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2-28 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How are all it is region company I'm sandy beach I'm worried I think the government is after me I think the government is -- to get me. We have a security league here in the building Tony the -- I just want to know. -- -- -- Why are around here that that was supposed to be in the bag until 9 o'clock this morning the cat's out of the -- okay and I think we're suffering from premature dissemination. I'm just I'll tell you all about -- You know lol because we are -- controversial. Talk show radio station. We have problems with the government every once in awhile I think the government's behind this. First of all coming in this morning and there's a kitty cat walking around I knew it was going to be a cat here. But I thought like that was supposed to say in the bag until we sign on at 9 o'clock but -- now the -- was out of the bag already and I'm thinking. Could it be that new home sales that we just tired could it be Edwards -- which has hired an salesman Edwards Snowden. And I think he leaked information he really did we're suffering from premature. Dissemination. Remember yesterday I told you that we would have an announcement on this show this morning. Call. Us -- already even before I could even I think the government's behind and I really do. In case you'd just woke up this kind of takes. One anonymous does you out today the air gone out of the -- but certainly not on the what we're gonna -- We are going are you -- for best dot that a guy. -- the president aren't we are going. To Alaska. On princess cruise liner wall. Now as you know I -- love Alaska and I've been watching all these Alaska shows. And doubt I said you know I'd love to visit Alaska well next thing you know princess knocks on my door. It was Susan -- -- about conference which. Could -- princess cruise lines of they also. Have below ball. Does that Mountain States -- warm and they in the Alaskan wilderness I like that. But anyway we are going to Alaska I'm going to be accompanying you know hopefully hopefully you and somebody else or you alone or whatever you and hope family -- good. Leaving at the end of July through the first part of August and we're gonna give you information each hour. As to how you can find more information about it -- you can sign up for a few light -- we we have all kinds of good things to talk about. But I'm sorry. That I think they should I think they should reprimand that Edwards Snowden a new sales in the we have because these linking this what else is the -- you know Tony. It was so top secret that when I cut the spots for a yesterday. Todd put paper over the glass -- studio glass windows. So they wouldn't even know who was who was making the commercial it was me and then how we encrypted. The actual spot that I cut yesterday. -- to make sure that -- nobody could hack into it and yet it got leaked well I guess it's part of today's modern culture. North to Alaska. Or and -- just got. Yes yeah. Rush is on sandy beaches I mean the only sandy beach in Alaska to like that okay. We're going -- Tony you'll kept the secret you know -- Chris you kept the secret. I did but I was here when that spotlight technical advice -- around that spot I thought you might have some responsibility for now some. The only way to find out if we do an investigation that you just brought a brand new car. -- I think -- I think I figure the high -- waited because they noticed it and a -- technical -- somebody pay big money league that's -- it. -- hop. You know idea ID when I stockings of the folks from AAA whatever this ship and that's the first thing we learned is not a ball. It's a ship. Okay. This -- ambulance it's that coral princess. And they -- the same company has global. And today on their own hotels is really cool thing to do so is gonna be fun and this is the first growth my first cruise. Of course some wanna hear about all the food all the food will be fabulous until all get that effect I intend to take the bat out of my state Roman put it right next -- the -- -- I covered really good right that's coming up a little bit later on -- let's see what's going on today a few things here and there. It listen to this is a good concert Kid Rock snoop dog Alabama shakes and Jerry Lee Lewis. Scheduled are there among the sixty acts schedule for the Beale street music festival. I'm that is in Memphis Tennessee may second through the fourth. I was listening to a lot of Jerry Lee Lewis in the last couple months most people don't realize they they recognized generally. As one of the founders of rock and roll is no question about that and just -- superb showman he's also one of the best country artists have far. -- and he's got a lot of country music in the country are music people -- too because he's very -- -- a lot of Hank Williams stuff he does all the classic country songs and and he's a master showman so a chance to see Jerry Lee is something special I think if you looked at my idea iPad. In my iPod because it's on both. You would find it Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lewis is probably in the top two were three. A numbers of titles on there because it's just he's had a fabulous career is suppose they'll -- -- so good good for generally. Wanna be married to a home but I do like listening to him. What else is going on the pothole -- -- this is starting on March 20 that during the month long campaign. The district Department of Transportation and DC will work to repair identified potholes. Within 48 hours instead of its normal 72. I don't know I mean we've we've heard it here on the radio -- it on TV this is I've I've been about the long time. This