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2-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. Doubles down. He would rate. Hold to a point. That. No one ponds we can I thought. -- -- -- all time. Let me. If they are -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Gary -- Destroy all silent night. That was an advocate. The only thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like you. You have loans. I'd like loan. But yet. All right anyway. A its hourly under his radio 930 WBE. And and that proposal are well. Actually for those -- new listeners welcome to the show. At night I don't we've got much in the listeners just based some of the FaceBook data and here's what I think happened. I think what happened is some of the left wing bloggers who have done more to advance Mike courier than any other group of people including marketing that are out. I think what it is they sent out Andy there's there's hate filled man on WB yen is going to be talking about this thing and Arizona picture illicit and didn't appease your mind that I think people. Up to the FaceBook page. And it wasn't what they expected. Ball. I think what they -- is a guy who is. A very. Conservative -- in fellow who is also very accepting of a lot of different people without judgment. And that includes by the way born again Christians Catholics as well as that lesbian by a transgender. Homosexual people. And back out of the pick this one step further -- and I'm gonna get to the content. Of this hour. You know -- I mentioned this. Earlier this week and I've had some in depth conversations with some of my close friends about this off here. I. I gotta be careful consult their crime. I feel very blessed. Every day. To be able to do what I do for -- Number one. More important than that. In -- hard for me savers. Because I don't wanna be perceived as unmanned. But. I gotta tell us open. Bet especially over the past six months or so I have felt so much love. From you guys. Bet -- really use. Beyond my capacity to fully express how I have felt that a -- intuitive. And I didn't realize. And I know for some of you -- fans and frankly for some of you who hate my guts it it might sound hard to believe. But I never quite got. The fact that I've had. In most cases I hope. A positive impact on people. And that. What I put in to my -- role. For you has come back to me. Many times over. And I think that it would be. An and the greatest honor for somebody who does what I do for a living. Number one news without betraying my core values or my principles and without equipment care. In other words to be a man and be consistent. Yet. To be able to try. To do away with that misconception. That people on our side of the -- are nothing but hate filled the hander -- knuckle dragging bastards. That's important to. And I think the greatest honor that I can have in my life. Would be in one week. To be able to go to a group of veterans. And rightwing Tea Party people. And be hugged. And have my handshake and and feel welcomed. And the next night go to -- group of lesbian gay transgender people and get hugs and handshakes and the thanks for what you do. Because if I can do that if that happens. -- I kind of feel like you know what. Things are pretty cool. So. Welcome to the show with your -- what you've been there for awhile. And I always like to make it clear from where I am comic. One night when I do shows her -- when I say stuff like this because. Again. There are so many ways you can approach -- topic. And recently. That I know -- said this before but we always have new people -- orders. I have tried to approach topics like the you know the homosexual thing. In a way that is inclusive and respectful of everybody. And frankly there's a very selfish motive for. Because I get love from the Christians. I get -- from the homosexuals. And why would I want to take that love NC screw you with that why would they do that. You can make that would just be stupid. So I try to find commonalities. And the common ground. Between. What. Could be polar opposite positions. And maybe sometimes I won't be able to do there but when I can I'm gonna try. Something I think we can all agree on. Everybody but use -- driving in the wintertime. This morning. I was told now I have the advantage of being able to sleep in now. Sandy beach who now does nine to known. He still gets up at the ungodly hour of 5 AM I think I went to Houston eight Q and that I got to but anyway. Sandy unfortunately had to drive and in the teeth of the holing -- and bad commuting weather this morning. I drove in during lunchtime I left early because I knew it was not going to be a fun drive and even with the Jeep. Now here's my question and this is kind of a happy ending but it will kind of give you a chance to be. Well two -- -- week. You can't believe that a after almost four months straight. Of winter driving conditions. People are still blank. You can't believe. After nearly four straight months of winter driving conditions. People are still. Doing a blank. