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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

2-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. Doubles -- He would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No one ponds with an assault rifle. No. Yeah. If they -- -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York if you've got health care -- then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. -- -- -- -- -- Deflation. An opportunity for more American mentally. -- Gary -- To strong silent -- That was an American. The morning. Brilliant goaltender -- -- -- to each of these greedy and I'm thirty. -- like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded yeah. Apparently yeah I was aborting it was bitching about those special protection for gays in Arizona hate god life is tough. Helmet however. Everybody's gonna like -- -- sorry ain't it isn't gonna happen and guess what some businesses have been kicked out of them -- -- -- went to the -- the gay guys. Remember you serve. Calling his radio station to bitch when the ultra liberal governor of New York Andrew Cuomo told conservatives they were not welcome in his eatery known as New York State. You know why because you're a narrow. Mine did get a big -- that's why because you only care when it's something that affects you as opposed to something that affects people who are. Like you. You need to take a lesson for many sooner. Instead it just viewing the world through your day eyes what did you view of the world through the eyes of the rest of humanity or human being. And recognize that when a governor of New York State tells 25% of the population of that state to go screw itself. You as a gay guy really should stand up and say that's just not Kosher that's just not my kind of echo bay beat. An analogy but I think you get the point makes me sick it really does. People get all wrapped up in themselves. And -- causes. And here -- -- that. And I try to be loving everybody. At worst a lot from the left -- -- -- from the gay guys when Cuomo told conservatives to go screw themselves to get out of his state armor. -- but he bitch and -- ever businesses threatening to leave New York State because of that. -- -- the Super Bowl from New York State because of that. I remember that any of that happening. I don't -- -- gay person ever denied a chicken sandwich -- chips fall. For that manner. So anyway. I cry me a free can river well that you don't have any special protections in Arizona welcome to the real world guess what I don't have any special protections either. Nobody has any special protections. Life Sox equally. Deal with -- would jump off a bridge one of the younger because that ain't gonna change. Anyway those are my expiring thoughts for the they re. Anyway -- beavers -- master control John Sherman is your call screener and a Joe's getting all set he's already pretty final performance of our Ryan Miller. As the Buffalo Sabres goaltender tonight the worst kept secret in the National Hockey League. You know he's got to end up in California or out west right to be by his wife. -- did you ever secret while they Donald I don't really go liked trolling right Miller sites or anything so I -- know they got pictures that Altman and in my business that. Anyway. So things to get into today. Including the fact that I just checked the weather integral Jamaica where it is. Partly about 85 degrees. Sorry to -- -- does that thought about it like to be next week. It well and -- that I'm I'm working and that's something that I put up on my FaceBook page a while ago. Let's see -- to -- 20 or doctors not Rush Limbaugh. Out -- does not have children. And I don't obvious eleven and hold that against me assistant choice he made about OP I don't know why he doesn't have kids who's -- the color choice I just don't know. But. He says that. The biggest pair of parents about their kids is -- the kids won't go to school and I don't have to think that's right -- my -- As a parent news now what people on my FaceBook page said the biggest fear is that the kids will be picking at his nursing home. That's a different approach genders and my biggest fear is about my kids -- ending days. That they don't have the balls to put a big fluffy pillow one but it based won a lot of it for about three days with zero sign where's your chance to recovery. My kids of the ball the put me out of my misery. Seriously. Hits big fluffy pillow cover the mouth like -- a snowball and the notes get me out of it. That's my biggest -- They would allow itself for linger. In a vegetable state for year after year after year unable to attend the most basic functions because ladies and gentlemen to me that it -- And I eight gone out there not a fire have a choice I'll jump out of a freaking airplane before I allow myself to die that way. If -- happen that's not my plants. Sorry god I'm trumpet you on this one baby. What else -- yeah that's my biggest -- not not what nursing home accused. But whether or not they're gonna have the balls to put the big fluffy pillow on my nose and -- when there is zero chance of my recovery -- anything like an enjoyable life. Give that I can't do what I wanna do. I think that this debate all the time. Including some of my pro life -- Denver pro life in terms if you're concede that you have a right to be born. -- also believe that if you have a terminal illness. And you adjust this in the end -- days. Basically sitting in your own feces. That there's something to be said for dined with dignity. Which is I choose and will choose to leave this world if I have any say -- whatsoever. Is there a way to element be happy. I can't even a hospital for a night. Without saying get me out of here I don't wish to be here. It was