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Oscars Preview

Feb 28, 2014|

"Cinema" Bob Stilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WBM's own son Bob still some -- studio -- -- a reliefs signed by sandy beach. Giving you permission to be on our show for just a few minutes. To talk about the Oscars for Sunday -- thank you -- my pleasure to -- and -- sixth annual Academy Award -- -- big light you know best actor best actress all this stuff but I guess the real category everybody's interest to them. Is this picture right yeah. And it it's a very. Interesting year I think people are are a lot more involved in the movies. This year because. Often you'll have maybe one or two movies in the in the list of possible -- That are popular and you have a lot of movies that maybe people heard about that nobody's really seen. But if you look at the the list of nominees this year twelve years of slave wolf of Wall Street captain Phillips American hostile. Philip -- Gravity these are all legitimate threats I mean indication gravity that's made over 700 million dollars. And these are our movies that people have seen and also unusual this year a lot of them are already available on -- so many of these films people already seen at home that are on demand or -- so a lot of people have a vested interest in watching absolutely it's just not -- interesting for people. When there they're seeing movies talked about that they keep hearing on that's supposed to be good. Yeah I should probably go see that you you know you get into what I consider your spinach movies yeah I know that movie supposed to be good for me but I'm not that excited about watching it. This year you've got a lot of extraordinarily. Entertaining movies and the thing to keep in mind about the Oscar loses. Two academy of arts and sciences by. It was begun by a bunch of studio heads sitting around saying how can we get people to go see more movies. It's basically about show business in a big way. And business has been very very good -- your every single movie even the smaller movies like horror and Dallas buyers club in Nebraska. They've all covered their budgets they're all successful they're just very genre niche films. So it's it's a year that a lot of people. Have seen and enjoyed he enjoyed these movies one of the scariest things you know the thing that I think is that the biggest pension this year will it -- on the red carpet. It's what these California storms and I know is Amy Adams gonna have her you know plunging neckline and -- high heels. Are they gonna have to Wear waders. We we never had to deal with the rainy red carpet before an and that could be a little a little disturbing at least for Joan Rivers and the folks. There's a lot of people that's all of its about it it's the show it's this spectacle it's everybody dressing up. For the people who were nominated. Of course it means bragging rights the Oscar itself. Is worth about 400 dollars as far as the actual. You know. Raw materials and all that but as far as your career. Not only do you get in the history books forever. But generally. Your salary goes up 25%. Immediately that's that's what they figure right -- And when you're already making ten million dollars movie at the significant. Might be a good idea to buy some stock today in Netflix because. Depending on which of these movies. You know wins him a lot of sales lot of orders on Netflix did well today. Well not as many of these are available on Netflix yet I'm on demand with your local cable service that's where a lot of remark. And not a lot of -- Nebraska. Gravity. Captain Phillips. You can check all those out. Twelve years slave comes out next week and American hostile comes out about two weeks. Think we gonna see immediately get a real team the attribute to a Philip Seymour Hoffman or obsolete Philip Seymour Hoffman her programs. A lot of that's always a big yeah -- action pictures and it's gonna -- by the way on your upcoming appearance -- so we heard about that too yes I was out Monday and I'll be doing. Today will be doing all of my picks. On sandy show one LB posting them online later OK and under his contract was sandy beach folks usually you know we were not allowed to ask Bob about Hispanic so that's the reason why we didn't ask. Bob thanks for coming in my pleasure our own syllable about -- of. -- his picks coming up on a movie show and later on his FaceBook page. In to search for Bob still some.

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