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2-27 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back but -- company if you're driving through any problematic areas slip and -- and maybe visibility problems maybe they'll probably be slow slow traveling. It was volatile 30930 on 8061692. -- six and start on thirty. Meanwhile if we have a second -- giveaway apparent tickets to the sabres on pocked. Yeah as a pair of tickets -- sabres on park this Saturday 630 of the first Niagara senator value is seventy dollars. General confidence rules apply joined the entire sabres team and coaches. Saturday for the first inaugural sabres on -- event. You'll love the sabres -- here's your chance to involve yourself with the sabres on. Tony what does that mean you have a close what the -- park means they won't be playing hockey always that old I've -- -- -- one out. Idea of the night will feature an outstanding musical cast with performances from. A some of your favorite sabres players Arabia. May be rivals hello I must be going. To -- that maybe Ryan Miller -- good Singapore has because I think we could though well weaker don't use that. Because. Ryan is though whether we like it or not on the Leo on the trading block. I mean he's he's a good player like him but who knows what's gonna -- -- favors sabres players will be on this. A tickets available to first Niagara center box office -- www. Sabres dot com. Yes if you have any kind of a comment on whether or traffic or things like that. That while we would like you to do is give us a call 80309301806169236. And a star and 930. Tony is searching for the very rare are Ryan Miller song -- most people don't know. That he is a fabulous singer and we'll see you wouldn't get them into where it. Meanwhile I don't know if you heard this morning. Because Chris is playing -- almost sportscast of their Rick Jenrette call. A last night as the sabres won in overtime. Generated is the man I. I am in -- of -- is just so good and he's been so good for so long and when you hear other or see other hockey games. And you hear about you know what you play by play guys are doing. Okay. All right today they know what they're talking about hockey's first thought is a tough game the call it's fast. And a lot of names are long and hard to pronounce or whatever it's not an easy job to do under any circumstances. But generated does -- better than anybody I've ever heard doing it. And he doesn't right here -- buffalo so let's hope he stays in the Booth a long long time I think a couple of years ago they said what is going to be in the Booth five warriors. I want the I want the clock to stop. I want I want him to stay on in front of that microphone as long as he wants that and I'm sure well. 83930806. With 692 through six and start 930 surely I get rocking and rolling into our car into our discussion -- -- -- OK because we want to be able to present things on the -- to -- that are applicable as you're trying to drive to work -- to your house. And of people -- people don't understand if you're late -- don't know why you're late. Keep in mind some of the things that that you should keep in mind is major -- thankful missing digit caught in bumper to bumper traffic. Also. Yes also. A big sure of that and you try out your brakes before you have to. Meanwhile just -- a break this is rare footage okay this is this is Ryan Miller. And as he came back from the Olympics he nearly had -- shut out on the one gamely with seventeen seconds away from a shut out but then he found out. That indeed he may be and is on the trading block -- so ladies and gentlemen Ryan Miller in his first localization here. My name is and I -- -- Saturday night game and neighboring. This is -- well -- -- she wants to stay home yeah. Then you're telling -- News and then. Dog sorry to hear that we love Ryan Miller. All right I don't Treo not trio wanted under six a six nights have been sixers star and I thirty. All right the big -- yesterday. And it happened last night of course the culmination of the Arizona bill. That -- it's billed 1062. And the governor what was she going to do what's -- going to sign the bill into law or she going to veto the bill. We discussed this at length yesterday and I'll say this I as I was driving home yesterday it was -- Rush Limbaugh. I've been listening to Rush Limbaugh's as Rush Limbaugh was on this radio station in fact. When Rush Limbaugh first came to this radio station he was on one hour a day and I went to the owner Larry Levin -- that this -- Realist let's let's he was available three hours I said. Let's let's put on 03 hours and we put a month a second hour and then a third hour and so and he's dominated talk radio since that time I mean he's pave the way. And introduced a whole genre of radio so he's been a pioneer. In many of these times that I'm driving home IE I listen to rush and he's making a point that I totally agree -- I'm saying boy that is solid. That is really backed up with the -- solid defensible positions. And that's what I was like about rush now shore. He has his Achilles -- Some one of these days he's going to say that somebody was liberal came up with at least one idea I've not heard yet but he might. OK but yesterday as I was driving home he was trying to defend. He wanted the 1062 bill. In Arizona he wanted that signed into law. And he was trying to either make a case for that bill. Or trying to defend. Governor brewer if she did sign that aren't either way. In and out of all these years that I've been listening to rush. This was the weakest presentation that I've ever heard from him. It was that look at the least grounded it had the least gravitas to interview pardon me using that 25 dollar word. It just seemed like what this was was. A chance to try and stand up for something that couldn't be defended in the normal way on its merits. OK on its merit it can't be so what you have to do you have to set up a straw you know straw man. In order to up in order to try and get people to sign onto it and the straw man isn't. Hey this as -- a right to discriminate bill this is they're taking away people's religious rights. Which is totally. Wrong it's not that at all but that's the only way they could defend that. And I'm thinking this is that this is -- Waco weak defense. And so we -- the show yesterday a crowd voted yesterday most of the list -- not agree -- -- our our position. Our position was that we don't wanna see anybody discriminated against for any reason now I understand the backlash in the backlash is you've had stuff crammed down your throat -- government interference in your life. Look nobody's more about small government get out of my face guy that I am I can tell you that I've always been that way. But the bottom line is. You can't trample on people simply because it's convenient for you to do it. Your religion did not tell you that you should not to conduct business with somebody who doesn't subscribe to your religion are you only got to do business with people. Who subscribe to your religion is that the way it's going to be if -- presbyterian you know on -- serve Presbyterians. If if you urgently you'll only gonna serve Jews is that the way it's going to be -- that it cannot be that way. And and so in order to get that that's what they had to do they had to say. But they're trampling on our religious rights and I challenge yesterday in my challenges still there showing me. One thing that has been take it away from you. Because Billy Wright was given to a gay person or lesbian. In order for them to enjoy the same rights you have the answer is nothing has been taken away from you okay. But you can't defend it because I can't defend this bill because you thought. He it's it's comfortable -- I can hide behind my religion and then weekend though we don't like gays we don't like lesbians. So it's our chance to stand up and NB hurt that's wrong. And and you know what else is wrong the reasons that are given in many of the print reports that I've been reading since last night. About why this was the right thing for governor brewer ordered duo and the things they're talking about as well she had dual otherwise it would pull the Super Bowl. Or she had to -- because but he the com Ers would have gone down or she had because people wouldn't vacation in Arizona stuff like that. Are all reasons but the real reason. About what she did was she did it because and this is all this is refreshing she did it because it's the right thing to do. I know beyond the commerce. Beyond the pressure. Beyond the at a painted signs and all that stuff. She did it because it was the right thing to do whether she vetoed it for that reason or not that's the reason I'm standing up for her because she did it. I think that you have to separate yourself from your political party and think as a human being -- not just another party hack. Or not just above all loud -- who wants to be noticed. I have if you want to if you wanna be true to yourself. You've got to have a set of values and your set of values at least Mike said. Values tells me I don't wanna discriminate against anybody I want everybody to have an equal playing field. I want you to have the same chance I have I wanna have the same chance you that's the way it is. And because I don't like your lifestyle doesn't give me a right to try and and and push legislation that would absolutely. Absolutely be discriminatory. 83093018060692%. To start -- -- so basic question I have for you today. -- Jan Brewer. The governor of of Arizona did she do the right thing by vetoing that bill 803 on Montreal white at 106 on 69236 star 930. Did their Jammer or do the right thing yeah -- urinate. I'd give in my yesterday -- before at the news decision was made -- she was going to sign it into law or. Or not. -- we were out voted by the audience yesterday most of you thought that today it was the right thing to do that was the right bill. And I thought then and I still think -- Of one of the best examples it's a simple phrase here yeah impressed and I I just love this Kirsten Powers. Writes for the USA today she's also on fox a lot. This won't narrow -- down but she's blonde as most of you went on -- are. But in the first sentence. She emails that the news in this op Ed piece in the USA today. The fight over right to discriminate. Laws. Okay that's right there. See there are people who are comfortable. Discriminating. For various reasons OK they're comfortable with -- and nothing pleases them more then to have the government say at what John -- what is the right thing now. Don't worry about it at all we care about discrimination and all these other areas. But -- this it doesn't matter so you can feel comfortable you gonna wrap yourself that you can say it's the -- on whatever. And you want the government to back you up on that. But the government doesn't have the right to give us the right to discriminate. If you truly believe that it's not a good thing to do there are legitimate reasons to discriminate. A deadbeat embargo bloated and box that's the -- I mean I'm discriminating as your pleasure your deadbeat. But to use a class action or -- lifestyle action against that group of people is totally wrong. You don't have to subscribe to their lifestyle and they're not trying to go to recruit you was the last time we got recruited by gay guys. Or lesbian doesn't happen okay. They they work via within their own community you work within -- community and that's the way networks -- very seldom go out and need recruitment drives. For the gay and lesbian parade. So what I'm saying is they're not hurting you know nothing's been taken away from -- why don't they deserve -- why should they not get the same rights as everybody else has and that's is pretty simple. Opposition and that's my position always is always will be. Let's go to Greg in Hamburg what do you think Greg Jan Brewer do the right thing or not. And he good morning and that beautiful sunny days. They're like yeah exactly. Unequivocally. Unequivocally. With. Should go to other -- dirty -- believe what. I just think anybody you know like the