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2-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. -- He would rate. That. Hold to a point. That. No one -- with -- thought. -- -- -- Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- Is strong silent. That was an advocate. The morning. Women were intended to mean much to lose the news radio 930. -- I like you you have loans. I'd like bonus. All right I. That Arizona for gay people and planning things out to Arizona opened up. The bakery where the wedding pictures like. It's. What. You can and get your attention it. It's currently under Israeli and I've heard he'd probably UB EM I was gonna say the B word but my favorite be where it is now vindication. Well. Anyway -- you know. So. Governor Jan Brewer dropped the ball and another wanna -- constitutional rights goes down the crap work and most. And once again most of the media dropped the ball most of the media does not understand what is at stake here most of the media just does not get it most of the media will not and never will understand it because they don't want to understand. Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen I wanted to do yesterday show all over again today but -- -- -- by the way to put up the phone number early. They adultery because the less talking I have to do today the better because I'm likely to drop an F bomb. And I don't want that to happen. 803 on 930 is the phone number stardom thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN 1800. 616 WB yen three -- -- won the land line 8030930. And those started -- free on the cellphone. Let me every cover some territory I covered yesterday. Those of you with -- Subaru is with your freaked him coexist bumper stickers would you please take the coexist bumper stickers off. Because you were the biggest frauds the biggest phonies and the biggest hypocrites in the world. Because what you really me is. Co existing but only within the framework of a narrow ideology known as liberal or progressive ism or maybe middle of the road is. OK you don't want the co exist with Christians. Now I have to be honest with you I take my prayer Sherry from Christians. In fact I daresay. I am probably more insulted by Christians than any other religious group as -- -- that the the calls into the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I always consider the source of course and I think to myself well if eternity with you who was an option vs eternity with. You know John Lannan I guess I'll take John -- For 500 Alex but look I know. That some Christians can be over the top. Sanctimonious. Senator snipers. And I think for some people. There making up for some I don't know what it is. But the Christians who tell you you're going to hell. That they know all the answers that they know all is to know there is no other option there is no other alternative yeah. I believe and I well. -- there are entitled to verbally. I just don't happen -- sure. Liked the guy who called in a year ago who said that. I needed to go to a morality boot camp. Which would have been five as -- as I could take the spotlight with me. But I don't think you would have been now that but anyway. I know that sometimes Christians can pissed people off sometimes I think Christians -- of their own worst enemies. When they start at all holier than now and sanctimonious. Because the ultimate Christian. Jesus was not like that. Think about that permit Jesus was a rebel. Jesus was a guy who went into the temple who upset the money changer tables. Jesus was a guy -- -- awful lot of people. Jesus was kind -- like Rush Limbaugh. Well Jesus did not buy into the conventional morality of the Jews in your -- item or Jerusalem. At that particular point in time. But he sure as hell didn't go around telling everybody you're gonna go to now. That was not his message that was not his gospel. He in fact was. Went when viewed -- actually in the context of the historic city of the times in which she -- He was an extraordinary figure but he still is an extraordinary figure please don't over -- quoting but. In an error. Hey you know we just burn 500 pigeons well XP and our sins if we slow federal land everything's going to be cool. You know he was a guy who was. Was not down with those religious practices. Even though he was born -- -- and was raised did you and for all intents and purposes the why did you. Jesus. -- Now let me set. Just like I have to say that because I think it's important for non listeners are people just to begin to understand. That I have personally been told. By Christians. That I am going to go to hell. Because I haven't said the magic words. You know I don't have my secret decoder ring. I'm not part of the club you know I haven't bought in to the superhero thing. And that's my prerogative. Just as being a Christian is your. But I have to tell you. -- Is a difference. Between the respect afforded to Christians in America which is non. And the respect and conciliation offered to Muslims in America which is over the top. And I actually wanna go down to Florida. And slap Rush Limbaugh in the face right now. Not because they don't love them. Because he took the words right out of my mouth. I was gonna tell the story of a trucking line could think of the name of the