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2-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. I watched the -- and he -- great. I think. -- -- The hold looked. There -- anxious and my brother maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain can why can't really feel stupid. But apple people in charge. -- -- I'm not only -- they don't know what this. Good. Kind of evicted people know me. I'm very happy for these mediums including you know partner one simple request. Somebody asked to have sharks went. But didn't make every -- that. So anyway I put that out of my FaceBook page -- that I. A lawyer but. I would like to thank -- have a little that a common sense and back in 1985 the Supreme Court of the United States in Matt Thornton -- Coulter incorporated. Said that. Let's say said that. The guy who quit his job because they were gonna make him work on -- -- Had no right to quit his job because of that and expect to be compensated for it. Because by recognizing the Sabbath the company would be advancing and the state would be -- -- the advancement of one religion. That was in 1985. Now it's -- fourteen and we've got the federal government's EE EO CT taking. A trucking line to court because a couple of Muslim drivers don't wanna deliver alcohol on the runs. Which by the way they knew they might have to do when they took the job that where. So much of is is just common sense folks if you're born again Christians or is hardcore Muslim. Or an orthodox Jew and you wanna be a truck driver. And they say you. You know up what our clients is -- publications. And you're gonna have to deliver. Hustler Magazine. To convenience stores all over America. You may not wish to do that and that your prerogative. You could work for a company that delivers -- teacher publications all over America if that is your viewpoint. But to expect other people. Through just. I'm just I am I guess I just missing -- about who the victims are and who the perpetrators -- I think Jan brewer's decision yesterday it was a shock. The constitution of the United States. Folks that's boils down to. Are now obviously. The some of the left wing people on FaceBook and elsewhere who. Frankly I have to tell you that. It is kind of a trip in a way. To have people that obsessed about mean really. I have to live with the 24/7. Believe me it's not that exciting. It really -- I live with 320 -- seven there's not a lot to get obsessed about. But it's kind of weird that people do -- it's just about me and my opinions -- -- -- ever get a quite get that part of of what I do for a living but here's the -- what comes down to committee is our constitution. And you either have rights were you don't have rights. And the very First Amendment of the constitution. Sometimes known as separation of church and state. Well that's one way to phrase it but it better and more accurate way to phrase it is the establishment clause we do not have in our country and established official religion thank god. We don't. That's a play on words but I also happen to believe that. Because let's put this week folks with -- all due respect to my Christian Brothers and sisters listen. Some -- you guys or Catholics. In -- you guys were Protestants. Left your own devices you people HUP blow up each other. Make -- are 2014. And we still have Protestants. Who can't stand Catholics and we still have Catholics. Who think Protestants are -- -- reports. And that's just won the nomination of religion christianity well to denominations. Of one -- and denominations. And and that's this year it. It really hurts but it also illustrates the founding fathers' brilliance. In using the lessons of history. To keep America from having a state religion. Some people say I'm christianity should be a state religion of the United States and I say an election -- Well whose christianity are we talking about. Are we talking about yours are we talking about the pope's are we talking about the guy who gave the anti Catholics -- -- and never went back to that church. Because they are all Christians. And they couldn't even get the basics right there. So our founding fathers were a lot smarter. Than I think some people give them credit for being. But what are the things they promised along with the establishment clause that the state wouldn't established an official religion. They also promised to use the people. The free exercise. Of your religion. And I know that the left likes to call everybody. That disagrees with specific left wing positions. Bigots and hate mongers. Because. Those are buzz phrases along with bullies. And I don't take that approach. I don't have to take that approach. Because my approach yesterday and my approach today is exactly the same. We live ladies and gentlemen. In -- journalistic society. OK. We live in a society. In a world that is getting smaller and smaller and smaller every day. And guess what some people in this world were deodorant. And some people don't. Need I go further into spiritual matters well. Some people use the days some people don't some people don't use a damn thing. They usually