you're little statement about Russia about five years. Yeah and I I I don't know what got a check for myself doubting that the ultimate list that (%expletive) beat each -- I just can't believe that he would have stamps were he would want to. Fortify that the law and like you have a hard time Olympic. What are you his position was his position was that they were bullying her to trying to get her to veto of the law. -- what rush hello Ross did is by getting in that in that stance he was making his position -- pretty clear to me but go ahead. -- idol I don't doubt that does mean there are people out there I believe we -- I am I'm old enough to remember the prior to your buffalo in the Delaware park and you don't -- something like that but I think it's that much more racist. Much more turbulent time that we haven't even -- back that was more clear now it's more. Server -- over the -- but just that saying as bottom line I don't care which in business for years and Florida and that's the map. On the business now and I just I can't believe we would term business away or want to make it public. From the public. You have a stance like that chart the pro level of both absolute racism and ignorance and just it's just summit in office. Some somebody yesterday had a good point. How about disclosure just says you know that if you're going into -- convenience -- no shoes no shirt no service have been imposed something about that had their view who is and see how that works out for them. Absolutely have a my what was saying last Psycho analyst for the capture Spielberg. And assure the last couple weeks about this but the fact duplex she was saying she -- see the sister friend -- at a restaurant. And they're just -- him and we're close talking with a map it's somebody's judgement that the world their fertile lesbian couple homosexual couple of this. Who who have the right to judge for. Well that's the point one of you walking around with the with the ID cards to will visit. A you know a gay or lesbian marking on them I mean have we gotten to that point and you're right you know what it gets down to say in a restaurant getting down to the server can you imagine that the server might be a part time can work through college gonna make a decision on whether you're gay or are homosexual. Absolutely I think we should mandate that if that's the -- but you have to Wear. It's mandatory that you have to work the -- -- of these rainbow flag yeah exactly all I'm aware of that or you know battlefield law. Exactly thank you Greg thank you very much yeah -- all the things we -- like about the past. Aren't you put in in current context. How we how we separate groups of people. And demonize groups of people and we're comfortable with that. And we look back at the past histories where where certain groups were absolutely in many cases kill. But it definitely a marginalized. And didn't have the same rises everybody else. And we look back in history and see how terrible that is yet when it happens in our own lifetime we seemed to have. Kinda not understand what's going on if it appears some if -- in this. Imagine a Muslim restaurant opening up and say -- It has a sign out front we will not serve Christian. -- think that might make the paper. Think it might make a talk show or true. Obviously but you're all right what the other way you we want that right to discriminate as long as it doesn't come back and hit in the face. We'll be back with more after this. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- Beijing company oftentimes we can see things -- are as long ways away but we can't see things that are really close to us for instance if you -- -- our newscast and they they talked about some restaurant over in a Middle Eastern country that. That is run by Muslims in the -- they just wouldn't serve anybody that's not a most. You look at that is backward they don't they understand that we've got to come together. And the difference in religious practices should have nothing to do with -- -- and against that down to get a meal. And you be all over that right. It's several doing here it doesn't seem to bother too many people. -- -- do it here I guess that's okay while it's not okay with me and it's not okay -- Jim -- and an 80%. For those of you think it was a narrow group of people. Who wanted that bill signed into law. Just so vigil though 80% according to one survey of the population. Of the state wanted veto 80%. So this as a one small -- high powered group while with -- hidden money. There were reported that we're pushing is 80% that it's bad legislation don't do it. I really wish. It wasn't a political issue I wish it wasn't a commerce issue because -- even though it involves both of those things it's really a decency issue. Is not. It's also a human rights issue. And while we have great sympathy for those in other countries we don't seem McConnell look at ourselves and say. Maybe we're committing some of these problems ourselves and we're treading in the wrong direction. The sad part is that it's turned into. A left vs right. It seems that a lot of people on the right are only going after it because it's something that the left wants so we have to have that that political volley ball or football game between the left in the. That's exactly -- guy that's exactly my point is I wish you learn a political issue you know to me a complete person as one who judges each person. And who judges each situation and in this case each law individually. I don't wanna be told because I'm a registered Republican. Or I'm generally conservative commentator I don't wanna be told what my position is okay I'll make up my own mind -- my position yeah I'm conservative but I believe in some things that most and as a result believe it. Aren't and that's basically that most of my beliefs fall into that area but I'm I'm going to stand up and bush answer and show what I believe. And that's an if you like -- fine if you don't like -- you don't like it but there are too many people would just fall in marched up the lemmings who