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2-28 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If that's the biggest company were talking about a pew research piece there will be talking about it -- for another hour and then that semi Bob -- it's a special. Academy Award edition of the movie shows -- stepmother that he's usually. Very good at choosing the winners and he does well every year and so we'll see what he has in mind for this year. But this pew research -- Found that 87%. Of US adults use the Internet which surprises may have a mighty be higher than that but it's 87%. And then they went on to ask. Various things about how hard it would be to give up things. And what they found out in the pew research shows and armed. Is that 50%. Said it would be very hard to give up the Internet and that seems little to me 50% said it would be hard to give up the cell phone and that. Seems real load me till 35%. Said it will be hard to give up television. And that seemed -- as a -- but the one that seemed outrageous. Is 11%. That's at 11%. Said it will be hard to give up -- FaceBook. Let's see India story -- -- is only a one facet Obama like that Americans conclude we will without social media. Only 11% of adults online sale will be very hard to give up FaceBook Twitter instead Graham and and others so that's yet. Now we're told how important social media is -- as we understand it's important. But has anybody told people are telling us on how important it is that only 11%. The sale would be hard to give up I I you don't you wanna make it compelling. And I think a lot of the things are intertwined as as we said in the last hour for a instance that I want you guys to think about this. Here's one way -- test things there are certain things you can use for every day regular stuff and there's things you do for entertainment mayberry okay. But when it hits the fan when something big happens what do you use them to give you good example. I was expecting a 20 watched the Daytona 500. Okay but before -- zero non my that I knew of my sister sends sends out a you know a an email saying. Oh we just had tornado alerts right near the of the track. Okay our sister lives within ten miles of the -- So what I do first thing I did is I instantly. Put the race on our right of what what do they do they had all of these cameras there. And they didn't cover they -- last year's race so you got tornado warnings and the thought of a quarter million people. At a racetrack with tornadoes and then later electrical storms coming through was really scary because there's no real place for them the -- There's no infrastructure to run underground or anything like that so I've put I put on the televisions. And day -- fox for some reason decided. Well you know this isn't exciting enough a fabulous tornado or thunderstorm might get a major racetrack. Let's run last year's race so -- instantly what I do I went to my iPad. And just I just a Google I Google Daytona 500 whether. And what I get out of that got the weather channel. So I went to the weather channel they were doing live stuff on it because I what is the visual event I wanted to see. And then I kept in touch -- my sister. Through the Internet so they're Internet and television or both euros. So sometimes one direction to another. And that's the way it is but when it hits the fan what what are you go to if there's a big fire in your neighborhood. What ago -- -- police scanner that kind of thing your go to thing when you need more information than you already have word hero. Well if there's a big story -- -- Whether a new story or stories sports story. Offer me go on Twitter I go on Twitter exactly get all kinds of things tweeting -- yes use who's had an outlaw and I get a better rock covers. All right so people instantly have a forum to talk to each other about what's happening. When I went I wanted to see and that's why television wasn't showing -- but that he the weather channel was in this way yes. I used everything for that -- -- Loses everything Sony. That's Chris mr. multifaceted. Guy go ahead -- -- close unfair because like you like a -- has a news breaks like I'm here in the morning jobs are already there sorry I could be over the head with it's I go away. From from radio usually when it leaves his -- about -- -- -- all day represent an hour and -- do what -- does now law are you know I'll check the Twitter or wanna see it like when you're here working you know get a chance that's the a lot of its second Tuesday -- -- -- that but that's another that's one of the few things I can think of that you would really need TV for these days to go out and was -- street minutes in which you which you're most likely can't wouldn't off without my advice. It is no substitute for just throwing guys residents -- Story well what a story breaks like that and you have a personal interest like -- my sister lives -- miles from the track and I was concerned about her health. And I also thought it could be catastrophic if if they track ever got hit by a tornado with a quarter million people there. So I wanted to see what was going on and I was unable to see yet. And but big communication between my sister and myself while this event was going on. Was a startling to put it mildly closures that your nerve reassure worried a you don't want him after her anybody at the track and you go to anywhere you can find a -- of how history would've been changed. Had we had these kinds of ways to communicate years and years ago. Before our it would take a lot of work to get the word out. The best you could do was a network or radio on the network television newspapers were always. Behind they would it would give you the what happened yesterday being given what's happening now. But with today's communication. The term going viral we've heard a gazillion times and that's what happens the word gets out just like that. We've -- I've had conversations like this with my friends. And