sit next to me on the metro rail but anyway. The point I'm trying to make is as the world gets smaller. If you are a member. My Brothers and sisters in the lesbian gay by transgender community you're gonna have to cut people some breaks on their faith. Okay you can't isolate yourself from Provincetown. Allentown or Frisco anymore and pretend that the entire world is like those places because it's not. And the same thing goes to my Brothers and sisters who -- hardcore. Fundamentalist Christians. The world is a smaller and smaller place. And you know what. There really shouldn't be any role in anybody's heart. For hatred. Now I understand that it might not be hatred to you. You might very well say Tom it's not a question of I hate them it's a question of I have a spiritual and moral compunction. Against doing business with homosexuals I can't do it it turns my stomach because it is anathema to my face. Well to me that sounds like a reasonable argument. Dozens are like hatred it sounds like somebody going through a spiritual. Issue. And I told you before folks. There's no way in hell I would expect somebody to forsake bear. Faith. To do business with me. I mean Lance said this before -- promised to be honest with you guys. You know I'm sure as -- like gonna go to little Mary Christians travel agency and say book me two weeks that he -- -- Bartlett put why would a putter that position. -- -- But let's get back to the calls on the WB Ian here is deal in the forest -- -- got a thought on the most bully people on America. You about you talked to me more about that young children should be seen not heard was what we grew up on your. I think -- and our government considered it and a belting -- like government. Yeah that's ever gonna yeah. Yeah. You know I think people really want -- Revolting against -- what they he has that. Remember Robert believe right out. I think Asia Pollard and out of school -- the child and think -- if you just look at the old school Italian debt they're now working. -- particular school working. Well some of the schools in buffalo or working very well city -- puts out geniuses ever years unfortunately not every school is as good as city honors. But but let me just let me just say this bet have you been keeping tabs that I presume you've got kids in school. -- you don't. Well if you keep tabs -- on some of the teaching lessons that are coming home with the kids I have to tell you as a free thinking person. They are laughable. Because they're trying to make every child fit into a round hole even if there's waiter or a square hole of their round. They are frowning upon creative. Analytical. Thinking in favor of collect devised thinking I kid you not. Yeah I I would I would just try to execute children more so than teach the children by. You're. It to keep an opponent off balance that you know on under your martial arts wanna keep your. You're walking off the ballot so that they don't know where they are when they are they indicate that easier separation you know. Well and always so lessons you learned -- lesson to any of martial arts is take the biggest guy first. All right and by the way there's no such thing as a fair fight martial arts and accurate anybody says thanks very much and magic called. You know like this -- and listen to. Otherwise you actually go out. I don't know if it went to veto. To. Feature true nice -- well thank you for calling a two stage NICU in L. All right thank you 803 on -- thirty but there is no bill of rights in hell I'm pretty sure that if there is a hell which I don't believe anyway let's go to mr. Harris getting us home safely and soundly through the whistling wind that I'm -- to an idea ever rails. You know I do the full forecast but part of me thinks that'll be cruel and unusual punishment. I know that it's seven above on the thermometer it's minus twenty. With the wind chill minus 27 degrees with the wind -- tonight the overnight low zero. Which means I get to give Haley -- who shoulder ride in the White House tonight. She's like apparent. Seriously of one of the pirate in my next life except. Now I do I wanna be a pirate and I got that aren't so I've got up pretty well but. It is the funniest thing and think you know pirates used to walk around with the the parrot -- on their shoulders my one cat. Actually sit on my shoulder and perch there like it's the best spot in the universe -- it's bizarre. She's such a pistol. -- let's get back to the calls -- animal website at WB and Dan welcomed mr. -- The people are noticing. That trend but but. One we are four to. Perform you know and is currently. Compelled by law. You know that -- -- normal week you were moving from individual rights -- collective rights and collective right are administered by government individual rights are ours and so so here we are you know like. I got to do acts or somebody. You know whether it's paid money to provide them with something or. Or make a case in goal for for what is something that I object to it's it's it is boom boom -- they're completed a compulsory acts. So freedom is disappearing. And and