so. I would say on Steve thought it was. You know was around 6 o'clock and went on Ryan it was probably four to six or so. The -- to can be is a third round pick in sixteen. The best you can be is a first round pick in fourteen. -- I just I got information I've been I've been gathering information on. On carrier for example former junior guys for months now. And I've been gathered information on. Stewart. And -- lack. I don't know how much information we needed on a lot but on Stewart as far as. What everybody's opinion wasn't was of him as a player and so that's been ongoing for. For sure -- before the Olympics. -- -- Tomorrow. There was a condition of the trade for him by Saint Louis at they ought to pass physicals by a I believe -- 11 o'clock tomorrow night obviously the physicals will be done before that and and that's when they officially changed teams from the past physicals. And he let it. We. We retain its small portion -- Power lines that.