we are very glad that there was no Twitter. FaceBook -- falls when we -- what you are you happier endings it was a simpler time now we have more access to better communications but. Is it I mean it's more efficient not much question about that. If you're looking for the entertainment side of the venue. But gotta like this okay I I said view that I I watch every episode of NCR -- into -- half men and a bottom for dvds and stuff like that but. They go out like this if you like a certain show you can get it all over FaceBook and on FaceBook all over YouTube. There's excerpts is whatever if I wanna hear Eddie Izzard and I don't have an Eddie Izzard. Dvd handy I just. I'll just -- ideas -- not only does it list all the standard stuff it Alyssa by by a shtick by what this is about so I even know what I like about it user I. I was able to get my son turned -- to Hanna Barbera cartoons because of -- Two simple punch in Hanna Barbera and we got all that you know that the speed buggies and Fred Flintstones and all that. And opened up a whole world to him of -- cartoons and how it loves it. Everywhere they get some -- source material is beyond me because it's fabulous I happen alike classic country music. That goes back to the authorities. And I wanna go back all the way to Jimmie Rodgers okay. And so in order find that material that you can't go into a music out there are fighting there. On the best place to find it as the goal on line. In and Google it it'll take -- to different sites that feature but that's the beauty because you can't just get the car drive some worm botnet. But you can certainly do a click here and -- their next thing you know it's in the -- book lookup fast that was in the future Johnny worked well yeah exactly that's great and I know thank you for the what are you wearing dot com website because that's very helpful. Very helpful. And now yeah you're allowed to -- you -- you and I know America. Photoshop it you know different things the old days you'd have a pin and you turn it upside down in the girl. Suddenly missing her grass skirt those days are gone now and have it and -- It's fabulous. Every -- what is what would be hard for you to give up regarding -- things like the Internet. Cellphones television FaceBook social media in general on -- and I'm 32 of -- call a W via. Before we get back to our subject you don't next Tuesday. At -- see what happens around here because Tuesday it's Fat Tuesday trove Tuesday before lent begins okay now for years and years and years. We used to get chase the it can be you know the polish donuts. We have lots of jolly and common stock on the and there are good because they're made with. You know -- -- used -- -- hard to get good -- self anymore but they don't just. Well it used to be that pomp and -- pastry would bring. Which he's all of us right boxes but now there is no -- and pastry there art of business there are gone couple -- okay. So I don't know who else does good push these. There is some video grocery stores make which he's about my understanding is they're not his real bones key issue is they should be. And so I don't know if they're any good polish bakeries left the dual Wednesday's. But what are we going to be away going to be punched it lists on Tuesday that. And not acceptable that that's at. I have never tried apology he -- from -- pastry ambush these are good very very very good now I don't know baby Paulo's donuts makes once he's I don't know. But I know the supermarket bush -- there I mean OK but -- -- Top level line you know I'm talking about and I guess there are several flavors that I know now raspberry is a -- -- best of the traditional one that we've gotten out and and their Al good but if anybody does no always appreciated. Now we're talking about the Internet now -- change your lives you know you can talk to mark the -- change all of us. I was talking to my friends down at 55 you know WGR Sports Radio cited a bunch -- hall. -- it's adding the unit has changed our lives -- I mean it's as if they've enriched our lives. -- that through the one you mean you're more access to sports is in no porn. They said you're -- have to go out to us sleazy or anymore it's brought it right at home word should be. So I'm thinking in those guys know what's going on and on talk about sports important kind of go hand in hand they do well. If you're in an unpopular. -- -- -- and an end. Are the problem the market now aren't too bad joke -- Beverly park and leave apart one. Seriously the biggest I think the biggest driver to the Internet is more important -- -- -- -- joke about -- -- the Internet there's no theaters anymore. That you you know who gets a porn magazine. Nobody. Nobody they don't even make -- -- and I've -- price may go. I don't know. Let me check with Gregory appear. But we'll find out. But at the porn business is bigger than ever but it's it's concentrated now on line. Simply because of what I just -- you -- not to mention the not even out of my column to -- split ups its notice you -- you connected porn were dating and hooked up. -- again. They do at all but dating sites think about like this how many people have met others online. And ended up we're getting married sure I mean sometimes bad things happen but a lot of times things happened and just access to stuff. Okay you need something you don't go even does it what do you do you don't go to the yellow pages anymore. A lot of phone companies or even publish them anymore. You goal on line and I go to go go go every. Everything gets -- -- -- if by if I need a trench dug in my backyard I'll go under backyard trenches and see what's there. You know the one thing about the Internet anyhow I was really changed especially in the dating scene when you grow and up and I think it's completely unfair because kids don't have to have that -- That -- turn off the lights and pick up the fall. All your clothes and all are you know are you pointing at me because I was very shy