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about this man I start things off. Yes you -- not OK I will. First of all the negative the phone number so you can take part in this is not heavy lifting but it certainly related. In 030930. Is the phone number 803 all 930. -- 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB -- so 8030930. Is the land line. 180616. WB yen is -- free. And the cell phone number which is also free is -- 930. And the lady who sent me the email before saying your power was out in Clarence that was right around lap. Road LA PP Rhode. Now I don't know if you've still got the power outage but if you do. And you. Like a battery powered -- -- -- -- if you want aboard a few. The use of electricity send me email Thomas WB and -- -- -- I wanna start things off I can properly. After almost four straight months of winter translation Arctic driving conditions. The people when they are approaching an off ramp on the 290. Fail to slow down so they don't steered off the ramp. -- difference. The ramps -- ever in as good condition as the highways. Do you not understand after four months up Arctic driving conditions. The highway. In other words -- to the itself as tough as it is to maintain. Could be. Entity asphalt. But the off ramps. Generally do not get the same quick speedy treatment. There for what you exit the 29 or any of the other interchanges. You've got to slow down. And thanks -- -- -- -- Robert Moses I believe we have those relief exits in some spots which I think it was a conspiracy involving collision shops. -- -- And headlight dealers. That's what I can't believe about winter driving. That people are still taken the exits wage too fast. Especially on mornings like today where the slippery snow blow across the road block across the exits. You gotta slow now. My vehicle was -- for winter driving. I drive like an old -- shut up German open myself up to that one. 8030930. Is the phone number start thirtieth the cell phone 180616. WB yen. -- trying to give you guys a happy ending but also an educational ending. And right now let's see if the traffic issues are ending or whether we've only just begun. Worst wedding song ever here's Alan Harris. Yup and I wish I could get it better news on the weather but that's kind of why do the show to round out the program today after four months of damn near Arctic driving conditions you were still amazed that people are doing what on the road. Blustery this evening with a few flurries bitterly cold tonight I'll leave the dog out all leave the cat out. Small children of course lead them out but that the animal bringing Richard Green goes inside. He says jokingly the overnight -- zero frigid tomorrow the -- only thirteen and right now gang. It is seven above on the thermometer. And the windshield the real feel is minus 27. Seven degrees minus 27. You're really need to go into the fact that the weather service has put up those windshield notices I think you could probably put two and two together Internet. -- so after four months of Arctic driving conditions you were still seeing people doing what and it absolutely amazes you. Now my my own personal thing is the people who were still take in the exit ramps too fast and -- Alan Harris pointed out there are some lamps. That really are like yeah what are hairpin turns and one of them would be. On the two ID when your -- east. Like -- -- -- -- -- from the Easter from the boulevard all to web main street Williams and use. I don't wanna go all the way to main street ethical get off it Charlotte assured Harlem. Did you take that turn. And you're about thirty feet in and if you're taking that too much you will not make that turn without going off the road you're not gonna do. On icy surface he got it would just your speech. You really -- Otherwise you're gonna end up in a collision shops and that's something that I don't understand. Why people just it doesn't go through their mines. I also don't understand. There's something else that I don't yet. When -- on again let's say the 29. Which by the way try to avoid at all costs. Any time a single flake of snow may be seen. Because it is a Mongolian cluster dance of epic proportions on the 290 in the wintertime. But. When you were the only car on the road. And your right hand lane and you see somebody tried member John Miller's Port Orchard and dry. Would it really kill you. To put on your signal look over your shoulder and moved to the middle lane and to allow them easier access to the highway. Because you know it's inevitable right. You know that the two of you will converge at the same spot at exactly the same time. So that's something you're always gets my -- just a little bitten and that really begun goats are at 624 I need to break your calls coming up. 8030930. Start on 3180616. WB Ian and of course if anything is happening but I need to know about now traffic wise you know the fresher the bitch. The stronger my niche. -- -- -- -- -- Away. Of trying to re doing it with that Joseph beer than the minute I started he stopped thanks lot Joseph. You know what evening I am David Crosby at Woodstock with suite Judy blue zones now and he -- remember the words. All right it's not that there's anything wrong with anyway six now actually it's 630 foreigners reg united thirty WB EN our gang. After four months of almost. Its top winter driving you are still amazed that