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2-27 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- all men are created equal. Except those that wanna discriminated against they're not they're not go to las likens item at a because of that I don't wanna do business. That's apparently you guys it is to me too I think that once you start thinking bit you. You have to -- again everybody in line with the you are thinking I think that's problematic. And Kirsten Powers in the USA today she's a writer for the USA today is also all the time on Fox News. I love her first sentence. The fight over rights to distribute. Our arms are. The fight over right to discriminate laws and that's that's exactly what it is that's ability for -- right to discriminate against. In this case gays and lesbians what's next handicapped people. You know if you look back in history he gonna hate this I am telling you right now. Anytime you -- groups of people make them inferior to ourselves and not good things happen. You know I'm talking about all I don't know let's go back in the history books little bit without me actually mentioning names are about how about -- is handicapped people. -- Gypsies. And you just don't know them you don't want them what's the point we get rid of them there are inferior people. You shouldn't have to deal -- inferior people will believe me. If you think it's a great idea to be able -- somebody. Because of a I class spot you have about them and they're not trying to convince you they're not trying to recruit you gonna try to get. Get -- join the meetings or anything like that. A then something's wrong and something's not working right in your. A because you're willing to discriminate. Against certain groups. I got a little leeway there aren't but in order to do that you needed to throw stones. What's the defense idol like them. They're not good people -- open the Texas now get something that really go to the heart. They're taking away our religious choices. They're taking away our religious freedoms old people get upset about that even if it doesn't you anyway. Anyway. Those dumb people out there and I didn't understand what you're saying of course not you can defend that everybody wants their religious rights they wanted to keep and we should. We should want them we should people. But we shouldn't inflict them on somebody else you got that and that's the point. So yeah I didn't work out so well for -- for certain world leaders in the thirties and forties that it. By by class thing people as inferior to themselves and that's what you're doing as of Tuesday. You have to understand that not everybody goes to the same meeting at the same building on the same day as you. Let's go to my friend Don and Pennsylvania Don banks are holding Iran WB yen. We're doing OK but it was slip and slide and snowing and lousy this morning what's going on today. There ought not gonna take a shot little Pennsylvania boy and it's got to do it. We. We a lot of it this year a lot more normal I know you live outside of Philadelphia with some -- you'll be able escape what do what do you got mine today. I got to land that was on that Ottawa. Senator blasted we have known since third grade. No I still laugh all the time you don't I'll never forgive you though the first time your -- to -- were in the shower after the game. I had. I know laughing dumb but the pointing. That's really that was worse. Are we at least got the way it how practical I had. The question is that. It is do the right thing would do to correct yeah and yes I believe he did do the correct thing. However I think gave a lot of -- decision was based on the bull. Be honest with -- and I thought it was right or wrong but that's that's what I think -- like she did it. And you also bought a very interesting scenario. Earlier -- your show. You were talking about hey it's a Muslim owned a rest right. -- -- way I'll look at things in this country today I think this whole law or that got passed in. By the legislature. Out there in Arizona and I was based on a Christian related religious person did not want to -- -- Gay couple. Yeah vote the law -- wanted to like condemn a five people who refuse to. Serve people who. Who cross say core religious belief you well -- belief. Right now let's say that that person. Was a Muslim and was going from their point of view. And didn't want to -- gay couple. I think -- -- you have the same argument is as the sides astronomers now. But unfortunately. And I used a word unfortunately you know especially coming from a national point of view out of Washington. I doubt if the bullying would have been anywhere near as hard as it was in this case. You might be right there -- Eric Holder is attorney general who knows what what -- my point is first albeit good differentiate -- made the difference between bullying and lobbying. Because of -- both sides like to put pressure on the person making the decision. Either favors their side or doesn't and so that's that's pretty common. It's called bullying I guess if you don't like at its call lobbying if you do. I think the only difference. -- -- lot of money that's gonna exchange hands. Huge you know I I guess it's true I wish. And I think you'll agree -- this I wish this hadn't been or it isn't. A a commerce issue or a political issue I wish it were just a human issue human rights issue. But they tied it and you'll notice a -- all of via post -- -- tie it into business didn't rule on that. And and it's a political. Point of view rather than a human point of view. That's a 100% correct. But like any point it's got two sides in. You're right. It's exactly the way it was looked at its parent and that's why she did the right thing. But you know the -- thing I don't think holes water I'll tell you -- They are elected to represent the citizens of the state of Arizona. In the last survey done I think it was yesterday said that 80%. Of the citizens. The citizens though I'm not outside lobbying groups not special interest groups 80% of the citizens wanted to vetoed. Soul who they -- proposing