beautiful the pacemaker that. I am a fighters like -- you keep me overnight the surgery was it six and the more why are you keeping overnight let me go home let me sleep in my old bet. Because not I don't try to get a good night's sleep -- hospital how many you've been overnight hospital probably everybody right. Try to get a good night's sleep hospitals like trying to get an erection in the nursing home it just isn't. What do you need to be what are you most need a deal you made slight what is the last -- you get at a hospital. Well we need to take your pressure now talk of pressure to go out we're gonna wake you -- to give me your -- you can sleep I was sleeping and waking. Top. Dollar and -- hospitals with a passion. Which by the way is precisely why my biggest this year and we might get -- later on the is that the kids will just watch me. Dwindle to nothing. I'm gonna give them explicit directions on how to do and get away with a the other for the first I -- in the room for hidden cameras. Bug detectors hidden camera detectors at that one number two closed and locked the door. Number for. Her through it yet -- -- go after the lift. Think it is higher arrow for boardwalk empire although he didn't and number well were Fella. Anyway have -- and blow the plot for somebody. Anyway. My goodness my goodness my goodness so many things are gonna do today but I'm having too much fun I was working for a while and getting it erection and nursing home -- and I hope it was fun for you -- I was just waiting for my shop to get that in there. Now I'm smelling something out of usually do this from the WB EM page. -- usually steal it because it's. Usually. I always find it wanna come up with is pretty good I find what's on the WB Ian page is pretty good. And well I like anybody else like like the stuff that I do notebook personal. And personal that spot. There's the question this morning that may be say amen amen amen amen because it was left wide open. And here it is and after the guy in the gay community who is just don't. Because gays don't have special protections first of all bite me. Nobody has special protections. Well actually you know what I take that back you have more special protections and -- Because the fight get fired today I can't say well it's because ever -- doesn't like gay people. And files a lawsuit I can't do that they're gonna say orally. To food you -- like John Henry -- and track. You know you've got okay this year -- -- you're probably right. What I gonna do say they fired because that story. To say the legacy of the expired his words from my vacation. I'm gonna say that. But if I was -- and god -- or more I hit its peak in the ought to bring people together but if I was like black Brothers ancestors and I got fired. I would have another card -- can play you know what that card would be -- fired me because I'm boot Mac. Which I -- I still have this fantasy. I don't share this with you before. About being pulled over the cops in the top model and a in -- one of the guys will compensate you know like Poulter over and I wanna just look and say because I'm black. I still wanna use that line in the worst way I can't even tell you probably -- rested that -- thick collar. Anyway well. Well three under a table here's -- question it was and the WB and page on a rare mood yesterday. For reasons I do back here to get an accurate no pressure regulator on the affidavit when I approach is a reason all right. Have you ever been asked to leave a business. -- and to the gay guy who's on Buffalo's early news this morning and look I'm sure -- okay and I'm sure that we give each other -- -- if we saw each other in person. But don't you know what. Those of you in the gay lobby. You make it so hard from. You make it so difficult for guys like me who's trying to bring people together. Because if you're absolutely irrational and on reasonable approach to think it's. Because a dancer. When the governor of New York State said that conservatives. Anti gay whatever the hell that means anti gay and gun loving people who adore those evil assault rivals should get out -- New York State I remember you calling the show to say you know what Tom. -- a gay leader and as a member of a mother -- to -- group myself and appalled me that a governor would actually have the ball to say something like that to whip minority group. You didn't do that did you know you didn't do that -- I would remember that phone call the fact is I don't get calls like that. And it's too early to -- It truly is because sometimes -- think that you know it's a one way street the love -- share is a one way street it's on required. With those -- -- and certain communities in Western New York argument -- I try. -- I tell you I love you know that are much particularly here. Sensitive spots. I still get no love literature and my audience my conservative audience its goal of terror. When my conservative audience -- a lot cooler than big audience in some respects at least as far as the gay lobby is concern. But let's just forget about gays for one minute if I don't wanna do another -- day. Is with -- average of one gays I do like Joseph even sexier than the day before I'm just saying maybe it's an acquired curriculum that you -- but. Probably a bad choice of words okay but here's a question. For a year. -- If this is this is all -- question I want to forget any word that I use so partnered. Forget any work. The answer is totally up to you and a stolen this from WB yeah and the -- -- put it up on my FaceBook page. Do you think -- business. Should be allowed to refuse. To serve certain. Customers. If the owner says it would violate his or her beliefs. And here's where I'm going to catch hell from the sanctimonious left. Absolutely. It's your