people are still doing -- out there on the roads. Before I get to the calls very quickly. I just wanna mention remember especially in weather like this we have the rule over rule if you can safely move over a -- When you -- emergency vehicle police ambulance tow truck whatever. You have to do if you can't safely move over you must slow down. And I created huge everytime I see a cop on the 290 where a coach Rucker wrote a -- a -- a winch on the team at the at a winter of the -- united. I cringe because politics is just one this calculation and somebody's going around without legs so just please be here. Let's go to Paul and East Aurora on WB Ian at all. You normally do and sir. Well outlook -- open shrewd. -- -- that we don't want him well there and I don't want another Camille like Juan. Awful. And the Clinton and I'm able committees and and then that when people write down the road went out anywhere in the weather but it'll take to -- that are literally. And -- the -- Personal flying into another make it difficult for people to dry if you don't think all the way down. Well. Sometimes. Now here's here's where I have a dilemma because as much as I -- -- agree with you and as much as I know that you are 100%. Right. Some of us who are six foot four can't quite reach the top of our jeeps to brush off this well so it's yeah. Well I I just had a sneaking suspicion that you would basically take and break me like he very dry -- over your head actually but. Com you know I tried my best and I'm sure everybody tries their best but at least try to make sure the windows are clean. -- I think we definitely do that because I didn't see people you know got out with a back windows covered -- -- but I don't windows covered in this idea -- We are making even more difficult than you can't keep buying. Yes he opted for the windows and also the license plates have got to be cleaned off yours -- signals and your headlights. That. It's me because even being short a Surrey. I believed that I -- by pretend because have been growing and in two weeks but. On as far as they have. Headlights they've ever seen first thing in the morning these people were driving they didn't clean off their car they've got their headlights -- but you never know what because they're buried under layers at all. That unit -- that like -- at all. -- Right so people who do not properly brush their cars you know what. Well I have to plead some level of guilt to this offense and Sunday I'm sure I'll get written up for. I understand that is an issue although I would say that today's slow blew off very easily out of my neighbor's -- I'm glad you called -- thank you. -- 030930. By the way than I say boys I got the power back up and Clarence -- on -- well done I can't imagine what would be like to work outside with power lines when it's minus 26. That February day. In Clarence center New York but the might say guys well done and also you guys with the water authority. And the gas company who have to dig in the outside in this kind of nonsense Daly thanks for what you do. I know everybody hates the gas company and every thinkers of the bills but you guys bust your asses every day you don't get a lot of recognition. You do get a paycheck I realize that. But that's that's a hard date being outside this kind of weather try it sometime for five minutes even with your best you clubs. Here is sterling fell on a WB and hello sterling. Anytime. I -- -- thank you for pointing out that I am the only one knows how to drive in the wintertime I don't reach. Well of course it's it's interesting how that works. Well it's it's simple matter that everybody that's going -- the news tomorrow on everybody going slower is -- -- Well if you could throw to dues regular we'd be soul mates about how well let's let's let your mind. God -- -- and really get me an institute called -- and it happens summer winter forward doesn't. Seem to matter I don't want -- walk on the plant themselves out in the left lane and refused to move over or anything. And that's what -- did it again and that plane and get right off your left rear quarter panel in the blind spot. So it's you have no clue where they are also at eight -- Okay it. This is so vital that you mentioned this sterling I want to once again. Explain for new drivers and people who were never properly educated in terms of driver safety what you mean by blind spot. And exactly what you just said people do to get into your blind spot. It's that important you have to repeat it. Well I'm very basically blind spot is a spot. Where where you are looking in your driver's side. Outside mirror. That you cannot see there's a certain period from about two thirds of the way down your card through. Almost a quarter panel where you cannot see you Jason Lane and people pull up and. Yet in that spot and then failed to change their position relative to you. And it basically. Leave him almost invisible. And leave themselves and the court yourself in a position where you've got no routed you have to Wear to avoid a -- obstacle or even another vehicle. You are -- correct and blind that spot driving I have noticed surge has gotten worse and worse and worse not just in the winter but even in the summertime