this build it to help very small narrow percentage of people. Who I didn't wanna have to do business what people didn't subscribe to their religious beliefs. Well that that's correct and do you realize this spot and six other states. That had this same type of alleged legislation pending. That's pending but it's not moving forward and I think this'll have a chilling effect because I think even if it had been passed. She signed it into law. I don't think it would hold up to federal scrutiny I think that the courts even the highest courts within the state of Arizona. Wood just short out because if it's it's flawed and it's I think apparently fallen. Oh yeah well not always good idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's things that you may not be aware of -- that build. You're thinking OK the owner of the business doesn't wanna do business with people who don't believe religiously what he or she believes it's not just the owner. The employees if it goes to the employees so you can say it's a restaurant. You could have the older not caring at all and you could have the server the waiter the waitress whoever's taking care of the customer. Refuse to serve them. How is that doable is that workable can you imagine that that's chaos. And let's go it starts at one place right now it's gays and lesbians. But if you if you -- is what happens the next time radio alive mixed racial married couple crimson. Maybe it'll serve -- don't believe in that. Go wait a minute to get divorced I get divorced -- -- now we interviewee. I mean think about it. Well the laundry list of things that your religion. Takes a dim view of or certainly doesn't encourage. Then would tell me if you wanna start crossing them off when your customer base. If you do. And you think that all of them should just be banished you shouldn't be in business he should do something else. Because it's not it's not a natural selection for you. Run for judge. Oh a big -- -- you know a supreme being or something like that. Because it's not really up to you as sure as hell is not up to your employees to pass judgment on the lifestyle and choices of your customers. Because without your customers you're gonna have to make some different choices yourself. Maybe you'll end up saying paper plastic and putting the groceries in their gay couples a paper plastic. -- caught up opt out of network California. Would that work -- -- -- -- -- -- you know maybe you guys don't maybe you know and I'm not trying to which I was spot I'm not trying to be you know crazy stir up the pot none of that crap okay. You wanna know gay bar -- they refuse to Serbia this question I don't know the answer to. I have walked into a game mark today's service yes they did okay Chris Oliver didn't care -- was listened to by comedian recently mentioned how allies he would. He had he was renovated comic and and every other night they were alternate which bars they were going today and he had never in any problems out as ever get better -- -- I I don't know about lesbian -- you know bars or not whether they I doubt if they refuse. The -- we were at the Allentown art festival once summer. And it was very hot one to something to drink. And I can remember what street was. But there was a bar off of one of the Wall Street. So let's go -- something to tree -- and we started Ringo and everything was okay it was after a little while that we realize you realize that you read the room. Yeah yeah things -- On the law okay well decoration declaration I decorations all Horton that kind of let us to believe in what it was about it was. Bottom line -- you were a customer yeah wanted to drink they served as the way it should writes I mean. There are certain reasons not to serve people maybe they're -- out of their mind maybe their violent maybe they're abusive. Maybe they don't they're just from common decency. A reason -- several but not because you don't approve of their lifestyle because they didn't ask you to join. Let's go to Dennis thanks for holding in Youngstown here on WB -- That the warnings and hello I've been listening watching the morning to everybody calling in saying that there. Opposed to discrimination. And everybody seems to be piling on the same side of this. I'd like to offer some -- different priests are. Personal everybody seems to be reading mr. Kirsten Powers telling you reveal the rest of the media sickness of -- -- are designed to discriminate and use that you're not a lawyer I'm not a lawyer right. I can read the actual wording of a lot and it's still scratch mine has just what does -- The lies to condemn the fight against lawsuits because they're a lawsuit was lost than in Arizona before us. Well it and a collection of I think it was a New Mexico but they. The issue really there's an issue here is just step outside from this particular law. If you look at what. The governor actually said in her vehicle message she's. I -- protect the licensed professionals from happened to licenses. Threatened because of exercise of the religious beliefs. And what she's talking about there. Is that they're they have legislation universal apparently. Protecting the doctor not to have to participate as a proportion. Nobody in his right mind -- Saturday that you should not surgical but he just because you see walking and you are. And they look like they're homosexual. This is not quantity issue what's at issue is in the exercise your business. Are you going to be forced to participate in some. That he in your country you were opposed to for example if somebody comes in what's your take -- so with them since as I went okay. You have no right to discriminate against them because they're divorced or gay -- or whatever jerk but if they say and what should they can take from me. In honor of abortion on demand. In you have to not to believe in abortion. Are you obligated. To give them such a tape or -- is that they're gonna suit pants -- Cuban court. Well I understand what you're saying remember this issue came up several years ago. Aware of pharmacists who refuse to write our Catholic