is far and away the worst possible season I've ever seen. If fact I hit one. I didn't see it the reason I didn't see it it was it was an up and down rather than a sideways bottle or -- Oreo was they. And so you can see if -- thought it was part of the road and I thought -- was no movement tyrant that was discovered just bang in the rim hopefully. And with some of the worst are Hopkins. And if you've been at Hopkins try sweet home sweet home is gone -- and that was just pay back a couple years ago it's a -- to me a bad though the people would do road work don't have to law. Don't have to guarantee their work the last a certain amount of time in -- talking about it seems like stuff that we were just in line -- One by one because they were re paving it suddenly needs more I think dodging -- should be an Olympic event all of what happens is you get focused on missing the pot -- you're swaying too little left probably a little bit. I go to the right all the time -- I'll go to right around the -- -- can tell your political affiliation do you vote left side and a bottle of writes I'm -- model. OK I went the right side but I went way too far to the right -- in the -- Grand Island so that's way too bark resolve your elbows whacko and all live in Grand Island the rock overweight have a right there. Insanely -- right you know. More moderate to right course right if if that's possible. -- but yeah -- And so while you're focused on getting -- pot -- somebody coming in the other direction is also focused on getting -- Parnell and they don't see you when you don't see them and boom boom boom bad things happen so let's hope that that we get this thing straightened out I understand the difference between Nicole patch of hot -- and heard that the other day. Off pads when you -- hot action there. It goes and all the little crevices of the hole and they pounded down like that market so that when it dries it dries within. The call patch doesn't it just goes down and they do the best they can push it into the holes but it's not the same. So we will likely hot that -- I've heard the interview with a guy who whose company on the morning news yesterday. Makes machines. That. Make up hot hatch material right on the site. So that's what you -- and they're not cheap. I'm getting one my driveway and you think so mild heart attack machine and every goal for the man who has -- -- so if you're not here. The big announcement is aware going on today in Alaska -- on princess lines and they wanna tell you how you can do it will be back. It hasn't really done a good job -- -- kick -- for package for each of the physical -- the winner packets on the back definitely. Because sometimes you get the brass here. You know I'd my summer packaged as a war anymore I've got to get a wider package. That we. At that acts and that's what it has. I got the thinking -- column this crew the princess cruise. In and last week Wednesday in July 1 part of August and I've never been on a cruise but I know that people are going cruises. Are they all talk about the mood so have my sister Beverly is listening at home. Beverly here's what I want you to do it I guess I could just -- -- rather don't go into -- on the air thing. I want my sister Beverly to go and then and dig up Graham is spaghetti dish. The my grandmother had a spaghetti dish that you can put enough spaghetti and at the feed the entire family. Aunts uncles cousins whatever if you had a Smart Car you could drive through the spaghetti dish aren't as a witness. I want you to get -- -- spaghetti dish and mail it to me because I intend to take that and then I'm going to a Bed, Bath & Beyond where I saw on -- -- Way they had these at like eight foot wooden forks. And eight foot wooden spoons on this way it ought to display thing. I'm going to bring the eight foot fork. -- for exploding -- spaghetti. Ball and I'm gonna -- -- -- myself right next of that book bag that's -- going to be for the whole -- -- don't hold build own pocket sized bird -- yeah could you pass me more than meatballs was thank you very much. Al Gore had an -- yeah that's really go what's the -- the isn't as well as well odds of all yeah I rarely as other anymore potatoes left. So I'm gonna get ready if the -- I'm going to do -- I may have to be airlifted off the deck on the way back right I can't -- it through the gateway. But that's all right why not go for it but we can't find that dish I have one -- Leo yeah I think every Italian grandmother. Had a dish that you can't even find anymore you really can't. If you put this dish upside down over Ralph Wilson Stadium we have a bill yet I mean that's how big it is and I can hardly wait to do I have to keep -- -- -- the refrigerator because congress can't. That's right they don't -- because around he is of see that's a sign your true Italian that and you haven't had a real Italian meal until you've -- your pants. Another words when when -- with a meal you've got to loosen your pants because the pass away tighter than they were when you ride at the table. That's what you gotta do and a real Italian takes a nap. -- horse I've tried to -- that restaurants but they kind of discourage it you know you go to -- Go to chefs or something well lie down on the couch after doesn't really what I tried that too and -- c'mon Tony -- you -- -- because you don't want -- you don't want anything to stand in the way of view enjoying the food right and what is better than a comfortable position you are understood fast food -- talked about it wide. If selling fooled and that's what I that's -- -- -- I'm going to put the chairs so close to the table that anybody that weighs more than -- 110 pounds can't. -- -- -- -- I have a table of zip code away. So