too in I know turn off the lights but I would totally different part of the hosts first time I ever asked -- Hubbard. Out for a date I had I was in the kitchen because that's always -- -- -- we have one follows in the kitchen and I turned off the light. Before right I called and asked hero that's how that's a Shia it was there was nobody in my house. This is pretty but I had to shut the light up now you go online you meet people profiled this that the other thing it's it's it's a little bit different. Can taste kids don't have to worry about Robert debt picking up the -- -- that's right the campus and then instead mom and -- just searched a history of what you have been the cookie -- -- -- the cookies. -- and you know and regenerate says upstairs in my eyes the cookies. You better hide your cookies kids because mom's gonna find a -- you don't wish there was there and help bureau. Chris I -- Internet you said earlier how you use it in your work and all that stuff. Have you ever had a a major thing happen and you gotta find out more instantly. Yeah almost one hour here in the building yeah now we're gonna go through it soon. The the trade deadline is coming up in the NHL right -- have. Web sites. -- Bloomberg you can click insisted trade tracker also all the latest deals will come and instantaneously who went where a school and and an analyst analysis comes through the round draft day two with the NFL they have sites I assume I would assume although that's a long drawn out process -- usually -- minutes before but I oftentimes -- -- Twitter sometimes those things get -- before the -- go up there. The only problem I have with the Internet besides. You know not always working. Is reliability. People post all kinds of stuff that you know his -- You know it's phony when -- that's why I never ever use something directly off the Internet that as a member of because you know it's -- coming budget how many quotes -- tribute to bill Crosby. I know he's he's made several legitimate ones but they just throw -- name on there. And then people go off half 4 o'clock then and crazy about it they find out it was just made up whose phone was thick and we'll get this story. It was my fault because I want to leave it so bad in that was the basketball player Blake Griffin that's rounding -- Justin Bieber exactly. Oh how about this one you talk about for me remember that thing posted all over the Internet with President Obama saying. If you like your health care plan you can keep. All right that was real I'm sorry I get a mixed up every once in a while we'll be back -- -- If you had to give up some of your some of your activities would be on the Internet cell phone. TV or FaceBook -- as well. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB -- that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine during their toll free line is 1806169236. Adobe -- is that is not on a commercial but most of the time where there is going to be daylight. Like twenty hours a day be really cool I've never been through anything like that so that'll that'll be fun fun fun. Today's the today analysts' confidence from my bubble perks is at 137. Dollars and to begin to say and O'Shea and salon city's bar. On Delaware in the level but just 6850. Now I notice though which we're training a new guy and last time I read this. As I got to this part he got a pan out I think he's running this down because he needs a winter rejuvenation. Package. Because he said well his package needs rejuvenation. So here's what he'd gotten his -- -- and innovative facial. As opposed to just run of the mill finished. I would guess that any facial facial but this is an innovative facial a spot manicure a spot pedicure go to WBN dot com. And that's that click on my buffalo Burke's law outlaws -- that's there which Ryan know which kind of make your life easier. I have you guys ever had a a manicure pedicure you manly enough to admit it I know I've known him now by -- I have now I did doesn't -- I don't want people touching me and it. That would even -- Donovan massage my salary -- -- anyway if you guys are voluntarily moan don't actually a -- No I don't do that I'd sure it's just more effective -- -- list -- six. I use tree -- resident. And -- chainsaw. Right we'll know anytime we can offer winter rejuvenation package. I'm happy to do it because I think our audience is desperately in need of that. That they say let me see let me say. Whereas -- if you I get down to the -- we have a pew study here 87% among adults use the web. Or asking because this is what US. What would be the hardest to give up. 50% said the Internet and that even the ladies embers that are on that 50% seems law I would bet it was higher cellphones and thanks for -- percent. 35%. For television and only 11% for FaceBook so it seems despite the fact that there's so many of people with FaceBook. Videos that are willing to give it up. And they're willing to do given up before they give up the other things Chris so we have some things post that them please this is from a. Shell she says that would give up TV you can stream all the shows that I like to watch and you can use the Internet for that and other stuff like Google and all other sorts of things you can't do any television well that's true. I mean there there of the things that are available source material that used to rely on television for. Are now available and closed including classic shows Amanda. All the networks have their own -- And you go there and you'll -- little previews and all kinds of good stuff to do. And so she's right. I don't know how. How Smart move that is for television make their material available online because. That's not a revenue producer for them unless there's this some kind of special licensing fees who put it on line. Because you can't go if you if you miss a show or if you're just talking onto a show that's been on for awhile you can you can check it out on line another -- This is from Tyler