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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

2-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And welcome to the New York's fifty -- extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- His ball club. There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. There is that ten minutes after -- -- -- -- 930 WB and so German jobs while me and last night they drive on her drive. House always -- amounts -- currently drive -- is my excellent. Getting getting the check to see you know. -- I had to report to John Sherman and every car in my driveway he doesn't recognize. Our right next thank you very nice very nice. Are right it is up for a minute set us -- candidates after four and a WBM. Mr. Joseph Bieber is you're bored guy he's technical director mr. John Sherman is or call screener. And up folks if you see traffic problems everyone of them has been caused by a homosexual. And that we would invite you to let us know through WB and traffic movement and I'm kidding of course -- commander. 80303218030321. For major traffic problems all the -- Now. Not who you think the most bullied now I get into this until later yesterday and I think it's a -- Toppert. I I have a theory ladies and gentlemen a lot of theories and maybe some of the half baked and I respect your believing that that may be the case. I can't claim and monopoly on the truth like him that I seek the truth every day in every way you possibly can't. But. What do you believe is the most -- group of people in the America. Because I happen to believe. That it's not gay people anymore. Up for a time. -- you guys. You know if if if you're one of if you're one of the hourly lesbian brigades how many times recall bike along the way. In a vindictive cruel nasty way not by your friends but by somebody trying to purchase. If your guy how many times you've been called a fag and it hurts you and you magical home crying from school. -- thank god those days are over. Okay there are over. Thank goodness. That. Most mature people in America. Are recognizing. That not everybody in this world is heterosexual. Bet there are people who are heterosexual who should be loved and respected. There are people who work homosexual. Who should be loved and respected. There are people who are bisexual who should be loved and respected. And all I -- to shades of gray in between. It -- in in the range of human sexuality. Orientation. As I said yesterday the same thing with transgender. I could never quite grasped the whole concept Petraeus gender until educated myself on that and then suddenly it clicked and I said you know what you're right or wrong I do. I do need to be more open to those of you -- transgendered and not be such a judgmental huge bag. And that oops I'm one over for the week make it up but anyway that's where uncommon for. Now for the Christians. The Muslims or the Jews have a focusing on Christians. Because christianity is still the majority religion in America. Catholicism being the biggest segment of that majority religion in America. And in the world for that matter. But. I believe that. If you are a member of a group which knows what it's like to be picked on and bullied. Stupidly by more runs. That you've got to avoid the same generalizations. In your own dealings with Christians. You should be treating Christians who are not down with. Your lifestyle. Or you or orientation. You should at least try to understand from where they're coming. Even if you happen to believe it's an ignorant position. Okay different people are gonna have different thoughts about the way you live your life. You think people you like I don't catch crap about the way would I like from people. I don't I just don't care and I don't like a big deal lot of I am away. -- so anyway. Long story short. What bothers me about the Arizona. Jan Brewer were vetoing the law in Arizona. Is not really get off on seeing people discriminated against because I don't. I wouldn't do personally. I don't like to see anybody -- I don't like the -- people bullied. I don't like to see Christians believe I don't like this he Muslims bull. And I don't sometimes some of you might have a hard time believing there. But. It all gets back to. Understanding human nature. And mob violence in mob psychology. And every time I think of people like beating up Muslims after 9/11 I think about Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare. Where the pork poet who shared the name as one of the conspirators. Was beaten up simply for sharing the same name cement. I've sent other poets of the -- what pat doesn't matter -- for his bad bursts. That's mob psychology. And that's accountable weighing against which I would like to -- whether the victim is a Christian Muslim and Jew or -- homosexual. Or lesbian transgender by whatever. And the way I see this would happen in Arizona is. It is an infringement upon the constitutional. Rights of the religions of any -- To enjoy the free exercise. Of the year religion. And by the whale -- to the punch before I get the email. Well Tom does this include the mormons who wish to have plural wives I would say yes that does include mormons. I never thought it was any of the government's damn business due out west to tell the mormons they shouldn't have plural wives their faith. Should be. Dear friend and protect it as such. By the