you're right left -- right which issue which -- Deal like this or do I not like this that's it take a contrary position. Talk show -- though just single this and you'll know there are a lot of talk shows Angeles and around the dial that will simply do anything to be different. No real final deja blue hell are you kidding. It's a real belief system where it's just to keep the phones ringing. And if you only guy get up pay much attention my friend I'll tell you that but I think you've got to be willing to stand up on what you think is right. You gotta be willing to stand never condemn what you think is wrong and the hell with the consequences that's all there is still. If you're audience agrees with -- fine if they don't agree with you that's going to -- that's what makes the world or. But too many people put their finger in the wind which is a blow on how can be different most people like that okay -- -- -- I mean come. And if there was no left vs right. Do you think anybody would be -- against -- chamber were dead. And it Null and you know what I'd like that says -- of what it is do you favor a discrimination bill. And the story because the all. Anyway the people who did favorite to become law can defend it is if it's taking something away from them. That's how they present it this is taking away my religious freedom all. You'll want the religious freedom and true discriminate. Is that what you look forward. Big purse and up in the pulpit that they say. Go out there and you can discriminate on people who aren't at -- mass today Eric temple today art or attending this a ceremony or celebration. They say that. They say that we're the only ones that they should have up fair and equal treatment of adults say that. If religion is about any thing is about understanding. And bringing people together hopefully. I'm not driving them apart but many many instances of people being driven apart by religion. Because of their rigid positions nobody's trying to convince you to go to their lifestyle. There is no gay or lesbian recruitment drive in progress. And until they start taking things away from you. To facilitate a law like the one that was rebuffed yesterday. I don't think you have a solid argument -- dollars -- let's go to. Peter in Canada Peter York W via. Basic. Got a good one. Yeah and forward. Which is elected their chopper not they'll present they could -- fire power -- -- there. Baker baker went out -- other governor races and we watched. It would a lot you know a left we -- -- -- them. And they will do anything anything to strengthen their -- of course you -- shouldn't you -- you know that they don't want in about it because what it's Andy. It audit indeed he will be there are certain things happened and discriminatory. And can just go to court and figured out that -- aren't -- -- -- likely. The interview you've nailed it I'll tell you why because yesterday. I mention that it anybody who's supporting this bill and to become law if you're running for public office you're not going to be able to defend it in it in the campaign trail and it really weakens all of your other positions because this would be the trump card. And you know day in L alum Peter thank you very much. Yeah I imagine being element. -- on the campaign trail since the mid terms or whatever the next presidential election and and it has she signed it became law. And you're asked point blank. Did you favor of this law in Arizona. You're gonna have to have yet. You're going to have to defend it and you can't defend it by saying. Yes I'd like it because our religious freedoms or any religious freedom was taken away from us. It's not gonna work out there. So as Peter just said Peter had. Haven't really capitalize there. That it would have if she had signed that. -- we -- I'd taken a beating in the mid term elections I wish this weren't about politics. Really wish I wish it weren't about commerce not whether the super delegate -- anything else alleges. In this as I know this is out there very controversial. Much is doing the right will be back after you know I got the -- -- a couple -- -- thoughts that I had during the last -- that. That real I think come and apply. Of people people do not want any laws. Restricting their religion and they shouldn't have -- okay yeah the and and you know at least separation of church and state is it's it's no endorsed. Federal religion that's what it means that he feds cannot endorse a religion slow like the like some other European countries. Now because of that you know I want to -- along these lines if this legislation this was and federalists was state but it's the same thought process. What is this what is the state asking this this piece of legislation to do. It's too condemned -- apply them so that they can't we sell food. War here in four -- not serving and not conducting business with people they don't agree -- all right. Now by that piece of legislation. Isn't that endorsing. A religion about it like this if you religion says. Bad -- That gays and lesbians are all are all bad people are all going -- -- and you don't have to do any business wedeman you can carry even. Turn them away at the dole. And you are encouraging a piece of legislation and tool. Indoors. Your religion. Is a direct violation wouldn't you consider that they're not allowed by the constitution. To do anything to harm your religion or to endorse it. But if they're putting legislation lay legislation out there that -- -- you are religious point of view oh. I think it's unconstitutional. Mean I'm not a lawyer but the thought process is certainly clear they can't do it either way. -- -- very happy. When they help you -- you're not so happy when you think they're hindering you in this case this would not have -- anybody. And it would protect the rights -- vote it's a human rights issue more than a political issue and certainly more than -- commerce issue. And for those who think she was right to veto it because of commerce or. -- political reasons. I think you're missing the main part of this whole