business it's your investment it's your money. If you don't want to serve people it ought to be your right not to serve people. Now that point has another side to go back and almost tear people I can almost hear the liberal Twitter verse right now. Conservative nut case talk show horse has restaurant orders should kill black people now that's not what I'm saying. What I'm asking the question is. The question specifically is should business owners be allowed to refuse to serve certain customers if the owner says it would violate his or whoever believes ought to play a little story here about. How your humble host got thrown out to be certain restaurant in New York City which -- -- distorted. Okay now -- -- New York City. I generally go in the summertime. And there was time in my life is -- and I bitterly -- suits to -- And so I basically brought jeans and I brought. Shorts. Nice shorts tourist shorts I shorts shorts and Catholic -- Aunt because that's the most important part of any short by experience of course you got to turn around in the murder. Occurred. So reflected the check out guys do what you -- -- -- -- Anyway I go to the Oak Park. At the park plaza in New York City now that's a pretty ritzy place okay. I mean angering comic fifteen years ago was like fifteen box but I figured out what. Only -- once and I said the report reveals that you'll look back I admitted that expression. I'll finish the story but I have to wait because I -- agree as always. On WB yeah. And I hope we got to get the pre nup drove in today by the way that -- pre nup. As we move along it is 333. Ahead news radio 930 WBM's hourly with you and so. Way you know I think first of all I know it all started. But I don't have to agree. The idea that. Businesses. You know you're -- business for yourself your business well let me back trickier. Here's the question simply put. And the answer is up to you. Do you think -- business. Should be allowed to serve certain customers if the owner says it would violate his or her beliefs. And I believe -- so. And I will play again. Able finished the story this time. About. Sitting in the bar at the plaza in -- New York City. Because. The nice place. And -- I was wearing shorts. The fact that I had a very expensive wrist watch on didn't really matter I was wearing shorts. And the guy came up today. And he said pardon racer. And I said yes my help. And he said. We have a policy. That we do not allow our guests who were shorts. In the restaurants. I am very sorry. And I look at who's totally about and I looked at him and I said you know what I completely understand. I intended no disrespect to the -- bar where the plaza and I will collect my things and I shall leave. With with with good feelings. And he basically -- ulcer or you can finish your drink no rush your brief polite man but to -- you know no shorts and it was caught it wasn't a big deal. It was that a federal freak -- lawsuit. You know. I mean I suppose I could have said. The planet are you -- me because -- day. Now I'm not. Like that it's. Not instantly then -- drug institute. -- -- -- -- -- I guess that would be his hit like a license. Anywhere but New York City actually. So all. Anyway the point issues. That was the situation where. If I wanted to be a first class. I don't wanna use the other word on recorded this week. Not -- -- if out of a first class tool I could have been a real tour of the guys why would IB he was right. He was the manager of a place I was aghast. I was violating the dress code at the plazas oak bar there -- four he had every right to ask me to hate. Because I was wearing shorts. When I should've been wearing long pants. And have an issue with that all I know I was ignorant. And I go back their heartbeat because of a classy way in which they dealt with -- and I could tell the guy was. Pleasantly surprised by my attitude which was one of I'm terribly sorry I meant no disrespect I didn't know that. You know you didn't ask me to immediately gathered my things you know but I I obviously finished the -- quickly out of respect -- I. So. There's -- Now but there's another side too because I know where this is -- ago. While hobbled do you -- to say that you take a business ought to be able to say it will serve black people. Or white people. Up my answer would be yes I do. But that has a counter side to the other side of that coin is. There will be repercussions on the business which the government has absolutely nothing to win. Let me give -- for example. Let's say that we didn't have governmental laws. -- governing up public accommodations let's just let's just say that that was they would even on the -- And I got a call from. What my black listeners saying Tom. I'm upset and it says okay Tommy -- that I was gonna eat at this nice restaurant on main street in William's little. And they wouldn't let me and that's why well because I'm black. I would be furious -- I would I would respect the business owners right to be stupid but. The other side of that -- it is in addition to losing black business. He or she would lose my business. And would lose the business probably of everybody listening to this shallow. It's a marketplace situation. Maybe if you think you can make it which just the plan the crowd good block or if you think you can make it would just the black -- crowd good -- That's the other side of the you make decisions as a business but those decisions are not going to be popular with everybody. And just a real clear premise. -- -- Believe. Businesses should have the right to kick me out for -- shorts. I don't believe they have the right to say you know what. We. We're trying to create an adult restaurant here and we really don't want children under. Tension in the restaurant. Wind -- being -- Without having that be an issue but again the other side of that coin is. Those of us who do not support that behavior. Those of us who would not want computer or to do business with a racist restaurant owner. We are under no obligation to dine at that establishment. There's no shortage or restaurant throughout Western New York in fact just this week I think I've told you about seventy restaurant and of the best pizza in Western New York. Which is kind of amazing. Have you noticed that jump seventy restaurants this week I talked about have the best pizza in all of Western New York to Mazen. I did it make it possible that almost defies logic. It 80309. There is the opponent should businesses that right let's say well we don't want your business sorry we just don't. Up you know what they do and you have the right. In my world that it way to say apparently don't want their visit some like given your -- it eat me. 803 or bite me for those who work. To -- 03 on -- thirty start at 3180616. WB and that's a beautiful part about the marketplace. It will always settle things like it's always. If your business owner let's put it this way you have a right to put a sign that says I do not allow weapons on my premises. I have the right to say OK I'll encourage all of my friends with weapons not to -- -- -- that it's a win win. Instead we have certain people who just expect the world is gonna be this perfect place in the government is gonna make its ago. And that just doesn't work them. Never has never Whittle. You can't please everybody. All. All -- regular phone number by the 803 all right thirty started 3180616. WB. I got a sentinel report. You know Andrew Cuomo's BS about -- to the New York. -- we've actually got we have the full add more than just be welcomed the new New York. Because. I mention a couple of weeks ago and I'm not my fault got blown up by business owners the lies of Andrew -- ball. And the Democrats who run the state about the -- taping some business friendly haven suddenly. That Andrew Cuomo has taken over folks that is the biggest load of crap you're ever gonna hear. Because what was I say just a few weeks ago. This state regularly at least sends up people from taxation and finance with a clip boards. And invariably. They're gonna find violations your restaurant chances are you're gonna -- the state at least 15100 bucks where these -- restaurant a hair salon or some other joint this state taxation and finance people go to. Guess where they were tonight the year in our cafeteria alcohol here and you know. The taxation and finance dorks we -- -- ports. Third tax collectors. Are ancestors what do tarred and -- these people ran out of town. Which is very painful by the way. But against that backdrop of New York State sending these pencil pushing terrorist geeks out to -- small businesses out of their hard -- bread. While encouraging other businesses to come to the land of deceit and taxes we've got this propaganda. From governor Andrew Cuomo. Well. Into the New York -- what's the new in the new Newark new properties. And the middle class income tax rate regulated or -- I can't take it anymore I'm sorry I can only you don't like it never worked for the sewer authority because I can only take so much. At one time I've got a whole bag -- for use -- Okay let's go to way -- -- -- hopeful about WB -- Dave. Obviously we've covered a lot of ground today what's on your mind. There are. A good afternoon. Story. Certain. From access and well it -- or. Should go to a restaurant order Chinese -- So he packed up -- daughter. The bridge or not what you should be. Wait wait you mean when it was easier to get the fort -- that it was to cross the Rio Grande into the United States. OK got. It so. I -- about the restaurant a parked car. Yeah I'd probably pick up to order restaurant I'd like a good door simultaneously. They're all heading out. But what it can be understood or got here. At what -- would go to. Florida or your partner. And so it -- get in the car and editor Eric -- got. Less slowing in the current what happened. Well. My -- -- in the restaurant and she's -- -- order. Where are all the people. AM that Chinese Edward technically ever comes from private charter. These guys -- filled that bottle get out. Who. And so that would have been bailed out we never went back -- and other restaurant chemistry to -- what it was. We -- Jenner and you know after awhile it became pretty funny the only store by. You know acted. I guess is that there's probably old I don't know if you treat people like that expect to be a -- this effort god -- I am guessing. You know I don't claim to be here psychiatrist there any more than -- claimed to be an attorney but. I'm guessing that there were some kind of an issue going on in this plant and that man's mind is generally speaking is against most social norms and mores to come at people what -- -- meat cleaver in your hand. Generally speaking. -- -- I think he would somehow and opened by the tribe bite you understand any more than that. Well. I would like to apologize. On behalf. Yeah as somebody who is like 15% Asian I would like to apologize. For that bad representative. At least some of my ancestral background probably the the bad part that gave me the faulty genetics bastards anyway. Thank you very much in just one thing before -- ago. Me love -- long time. Thank you. The things regular -- it are right it is three a 46 at WB -- -- what do you think. Should a business owner be able to say I just wanna do business with period. Keep in mind for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. Now I know what some people Republicans I can almost hear the Twitter Burris right now. Racist bigoted gay bashing right wing nut job talk show host. Whether this gave certain people -- line. Hear what I'm saying in here. Businesses can make that decision. The rest of us have the right to make decisions with our dollars. And I want to hear me loudly and clearly I would never patronized or restaurant that discriminated against black people -- white people were Hispanic people -- people based on race gender orientation or anything else. I personally would not. Patronize one of those restaurants. Let the market -- that crap out there's no need for a lawsuit. Just my two cents. 