trucking line yesterday it would drive me now told. But that rush brought up on the show today so I'm gonna give credit where credit is due -- bottom -- but she might have thought of the first but I guess related matter. The start transport company. The federal government lady and gentlemen you have to understand something in Obama's America Christians suck. Muslims to be protected. And I wanna say that again because it's true. In president Obama's America Christians sucked. Muslims are to be respected in fact revered and protected at all costs. Ball Christians can go suck and it. The United States equal opportunity employment commission. Which usually they actually. Joined a lawsuit against the business. Called star -- Because and we have some star drivers driving through here right now. We -- -- truckers all over the place like national theater where they're everywhere -- like that but anyway. Couple Muslim truck drivers knowing full well. That they could be asked to deliver any product anywhere at any time took the job anyway. And they were told -- as part of their job they had to deliver boats. They said we gonna do loses against a religion. And guess what the federal government went to bat for them. And I always do accents no disrespect intended I enjoy the ways people speak English language in the dialects and local museum you about that. They said you know do this it is against our religion. The US government. The same people who go after Jan Brewer and Arizona. Because some Christians don't wanna get into homosexual. Marriage as a business. The -- the problems for wanted to do their jobs. Which they knew damn well when they took the job could actually entailed delivering. Booze and probably even cork. To various places with which the star trucking line does business. Now ladies and gentlemen there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Went Obama's America. Protects defends. And honors the rights of Muslims -- -- religious believes. Well at the same time it figuratively urinate over the beliefs of Christians in America. You either have equal protection of religion or you don't. You equal you either have the right. Through. Practice your religion or you dealt. And first of all. -- just not a common cents. -- how would you homosexuals have actually been turned down for service. In Arizona. Because they were gay. Because of the legitimate religious concerns. Of people all businesses how many -- handful. Secondly. Its not like let's just say your your day and you wanna have a wedding. Let me just ask you questions. And you know I love. I don't even have to say you know like. OK. I would know more go to somebody who. -- how to say this delicately. I would not go to travel agent who is a born again Christian and say hey hooked me up for two weeks that he go to in Jamaica. And expect them. Who say well yes mister -- of course we will. If they had said to me you know mister -- with all due respect. We do a lot of travel with Disney we do a lot of trouble for families. And you're request to go to hedonism in Jamaica is really outside our ordinary morality of doing business I would say you know what. Thank you for explaining that to me I respect your religious beliefs and I shall do my business elsewhere with no hard feelings and I'll be on my -- Because I think that's the mature way to handle something like that. Now if -- almost actionable. I'm I'm sorry but who did you guys just because your day. -- I know you can play got on stage being actors but. Little little plot answer to my gay friends in the theater community thought you'd appreciate that but. I mean look I know you can do that but nobody did you God's nobody may you know these sanctimonious that are snipers for Christians. If a Christian doesn't wanna do business with yet why the hell would you wanna do business with the Christian work but what. Because folks it isn't just the Christians who have a thing. Well -- -- it's not just some of the Christians. Who have a prejudice against doing business with homosexuals. Okay. I don't mean to break any ground this year but. In Islamic countries today. Just so you know. Those review on the left who believe that Islam should be the official state religion. Those of you in the Obama administration. Who will protect defend and support the rights of Muslims all over America will look the same time you regard Christians -- some kind of a passing phase or -- I just want to know that in Islamic countries affect you it was a site called lively dot com if you're wanna see people slowly strangled to death. I would strongly suggest you see what really happens in Islamic countries to homosexuals. What they do. Is they put a -- -- noose around the neck. They put them on the back of a pickup truck. Then they drive the pickup truck away. And they don't even have the decency to give enough of a drop in the rope to break the -- instantly because they -- this -- enjoy watching the gay people strangled to death. And often it can take a minute or so before somebody loses consciousness. A minute of absolute hell. That's how they deal with homosexuals in Islamic countries. So I can't wait to see what the Obama administration does the first time some Islamic bakery says. You're not quick to pick -- put your gay wedding