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2-28 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Feb 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Food who will win the -- And and it is always shells of old Bob -- -- Andy Reid who's that carrot -- boys we just heard there. Mine that was Bugs Bunny from 1944 hours what's cooking -- directed by bomb planted Bugs Bunny is not up. Foreign -- here but Mickey Mouse it's all right you Mickey Mouse is up for an Oscar and I tell you. He is one of my picks that I will be announcing today that it. There Bob and -- he will be picking me Oscars. And are you very well -- this every year we keep track of view when you do very well would your -- your choices. All I gas. Is that if anybody uses these connects to win their office pool -- or do betting on some sort I don't encourage batting by. I think. Sending 10% I'm way out of your winnings would only be fair you -- whet your -- What might be the latter is bake I want dam break I I'm not very heavy lifting here -- -- -- -- after -- day. Okay where switch around a little bit because it's Oscar de for the show tests are movie IQ will move his first. Yes the question today is what. Is the only X rated film to ever. Win an Academy Award for best picture. Was it -- last tango in Paris beat Midnight Cowboy or sheet up clock work orange. OK you can call six -- 9875. And give us the answer the best pass for two of the best day answer them the correct one will win a pass for Joseph to a distant that are valid through April 30 when a fourteen. What about those -- -- -- -- -- -- the public grow on those sport or on transit no expiration date total value 43 dollars. General contest rules apply lets up our sleeves they're -- I'm not -- we're not doing the top box office this week to make room for the Haas guys more important all I can tell you -- is. Like a movie again -- -- -- movie's going to be the top box office pick her for months. -- -- our division I giving nominees and give the winner absolutely it's great US start with best picture you're -- is not our -- the top and work our way I've been -- great improvement OK -- -- we have. -- Why mr. each time I'm blonde I -- -- shocked via a gentlemen. To my friend from high school Tracy wins don't really he's just kidding I didn't say anything -- -- I don't even know. Best picture twelve years a slave global Wall Street captain Phillips. -- he American council -- her. Oh OK the other -- are there Americans -- be deceitful he it is who hesitates. American -- gravity Dallas buyers club Nebraska or Philip -- I tell you this is a really exciting year because one of the things that makes it to a much more accessible. Oscar year is that people actually seen these movies I mean these are a lot of successful movie here gravity. Has made 700 million dollars worldwide spend just a tremendous tremendous hit. I think the the race though boils down to mean the top three I think our American household. Gravity. And twelve years of -- American hostile. I think it's admired but I don't think it's beloved may be a little too cold. A little too clever. For some. I think it's gonna go head to head. Between gravity. And twelve years a -- Twelve years as slaves has done remarkably well in the awards stuff so far I mean it's. I just wonder after at the British Academy Award and for the last five years the -- after winner has gotten. The Oscar it is also the top pick in Vegas. For the the Vegas oddsmakers which. I think that's worth a little something. I think we've also seen over the years when you're the case away. A film that has some historical. I was gonna probably -- you know. Vs a big spectacle right. Let's look at the 1992. John AT -- one. 2009 you had Hurt Locker vs avatar Hurt Locker won just last year you had life of -- vs -- Our -- one. I think when it comes down to the point is I think twelve years of slave is going to win. That is my -- I I'm finally that I thought it was a great great picture. If I was using my own personal choice RIE I would love to see American -- or her win but. I can't complain about twelve years a slave winning at all the it was a fantastic. Yeah I like that I like -- ought to have done very well done so you're picking twelve years as LeBron is right now best director these really have pictures nominated with the -- be directors twelve here's a slave American -- gravity Nebraska. Or the -- Wall Street. I think this one. Partially because I think obviously is gonna get best picture I think this is gonna go to gravity this is gonna go to -- so on. He won the been active for this film he also won the the award from the director's guild. He's very respected. Very admired in non Hollywood. He's also somebody that has done a lot of quirky artistic films like -- Laver and was one of his movies. But he's also done some films that have had. Some wide popular success to mean Harry Potter and the prisoner -- command -- that -- a wonderful job with it. So he's somebody who -- the money people like an all they can depend on and he is very artistically respected. I think it's gonna program. OK for best actor here -- the movies of their associated with a Nebraska twelve here's a slave Dallas buyers club. The wall to Wall Street or American council. Yeah this year you've got to you've got these five people Bruce -- your college here for Matthew McConaughey Leonardo DiCaprio thank you. And Christian Bale Christian Bale is the only one who's won previously brewers -- he won for best supporting actor. Just as amazing this year are the people that were there were -- out who did not