over the past five years it's almost like people have never heard of the blind spot anymore. Well I think all of raw I think we have turned in -- buried -- it and group of people on the road and it I don't biggest deliberate malicious. Intent I don't think -- even careless and jerk in that sent the. Well I agree and unfortunately. The in a tentativeness is what's so often leads to fatalities and if not of the driver who is being at that inattentive. To the people who were victimized by the driver who is being inattentive or you know either by death or by some serious physical injury. All right well I've got Jim thanks for bringing up the blind spot now quick question are you are used someone. It's accurate are you so wanna make sure that your car is always brushed off of every flake of snow before you pull out of drive. Do you get that 70% done. I hate getting -- You see that I pulled out mistreat -- brushed off so that I don't have to leave it sit in the driveway. But I have been known then I am export three but I can't reach the top of the pickup truck with a cap on the neither. Well you know that's interest because I cannot get the top of my Jeep and I you know we're gonna say I'm just not physically -- enough to work to do it now mocking look like a -- with a little step letter outside. Others such a thing is vanity and pride which takes precedence over any other concern in life now and I hope. You're the kind of guy who gives some slack to the people who worked entering the highway with all you have to do to make life easier -- just to move one way over so everybody can relax and chill out. I always move over when they see somebody trying to -- the road or the highway and it frustrates you and other people. No but again I think you're just an attempt to. Well it's in attentiveness and I think sometimes it's a lack of consideration for a lack of awareness. That's what gets me the lack of awareness like hey this person's try to get on the road all I have to do is put -- on look. Over my shoulder before I do that and let this person. Enter the highway with a minimal chance of an accident but I think I'll stay in the right lane so they have to speed up on -- Highways it makes no sense. And I remember when I learned to drive which could let. All -- Horse and buggies right stagecoach. They did of course suspect. I know I learned to drive the ball very detailed and -- them instruction manual in the driver's manual that the State of New York issued. I don't know what that Manuel looks like today -- I've been driving for forty some odd years but there. He was covered and you would think that it would be covered today. Well yeah I would think so but that unfortunately. They're giving licenses to everybody these days. So it seems thank you very much I'm glad -- -- You don't even go there I think you should be thirty before you should vote. All right I mean I was raised the voting age. I know that might not be popular. Unless you're a soldier. -- I think if your soldier should be allowed to vote as you've got skin in the game. Or veteran. Who may be listed from eighteen to 22 I think he'd be able to vote. Maybe 26 years old house there. Move. As a -- topic actually give people everywhere habit. Three -- thirty after four months of almost nonstop winter driving you were amazed that people are still doing what's. You know oh you know it also amazes me and this is really so much a driving issue as it is. And in if you got teenagers this is gonna drive you nuts how many you have teenagers. And apparently they have never heard that sometimes cars breakdown. How many do you see your teenager leave the house in a freaking. Denim coat. When it's this cold outside. Without any other protection and you look at them and say hey if your car breaks down. You might freeze to death it's not get a break down what were you go -- are caught up the calls bill. -- you -- denim jacket you got an old car you're going to be in the country already hit it this year. You try to -- that. It 03 on -- thirty start Nigeria we're gonna Joseph -- they say that. Joseph you -- unlike your dad. Are we sure about this are 8030 lead thirty start I had thirty and 180616. WB EN after four months of almost nonstop winter driving you're still amazed when you see people doing what. In this morning and a lot of people took the case. Now somebody said -- email wanted to go. This I. You know it's funny people. Well my advice on stuff even when I'm not really expert and things -- can make it. But. Some one of the -- the kind of headphones -- where. They're called gray ago GR a DO. And I don't wanna get too technical with you but. My old favorites used to be sent Kaiser's. Sympathizers quality. Ceased to be quality. I was looking around I went to whatever sponsors the speaker shop on main street in Amherst. And I bought. Great OSR 120 fives. -- the wake up on my FaceBook page to the company guys. These headphones are the best headphones I've ever. And I Wear them every day I usually get about two years where out of them at the more than the average person. But oh my gosh they're just awesome -- -- weather wise were minus 26 with the windshield bitterly cold tonight zero. Let's get back to the