government of the United States which makes all these high and mighty promises about your damn rights and again we get back to George Carlin. You don't have any rights you have a temporary bill of privileges which the government can take away at any time. And very either apply to all of -- -- they apply to non of us. And in this case folks the First Amendment could not be any clearer. You know who as a citizen are entitled to the free exercise. Of your religion. Now I know that there are hobby shots in there -- you're not gonna -- your wife to death for adultery. Period that there they're gonna frown upon that. But in terms of the Arizona situation. In terms of people of faith of any -- Who just don't understand the the homosexual. Orientation will help people are homosexual. You know what. You're gonna win more supporters which sugar then you're gonna win with better. Don't marginalize the Christians. Don't call the Christians names don't call them a bunch eight holes. Okay that's not a way you're gonna win the argument. Instead to treat the Christians how you would like to be treated. With respect dignity love and compassion. You're never gonna get them to agree with you about -- about homosexual marriage it's not going to happen. But a player what at least if you can have a honest disagreement. And give each other hug -- handshake on the way back that's some progress as a civilization. And again it was only twenty years ago. When. Homosexuals. You know you guys and you ladies of the -- persuasion. Your called all kinds and -- all kinds are hurtful names how many times did you go did you go from school crying her eyes out. Right shouldn't be that way and I'm glad it's not that we -- And the Christian should enjoy the same right to bear. Viewpoints on life as you do. I think that's a message of love and conciliation. Personally but some people call it a message of hate. Let's go to work Sherry in Orchard Park on WB and Sherri thanks for holding its humid here. Hey I'm. -- I want to apologize for any Christian is -- ever called and and you know and what you might help at that at the matter like. Well they could be right to have the -- -- accounts. Well I I rather amused by it and I will tell you why because to me. If god is love the idea of league God's sentencing a human being who is by definition fallible to eternity for being fallible seems inconsistent with a loving god. Absolutely and you know I mean. That's absolutely sure because it. It I'm here and even on the other side powder at a bakery. And eight acre that he and you want it is I. Am it would be my understanding from what I know of the Bible. Bet you're probably felt okay. He probably turned away. Because he. I want -- that hurt and and you don't need it he would you like all right we don't want. Change. They are that from that side. Well actually Jesus was at the wedding and he returned Liberace in the clay it. -- CDs. You know and you want and why did. You know lucky and be close up and show you know what he went out. -- Okay sure I I think I think we're on the same page but be careful because you know what. There are many branches to the tree called christianity don't wanna pick this up on the other side but I got to make sure we get to traffic today because even on my drive -- people work tools and much of your humble host here's -- And of course -- we wanna make sure that people won't hit the brakes at the last minute because the last thing I wanna see your TomTom a lot of -- state troopers were broken legs or worse because some pool didn't slow down or stop in time. All right yes always on my biggest liked I don't when -- drive and Agassi cop in weather like this was somebody pulled over or in an accident scene. I always think to myself all. Please get back to the car please get out of that one spot because it -- a lot of fun in the middle of rate 55 mile an hour highway. All that is unfortunate right now. Now it is minus 23 with the wind she'll do you really want to go further because I'm not going any further. I don't feel yeah I don't feel like you're it's snowy it's called pulled it -- himself three consecutive I can and are -- -- -- through cherry an Orchard Park now sure the situation and Arizona. Do you agree or disagree with my premise that this reflects a nullification. Of the free exercise of religion that was promised by our constitution. Got to do now without a doubt and I agree with you. If they can Whittle away at one right and act and and you know from -- -- and I'm a lifetime member of the NRA. I think you'll eat my privilege to owning a -- actually right. I'm not gonna take my AK forty set out on May but I certainly am and you'll enjoy it or are. Going -- target practice and actually take the smaller. School and shoot people. Enjoy the fact that I have no rights as. I speak in America at all. Yes and you know what. And an end here is where I think. My gay bi transgendered lesbian listeners need to understand. -- those who are religiously oriented who were extremely religious. They have their beliefs protected. By the foundational law of America which is our constitution. And so -- and they are. Only sister and my fitness I have the right in the bank. Right right. I I -- -- -- now I'm not going Q you didn't you. Read. Religion. And you know what I think there's something to -- said. For letting the marketplace. Decide things like here's