pharmacists who refused the right script. That would be against their religious beliefs but the way that played out was. That -- script would be handed to someone else and it would be filled or they recommended another pharmacy. And there's that's right it is no problem with that because. The person who's soliciting for business is able to go the world they can get somebody else to do it but I would remind you. That the bigger too after Governor Cuomo also claimed that a lot of same sex marriage bill in this state. Personally that is that any -- injustices that refuse. To marry same sex couples have to resign the position this time just in spite of the fact that they could refer of the business doesn't want them just as. At that ever been tested in court since he said that because I sounds to me like I wouldn't -- the well arteries. We can say anything he wants I can say anything he wants and -- you can write and long you want those tested in court. Case can be the real issue here of -- let's ignore the slot for the moment okay this is coming up across the United States and we're having problems. Lakewood a wedding planners and take the actors. That they are being caught in the bind at these underserved people coming and saying I would choose to do surface from my same sex marriage. Or are they -- the risk of being so this is a very real litigation problem. And laws that are designed to protect religious freedom and it's about the freedom to discriminate picked up personnel all Serbs you. But I I Portugal are -- I think tradition I think there are differences of views the bakery is an example I think if you went into a bakery and ordered an obscene cake of say a man and a woman in a compromising position. They wouldn't fit they would decorate the cake like that either but I don't think they'd be liable -- for court action. But what's the issue what is to protect the conscience of people who in good faith to not support same sex marriage. From being asked in their businesses to participate in activities. That promote or present to the public sending text there -- -- favorable light. Welcome you know typically you have to certainly but it blocks well they understand that -- and for that we don't discriminate. Where does it then I mean you talk about a slippery slope will use that example of time where does it then because there's a a Mary out of religious beliefs that are held by certain groups that are held by others. It's very simple. Ask yourself who's being disadvantage small if somebody comes and let's let let's say they are immediately went out of same sex marriage. They commitment and they go to business and the -- one out -- business is something that would support direction. Engaging in this type of behavior or marriage. If Tibet's -- assist please total or else. Okay that's -- be overly convenient for them -- put yourself from the publisher of the business -- there. Who is suddenly popped a little -- sucks and I mean we have freedom of religion in this country and might be forced to do something country to my country. No -- is -- government it is the government and opposition to endorse any religious belief I mean you talk about the basics that's the -- or what is it wasn't that is the basic fundamental Tenet of our country. Is that we have that the separation of church and state is no better no government endorsement of religion if they pass a law designed to protect a religious belief isn't that a violation. It if you're not asking for a trip to protect religious beliefs you're protecting the freedom of conscience. Like you're also but -- -- -- conscience stems from I feel like we're in court here a bad conscious -- for -- religious -- I call back is again sometime I like talking with you but -- two minutes -- -- there was now we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. -- calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- backward -- governor anyway asking did governor brewer Jan Brewer of Arizona do the right thing yesterday when she vetoed 1062 I think she did. The quota like brokers and power. Who is that he USA Saturday contributor she writes regular columns which is on fox all the time. Of the fight over rights to just did discriminate laws so that's really what it is -- -- capsule Chrysler was. There and a might point to is that. I don't feel I don't ever want to be in a position to defend discrimination. Of any kind under any circumstances. There are times when some people are precluded from doing things. Maybe they walk in to a place and waving a gun or they're drunk or there you know bear. -- they're doing something that is totally antisocial and has nothing to do with political agendas or religious agendas. But they can't stay there because of their behavior that's covered by different laws but just take a group of people. And we're told all the time how evil. Profiling is it's evil and remember word where lecture all the time no group as a monolith. They are there individual people individual brains and that's right that that part right against you. But apparently has no problem. No problem profiling gays and lesbians. Like every gay guys the same as every other gay guy in every lesbians the same as every other lesbian. Believe me I'm sure there gave the W likened gay people you wouldn't like that's just the way it works they happen to be -- also a big -- big man misconception is. As -- say gay and lesbian people assume that they spent their whole day and all night having sex. One is home at their sex life consumes about the same amount of time as everybody else. And so that's that they're not sex monsters and not that -- preying on children anonymous. But via the law in Arizona was going to -- an unidentified any business that refuse to serve them. But my position was if if indeed we do have a separation of church Wednesday. And that separation is outlined by the fact that there can't be a state sponsored. Or endorsed. Religion. If the if legislation. Is that is is a put into effect simply to uphold religious belief isn't that an endorsement of that. I