8028030530. Start at 31800. Who restless legs syndrome in the next room that you Sherman. Just like that Clyde altitude 8030 thirtieth -- -- like 12. 8030 and I'm 38 WB ET at. And I think next hour I'll make every traffic problem caused by a born again Christian and that will probably have to -- on the Catholics to -- to spread the misery everywhere OPEC -- short guys with long hair that'll be coming up through. Let's -- AccuWeather. -- occasion have figured it out I definitely thank the people get too bent out of shape too easily about the insignificant really do but. Just -- Frigid that I wanna get frigid tonight. Increasingly cloudy a couple of flurries -- -- the overnight low ten tomorrow or -- up to 33 degrees cloudy and breezy a snow showers in the afternoon. And that 33 degrees -- told me the temperature didn't write it down. And I don't. It's an have been like Spinal Tap our apple buyers are set at even -- then and is there windchill. It's night I'll make since nineteen above what the wind so it's like a -- and war. But it's a real -- which is -- -- called the wind -- anymore I'm so confused. I'll start with the Internet dissent. FaceBook and that the world as we know here is. Though on WP and Randy giving your two cents worth. Well. Absolutely restaurant should have the right to. Well they're patrons -- -- patrons are but it isn't about rights to develop power. Are all of because you have a voting block that out there that at the top of the actual on on the left wing. Side of the fence to count on the voting blocks and they could against the rest of -- settled or not. And this voting block you know they are not. -- cases you'll have to root -- them because they're also week. Well but that is the fault of the American public I blame the American people and I blame the people agree county and I blame the people in New York State. For the fix that we are in because the voters and Erie county -- tools they're idiots would want to say. In the Reagan era -- like two counties that voted against Reagan recount he was one of what do you want me to say were stupid people here and Erie county run by the idiot and the economic results are all around us. Italy have voting -- that silence you because they got the Democrats power machine Arnold. How can these people do anything about it kind of people do anything about it. Well first of all -- the second person -- two days to ask this question Randy first of all you have to wake up the American people. To what's going on secondly you have to make sure that the people who ordinarily are on your side understand that if the government can make you as a gay person a special ball even more special that you already are the government can also make you less special at -- whim and caprice when it suits it. They're 41 must always be fighting for. Equality and fair play not just for the individual but were individuals who make up businesses OK you've got to fight. The good fight for every but the and that's what a lot of people on the left don't get I don't think I had one person identifying themselves as a member of the gay lobby. Calling him. To defend the conservatives. Against some of the most excruciatingly. Nasty hate speech ever uttered by president governor namely Andrew Cuomo against conservatives in New York State where it was a lot. Well they're not part of the ideal lead voting bloc that the left embrace that's why. Did you lobby is exactly part of the voting block the left and embraces. I'm told there's a million times over the past two days my gay friends don't even count as members of the gay lobby because they're not liberal. Because there they're like runaway slaves. They get treated as perhaps. Is you have to be part of you know you're right to only as good as it voting bloc to which you belong. Well part 20 -- do you wake people up you've got to make sure in our country anyway the people registered to vote and number three that people actually get off their asses and vote and good luck with that one. Especially when the Republicans offered blog candidates like McCain and Romney. Well I agree with the just make that the law information crowd is rush called them. They don't know what's going on because. The rest of the media. Is in the tank what the Democrats and they don't want them knowing it may have pushed a for you talk about that I mean that's cycles. And what do I always say what what does that what does the Romans used to say. And you know this. Need to do do. Then what to do. None other wrong the Romans -- the Romans used to say they haven't expression for a dumb -- populace that had just enough to get by without ever getting rich. Bread and circuses. Distracts the masses from the being screwed behind the scenes. Right well and that's why well of course the Romans didn't listen to their own net advice all I've got something else to say by the way some of the early Roman even beat. So even the villages the Roman set up in the the colonies were pretty amazing places like. -- in Turkey. Places are at a -- ago there is gonna talk about Bob. -- to this the Romans called -- a -- to shut up now on news radio 930 WBBM. Maybe later we'll talk about the Greeks. --

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