that you can -- -- you'll feel really good. And unlike the president's wife probably wouldn't approve that but I'm thinking if you really want that that's what you -- go instead -- squeezing it especially the ones that have be the rotating all I don't last chance like this is like ago yeah its just. -- The -- say I give me a fumble fullest something. Good for selling -- it's not conducive now they need recliner he needs. Good idea requires wouldn't trade over the top I like that that network and a little bell that kind of delivers the food right to your -- bounce maybe you'll I don't like this in the -- position. The food just falls and you know what you think I'd like that's a pretty good picture dramatic exit -- And -- open up restaurants are I would take a break for the good news is that viewed I've heard it yet. You the last ones that your is that we're going. We're going to Alaska on princess cruise of the wanna sign up go to Rhode Tripoli and nugget of information and we're gonna post the link on your FaceBook page. Also some people wanna go to FaceBook users still seem to be spoken -- -- up just like -- -- -- like a link up -- well -- I don't know -- they've got to cut down on the available just a little -- -- like to have an -- center with Monica. We'll be back Booth. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM WVU. Back to Beijing governor ever tell you guys. Out there was one kind of discouraging thing when I met with AAA and princess -- we've. We're going to Alaska and working -- -- it was sitting getting to know each other and they said we only one request. Simply look at be they hardly filming. -- they said please. Do not Wear your -- bikini on the ship. And so I I I'm not going to be able to packet Tony -- but maybe I'll send a photo of me and something more modest gap and give Photoshop the -- bikini on it if you go and I can't order on the ship or I think -- plank there -- -- walk on it you fall into the water. Just take pictures of all the food and send it to I well I well readily see. You Brenda post everything you've ever eaten he basically it's like is it's like a tour of your Tommy. -- oppose all and -- stay slim and she works -- Robert raw. But she is out all the time eating exquisite vote and and then posting stuff on on -- on our road Brent is bites on WB and -- I had them wildly down a challenge to -- yesterday as a -- you challenge -- on one not it to see cheeky that he stands. All that's right you have a thing colonies that gets up on a restaurant and evolved yet in Lewiston -- -- aside low and -- they have a delicious what is sandwich. It's state. This -- It's a sandwich with -- similar to -- once one pound a pound sandwich yeah -- missiles at stake is gonna hash browns may ill rhetoric and hate yes she's axis because we're talking about it. And -- said well you probably wouldn't get that one. Pounders is all we don't count her high zone pressure very competitive as it will do not count her out I'm saying despite the fact that she's lemon trump. -- -- I'd doesn't a lot you know usually should be very careful but if she wants to go mono what model -- one model shorten. That we. Wilson got a couple of championship leaders that's I -- see a big article. I do have some sabres tickets -- giveaway. If you would like to see the sabres on parked I have appear to get going now 64498752. Random caller is going to be tomorrow now. It's tomorrow at 630 so if you cannot pick it up today by 5 o'clock don't call please. They tickets would have to be picked up here at our reception area by 5 o'clock today. The event the -- sabres on parked is that first Niagara senator tomorrow. Value is seventy dollars general content rules apply joined the entire sabres team and coaches. Tomorrow for the first inaugural sabres on parked event. But I will feature an outstanding musical cast with performances from some of your favorites sabres players. Tickets available first Niagara -- box office. Or WWW. -- sabres dot com the -- picked up by tomorrow at five by today at 5 o'clock. And that's that. All right let's say lot of stuff to talk about a lot of stuff going on there yesterday idea I spent about four hours. On YouTube. About four hours and I've been I've been revising some of the music on my. Everything I have on my I'd iPod. -- two iPods and an iPad everything I have on the iPods also is on the iPad. Because I want my music available whenever I don't put my phone. Blood because I probably -- using them much in the phone. But I find I I find it's so interesting and so good songs that I've been searching for a were sometimes for years like stormy weather by the leaders which. You just can't fight that you cannot find it well I found that. From -- on on YouTube pause so Vera was a digging out some more music revising my play less and stuff like that. Spent I would guess about four hours and the day before I spent about five hours. So I love my music and I love the things that are on the Internet. No I've got to go to chat rooms that I get enough of that in my life and in my job but I do love the music in the videos and things like that their on line. In a -- -- a brief conversation about that somewhat Tony and I just always online all the time. It and our Chris I don't know if Chris is on line as much as -- is Chris online as much as you to. It probably does different things and I would line bureaucracy -- online as much as Tony -- probably I don't care as much about social media as much as him but I am not -- I don't do Twitter because it drives me crazy and oral argument is. Ram and a -- wall wanted to -- but. I haven't faced but usually use it just to keep track of thought. People used to -- on one of the questions we had