denomination. Tom Hanks like people followed nomination Robert Redford. Didn't get one for all is lost Joaquin Phoenix didn't get a nomination for her which personally. I think is criminal I thought the film was great and he was amazing and it. And sure to -- your four. One the -- after. The best actor film for that. But I think they'll only one of the only reasons he beat out Matthew McConaughey there. Was that for what reason. His club was just ignored in Britain for for their nominations I think the winner is going to be Matthew McConaughey. For Dallas buyers club this is his first nomination. But you've got the fact that it's a true story. -- an enormous physical transformation losing some forty pounds for the film it's tragic it's a politically correct story. But this also. Is riding on the wave of absolutely remarkable career Renaissance for Matthew McConaughey. I mean for about fifteen years there. He just made one. Romantic comedy after another fool's gold how to lose a guy in ten days failure to launch. Really maker girl ghosts of girlfriends past. Just lousy movies he seem to be just showing up to take off insured and get a paycheck. And for whatever reason about five years ago it's like he went wait a minute. Should be an actor for exactly and these last five years I mean Lincoln lawyer -- wolf of Wall Street magic might kill Sergio Bernie. And I think another factor that will help him get this award. Is true detective on HBO. It has been playing during the the voting time for academy voters and I'm sure a lot of them are watching this series and he would. Absolutely fantastic. In that show and just great in this film my money's on McConaughey. I'll put my two cents in thug DiCaprio there was a part did you go play has brought visual wanted to -- about chewing scenery this guy ate the whole stage. It was a fabulous performance by DiCaprio -- like him or not. He's got five nominations and no yeah and sold through. I don't know whether he's one of these guys where a lot of Hollywood people think. Oh he's so handsome he's got all the women in the world and what does he need a widely covered up what would Oscar he's got to put on fifty pounds where unlike that he's got into one of those things to win and. We that was set up Bob's perilous Oscar picks on newsreader at 930 it is the Bob's peerless Oscar -- shows so far Bob is chosen as best picture twelve years a slave best director Alfonso who -- on in gravity. And Bruce the -- Bruce Matthew McConaughey Kate. In a Dallas buyers club next actress who we have let's say Amy Adams American council Capel and jetBlue -- went. Judi Dench -- Sandra Bullock gravity and Meryl Streep August orange company. First of all let's get Merrill Streep the way. Right off the bat I think she's at the point where she just gets nominated. Out of habit I mean it's like if you go to shafts. Yeah it does anybody you don't even think about it and Merrill does big scenery chewing film and they get the nomination. She -- good reviews for this film. But let's keep in mind she were instantly. Won best actress for Iron Lady which she got terrible reviews for that's true but people just like giving awards to Merrill. Now where as in the best actor category we only person who previously won. Everybody in the best actress. Category here has one action for Amy Adams she's -- five nominations but has not won an Oscar yet. I would love to see a win for this but I don't think it's gonna happen I think it's gonna be Cate Blanchett for -- She -- after she won the Golden Globe she won the sag award. -- she still looks for maybe that's true if you won this award yes yes that's. That's why Sandra Bullock insisted on doing the film gravity because there are gravity helps when you reach a certain -- armed. But just a wonderful wonderful performance in -- Often you might think with all the fuss that's made about the Williams scandal the past few months that that might put a damper. But I don't think it's gonna hurt her at all here. Woody Allen also is an actress' best friend over the years. He's directed. Eighteen. Performances for actresses that have gotten nominations and six wins six hasn't gotten. Oscars -- their role in Woody Allen movies. But I think the safe money is absolutely and she's great she loved Kapler -- she's terrific in just about everything is here and and she's dynamite. This -- in a best supporting actor of the bullies. Captain Phillips American -- wolf of Wall Street Dell's buyers club twelve years. I tell you I would have loved. Accuracy in Michael Fassbinder win for twelve years slave he would be my pick our Brothers and -- just tremendous tremendous role all of the performances in this category. Are are very very strong but I think. The state monies without question on -- Lido. For Dallas buyers club like Matthew McConaughey. It was a case of -- remarkable physical transformation. And just to two record to record of. Says those supporting actress American -- twelve here's a slave Nebraska August Orange County in Fallujah. I would've loved to do the one performance that was not nominated here and I'm still I'm still upset about Scarlett Johansson for her. I know you don't see your. You only hear her voice in that picture but it is up and fantastic performance but. It it did not get it I think via the big showdown here is between Jennifer Lawrence for American hostile. And -- in the Congo for a twelve years a slave. General orange won the -- Some people felt. She was maybe a little too young for this role. She just won best actress last year everybody's crazy about her she's. Terribly talented. Which