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Frigid February's End

Feb 28, 2014|

Meteorologist Kirk Apffel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to the airport weather station where National Weather Service meteorologist current capital. If stand by the shelling goes about the weather this morning. Current good morning good morning I guess everybody is wondering how cold I guess it all depends on the way -- to right. -- depends where you -- right now the buffalo airport were sitting at one below zero but with the windchill it's fourteen below. That's probably pretty representative for most people across the region running temperatures just a little bit below zero with wind chills quite a bit below zero. The wind and definitely not is as it was yesterday right. A that's correct -- wind has dropped off that's really got fairly light winds but unfortunately that that temperatures are so called bit. Even with a light wind today dropped the wind chills well below zero. This will be among one or two of the coldest days of the season so far. I'll tell you what there's been so many cold days this year I've lost track. They -- the warnings and advisories and you tell us a difference in the burn listening area. Unsure what we have been advisories up for most of the areas that warnings are kind of in the. Southern here to some of the higher elevations you get things get a little bit wind chills that are probably about five degrees cooler in those areas so. A little bit greater risk but -- really everywhere it's going to be very cold this morning. I definitely one of those days you want to stay inside as as long as he -- We'll march begins tomorrow current and when it comes tomorrow if people think. March means the first day of spring and literally -- any long range forecast for the next month. Well I think I'm not gonna go too far into march but -- I will say that it doesn't look like you know bring it didn't hear any time soon. I'm gonna have another pretty strong cold front goes through the where the early part of next week is actually going to be. Again much below normal -- highest in the teens and both Monday and Tuesday itself. At least for the foreseeable future not in any real big warm up. -- -- sick of this -- to. I I am ready for a warmup pat personally. You know -- look at all this snow boots on the ground in buffalo and Western New York sooner or later is going to begin to melt. And you guys had some conversations down there about what's likely to happen when this begins. Oh well it's it's really hard to say extreme the risk -- gets greater it's the leader in the spring get -- have a significant snowpack could. Really comes down -- how it -- if he -- gradual warming. I you can just have that all run off very quietly without causing any problems. If you get one storm that -- at all and short period of time. And you could have initiated. Okay captain -- nice to chat with the have a nice weekend RA -- National Weather Service meteorologist. Current capital.

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