we were not we would just as soon -- York. Because what are they gonna do they've got two of their favorite our constituents Muslims and it's. If you're all of sexual. For the life of me I don't know why you'd even want to spend your money with somebody who doesn't like you. I I practice what I preach folks. It's like what I say about people who hate the show. My radio has an off button. You -- guys that are -- the house and obsess about Chris Matthews. Why it's less about what's on MSNBC I don't know I don't watch it why would not. I don't sit there my mother's basement writing blogs about people like can't stand what the hell kind of life is that. I don't hate I don't like -- -- but I'm going to listen to everything you say I'm gonna record everything you say and that are gonna spent my entire life on Twitter letting everybody know what you said because tiger because like -- And zero cents that's irrational mind. And I don't want to figure to about a rational minds. It is. I've been in radio long and believe me 344. At news radio 930 WB yen. All right gang seriously. Ever get on to say the same thing today as they did yesterday. I love Mike gate listeners my all abide by gay lesbian transgender listeners -- my board again listeners. Okay to me however we have a constitutional right to freely practice our religion. Whether it is Islam or whether it is christianity. And at the dictates of your conscience are such that you cannot in good faith do business with a lifestyle with which you find that -- probate. Then why should you be forced to do. Really. 803 on -- thirty WB. -- This. -- -- You mean. Man. And yeah because the plane -- in music anybody's musical bombs any radio station in America right here on the violently program. Yes all right -- Jimmy Buffett later kind of an account Monday mood you know wanted to come Monday mode. All right did you walk outside the we're not ready to walk outside and be greeted by the blizzard of 77 and I wasn't. Take the garbage out of garbage in the neighborhood that I did I said it's -- basis because I don't exactly well first of all I don't recycling -- It's a waste of time. I don't need to have garbage stacked up on my kitchen powder waiting for a day Jacqui -- out to the garage in the recycling -- so I can put the recycling -- and Mike curb so that every Thursday the -- and wind storm comes through this at all my recycles down the street over to stop. It's calling it all the dump. I don't recycle any more waste my time and it just it messes up the whole neighborhood. Number one number two. Invariably every garbage today. It's like it's windy and crappy. I'd be Jason might in oh my -- today. -- up the garbage that's gonna decomposed that badly in this weather sword because older. I'm always trying to find excuses to be -- All right it is 335803. All right thirty governor Jan Brewer of Arizona really dropped the ball. In my opinion. Because whether or not you like it. Your constitutional rights -- matter. And I told you I've been saying for years. That. Once they take care of that nasty Second Amendment right. Right of the people we keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Once that is put into question all of the other rights you can kiss them goodbye folks including your right to religion. Now I don't capital hold strong religious views I don't make it a secret of -- I mean spiritual view others yes much but religious views now. And I also becomes somewhat offended when people who claim to be god fearing Christians say that I'm going to hell. I always like to give them peace of mind mine. And maybe a little -- but anyway. I don't particularly enjoy a people were judgment -- But I don't know that is if your day. And I are gonna marry another Fella. I don't think I would go into a business and want to spend a thousand dollars on cakes and centuries for my gay wedding. With a business person who revive sales might very existence. That my friends is a logical. Simon -- I'm pretty shore in the state of Arizona. There is some kind of an organization of gay bakers or get -- photographers. Or -- wedding caterers or -- it wedding halls. In fact. I would bet you that if you looked at almost actually based newspapers in those communities are the almost actually based he ads online and those communities unified no shortage of people. Who are straight themselves who are more than happy to do business with homosexuals. And the money the homosexuals will pour into the business because I. Don't know about you but my bottom line. What -- -- statements every every month the Xbox statements are remote and I see what the forward is doing an astute the other investments are doing I don't sit there and ask myself. All right this one went up 20% -- That athletic. It I don't sit there and do that. That's just I mean that's just robbery decent that's not right did you -- -- if you're -- Do you look at your statement at the end of the month and say. Christian I don't believe that. Now it's all about the bottom. Everybody's money is green in the last I checked. So. Definitely it's open. For business. To. Well -- As strictly a business proposition. I think it's stupid for the business which turned down anybody's business. Only that but. I also as an American. And as somebody who