authoritarian and I mean I. Called sir sir the brilliance I have to tell you the brilliance is reeking from your every word and syllable. And I wish to be absolutely drenched with more brilliance after the news break so collect more thoughts sure -- where this after the news you'll be first up I promise. I almost feel like I'm sitting -- classroom being educated. This is this now this is excellent thank you so hold out on WB I have a kindred spirit on the life. -- -- Mr. alcohol. All right -- -- that's such a safe otherwise. It is -- early on WB got a judge -- weird I. I got to face them like obviously I don't have a drinking problem I don't have -- -- an issue with alcoholism. But now it's become like a challenge to myself. And how long can actually go without having zero with having zero desire for any -- You know it's you know it's weird it's like it's not a problem it's not an issue it's not the -- but it's been so long. It's like pulling for me to really want -- 150 calorie to Hungary and tonic and I don't know that's just the contrary to the becoming out sorry guys no sank the quality intended. All three on -- thirty starry night 3180616. WBG. And who is the Eagles bullied group what is the most elite group in America in 24 to ask a question yesterday but after -- late. Crazy late by the way somebody sent via an email you've got a power outage in Clarence Centre let me check on something here excuse me. Sorry to keep a hold -- I'll listening to your show on battery powered radio with a fireplace going thanks for entertaining us Jennifer. Jennifer I don't know winner in Clarence Centre -- live. But if it's the swingers part of Clarence Centre drop -- let's go to Dan now on the west side. On the WB yen. You know John Sherman the port -- Sherman came here as a young men with high morals and decent standards and values of a saint and by the time he's not working with me he's gonna leave as a complete. In disrepute -- probate. I have an effect on job now did you are talking about. Thinking in the collective and the absence of individual freedom and for those who weren't listening earlier. And I and I I feel sick and -- always have a repeat things but you have to be conscious -- of the fact that there are people who wake up in the morning who choose to listen to shows like -- Roger show on her sandy beaches and they try to find that one statement they can take to spread all over the the Twitter -- and everywhere else to say -- see this person is that a liberal and this person hates hates -- and it it's BS anybody who has listened to my show. But my argument use. The Jan Brewer dropped the ball. Because your right to the free exercise of your religion. Is a guaranteed right according to the constitution. And I think that's sacrosanct. It doesn't say anything in their about political correctness. If that your religion and that you were. Religious belief the government has no authority to challenge that I can never understand why the government went after the Mormon polygamist. But that's just me anyway go ahead. Oh well irate that the only thing I can say that even remotely funny years. We're both going to be funny educate me you're just you -- you were losing collect before. -- at midday telmex and said. Good reasons are always given for the assumption of authority -- And this is what we're looking at here the progresses -- during this two ways because they're they're increasing their power well at the same time striking out it. -- the job. Religious majority you know which which they load which you know -- -- eager to do all the time I told well I I told so hard -- left. People. Not that long ago the same thing as that by the time it was a -- thirty. I Serbs understand this social engineering and pull activism or authoritarian. And apparently yes Andy in Naples said the exactly the same thing. Sometimes that's just the well it's just suffice. And in our society it's always gone. For the benefit of of power and not for that not for whatever they're saying at this insult to gay people com under. The same. Burden that we everyone else well sooner or later but but were supposed to be. Believing that this is -- -- out -- don't know -- for power for power building and we are. Seeing it. Power growing in leaps and bounds now it's not authority I mean. I mean I mean the creeping authoritarianism. As often running now it's it's it's swaggering and misses then and there because there's no stopping. There's where where -- effort gone now I mean. It would I don't know what it would take I really don't but we're but we are we have lost so much ground now I mean you must. Participate in this you must. In this room for that and -- -- you must provide for somebody else and intellect like this is. On again. Obama's said that the constitution's full of negative rights because it's so it's just gotten a -- government power that we distribute well it doesn't -- bit. For a simple reason. Freedom. Well you know you also by the way you also said something you'd imagine HL Mencken. And that fact that you know the bottom line was -- he along with many other