think is certainly sounds like infamy. Let's go to our friend captain has been on a couple days Kevin and nettleton on W via. -- -- Again the other respect for the appear to re a different opinion subjects are all -- no problem but very you know -- to pressure guys struggle -- -- movement you know but I just cheap venture. In the actual they're financial consultants they cannot be orderly console consulted or in the Euro -- -- But the oldest say if you don't think records don't you don't build the worries. -- O'Keefe don't on accuracy of this straight I don't know. Our -- seeing here that maybe it wouldn't seem -- religious reasons. But the practice is that our home. If you're not conflict Kabul and in in do we have in this and step Cokie you're a big -- -- be create New Mexico. I would I would bet that all that bad guy who was not a Muslim religion you Christian. Yeah I don't know it'll be -- -- right people aren't thinking here that. To some extent in order special interest groups did pick and choose what it -- you know. Make an example noble or kick in the Internet message. Note I think the practices that it's someone you'd mentioned a Muslim well they're certain companies have been. -- not Christian also Christians okay. Bend it forward to that and it's just such an -- that's is that it's as if they're not these. Here all tall order right supreme missed the -- -- Tokyo who think about it theories if you open a restaurant all -- a bit of a new people that's. Fine I don't think -- I think this thing is being. Misinterpreted. I think it took it from the point of view I'd like to launch going to back and its civil rights movement. Where idiocy I don't want this -- who keep people well what about I mean. I I sure about all person who lost its business and -- New Mexico you don't see them. I think the market that I wasn't competent to get an accurate EG. I mean. You know I told you the opportunity that I would simply waited we are -- aren't going out and actually -- looked. Respectfully I think you know I don't pick up a bit to visit all -- you don't wish you all the best recommend someone. OK in the upper right and put the other business think it's -- look at it -- -- and. But like this -- -- look at how many times of the government's strong arms businesses right let's look at our own backyard let's look at businesses in New York State. How many businesses put in a separate smoking room. At a great expense of themselves -- ventilation to the outside and then we're told by New York State forget it you can't do what you can't smoke in a restaurant shouldn't I if I want opens Sandy's -- should not be able to say. I want it -- but for people who smoke or don't smoke and then you make a choice so sometimes the government was -- the wrong way. It actually sent -- -- under the conditions I think and again. That Arizona they note if they meet people who wanted to practice well I think. That -- didn't religion that they get the entire thing but I think it's a question of all rights. Look direct to see what if someone went there are -- -- and probably -- theory. And -- a beacon or eat well and take memberships -- -- people like the you -- -- supreme is so books are no whip up -- Nazis right. I mean if that's the right to do it. Well says get interfered with by the government all the time I mean suppose you -- you have -- a small story you wanna sell cigarettes individually. You know want to do that there are lots of things you're you can't serve alcohol on Sunday before noon. I mean there's all kinds of rules and regulations of most of them are non religious related but sub but when you -- when you into this thing between. Government. As saying OK you can do this now to me it's that they gave. If they it's and it and it went to become a law that would give via the licensing the rights to discriminate. And I don't think it ought to be handling that out hey thanks Kevin thank you very much. Or be handing them out will be back after. I can hardly wait to go home today and rest stop and come back tomorrow because -- come back tomorrow on this very show we're gonna have a big announcement. Gonna make you forget about the winter blows them again yet in a different frame of mind. It's going to involve. A -- Me. And it's going to evolve you. How is that okay good that I that I whet your appetite for the information that will be forthcoming tomorrow. So looking forward to be able tell you that. A tomorrow meanwhile we're going to be talking about -- governor brewer Jan Brewer Arizona veto of the bill she said. Our societies undergoing many dramatic changes the bill has the potential to create more problems. And if you look at it look at that those who and the cross section of people that wanted her to. Two to veto it first of all. You'll know your argument holds more water because they use the word bullying in the -- -- she's being bullied to veto. First of all politicians. Whether you call it bullying or lobbying or cajoling. Or or bribing or whatever. They get bigger pressure all the time to -- to do something or not something that's the way it is. But when. When the argument is they're bullying boss that tells you that the argument isn't as strong as they'd like to debate because let's attach ourselves the -- -- below like. People like blowing of which they were being able White House don't people like. People don't like to -- our religious freedoms are taken away. OK so now we're talking about. The bullying her to veto it and our religious freedoms are being taken away what else do we -- well short of erect tile dysfunction they throw everything in the shopping cart. It's right there are they all the kind of things that are the flash points. That's the mark of a weak argument. The mark of a weak argument just says when you ask somebody a question in an interview I've done a lot of interviews in my life. But when you asked the question. And they repeat the question it means one or two things it means either that they're thinking of the answer or your interviewing Dan ward. -- those that the only. That they've