disagreement. Let's go to Diana and buffalo -- on WBM. -- standing. Current I think it would discriminate apparent interpret it as a business and they don't want that neighborhood doesn't pack up and moved to a debilitating -- And then do what the housing and the bullet to a different state if they they could be better for them there. Well I understand the people go where they're comfortable of people talk about white flight out of urban areas through suburban areas. They go where they're comfortable my point is is I understand what you're saying. We make -- individual decisions that keep us in our comfort zone whether baker -- be called discriminatory. Or not a -- and not really sure thank you. We all go to our comfort zone everybody does that and for all of this diversity. BS. That's so artificial it's so fake. There aren't. People are comfortable within their own comfort zone. Go to any Christmas party early -- come Christmas party please. And what you'll say that the that. I don't have ago what you'll see angels say if you want to at a Christmas party. You would see all of the on the air talent hang around together. And you see the salespeople hang around together you see the engineers. Hang around together and you see management. Them. Hello maybe you'd find one or two -- -- casually. But there hang around together. That's what that's what the world is like the birds of a feather is not is not incorrect. And you go to where you're comfortable. If you're not comfortable he'll wanna go there I can understand that but there's a difference. When you're in business. And you're open to the public. You're open to the public you gonna serve the public and you can't be arbitrarily discriminatory certainly there are things you can do. If if you own a bar and somebody's falling down drunk and there are you know fighting -- -- patrons you can have memorable you can have -- -- that OK you don't have to serve -- And there are certain roles commonality rolls that over commitment oversee all legislation. But the bottom line is you are allowed to do certain things and not allowed to do other things. Certainly what you shouldn't be allowed to do what this bill went down in flames over is pick and choose. Whom you're who you wanna serve. Who you're willing to do commerce where you open the door to serve the personally comes and now they're being there might be some instances where it's just not a applicable at all. If so as it says some becomes a roaring drunk higher. One ever you know just crazy. Understand that but certainly not because they don't adhere to your religion. Think about it when you go to the dry cleaner. You know the dry cleaners religion as. Mounting an ally why care that they had a bigger your shirts today -- get your pants -- it would increase them where we want -- order. Where they're making up my you know my whopper sandwich at Burger King do I care what religion the person was now I don't care. And the bottom line is you shouldn't -- But the think that. That think that you don't subscribe to my religion so I don't wanna do business would you please that is sole. About a backward. Let's go to stand a Rochester stand what's the what's -- audio. Well you forgot to say that up politicians just hang around with the awkward because they're prostitute themselves. While that's true. That's good points and. I gotta agree would you wings had to come. Let's be free thinkers. Screw the political parties and their agenda let's do what's right we -- Martin who stepped. And you figure concurrently -- you don't agree on -- so who what you're saying now. So let's look at it from reality. Both parties and left and right the media is biased. They have again those they'll do anything to show their agenda and are hoping you'll fall for the whole works well let's not fall port. A guy if if anything -- taught to us it should be that we are individuals we have to be treated as individuals were not part of -- heard. And we're not a monolithic society I might be different as somebody who looks just like. Right now let's look at both the left and right now. And in making commentaries or whatever you know they look like -- credit rating position that hate big national advertising dollar data keeping from the commercial. Still do what they have to. Can do that that doesn't make them right it is they're just testing for once at the other. They're fanning the flames are trying to hold on for that next quarter our -- with 20. Instead we know that a good points Stan thank you very much. -- I'm thinking of think about life like this okay. Save shop tops -- wegmans which what's what you wanna say throw one in the Al wegmans wegmans OK you walk a wegmans is a political party. You go into wegmans there a political party and the supermarket. I like this I'll take this Hammond put it in my cart. Oh this juice looks really that was just onions -- no I don't want that. Are -- going. I'll OK how about this a salad are as good for me I'll I'll take it and what is that as something that's not a I don't think that. That he should be the same thing political parties should represent or usually doesn't present every single thought he ever had. But you go to where -- the most comfortable but when something shows up within that party that you -- not comfortable with don't feel an obligation to go a long. But that's where we get into what is an obligation to go along you're either with us or you're not in some as some. And aluminum -- aluminum headed guys who have three point. You know is trying to tell you that you're not conservative enough. He got a hell. You'll be what you want debate he can be what he wants to be if you wanna be what he wants to be a lot of know you can take loan losses. Until then you are an individual think is an individual be willing to stand up for what you believe in -- back. How would the party. If the party because you know what. The party needs you know more than you need the party I can tell you that right now we'll be back after this.

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