great minds over the years and said that governments will always screw you in the name of helping new. And the president in his State of the Union Address. Made a statement that any other president would have been forced to resign over whenever and wherever possible I will bypass congress to improve the lives of the American people. That my friends is a dictatorship. -- And an -- and you can guess which part on. Physically you know I mean our president the difference between our president. And and and our governor and his career as well -- -- and the other one doesn't and but so that's why so many people are sticking by our president. Does because their their way -- is awesome -- Well I think frankly some of the bloom is off that rose but well unfortunately of two or three years too late. I got a moblog to I don't wanna thank you for your intellect and your mind on the show thank you. All right well done well well -- There's one more time today with traffic because anything -- okay what they what do you do see any traffic issues and I mean major traffic issues you've always help us out as Washington safely do -- star. Actually beat the traffic hotline is 80303218030321. We've got cameras everywhere in fact we've got one in your bathroom that we put in last night but. At this early help us with traffic too much. But you'd be surprised what happens in your house figured out there but we've got cameras they're we've got cameras on every road in Western New York. -- -- we also appreciate your eyes shall -- All right yeah I I sneaking suspicion that Alan Harris it's something to say I think we've achieved mine meld with mr. AH Allen let's. -- you know myself oral affirms her thought is if I dropped ten F bombs before I hit Maine and garrison traffic's gonna suck. Did hit it all right AccuWeather I'm so mature AccuWeather basically guys it's going to be really really really cold again tonight you know the windchill was already minus 27. And the overnight low tonight's going to be zero please don't -- your cat outside that I don't leave your dog outside tonight you have a responsibility to shelter your animals please do so. Now the kids forget about your kids but make sure the animals are okay. I'm having fun with few not to be taken seriously. By the way folks I -- wanna get in to the idea not popular wanna get those people who've been waiting on the phone but. But the fact is the world is getting smaller every day. And every day you have decisions that you gonna need to make regarding your reaction to the world increasingly smaller around you. And I don't hear your faith is what you're ideology happens to be what your lifestyle happens to be. We're gonna have to be more accommodating. A V -- all of us let's go to Anthony and buffalo on on WB Ian Anthony high. The world smaller -- I just write a report that general. -- -- 2030 years ago the average at least our children for their chemistry point six kids for -- -- don't -- point nine. -- -- Well it's getting smaller in terms of the fact that you can go online right now and probably pick up a live -- of your ancestral hometown in Germany or Poland or Australia. It's getting smaller because you can be anywhere in buffalo and twenty minutes and anywhere in the United States and six hours that's what I meant I'm sorry. -- warrior. Like to clarify -- fluids -- blood. And it was a virtual library -- that -- spoke just before me. Oh when he said that you know were so far gone that -- Award certificate -- backed -- a bachelor and and the general -- eight year old veteran. The -- -- And there is -- two terms and they are all about you know career as a country. And a bit -- him you know Israel and you know I'd do -- -- from the workers -- you earn some of the others here shall. He -- and then. About the history and they said that -- -- index there. Under two hours these two guys stores. That they the first four and smack at the popular country get so far you know what these guys produce something -- -- there. Chapter age. And you know we can do. Or oh it's change this country that should. Well the very first step Anthony and you know what we talk about this a lot and I wrestle with this a lot. The very first step is to awaken Americans from their stupor and from the bread and circuses environment in which we find ourselves. From a society which cares more about the voice that it does about the constitution. And frankly that's a tall order because when people get all that hard they work they wanna unwind they wanna relax I know why do. Even though you know what I do for a living sometimes I gotta check out of it I got to tune out. Number two. After you wake them up you've got to educate them. And you've got to make them understand that the constitution. Is one of the most remarkable. Written documents ever written. And it was the regional for its time. In terms of recognizing. Existing. Rights the constitution. Gave words to rights which already existed. In theory. That those -- the first two things what do you think. Well I think here you're correct of course but I just can't account which -- where