without government involvement for example. Deliberately ask him if for example. Let's just say a black person wanted to go to a restaurant in Williams real for dinner. And that restaurant refuse to seat the black person because the person was black. If I found out about that I don't need the government to -- that restaurant. I can simply say you know what I would not patronize that restaurant because it is anathema to my personal beliefs that everybody should be treated equally. So I don't even think you need the government involved in this stuff. And not only that. Well every person that I know who -- and me about not. And they're not gonna -- -- -- either and that dry up and intimacy that hurt you that want. You look at the luxury of having all the people. -- -- -- Just one thing I'll leave you with I can still out shoot your. So I think OK all right Gerri thanks very much in our own or -- Analysts who woman and they she proceeded to kick lands on the range it's 425 at news radio 930 WPT. At and. Game. To stand for instance who. Father they have the game we can choose. That. Is I guess. Live news rocking. -- -- Online. It'll be out. I thought. My FaceBook page and here's the love from the left David Wright. You missed taking your mets' Tom you'd fit right into the fifties era south or Nazi Germany. Pay -- David. I hope to -- is some time around. I hope to I hope to give you little education. You'll benefit from greatly. So he will no longer be part what what -- precisely I do not take psychiatric beds. I've never taken psychiatric beds -- -- -- -- based those who have what -- painkillers. From my back is that what you're getting out Valium to get to sleep sometimes is that which -- getting out. -- -- -- Not that I would judge people who do. But. Yeah. You know problems so many things have liked to say but I guess I better just pulled America. -- -- pull back a dual meet in some based. Let's go to legitimately Chester W via I. She -- all. I have. They make the laws and they say using these words this is legal this is he legal with the release saying this is right this wrong. All the laws wherever they are predicted to change a person's conscience. In approaches such as for flaw is not always related to what they believe. Wait say that again gives I don't follow. A person's actions. Is to be an intolerable over people's -- voice. Is old -- related to which. Because they may have it would be experience or traumatic -- report -- old Ronald. Keep will be able to stable boy to a lawyer argued. -- -- Well or intolerant. And that they may be intolerable to others but they are intolerant of the here's. Obama would like those choices for art of working with. Also award you -- this probably to -- the joke because religion that you receive everything unfortunately. So. And though we really feel laws our freedoms that we don't get paid the penalty. You know the over there and it is all based. Control and there were people. Where we -- controlling fear for people. The control of all we want people to be afraid actually you'll be able -- -- this is where the instill these laws that -- Well Martin Luther King now are okay now because obviously I belong in the fifties or south or or Nazi Germany. Martin Luther King he's so laws that were against his conscience. Namely as a minister as a preacher. He saw. Himself almost as a -- Moses and I don't say that in any defamatory cents and he marched for what he believed was right. And he did so not is he whining. Juvenile. Individual wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. He marched as a man of dignity intelligence and spirituality. And he won the battle not with lamb basting name calling and calling his opposition T beggars were Nazis he won today by his sheer strength of argument. And his spiritual. -- not a perfect men don't get me wrong but his heart was in the right place. And I agree secures his personal convictions were taking a different route compared to all the people who truly -- instilling fear to control -- people. We're looking what -- people to rethink. It'll stand up what is better for his rights. Even if it is even if it does cost of our lawyers were over may be. Well the more I know but Martin Luther King the mortgages. I I he's like. He's gone way up my list of heroes in America. The human agreed to destroy -- he went about it in a raid it was respectful was dignified. It took a lot of effort to. And you know what. That you just sir I did you you we we must have achieved mind meld. Because I was just going to say. The reason Martin Luther King is such a -- to. Is he had a choice he took the high road he was a man he was Gary Cooper. You know what I mean he was dignity he was spirituality. Now again that he liked the ladies yes he did it. He also had to deal with. But in terms of the way he dealt with his enemies and people who were against the equality for which he marched. Martin Luther King was just an amazing. Human being. It took me with ballistic diplomacy. It's -- -- -- vehicles saying you know if you really if you can overcome your fears in Evernote can really achieve. Well this is true now what one quick question I have to ask is there a -- lead group in America today. It. It's kind of -- to narrow it down I would advocate I get a stalemate and it will be at the pulpit. Okay well it's good to resist the political system that really dictates and runs the