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Arizona Governor's Stand

Feb 28, 2014|

POLITICO's Katie Glueck

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Arizona's controversial religious freedom bill or some -- the anti gay bill SB 1062. Let's talk about it with Katie click from Politico dot com she's with us on the WB in -- like Katie good morning. This bill was vetoed the other night by governor Jan Brewer is it over is it dead. Now in Harare. Yeah. Garnered a whole lot of attention this week is sort of in the lead at city governor brewer. I didn't. Is different for a while -- indicated and that should bring out her options. He did this and it is -- opportunity -- between him and you you talking to just a minute ago there are other places country aware. Yes some people are kicking from sort of similar the. Kenny give our listeners some background on this Arizona law that was vetoed by the governor. Who propose that originally. How did -- get support of legislators that it passed in the listened to the governor. Sorry you know me you know I had a significant thing that I came -- true saint legislature are. And initially it yet they're is that bill didn't cause is it opera that it it'll make -- -- national scrutiny because of it. As proper word and bank but you really catapulted in the national spotlight capital actually yeah I act. -- that reports indicated. That that this could be like controversial on terms that. You know allowing. Businesses to make decisions -- and it and I and it might not be able to serve based on. Arguably on sexual orientation and said -- yet you know we really thought I did but a follow -- of -- as business as adults. That they did not want to host big events there and -- and alerted those treatments. You know a lot of pressure. From our -- national a couple of and then sitting. Senator Mary. Yeah -- it's part of bank agreed to it with the bill as well that but it does and you know their match. It's network support and -- -- -- is in the states and I'm sure. You were mentioning this just a minute ago what other states. Are looking at this or something like this or where is it already law. Right he you know and it well wider array. Places that we are at this and you can talk to matter -- parent and I -- -- -- and ward from once this you know it's a proposed. Is chemically including -- as it has in the -- got -- attraction that. IE you know what happened in Arizona. Certainly the laid down a marker for what -- what I. At the battle that I haven't the national. You know national scene does it to a possible both could head to the Supreme Court and it is the state situations. Happy you know I think what you probably will see at least in part at some point -- these things -- Q Q same sex marriage has a slightly different question of course that. Ali Italy and a lot of that I used on -- -- tried and wanted out they have for the -- Sunnis aren't taxed as. He. Judge there struck down as -- more things sex marriage and it used a lot of -- on cents Ali that we like Kentucky. I learned and so yeah that definitely -- have didn't aid in arguably a -- During an act actions it is here at some point and then Eric I hit on. On that question and then there are very different issues there it definitely something -- that getting a lot of momentum as we. Do something else to I had read yesterday that 80% of Arizona citizens did not want this law how the world to get that far. Hi hey you know militant blew that and thinking look at the state legislature and then -- -- -- unfortunately -- Lot -- a true he has exactly what the implications might need. That that the and Latin and it was heading for governor very fast and it's not that. If you've -- scrutiny. The bill that's kind of where O'Leary's a lot of people straightaway it's more publicly on controversial. Katie we're glad you could join us this morning thanks. Katie -- with Politico dot com.