some of my age. Who is a staunch Democrat and I. Quite frankly I don't care who works at a Republican -- -- they're just so are -- it's it's ridiculous. And this to our poor guy -- my agent educated. Who's you know being -- sharp right -- soccer. Good you know look at it Larry it's our social hurt a book always a Democrat my Democrats are so right -- midst of what would torrential clearly racked. And it could just. -- center in there's these tight you know I try to have a very true the special this children. About where we are initiated a country and and eight days that you -- talking as somebody -- -- just doesn't understand what their -- they don't even think it's the same language it's just desire. Well you know what it is a different. It's a different world -- I don't happen to agree with it but guess what. There are very intelligent people on the left now people like you and I we believe that they are misguided they're very intelligent people on the right. And the left will regard that has misguided. Newton I think. We are at the point now. Where are not historical precedents exist to compare socialism communism progressive has them. Vs capitalism and more for free market economy and see which system historically has benefited the most people for the longest period of time. This should not even be a debate. She's you know -- certainly the fish regularly and fresh and we're gonna have our country's chicken the first without worrying about how to -- get official themselves and that's just you know it's. Nor did -- a woman and all she eat is fish and she'd never have a state. That used to annoy me sorry. Now now if it wasn't but it was like you know seriously I mean have a stake -- put. -- Yeah all right I gotta go Anthony could call excellent call effected by the way guys again you guys. And I'm not trying to be that guy in in the bars say use a round of applause that was the best super right that it. But you guys are really the top your game today. And I think I really do there were covering new ground -- talk show. On this radio station and with my philosophy in my approach. And I'm pretty proud -- I'm proud of your calls today I haven't heard one hatred. I ever heard one hatred hateful things said by anybody. That my friends is progress on WB. All right guy and I which sexuality is that we always appreciate your help but with traffic and stuff because it really does make a difference and it's like you to help us your -- your fellow buffalo in western New Yorkers and folks were our guests from out of town. AccuWeather blustery this evening like I opened my side door today I couldn't believe it I felt like oh here it is January 1977. And -- fourteen and again. Bitterly cold tonight a few flurries in the southern two or shut up Sherman the overnight low zero. Tomorrow some sunshine and thirteen right now it's seven above and the windchill is minus 27. Degrees. Ouch ouch ouch. It would be -- whole hour of need to pitch again about winter and its duration and its -- this year. Probably would be all right I will let you -- from doing so ago. But. -- make a point before we get into some other things here for the final hour of the show. And I mentioned this to to the -- when I said in the world is getting smaller every day. And I just wanna put something in your. And maybe smoking crack -- But. This is the kind of stuff that I kind of think about late at night. When I'm on my couch just messing with the guitar. Watching some old Alfred Hitchcock show or something from BTB. Wondering what John Julio has not offered me my own TV show we TB but. Folks. In this life. You're gonna come across people with whom you have absolutely nothing in common. You'll also come across people with whom we have some things in common. But I -- to assure you of something. That everybody with whom you come into contact. Is going through their own individual struggle. Their own individual questions. Possibly their own individual Greeks and uncertainties. As well as they're all individual weaknesses in life. And sometimes people are just have a bad day. And you can't misinterpret. Somebody's behavior as anti U. You know if you are for example -- lately Christian -- flamboyant homosexual. And somebody. You believe just did not really regard you with the respect with which you'd like to be receipt that might have after the deal with you. That person but it just found out their husband was diagnosed with cancer or they just got a diagnosis of lupus. So the bottom line is. You got to cut people some slack. Seriously. I'd I'd just think that that is so important because in life. We're only here for a short time poker. And you've got a choice you can walk around with a hate monkey on your back. You can chill out and try to appreciate that everybody has their own thing. With which they're -- And I choose to try to it hurts to see and understand that other people have their stuff they're getting through as well. So ought to pick some of that up on the other side but may also want to give you happy ending RWB Ian.

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