is if you could only have two applications two laps that's all you got to apps. What would they -- -- I said mine without question is not even close a mine will be Google could like Google everything. And and go by my second one though would be YouTube so those in my to Google and YouTube. Tonys are different yet my report I would need three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK I'll go Twitter and FaceBook Twitter and FaceBook so see there's a difference mean single -- new tool. -- of the music and subway you're into the high what are you wearing ground right. -- basically you know Chris if you go only except true. I would how would have to use Google all I don't. When I think of my favorite answer is not the one that pops in my head but uses front of appointee use it all the time you can also does things constantly it's -- probably use a more than anything else. And I would need. One of my sports apps I would just pick like Yahoo! Sports that I I use them all the time just to keep track scorers and everything's. We all have different things and how we all have access to all of it but if you had to cut down what would have big. Like for instance if I'm watching a movie. But my iPad is right there rates right on the table next to the chair Republicans say is that person is still alive okay or away that. Guys that -- director. Was that he Hershey in a movie that I'd seen and I'll Google that to find out who they are but you also good to find out specific. A music. Because you can put a first name last name. May be a music festival where they -- like I was not even. Aware that there's a good -- festival's been going on for. Several years and Clapton's usually they are running woods there and and I discovered that by accident. As you -- crossroads crossroads. And you run across Sheryl Crow. A singing. We bill with some of the guitars and Tulsa -- is a great job combat. -- -- him -- with -- then and then you go then you get all Sheryl -- stuff and you you eliminate the political stuff and get the performance that's good. So it is one thing leads to another once you get on line. Yes want to -- like what we do in the summertime if I'm hanging out in the backyard with with Glenn and his daughter in -- you know wearing now go get him to talk about movies -- music in nets. Always with the follows all let's look up this guy and we'll find out the information that we need it was -- do that I'll. So what -- -- once you have it I say iPad that's simply the one I have but -- there's -- tablet though I'm gonna say iPad but it can be any tap. So what you do is a -- through the day you find out things you didn't know edit it stops a lot of calls that I used to have to make the Bob stills. Because anytime there'd be a humble be. That I didn't know who that actor was -- didn't know who directed it. And oftentimes they chop up the credits or you can't see -- on Iran and so fashion on -- a so whatever anything like that would happen I would call -- doesn't see the advantage of the talk show host is that. You can call Bob -- And he would give me the answer and that was great but now you can do it online you can get all that information that you -- And I just sent away for -- away. Two days ago for a country series that I ran across. That's thirteen years old it's it's classic country it's the ramble -- kind of stuff which I love is love that that's real country really is great stuff. I'll but I would have even thought about it without the Internet so I'm big the big question is. And I have the answers are from some of your big question is if fuel had to give up some thing. What would be the hardest to give up and I've got some things listed here from this new appeal survey. First of all if I run a survey company. -- change the name. So he's a -- people are doing their own you know they got -- fingers on the nose the clothes been saying all fuel all Jed Leo. But there reputable survey company. And they just do what would be the most difficult thing electronically. To give up and you are going to be surprised. At the third place answer I guarantee you you will not guess the third place -- -- And we'll get to that we come back on newsreader and I'm thirty and we are WB yeah so we're talking about the things that we use every day and our allies of of those of you longer. What percentage of US adults use the web okay how many -- -- -- on there. This pew study says 87%. Are on around the Internet. And that -- didn't surprise me as much as the -- -- 13% -- to be honest with you. I don't. I don't know anybody that isn't basically using the Internet -- one way shape or form but that's what the pew survey says. So they decided -- let's broaden this out. And sea of people. How hard it would be to give up things that people use regularly. And here's what they found and I guarantee you the last thing I mentioned it'll be the fourth thing off of there because I had -- another one here. All right the fourth thing that I'm gonna mention is going to shock you as who. How hard it would be to give it up all right and now you guys cannot answer to audio and Chris can answer this so. Our first all of these at 87%. Of the US adults use the Internet of that. 50%. Said it would be very very hard to give up the Internet -- you buy that. 50% of the 87%. Yeah. You know 50% I'm surprised that number so loaded yesterday because -- I would go -- Zurich if my Internet is out for an hour I don't get. I don't wanna use it -- I just need to know it's there like my car's broken down a panic and -- -- house the only thing that stays in the same league is that is cell phones that's about the same that's 50%. As -- that slow toe I have gone back to my house because I've forgotten