always items that they repeat the question. A of the good that it doesn't happen Gary. Could mean that you're talking to me what about Robert dinero Wellemeyer iCloud semi here -- amigos you know. Like every error -- I'd sell when they take all of the flight. Cash cards and they throw bullying -- -- blowing us they throw in there they're taking away our religious freedoms that tells of the argument is that straw. Okay that's -- tip off right there. So Josh she she vetoed it but as a similar to cross section of people the last -- Republican. I'm. Last two re Republican presidential nominee said no. With the two senators from Arizona one of which was one of the last two John McCain said no. 88%. Of the population. Said no. So who's -- -- here. The chamber of commerce said no now they do for different reasons. Some may be political. Some may be a commerce driven. I've I've said that the political and commerce driven our big part of it because it's a legitimate issue. That should be solved and and should should come to a an agreement on. But it's loaded with political blow minefields and it's loaded with a commercial problems -- We can't lose the super balls will be their next year well you shouldn't be nor for that reason. I think when you make a decision. You have to be willing to take the consequences because you did the right thing. I told an owner of radio station what to do and laughed and walked away from a very nice deal. And why do I do it because it was right things infamy. Because there's capitulate just for that wasn't worth -- And so often there is a price to be paid for your conviction. And I think there's a price to be paid for everything. And the price to be paid if you open a business -- -- got to do business. And you can inflict your religion on somebody else. In my challenge yesterday and today and nobody's nobody's. -- taken me up on it. Name anything. That has been taken away from you. Because somebody else's rights were given the equal yours -- answer is there isn't anything. Now maybe you know like affected in New York State the gay and lesbian partners of state employees get benefits how does that affect DO. They suddenly cut your benefits well. So is that are going if a guy goes home and there's another guy there how is that different two year old and if there's a woman there. The difference. You have to put your stamp of approval on every relationship. You have to say okay to every kind of decisions somebody else makes them have to check with -- you first of -- So I say stand up for what you believe them because of the end of the day if you pardon that parties whose that's all you -- are you got laughed at the end as your reputation. Because they're -- various on the same hole in the ground and people on a log time ago yeah -- he sold out or no he's forty believed and that's all accounts. Nothing else matters is a report card. Nobody nobody whips out a report card except for the fact that your your considered a person a standout person or -- not. And if you wanna just take a shortcut because you'll think everybody should believe in what you believe -- that's wrong. And to ask the government to get involved so that you can have the right the legal right to discriminate is wrong. Jim brewer may have that may have said no to this bill for a lot of different reasons but the biggest reason. And the prevailing reason should have been it's the right thing to do it may not be you know today. But it'll be viewed on line. You know different things for different people of the state fact I was very very upset about and still am because I'm a -- -- Obama. Shooter for way way back I enjoyed that. But if there was an issue that didn't directly involved me I still be interested to grow. Because I have to have some compassion for others and not just make everything about me. But that's the way it is in today's society it's all about Mimi Mimi -- -- how does that affect me Al Franken at the more I think about the Al Franken them. Let's get some things the -- that are -- live the -- coming -- zoning. I bet it's it's that I am right now Al Franken is there no matter what was happening. There's a nuclear attack in the bombers are going to be over and of the missiles will be here and ten minutes. How does that affect me when one of them hit me that's what it's about and now that's what policies about. That's when all of these campaigns are about. The Democrats try and make it about you by giving you something here is a cookie remember me as the day you vault and and everybody wants the legislation through acog got to custom tailored around themselves and their own personal situation. And they -- like religion and they may claim their very religious people. They don't like mirror image. And they're only they're only strung about feelings about their religion they probably know nothing about your religion but they don't care about erosion -- about there. All right and it's all about me no no no reaching across for any. Well look look who's are feeding that rate now and I think I can make the analogy when the connection between Barack Obama. With the why do they have it in -- -- are class a class warfare class warfare thinks of that feeds into the meat meat. Exactly -- class and he's been doing that since the first day he took office. And that's part of the problem we have now I mean look the block as they go down in New York City once one of the things he -- and -- come. Distribution. That some people make more money than others in New York City is that a big shock and surprise deal. Look how we would be rate now won't work -- was happening and this time. Of our -- ought to scares me while we can realistically speaking would be speaking German or Japanese I can tell you that. -- little Italian thrown him via. That about wraps it up. There was a little bit I got the big announcement tomorrow you go like that you are going to like this announcement you can be part of it. Under his right and I'm thirty WB. Well. Which they never -- to these --

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