means it's about time for Hollywood backlash for people's heart even Jennifer Lawrence I checked into -- you know what's gonna happen soon but it hasn't happened yet. I still think is going to go for the Peter in the Congo for twelve years slave. She won sanction won the critics' choice this was her first feature film. And we know one thing about the best supporting actress category -- they have a long history. Rewarding people for their first major that happens again and again and again and she's wonderful. In the field. Best original screenplay for American household -- jasmine and her Nebraska or the Dallas buyers club. Well. Mike -- If one -- them all would be her despite Jones film. It's just amazing brilliance so -- flawed out. But it might be a little Smart might be a little too clever. And not seen as a little too cold I think. The Smart money here is going to be on American hostile. This it's -- ten nominations. And I think this may mean possibly the only one it actually takes home. I think off when you have something that has this many nominations. They kinda wanna make sure you get something. And I think screenplay is probably American council's best bet I'll -- best adapted screenplay that -- twelve here's a -- before midnight the -- Wall Street captain Phillips and main. I think it's -- got a twelve years slave. Just a wonderful wonderful story I mean this is really. -- the kind of start anytime you're dealing with historical situation like this. You run the risk of getting a little preachy little doll little slow. This film is emotional compelling it is it is a story well told. I go with twelve here's -- best. Animated feature which are seen none of on the -- rises frozen despicable me Curtis and Celestine source -- -- any -- lesbian and recruits. Some people think that the win rises. Ohio army is jockeys. Film is likely going to win attire I know movie afterward we pitch well now it's exactly that reason. And I'm picking frozen. -- the Disney factor. This has been such. A huge worldwide hit also amazingly enough. If frozen wind it will be the first time Walt Disney has won for best animated feature. While that's incredible Barr Oscar picks from -- Bob on -- Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Wake -- to Buffalo's early news with John -- Susan rose in the entire WBN news team news radio 9:30 AM. WD EA and the. We IQ question what was the only X rated film ever win an Academy Award for best picture of that would be club Midnight Cowboy which was later rated. Are -- -- lowered it to -- without really adjusting to countenance even today that is a chilling -- oh yeah it's hard to Piaf. Clockwork orange that later got dropped to an arm and last thing -- Paris got moved to -- -- -- NC seventeen although. Last thing on Paris of course I did tremendous. Tremendous work for a folks Atlanta -- -- sales well as I went through the roof when clockwork orange -- icing. Eyes saying you know singing in the rain -- that's the UI and carrying the I take clockwork orange and blue velvet. -- two movies that I Georgia I think our. Brilliant but Sony's earlier than any time I watch him I think. -- mind watching eyes. Are drawn into it you know to not put. A Laurel and Hardy movie or something does get back to the Oscar picks best foreign feature. The hot from Denmark the broken circle breakdown from Belgium attributed from Italy all -- it's the Palestinian territory from. And the missing picture from Cambodia. I'm gonna go with -- great beauty. From Italy the reason. Because I Salazar. I wanna make some well yeah no not from day of our best original song we get the song from frozen. For Mandela from her. From despicable. Me too -- and that song from despicable me two happy. By Carol Williams like the biggest hit in though the world right now it's just been huge. Huge hit. Off his -- that one film didn't get on here please mister Kennedy. From inside -- in Davis check it out online on YouTube it's a very funny very cool song. A lot of people think you two were gonna win for Mandela just -- there due to that would be the proper way to go but I absolutely. After go with -- ago. From froze in. The film is just an enormous and they even released a single long addition about that tell people to watch in theaters and sing along which with a huge success they didn't sing along version of Mandela along walked for. -- ardently and followed that best original score from gravity Colombian the book -- saving mr. banks and her. The book -- is the one that kind of blows my mind John Williams did the soundtrack for that. He of course did to music for Chamberlain's Star Wars super and the movie raiders lost art. ET. How many nominations John Williams had a over the years ago. 39 all of well. In nine nomination. While I do not think he is he's going to win this time though I think if you go to Stephen price. For gravity it is first score but a very big very bold I think that's. How about best cinematographer is from gravity inside alumni Davis Nebraska prisoners on the grand master. I would love to see Roger deacons get something from from prisoners it is eleven nomination he's never won heated scuffle Fargo big about ski. But I think it's gonna go for gravity. By Emmanuel -- ski. Some people feel that a movie this reliant on special effects. Shouldn't win. But. I I don't think it could. I can best costume designer Greg gets me twelve years of slavery grandmaster American council and the invisible woman how -- the invisible woman have a cause. We're at all because they were very grateful that she had -- I don't know exactly that