myself owns only have a couple times with. Self -- seems like everybody's. On the cellphone of course. How many -- on the -- making a caller how many people -- itself on using the Internet and other things like that's another story. So what do you believe that the cellphones in the unilateral the same. No I would think that the Internet would be more than cell phones will be harder to get what about your -- it's so tough now because I think of them as the same device out there right there in one yes I I can't separate it exactly. -- now next. 35%. Said it would be hard to give up TV. Now that's a really low number because the numbers say that people still watch a lot of television a lot of television but there's alternate ways to get stuff. From television that you didn't have before. But if I were in the television business. I would be concerned about that because television stations get paid for how many people watching them not programs that may be over -- were on their networks that are somewhere else now 35% -- that's a -- you not really I mean I can easily without TV. About -- Chris the only. Problem we're talking about this during the -- the only problem with TV now I agree with bad for the most part. But the sports the sport they got you by the -- with sports -- you -- there's there's there's no streaming device today AME you can get certain like a baseball package. But immediately get every package -- too much -- valley he can stream just BS Fiat and so I would find it difficult for that reason but other and anatomy show -- union -- -- The guy and that's the deal like okay 35% -- I watched every episode events via its fabulous I also watch everything on -- to the party on this but the last couple years ago watching everything I can fine and I bought I bought it on dvd of Two and a Half Men. Fabulous OK and I'll also watch oh Mary Alice go oh wait did I say America. I've got I've -- knows how bad TV knows that's what I read. So that number. It surprises me it's that low. And if -- -- TV people I'd I'd be concerned about where they're getting the information in the products that that used to be supplied by television. This next one. Is going to shock you -- I guarantee it and I guarantee is gonna shock the audience through. Only 11%. Of this survey said it would be very hard to give up. FaceBook. Now the people that I know that are on FaceBook. Are addicted to. Hey you know they take an aspirin they put a picture of aspirin on Facebook got -- Vogel water coming -- everything's on FaceBook. Only 11%. Say that they would it will be very hard to give it up. I concede that it seems that a lot of the younger. -- demos are going to Twitter now there have been blocked FaceBook they've already flown to Twitter yeah it's it's uncool to be on FaceBook. Off for the younger demo -- that happens all the time. What happens all the time as you find a new age. You got your little mission there and banned the -- people there and then suddenly they see that. Why is mom off looking at the same going outlook event that it is worse why is grandma. Happy and somebody's -- camp fail me now I gotta get something else. That happens all the time it happens -- musical -- whatever if you wanna -- or your kid of anything. I haircut. A while viewing practices is a music just tell them that you love it. And they're gone. You know if your daughter comes home -- head shaved. How about you've never looked better that's eight that's fabulous or she's -- things some head banging music or or rap music say. Pol in picking a -- -- -- to me I I love that replace the car only god because they ought to be associated with view. What do you think -- Levin percent FaceBook. That is surprising to me Tony makes a good point with the younger generation but a new goods poll is everybody I find it very hard to believe that. I'm I'm in my thirties. I'd I'd actually given up I would want to but I could I don't think don't have too much -- problem whether it is when you use it anymore but everybody has been much of a problem whether it is pretty -- yeah. It has to me to Asian dog devoted to my FaceBook page here at the radio station. And oftentimes I'm not I'm not a big it'll get enough sleep at night because on updated make sure that I am in constant touch. With people that work in the audience that I'm just I'm just moved to a all the time. But I think I could. Given up what should I would go through withdrawals if I would have a heart. I still man I don't understand why people have a need to see what other people leaked through -- effort but don't. They're great conversation starters there in May be. You know it's this brand a might post something that some PlayStation is the accuracy while that looks good about -- our -- it would got to go try them out. That's interesting to know like you Brenda is reviewing you know. Restaurant that's why or if she was that Leo you know via face the buffalo that's fine -- but Britain is home mixing up a tuna sandwich I don't need a -- now know that's going a little bit to know that is because I couldn't tell the mayonnaise. Outline of the Toyota was packed in water or oil -- is the only way to have a tourism which is that -- -- in oil -- water forget it. I mean fish raceway a minute but I don't wanna mix it up in my sandwich are we come back. What. What would be harder for you to give up -- talking about things like. Television the Internet cell phones and FaceBook and if you could only key to. Asks what would they be my -- would be Google and YouTube. Because without Google without YouTube I mean the others are important to both of my two big ones -- -- Austria and Montreal 1806 on six 236.

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