believes in the constitution. Must refer to the First Amendment of the constitution. Ladies and gentlemen. You are promised by your government the free. Exercise. Of religion. I'm gonna say that your government to deal with few. You know as a Christian and as Egypt as they put us as a Muslim. You are entitled to the free exercise of your religion. And -- are. If you are -- sexual in this affect you but guess what. Part of coexisting. In a pluralistic society is learn how to deal with being pissed off. Not everybody agrees with what I say every day. -- all my time worrying about being loved by everybody it would be a miserable existence. Even more so than it is now but. You can't let people like this other year. If you're Christian. And or -- Muslim -- you know. And you say to yourself you know what my conscience. Will not allow me. To take part in any way shape reform in anything related to the homosexual lifestyle I just can't do. I think that is a sacrosanct. Constitutionally protected decision would I make that decision no I would not. But I believe that I have a responsibility as an American to fight for your ability to make that decision. Why. It's a little thing called African constitution folks. Free exercise thereof. You know the liberals always like to talk about separation of church and state. Well actually it's a misnomer it really is the establishment clause that the government will not establish a state religion. But the second part of that is equally important. You are to have free exercise. Of your religion dot. And the profile reporting that the government does believe that at least for some groups is Obama's EEOC going after start trucking because couple of Muslims complained they were fired because they are being forced to deliver beer or were alcohol. As part of their runs instructor I offers and the government stood behind the ones now wait until the first Muslim baker says -- some homosexual. I would not -- viewed this is not part of my life. I like doing voices again that's my disclaimer to look at all pissed about my voices because -- I love to be accidents I enjoy them out of the disrespect that I like the way people talking which. I always have and I always well. -- I grew up with -- accent so that explains it. It was the German accent the ultimate they're Romans went which are right now whose side are you -- donors. Because. Honest to god folks. Honest to god you gotta go back to reconstitute the constitution could not be any more clear about -- The constitution protects religious people from exactly what you and were now will force religious people do. You might not agree with somebody's religion. Guess what I probably don't agree with shirts. But. If you don't wanna do business with me. Why don't wanna do business with you a lot of options. -- let's go to a stop in you know Orchard Park on a WBM Scott you and your two cents on this. -- it's there's a simple point that I think everybody's can emit and kindness. But I all of bakery. And you're gonna force need to make UK. The year that -- You know there are so many things I'd like to say that are really funny lines but I promised my boss -- myself that I would cut down of the double entendre so I'm going to be a big boy of fourteen and not twelve and cease and desist from making the comments that I was going to make. First of all. First of all it is morally wrong to -- in anybody's food unless of course their member of the -- the Communist Party or the Nazi party in those case I think there may be legal exclusion although I don't -- to take that to the bank. The fundamental question even the the more basic question is. Given the profusion of of caterers and Baker's doctor why would somebody wanna do business with somebody who didn't like you to begin where that doesn't make sense to. Absolutely like -- -- -- -- really give money to a deadly nature. I have no idea I asked myself that question and repair -- New York State income taxes. Well hopefully that's a metaphor in the out of our I thank you very much deployed. Good point 8030 thirty. Love everybody. And I also have to respect everybody's rights. And I know that the constitution the First Amendment promises religious people the free exercise of their religion. That trumps everything else including your delicate sensitivities and sensibilities. And again. It's like guys my my my dear friends in the gay community. Not enough people or gay friendly straight people who will be more than happy to deal with few. Why would you wanna patronize a business the picture budget -- like the -- it's so seriously that makes no sense to them. 803 out of thirty news radio 930 WB yen and the by the -- come from a guy who has been called a low light degenerate once or twice. I prefer the term rapper beta to sounds more collegial. All right I'm just I'm imagining myself going to one of my Hindu Muslim friends restaurants. I can imagine myself walking through two endurance and saying rob. Whipped me up a burger. And Robert it would probably look at me and he would say and stand by and have to do the Indian accent. Tom you know me better than that you know we do not have hamburgers that embodies. And I would say you know what you're right and forgive me for asking that was extremely insensitive of me