country. Okay yeah and had only -- but it's also different cultural particular agenda you know whether to Christians are the models were the case may be. I mean -- that you can't beat just one particular -- but because. Is that confrontational court determination of a number of different groups and some are more stronger than others. It was almost like missile with the union -- -- -- work. You know the Democrat joining me so they can but it will rule no political motivations which is -- sure what politicians do I don't openly accuse you. Now actually -- you know what it does it answers my previous question I think in many respects we've achieved mind meld. Thanks for the call it's good to have intelligent folks calling Fisher thank you. All right 8030930. Now I don't which we did the show about Arizona. And the gay law which by the way. It is only good -- reported in the media there correct way to explain theirs is as follows. The constitution. Guarantees view. The free exercise of you were religion. It doesn't say the free exercise of your religion unless somebody doesn't say that. And Jan -- by vetoing this. Basically spat all over the constitution. And it's like I told you before if they can take away one right they can take away another George Carlin. Read listen to or otherwise familiarize yourself with what he said about you have no rights and did well. Let's go to. Bubba in the Lewiston on the WB and Bob hello. Liked the way I -- in the here and beat you a -- you know. I agree with you fully this in the air. And myself. And I realize your -- I believe. I'd be this. Year's. It's like. It's -- Did it in pieces are freedom. Of people who. Are your ideas are collect. Christian in America and 24 team. Must be somewhat akin to having been a Jew in Germany in about 1930. While I agree with it it's like the people's negative called you said you're going to -- -- genocide no says this at least they've gotten the only ones and those are good. And is his command for. Was a lot of each other while you're neighbors are locked yourself. So. How can accept myself properly judge injury -- say you're going now I don't know your -- -- knows why are the no insurers. And how we would get it yet. Yesterday let me give me an effective one. Never forgive you for that. But anyway I did did you -- do the right thing or the wrong. Gucci did there aren't very it'd be distant Webster's. It's funny because I'm saving more money -- Bill McCartney. And upbeat. You know I feel I need one all the old I was in the in the National Guard I travel quite shoot it. -- Our first amendment rights are so important. And it just seems like there's generations these these these people. -- are so willing to give away freedoms -- make me start thinking of Nazi Germany you know what -- going. But with the church and I'm very grateful -- -- that there isn't somebody built a machine gun. Except mow me down because he -- people we like because as well be seated and all over the world. I was gonna say you might wish to familiarize yourself with what's going on parts of Africa right now we're basically you have an all out genocide against Christians. By a Muslim fanatics who were burning Christians alive inside locked buildings like here. Mickey Cohen did to that -- in the movie gangster squad currently playing on HBO on demand at the habit. I gotta go I'm glad you called thank you. -- by the way. The glorification of Mickey -- lately in the movies is -- -- anybody with even a passing knowledge of organized crime. Mickey Cohen compared to the East Coast in Chicago syndicate was a lightweight. I don't think it was said that to his face but he's being he has been so blown out of proportion compared his actual importance in OC in America it's not funny. So it's an interesting movie gangster squad. But take it. Not take it as entertainment only. It is 444 newsreel -- thirty WB yet what has -- who has the most bully group in America right now that is my question. Who is the world's bully group right now and isn't a constitutional right to freely exercise your religion. Because the government has already taken a trucking company to court because a couple of Muslim drivers didn't wanna deliver alcohol. So it will stand up for the rights of Muslims to practice their faith but not Christians to practice there's. I find that to be a violation of the fourteenth amendment. It's 448 is ready at 930 WBM hourly with you on the L. Audio law. Joseph -- control John Sherman as your calls were energized Germans also my baby sitter and my chaperon at home John is now my -- official left fourth bodyguard. He is -- in charge check in the driveway every night. Chair and Doris my mom. To do you look at the door burst from a mother. All right let's get to the calls on the WB and here is. First up bill and phone bill you are on the what do you make of what happened in Arizona. At the tablets are out let's bomb the governor are trying to protect the financial interest that the then what -- -- So any issues that that I was broadly worded maybe there -- opportunity -- Gala be another Jew litigated and cards or expenses through the Czech beer that. So let them -- because the constitution was supposed to be forever and for all time unless it was amended by a specific process recommended by -- actually mandated by the founding fathers. That stretch -- by by governor follow cares that much about