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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ryan Miller and Steve Ott react to being traded

Ryan Miller and Steve Ott react to being traded

Feb 28, 2014|

Ryan Miller and Steve Ott talk to the media after learning that they've been traded to the St. Louis Blues

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kind of -- paired for this. Patty was very. First class. From the get go with myself. Since he's been here and in came in along with Teddy and and Tim and obviously. Really say that this opportunity was Saint Louis. My dream and my my biggest goal of the hockey players. To have an opportunity. Just to have a chance that this Stanley Cup. And I feel they have a great team. Have a lot of connections. Obviously with that organization from a lot of the past Dallas guys that now. Including Doug Armstrong and Hitchcock and read all -- angle on the list there's a lot of guys that I know and and also some some players on my team that I Nolan. It is very thankful for the opportunity and I my short time with the sabres that I got here. My family myself. From the fans I want to thank them as well they've been nothing but first class from the moment I put that Jersey on here. It's -- it when I said. As we indicated it it felt great. Moment I stepped in here in this organization. From the loyal people that's that's help me and coming to this point and now I'm off to and new adventure. And I miss my. Teammates. You know here in this Chester hospital Weill and also the coaching stuff like I said. No that was closer -- doctor and in and hopefully your questions and thanks guys. I'll make it through so please give a quick. -- battered by a buffalo. Friends families. The organization. Top down. Management over the years that believed in me. Terry and Kim. But I'm really. Nice job. Think this. You know continuing tradition of this being a great organization. You know looking towards you it's you know. Or they can do here. They're new direction would you think this but. You know -- is you know. Real high class kind of individual Siri can do very had been. Just think overall my. My teammates over the years. It's always a great place -- I don't have -- learn. Precisely -- what hands became this is kind of a jumbled around this very emotional right now it's hard. Think it's been twelve years of this organization. And this. I am very excited very opportunity to. Seven new ventures. A new opportunity. -- -- -- Strong sense that. You know that they have very. Special teams. They work hard didn't know some of the guys on the team with the USA program. Being in some of those guys in its Norman and they have a very strong competitive spirit so. Look forward to joining -- -- -- There. Now from. The coach is unknown. Especially -- course news. Then it just. A great supporter true friend. He really. He really. Cares about his players -- allowed me a chance to develop. Yeah. I didn't make it yours Sosa's sixty questions. Ryan Miller Steve hot on their trade the saint Louis blues you're hearing it live right here on the sabres radio network back downstairs we go on them. The thought of going. -- Now. There isn't what it. It's definitely. It's. Humbling and it. Flattering that they were you know make victim and yes. A -- with the with the intention of here's some help to push her. Seneca feels good that they. They think highly of us and we're excited for the opportunity there but also it is about. You know the responsibility we now have to that organization. Show up and don't give up to speed can -- this as hard -- And as far as we can to you know to live up to that. -- about the trade -- do so you know it's the but it I'm taking this. Extremely seriously our ideas it's exciting and that's. Hopefully going to be. Kind of situation where everything kind of clicks and and we can have some fun. It's. Through the chronology of this evening I mean -- address for the warm up. Who told you -- not -- because he's acknowledged it got. -- to have both of us. You know. An hour before I'd say. Hormones or whatnot -- We just no matter very gear on this kind of start warming up an ideal not hockey here but to serve our Jim furiously saying. They both polls this Tennessee titan. That something was dynamic and two to see it was gonna happen so. Radio favorite memory from slaves. Yeah I mean that first. Here after the lockout the playoff run and it just kind of I think it kind of caught everybody in town by surprise a little bit so there's that extra found unexpected energy there and there was this nice to see where it. Things are turning back for this organization where he's really thought. This organization deserves to be with the kind of standing there the city and -- been kind of rough for years. -- Bring people back and they'll face. Back up. I even as young player we understood. You know what was happening and weird. I'm. Excited by the possibility. Taken as far as it goes you know. I was it was a special moment you know about a lot of but they have to stand Odom. And palace this. Mean. Obviously grown up here so it's. It's. A lot of my life that over a third of my life has been. Upstate New York so. You really say that this is. Where I grew up in this swear I'm. You know I've had a lot of moments in my life and things. You know obviously. Forever going to be tied to this part of the world and I hope to continue that relationship as best they can. Moving forward. I think they're kind of one of the same. This team is very entwined with the community. What it means to play for the sabres and then of course -- means to be a member of the media here and I've said that many times. People care about each other on tears. Really makes its. You know nice player. You get people of a strong. Under their sports. Football and hockey lacrosse. Baseball. The same time it is and you know here. You're not just an athlete here is you're not always felt lake. People of taken time to. Talk to me in personal level and always appreciated it and it. Really. You know gonna miss that -- toughest part of the world. You're listening to live press conference Ryan Miller Steve got traded to Saint Louis you're hearing it live here on the sabres radio network. One nothing buffalo and a -- -- after one. -- kind of figured this vote have. It's gonna it's Joseph wants. What are you guys being physically and he's. Doing. Yourself Saint Louis but we're literally playing -- Aren't a lot of and when you might -- be -- -- you know. It's it's honestly it's amazing a scary here is that's going the world if played with some good ones I've seen some good ones. I am amazed with his focus his preparation. Since I came in I was just blown away with how his mindset has been and then. Mean even with the speculation from the summertime that was going on and whatnot. He came in so professional. And has been our best clarity here in buffalo and a and a tough tough season there is placed team and to have that opportunity -- To go along with Brian. For myself personally I know how. I O'Grady -- and down on both of us wanna live up to expectations and I know we're both focused to do so yeah it will be. It's very. Okay I mean. I guess here we're going rate into the fiery you know twenty some games -- sort of they have. You know this season picks operate about -- Yes I'm lucky enough that we got two quick games and to kind of get up to speed after this Olympic break -- and that can move forward from there.

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