give me the child -- a solid hints that. It would be like -- going to an Islamic place for breakfast you know and I don't want the awful awful. But I say hey hey Karl. -- though these Brack would you give me a bacon omelet with a side of bacon and -- Hammond between players. Am I supposed to be upset that he tells me palm you know me better a Muslim I do not touch pork. Am I supposed to be offended that he wouldn't touch -- I mean. Why -- pay. Out bags. We live and how folks that we let the world. That is smaller and smaller every day. And one of the problems with that use. You've got to learn to cut people. Some slack. You've got to learn to cut people who work Christian -- some slack if they don't wanna deal with homosexuals. -- let them destroy your life. OK there are people who got their own hang ups and for them today it's a religious spiritual issue. And for the Christians you know there are people who are gay. Or people more transgender. And you know if you're going to go forth and love one another as Jesus said and he didn't mean that in a sexual way. You know what each other early each other some breaks. That's the fundamental I'm trying to tie everything together here at a ball. So you see what the obvious answer here it's. Let's find out about traffic is there ever an obvious answer here's -- And it's eight degrees minus 22 with a real feel and it it -- of the wind -- statements. Probably not a good night to go outside naked if your human being I think that would be good word -- let me offer you something else never trusted naked bus driver. Actually the title of a book from the late sixties early seventies which always made me laugh with a little kid. All right -- at the boulevard all the used her bed bookstore -- by the bank by the shoe store with a fire truck and that. And sometimes that carry books that would make you giggle when you were kids are right. John commodity with the weather forecast it's okay bite. Can't say that it won't talk to an appropriately but it won't like 352. In a news radio 930 WBE and so anyway folks this is all right. Here here's the word Aretha Franklin RE SPE CK. My gay people. You gotta cut the Christians some slack you cannot expect everybody in the world to forget about their spiritual and religious dogma. Which is just totally not in sync with yours. You can't -- It's not reasonable it's -- right. Now if the only place you can get -- wedding cake was from jesus' bakery. He said giggling. You know makes it an issue here but every community I've ever been to. There is. A very vibrant gay community which has people with whom they always do business anyway. You know of the gave photographers the game besides there there's the gay wedding people well you see that more and more now. I mean it's like any other community it's an ethnic community religious community. A professional community it's a small world and people know they can trust and they can't trots. Made this to me that's why I think this is just such a non issue except. The issue of our constitution which again is taking a beat. Because your founding fathers promised you the free exercise of your religion and Jan Brewer has said screw it doesn't matter anymore I think that's wrong. Let's go to -- in a stony creek Ontario Jerry hello. I think you're right governor brewer did drop the ball on this one and I think that it -- -- by the Christian baker. It's a Muslim had done this think things are Jewish person or Buddhist article that. Those same people would drag this Christmas Christian bakery to the courts those same people would be reminding us how tolerant and diverse we. Using Christian bakery as an example it goes beyond the the real issue is can a business for legitimate spiritual reasons say no to. Business based on somebody's orientation. Absolutely and and and -- had been the grown -- thing to do. Would be simply to find -- other bakery instead of dragging these people through -- will regardless of their religious persuasion. It is dragging these people through the court. With a minute to -- -- -- all our jury to to say like if I was doing business with a Christian travel agent and they didn't want a book that my favorite place in Jamaica that I shouldn't get all pissed off about it let's discuss with different agents concept. -- Yeah and I'm stunned that the sheer logic and simplicity of bears. Tom I didn't wanna give -- heart attack I'm sorry my friend what it would help. Our complex not a heart attack actually my blood pressure once one over seventy. Yes thank you and those strokes. All right thank you very much. Realizing the context of today's program I should find stroke as a cardiovascular. Brain event sometimes called a TIA in the lesser -- All right it is that coming up on 356 at WB EN ladies and gentlemen I. Think of it seriously there's not and outs of hate in my body. About gay people you know that I've gotten up and proof. But this is an issue of the First Amendment this is the free exercise of religion that is now officially no longer a constitutional right. Do you not get the significance of this. And if the government can take away rights granted in the constitution. If you're gay you think it can't -- citizen as you anytime it wants.

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