he says I would give up the Internet it's too much of a distraction take right now for example it could be doing simply destructive but here I am posting on your page -- leagues would -- me I'm not carrying it around in my pocket -- -- -- -- -- always found in talk radio the advantage. Is that for some people may have a point of view they would like expressed but they might be a little nervous about Abbas about going on the radio. And -- presenting yet. Maybe it's the kind of thing where they don't want their neighbors to recognize your voice they might have via a view -- there is that they hold it but it's it's a private view so they do that. And we've we've seen a lot of of people going that way and we can usually tell is it true Tony Chris that. If we do certain subjects which are very sensitive will probably get more posts that we will call yes because people are hesitant investor. Yeah it's certainly desired. Every now and then needed a show like yesterday where everything explodes you know but for the most part. You kind of lean one or the other guy had not everybody -- -- in the old days before our talk radio before all this other stuff. Of people didn't know what their neighbors with the and get together and talk about the you know this that or you know what's happening in Arizona or the dead or. Decrease in spending and everybody had their own views but and talk about across the defense or. During a picnic or something so early now and you don't know somebody's view is if they wrote a letter to the editor. And what are they publish a couple of day. And that's. Or talk radio you know what everybody's everybody knows what your thing and you what you might see you -- political signing your neighbor's lawn and that's about it via -- you -- I've never put a sign on in my -- yeah you how Paladino is outside my -- OK Cynthia have you put a sign Chris I have not and usually drive me crazy because they stay up for months out we ought to -- elections oh see your doctor -- more than four hours. -- the political -- okay and this undergo a done that and so -- what it does it gives you a feeling of what the community is thinking. At least the community -- -- your radios. You gotta you gotta kind of an an overview. One of the great things especially with FaceBook is when you hand me out. A big story brick like when the verdict came down -- the doctor course on TI trial if -- is certainly is to Israel action and people just. Valentin and I think that's healthy and good. I think you're right -- I've ever heard a a mental health expert talk about that by getting it off your chest instead of holding an -- Just being able -- out what is this is an outrage -- this is the best thing ever. I think it's very beneficial because people. We we know for years that is not good the whole things that. Because it'll give you not only -- that'll give you some actual serious medical problems is bettered it. Get it out get a behind you're so that's why my feeling is I don't on my show what I do I don't get also as I give them. And that's the way you know it's -- spirit of giving. That that's I'd say with high blood pressure I don't have it I give it to others I tried to be as sharing a host is like possibly -- -- be thinking about yeah I can to put two things together and get something solved we're concerned that next Wednesday we're going to be pushed realist. Because -- critic of pastry which is the bakery usually brings them to us is not a business. And -- I know some supermarkets make them but we didn't know of anybody a real bakery. You know all -- bakery makes them. And so here we're talking about the Internet Chris. Starting c.'s ZKIO. Milwaukee the bay PP you see -- BA BA yes Tony is correct VA CZK. And I and it's Wednesday and see if anybody is listed on the Internet. Around here that makes punch -- because they are so good I mean. -- wouldn't be -- -- up -- -- and you know what I do I don't freeze them if I go home buyer like those six or doesn't. You get Frazier appointees especially if not properly dressed -- -- that you could not exactly so -- while he's checking it down a -- want an example I mean you wanna give me an example of how. Something good a lot of good stuff has come from the other. Yeah and this is affects everybody at home and that's when you wanna go out to eat. You pick the match Iraq now and you can go online now you can look at the restaurant's menus you can have your. Order already picked out and I think to -- ever come across. Maybe dish that you don't know what it is. First is we're getting now authentic Mexican. Tomorrow and down I -- picked up the menu. -- -- -- things are quite you know recognizable one line and I can see exactly what the. Well I remember when I was in Dallas and Don was going to school there she was a child obviously. She brought the menu home knocking at the mine I don't know Tex mex from anything as far as foods that -- she brought the school -- home. We can recognize anything on that I didn't know what any of those things work because we don't have a -- -- -- did exactly that kind of stuff a lot -- you out. But we managed to a to get through -- any push he has success yet. Yes I've found an article from Bob buffalo dot com and they say the best places in bigamist replaces the best place -- get a -- in buffalo. DNL bakery in the pew. Oh -- idea now all right odds -- -- fraternities and -- -- -- baker and -- cancer are OK that's OK so we got a couple of choices -- -- and also -- the Broadway market which I wouldn't put it the other market yeah okay that's good so maybe that's helpful so maybe one of those places it was just mentioned would be kind enough not that we're begging for -- not that where you know fishing puts them. -- -- -- Al -- flavor where even willing to eat them if you bring her on next Tuesday we'll. Figure Christmas it's amazing on line who believe first of all that anybody can spell Wednesday. That's off your areas that I know how to