Dickens. OK sex scandal movie. Are expected at Charles -- scandal movie people of that category. Opposed I would have loved to have seen her nominated and -- very clever. Very subtle than usual choices with costumes there. But it's gonna go to Great Gatsby. I tell you get big and flashy. Almost always wins. And holy Moly it was they're Great Gatsby big and archery and colorful. Best documentary feature the act of killing twenty feet from starter which I have a love that the square cutie -- the boxer and dirty wars I'm going to Europe. Are -- feet from stardom. This was a very popular film very widely seen for documentaries the highest grossing documentary of last year. And one of the things that's really pretty cool about it is the fact that it and advance it is right there at MI. Have yes it's great he not only has that he carries it around. Bring scenes and it I beavers all of great background singer -- a lot of people your notes know if it is worth and staying Mick Jagger Stevie Wonder Bette Midler. It follows up follows the life of the lives of many backup singers and watched what their careers are actually like. And I tell you that is something you've you've got to think all of the people voting for these. Are people in the industry -- in showbiz on some things that really showcases somebody from their group they're gonna react to that and people love this move. I'll tell -- I identify with this because I hate to confesses -- three years. A playback up to Dan. And I would like a -- never that I'd say wait a minute. I can do that. And now I pulled myself from a shadow that's marvelously when I was a kid. -- -- -- kid I remember I used to think. You know when I want to do what's and I grew up. Wanna be one of the Georgian bears are -- All you do is stand behind Elvis all the time ago. Exactly whom I knew I'd like that's that's that's a good lead the best is the dual Christmas because of the back of that is. And daughter and I -- I it's all always been. I can't hang out with a little about. -- great. Best film editing gravity twelve here's a slave captain Phillips American household. Dallas buyers' -- some people might have felt after Phillips. Would be an obvious choice here but the editing for this particular picture. It's really in the last ten minutes and then in connection in a big way and is enormously effective I think no. It's gonna go to gravity I think gravity it's gonna be such a big sweep of these technical awards. And one of the usual things as far as editing for gravity goes is on the a lot of it happens to make it seem like there is no added there are a lot of cases where it seems like you've got one. Long. Shot happening is actually has several -- -- in it which are managed extraordinarily well -- best makeup and hair styling the Lone Ranger. I had Jack ass bad Graham principle it's the jackass bad Graham -- -- Dallas buyers club I was there. I tell not one single danger as I said before. Where is American hostile. The hair the comb overs in that movie a thing of beauty that breaks my heart the American council is not in here. The Lone Ranger Al -- to bigger flop is an apple. It was the worst films I've ever seen Johnny Depp or no -- ago and I could be surprised you know it could happen. But such a hard time picturing somebody at the podium saying. And in the Academy Award goes goes to reject tests it is just sole hard to picture what -- I think it's gonna go at Dallas buyers club. Did terrific work great work that. -- we come back -- more art picks and plus I'm going to demand of Bob review a movie that I'm going to see whether he likes it or not. On news radio right there WB yet we're back into the movie -- account rewards those choices by cinema Bob. Let's go to best production design twelve years -- say a slave The Great Gatsby American council gravity or her. Everything about their production design just has to me toward our best visual effects. Gravity the Hobbits Star Trek into darkness Iron Man three of the Lone Ranger. Gravity gravity gravity. Well I know you. Like terminator two an avatar this movie just sets a new standard as far as visual effects. And if you watching it on dvd or on Blu-ray. It's even more impressive when you look at the making of documentary. And see just how they constructed the shots -- live from. That's some mixing gravity captain Phillips lone survivor inside -- Davis and Hobbits yeah well. I tell you what does do the next year right here bash on next thing and that's sound editing. Both of them gravity. The gravity you are on a roll gravity and one. Interesting things about the the use of sound in gravity is it's not just. The explosions. It's not just via the breathing in the helmet and things like that. The use of silence. In the movie the wall of sound is just as impressive as the sound itself. Well here's one Tony likes he's very interest in Minnesota best live action shorts. It it'll conclude and an echo bay. That wasn't may just before losing everything helium do I have to take care of everything in the Borman problem. I am going with the Borman. Problem. For one simple reason nobody knows about it's the only one without -- exactly it's the only one in English the best of Mormon -- best animated shorts. Barrel get a horse mr. Mr. QB who got mobilized he's -- -- who -- The ruling possessions that room of a girl. -- I don't know it it it I tell you get our horse. This is a short from Walt Disney year productions at the beginning of frozen so everybody has seen the darn thing. It starts off in hand drawn black and white animation sure it stars Mickey and Minnie and