calls after. Four straight month practically of Arctic driving conditions you can't believe that people are still do and why it's especially this morning. Here you were doubles with -- morning drive commute -- good lord -- Beth in Holland on WB Ian -- fellow. It well I'm posting now and that anticipating with not a lot of satisfaction in the idea of going outside to feel all of my parts freeze -- it. -- -- and I would. They complain about. People that getting are under it and that you have the right away at -- that you make it how about getting irritated but now below -- -- I got -- -- at the right away and it ain't pretty didn't elect my eye wall and let them tie it up and fired back. I'd try to end. So not the other way out loud I'm not an -- current lack of. -- that. It is a special circumstance. Situation where between you and the person tried to -- the road you've got to try to use calculus and a little trigger -- tree to make sure that you don't collide. Otherwise it's the people that try and make the right. To what they think they're capability dark I'm gonna drive what I -- I limitations are. And now when they can't -- anger opera that tactic curry can't be in my rear view and they try to make eagle after. And I don't understand after four months of this kind of winter driving how some people still insist on writing somebody's butt in traffic. Right they're not going to be able to -- stop and I have to -- Don't wanna put deer runs in front of your car they have just basically compound of the situation. From a single vehicle deer accident to a multiple chain reaction accident because they didn't give themselves -- following distance. Exactly and it might be -- teenage -- about -- like that -- -- via that that one that will be your humble host. I'll never forget them by my daughter called from I've somewhere east Jesus New York out by camp and they Gwynn said dad. I just killed a dear I'm thinking to myself don't hunt that I realized. And. It was the Chevy cobalt. One. That was unfortunate but thank -- everybody was okay. All right thank you for the call. 5803. On 530 start at 3180616. WBBM. You can't believe after four months of nonstop winter driving people are still doing what. When they should know better. Gives all of us all of the -- people all Greek drivers is the other knobs who listened to the other stations or. Here's -- on WB and hello Chris. -- Just expand on what let color -- people who don't mobile phones and I'll let you know people coming around and people learn the left wing. Going maybe five over the limit the desert sunlight and they're going to be written in a war. And you know if you -- if you grow up forward and North Korean world -- primary they almost cultural. Environment wearing you know war. Well you know I definitely understand what you are saying and what I understand Chris and it sounds like this is undermined his well. The people who try to pass -- truck when they're doing five miles may be an hour after the in the truck. My thought is why are you even undertaking that risk. -- sketchy driving conditions when you're not going to gain any ground what's so wherever you gain nothing with the move the risk does not even come close to being a benefit. Well on all I'm not saying -- -- I'm in all along he'd find my word. -- -- -- -- -- I wasn't excoriating you'll see a situation like that I would just back off from the eighteen Wheeler may be moved to the rightly and to what mitigate the chances of that happening. Boldly going W I'm Brian incremental lottery we've all of them -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know what works we would hope they're right wing and you would have. Going to ask her rights. Well you know we're gonna have to ask her friend Darrell. When he calls him because he is in trading right now it's gonna be he's returning to a career as -- over the road trucker after work and I think as the shuttle driver for the NF TA and -- tried called us last week I think from Virginia so I'll make sure to ask him next time he calls in about that inclement weather an eighteen wheelers. And no openly click on the I don't will be people who we have to turn left at -- at a red white. And there's no green arrow and want to turn green and they don't move until only clear. It'll and to and it actually here legally -- -- and then -- -- it is that there is cycle to cycle until finally get a break. And sometimes what happens especially when the road is covered with snow and -- that -- is covered by the snow people don't know there in the left turn only lane. I started hawking if somebody the other day in the -- -- -- they don't know it's this and I felt bad thanks for the call. Guys I don't know where this time goes it's like Phil Liggett has got here is my favorite part of the day all. You beamer this time is the paper part of that they don't congratulate yourself. Anyway -- wanna thank Jovi were as always for being a great teammate and a masterful board operator technical director John Sherman great work -- call -- And thanks to you guys. I really appreciate you being there. They can be part of your life. Part of mine who works. Know your self.

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