Alice Cullen is used to be on the block us as public and always I would remember how to spell once green dot view view you listen fanatically and porn which he. But. I would CC ZKAI at the all time. Also another great thing. All of the -- the Internet has a kind of sunk some businesses. It's that made it easier and other things for instance is very hard now find a good music store there are some around. But the Internet you know -- individual downloads. On individual songs. And being able to who picks songs is that -- the by the whole -- very helpful. But before that happened you'd go and records are to be some. Eighteen year old kid with five times a metal through his nose in his -- who didn't know anything beyond -- you know what his own musical taste war. Know you mentioned your love for YouTube because of music I was able to use YouTube last summer. For something other than that -- was home repair I had to look up a project I was doing their home. That I did not know how to do just typed it in on YouTube and I watch an expert do it of course. I was no -- they show that but I learned here's how intricate aching gap. When I got via a new rule. Cellphone OK I went online and punched up -- you know boost the number of double it shows you how to unpack the box. At the I've made it's really there's something out there for everybody let's go to Stephen Buffalo's favor you appoint ski a person. I -- forge -- Best place that I have to find them is Eileen -- you -- on center road. Irene says great stuff I'm glad you mentioned that because -- I -- is also sells a raisin bread. The weighs about five pounds and it's got all kinds of good stuff so I lanes which -- senator wrote good thank you Steve that's not very far actually. If you think of senator and union take right on if you're going self. Take a right on senator will be down there on the left you know few men Lancaster or if it was in ballistic resilience and world as well oh yeah yeah I don't all of it novices yup. And Eileen has good stuff. They -- remember having a -- of their room. Cinnamon bread cinnamon raisin bread with frosting on it and have a lot of things in it. In the -- Wendy's on you can tell look equality with regard I don't get down there that often. But it's not that far virtually doubles. For the roast beef you have many Dubai in the couple weeks is -- -- Brad. I'm going like that a return all the existence yes definitely about to go there you know I'm gonna attempt to make or beef and -- this year. Okay never made before so I want to. I love it I absolutely love it the I'd rather -- -- -- dead carcass off the road. I would rather I were -- even better now -- -- before income -- are out. And the best they could do is a green bagel. On we can't say on Saint Patrick's Day that's a Green -- actor it was my appetite gotten my my brother in -- Irish and -- of Ireland my sister and my -- inaugural there almost every year. But they're -- leaves me a little to be desired I'm I'm just thinking if you think and just food I'm -- -- bank. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we do this is for a man he says I have already given up on TV my wife and I stream all of our programming with Hulu and Netflix and it saves us a ton of money. Well a lot of people are are using of the electronic abilities that they have and you can you can condense your time to. Because if you're used to seeing things on line. And yours is saying things on them on the dish or whatever. Then you watch a regular network deal. It seems like there's Seoul march more commercial content but I'm not against commercials this is how we make our living here. -- but there's so much more and you know what drives me crazy the NFL. There is -- army. Of a football game lasts this may surprise you sixty minutes but it takes three and a half hours to run the run the show so that ought to tell you as two and a half hours worth of Promos on -- show's original Odyssey. And commercials and that's that's an amendment to another one Chris. This is from Joey says I think there's a generation gap with -- question the older generation seems to be more tied in to their TV while the younger generation. Watches those exact same show -- the older generation watches but they do on the Internet. I think that that's -- that's possible they like the -- portability. Of there's something nice. -- what the that your phone. What he got an iPad where you got an iPod there's something nice about having what you need right there. You don't have to wait for it you don't have -- plan your day around it it's just there when you needed. This is from a beach she says I am from the older generation and I would still give up my team VMware had a stream all of my chosen an -- and it's great I'd never go back -- from bay you know that as -- and B Rama. And don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She is is she she's like all these. Is she opens she's got his grandmother but she's pretty hot and when she puts that pie on the win go to cool. In open goes over grabs the pieces that I think you know orders that dump truck remember him. I think you know thing going Lebow's once they get off that story line of people lava would be for mayberry RD Zandi the I'm thinking about supply and then be eaten a yeah. One hot -- that's a woman and that show she would never drew any kind of reunion for that show so Frances baby here. Is rename. For some reason shoes never interest and an ever doing anything with the show again after it and if she get along with -- I read that there was any tension. Because you Ron Howard and do you had a George Wednesday and certainly had nice people good people qualified people questionable -- that. Okay the movie show is next and got Bob Olson is going to go over the list of the Academy Award nominees and his expertise will. A lot of winners usually goes -- well let's next. On news radio -- thirty WV.

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