Clara bell cow. And it starts off as an early scratchy. Black and white film gets invaded. By computer animated -- and it's a fight between black and white Minnie and Mickey and color computer animated peg leg. And they even go so old school is to have all of Mickey's dialogue has been pulled from old early Walt Disney. Mickey Mouse short so Walt Disney is doing the voice for Mickey in this cartoon -- also funny funny funny to write short. Get Karzai gave best documentary short -- bigger facing fear -- has no walls lady in numbers six and a prison terminals. I'm going with the lady in numbers six. Mom that this is the story -- the oldest living holocaust survivors she was a 110 years old. She got through the ordeal. Being in the concentration camps through music. It's very moving story very positive woman very positive story and the woman. Who is the focus on -- just died on Sunday you probably may have seen stories about her in the news this week and the voting. Went all the way up to two -- at 8 PM was the cutoff for voting so. The sentimental factor could play into that you have several -- Academy -- choice of torture now we did next to you if you didn't keep track of mall here to list them all honest I think most people take notes Wallace and -- show shot. After the show here a -- gone to my FaceBook page. Just looked up obstacles and on FaceBook and I'll be listing all of my picks -- -- you can check about them lines -- Okay big bullies and the big screen the last two weeks there -- movies I definitely want Agassi and who started by saying they both suck and I didn't go to either one of them. This one I'm going to I don't care what you say and that's nonstop would lea needs. Well Lee amnesia isn't all Joseph action guy ever since taken I think his wife died five years ago and he has made twenty films. In almost five years he's been kind of dealing with that by working all the time. And his salary. -- action film now is over ten million dollars a film when he starred in an action film. Make Schindler's List seem like a very long time ago. In this film he is an air Marshal. With a drinking problem yeah I was also the case in the movie airplane. He was an area that plane he's -- is is being hijacked. They want 150 million dollars. To be transferred or the -- kill someone every twenty minutes. One of the things they've also done to complicate things is they've convinced everyone on the ground. That -- Neeson the air Marshal is the one who's doing hijacking. No -- has gotten and there are views are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Deal if you go to this film thinking it's going to be a big. Brilliant yet important thriller from restaurant -- report. He may not be that I have they quite a few. -- complain if you go to this movie US. I AM I am here to. Eat some popcorn and watch the bad guys -- -- -- indecency some snappy lines. Probably feel it's OK a lot of low expectations. You'll probably be army that terrific -- I mean you've got -- -- Julianne Moore I like her is and it repeated young girl who's up for like dessert she's up for the Academy Award is playing patsy in twelve years slate. She's also wearing here. That I'm pretty sure was left over from Grace Jones album cover -- and you also have the other flight attendant is played by Michelle Dockery who easily be merry. Under continent so it's a very very good cast here. -- -- The popcorn to get I -- -- and I go just because -- like you're comfortable reclining -- that the games and that's the beauty part just -- with Gibson even if the movie's bad you'll be able to invite your popcorn. If you're at the maple ridge and the movie is lousy and relax well. I might as well taken I'm always writing down exactly all right if I don't go to see that may be the next movie would be -- my liking son of god. Yes this is taken from the ten hour. Bible. Miniseries that Mark Burnett and Roma Downey junior did. They've taken the story of Jesus pulled that's action out of the miniseries they -- some deleted scenes that were not in TV broadcast. Sorry you're very familiar. If you already seen the the miniseries you're not gonna see. That much that's particularly new here. There are some extra scenes on here this is a chance though. To see it. Up on the big screen it was certainly beautifully shot over a lot of people look like the idea of being able to go and see this story and share with their family that's unusual to it was a huge ship until a mountain and now. -- love her and touched by an angels who was -- -- and and then through its economy edited out of the theatrical film but idea. Yeah that'll be interesting to -- to see how it goes because it certainly he didn't cost him anything well. For those of you aren't up to sinks out of god may be anchorman tools super size to be offered until. That's -- we've got to all these coming out this weekend that are made up rehash stuff what they've done here with the first anchorman. They put an alternate version on dvd. As -- and it's so many extra gags that they did and this is pretty much what they've done here. -- this one is now rated. There are 763. Entirely new jokes and -- all he saw the first one I liked it. You'll probably have a good time with this it's gonna be in theaters for one week only -- this you know -- on the Tonight Show the other night. -- check it out the meanwhile we hope you enjoyed the Academy Awards over the weekend and check in with us next week we'll tell you how cinema Bob did. At about wraps it up well we will see you Monday at nine on news radio 930 WB yet. We never dreamed could be used stuff.