I'm. Personally with same set to stretch where it is trying to get that money grab. Do I think Governor Cuomo lot. He cheer about it -- that's -- actually. They do get there -- -- just looking at the money and. I think it's it's boat I mean I think that part and parcel of being equal bowl -- liberal news. You absolutely despise and hate conservatives. Who believe life begins at the moment of conception who are not in favor of gay marriage. And who were also pro assault weapon in fact you don't like those people so much that even though you're willing to take their income tax money. You want them out of New York State. So hatred is part and parcel of being a radical liberal. -- I like turn up around they hold out. Well it's a whole lot of don't wanna cut you short but I wanna make sure we get traffic never do because for some folks it's a giant pain in the -- here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather. Don't make me do the whole thing again because ultimately was depressed me I'm just at that right now the windshield was in the minus twenty something range and it's gonna be bitterly cold night with a win jail. You really need more you know it's going to be freezing I'll let Brian give you all the bad news coming up at five. I mean as far as the weather is concerned I open I open the doors of the this afternoon got its. Seriously. I was I was blasted by cold air and stinging snow in my praise -- -- you've got to be kidding me. But then my day was made better go to the bakery and the -- but he Craig and Craig and Kevin always make everything better over first Niagara thanks guys. Let's go out. My caller hung up -- The outline -- Well what's his name again because it cut out I don't know why. Bill okay. I mean I realize that I'm expecting a little too much that maybe fifteen years after -- first the problem -- might actually be that I know that I'm being impatient but still. -- WB a game and yourself. Yeah I -- they resisted parents elder they got called here. You did all right well then I won't play of our computers but it's much fun to do what's up. -- -- -- You know what. This is going to go well. Bill is in the cell phone dead zone from hell let it be called back let -- simply thank him for participation but until such time as he gets a grown up cellphone. We can't put a month on with us. I love you serve but. I have to north of Alfred Hitchcock in radio sound is a rather important element here -- Anthony in the Clarence eight WB and hello. And a lot of personal wild drama that -- I forget you brought your transgression that you'll probably end up -- your place. What a beautiful puppy love and enlarge it and haven't. I would actually prefer a view of the beach at the -- In -- That's -- you could -- what you watt -- there. -- -- -- -- something that a court case that I. Is that court cases pre paid lobbyists Spartanburg since Gelder. It cooperated and it talks about. The idea beyond wielding lady in -- -- -- that as a result or I'll interest rates interest going to be a country. I ran way with some -- but don't you know what. I -- a skilled radio professional communicators I can read things and make it sound like I'm doing it extemporaneous way I want you to just -- -- a conversation with me to tell me what -- sentences. Elite -- I'm not gonna let you read -- -- Sorry I ate my patients I can't let you read it. When you're not that good at reading out loud I'm not trying to be -- understand some people did it better if you just communicate with me instead of trying to read something. I've been reading things that people for 35 years I know how to do. Most people can't do I get lost especially when it's a legal case. I know that you were talking about the -- -- Calder a Connecticut case and I would prefer that you simply had given me one or two sentence brief. And you can call back into that I don't I don't wanna. You know discriminate against you but you gotta do it conversational format. There was another caller used to call and try to read stuff all the time I've actually said you know what later I can't do that here is in the goal in -- on WB and -- -- Well -- I appreciate being real although sometimes I believe it may be a hologram experiment but you're on hello. I'm -- in the treasury and Agriculture Department trio -- audience success in the don't look right -- I think that the electorate that distribute and nowadays children and who but he below the age eighteen. They don't have a right to vote they're pretty much told. Notably -- saying your children should be seen in -- And they're kind of kind of stuck with whatever decision we -- they're stuck with that debt that we occur. Okay you -- your brilliant. Sorry no no you're brilliant because you're right we're sticking them with the debt we are in current. On -- do not hang up on me I'm gonna pick you up first after the news at five. Don't you dare go anywhere in the guy who called in about Morton the Calder -- Feel free to call me back but we need to have a conversation. I can't just what you read something. Because usually when people read things out loud it's not like they're reading and you lose people's interest. I can do it because that's what I do. You know -- asking you play the solo stairway to heaven if you're guitar player but haven't played a few years you know it's just Marcus on the.

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