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2-27 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello is region governor we're gonna see if we can get to the finish line today I don't want to talk about today Leo stop by the way. I would any kind of weather or traffic information you might have a view -- -- column regular numbers they go through my 301806169236. -- thirty. If I came in at about 630 it was fine but it ain't mine now so let's go out what's going on out there. By the way did you hear -- call of the winning goal was regenerate let me just say this okay. Any time I get too comfortable -- of my on the air presentation. And I'm feeling really good about what I do for a living. -- -- -- -- He is the man you really as it did you know if you've never heard. Anybody in your life call a hockey game. He he should be the only one calling hockey games they should -- call every game in the NFL just fabulous just -- -- That it was IA's Greg Greg guy too but he's a fabulous broadcaster. And we've been very fortunate in Western New York. To have guys like Jenrette and in others -- history Ted darling is certainly before him. And then Miller fabulous number of ms. Murphy is doing a great job so we're very very happy to have all those people elected album but that generated call. He even though he sounds like I sound right now really under the weather and he managed now we don't know was that edited. -- did is that actually all general did they take out any gasping for air I swear that now when you were things and organize where they edited at some point -- it is amazing -- I just get access to because then after WGR -- in parts in the morning and -- I thought for sure that they caught -- at least a little I you know I know a couple of I was a couple of years ago I said -- go work for five more years or whatever. I hope we never never have the -- without -- -- so good. Now I don't criticize Chris when you came as far as same as me it was fine but totally you came in your -- here by 830. A what was the driving in the weather like whether or you work. Really slow this analysts tell Chris it seems like one once I get to Amber's it really slows down. -- crossing Niagara Falls boulevard -- Robinson. -- from that point -- to our location it took me half an hour well okay so it's a very slow. He didn't find it particularly slippery it was just slow because of volume right here and I didn't do like you do -- -- again some open space jam on the brakes just to kind of gauge. How it is and I had no problem whatsoever. All right well anybody out there who who sees a you know a real problem -- us all the usual numbers they go 30930. 1806 -- 69236 and start going thirty not going to be our subject today but it's the way we're gonna start because -- people. In light for work today well I have I'm not feeling great I can tell you that but hit you remember I told you how good my doctor is a doctor David -- yeah. He called me at home yesterday to find out how I was doing. And I describe its normal whatever is so he's he's keeping track is not great and as we don't -- that kind of service all the time we got to find the right people and easily go exactly how much question about that. Lots -- talk about today. Including. Some weird things happening. In none in the school board does session but that is going to be our subject either. But I'm just saying we're living in a very strange time we're hearing new stories which are legitimate. That just don't seem right at all. So in fact that it should I start taking some of these calls that are coming -- -- and let's go -- -- -- on a cell phone. -- give us an -- day where are you what's going on. -- expect out and there. -- Italian could be in count there were tightlipped on a lot like probably up. I saw at least for an accident in out there free and it's -- now I'm getting up high or parliament except. And it is at stake in the golf -- -- crop from there. Okay embarrass him -- Kensington is a crawl thank you work thank you very much Lorraine. Inbound guessing that's the 33 is they crawled very very slow. The -- to that let's go to -- Dave on a cell phone. Debut on WB again. We now 190s coming injury city yet just apartments or -- it points from the ninety's just up to -- -- -- Line that's. And uncertainty. After that and eventually but it while people while. This isn't she device and all way. And that's the 19190. North you're talking about. Not no one out coming in south coming get okay. -- but it basically -- -- out all work out our I think we're. And the -- slides sideways. And -- It's not the ice underneath it appears that any value. The commercial. Let him hurt -- Pennsylvania update. Let's go to -- Debbie in Orchard Park Demi on WB yeah. I and now that it's ninety out on -- this city is back out. -- at least -- I'm tired opera here with no cops. And recycling though. The two and nineteen are going south from the city down towards Orchard Park or. In any -- a series of that would be north okay. To ninety and got back up to okay thank you thank you very much haven't. So -- you get the feeling that. The roads don't really match the geographic like you're going to Cleveland. Wouldn't you think you're going south going west sitting amid those kind of things I mean that's that. There's again to figure well let's go to Bob Bobby on WB again. Good morning -- and they actually ninety eastbound and they that they parking lot we haven't moved and I met and Reagan in 1990. I just ask one accident and -- I'd be up all of art but we've -- sitting here for five minutes I have to assume there's a bigger problem further down the ninety's. Our guys thanks for the update appreciate it thank you very much. If you are in something you see something you hear somebody let us know I don't 30930180616. Nights of the six are not very will break now. With -- and company we wanna hear from you right now the beginning of a show at all during the -- if it if it continues. If a recess of any kind of traffic mishaps or real slowdowns or a particularly on hazardous driving areas let's go to. Larry on a cell phone Larry you're on WB yeah. Partners are big -- RD 33 yeah. Where are all over passes there's few both fired tracts there's and they are trying to get. -- this -- back up one. There are crop -- exit. The I. While so that's OK that's the that these that we had a call earlier saying west which is going into the city was also backed -- backed up considerably so 33 sounds like a mess this morning Larry is it just so volume -- -- slippery or what what what are the problems. Besides yet. So. Toronto -- Are. Okay thank you Larry thanks -- -- input appreciate it here earlier somebody had said. The 33 west which is going in toward the city was a bumper to bumper and and he's he just gave us a report on the east so 33 seems to be an idea it's a tough position yes. I do I -- catchy as the -- -- traditionally primarily Sicilian disc containing boiled. We -- in sugar which is cool being on December the thirteenth the feast day of saint Lucie. That's sounds good and and you know we used to have a salesman I forget although I'm -- Steve good so it was Steve Barry's is that was Israel anyway if we were -- Steve weak area that was his Italian name. It's a state could jurors themselves yeah I can remember you know. I've worked that lets see who I work at town in town at fifteenth when he 515931. Or 21 gulf war OK got it. I remember Ali air personalities and who was there when I was there. But the sales people change as much as the air personalities change so I forget which station -- was with with Steve which it was a here it was outline a 121 out of -- -- -- how would object that he was itself plus you've had a lot of home in other -- -- I've worked with -- ready yet three radio stations so we're just Gypsies and where we're Gypsy radio personalities and salespeople. It is let's say that's got some things here some strange times and does that we've got a few minutes before the the break. Larry equal and wants the run for a school board why it's that quick lap he quit and criticizing the buffalo schools superintendent -- teachers union and the spending. And the community and business leader Larry Quinn officially announced his run for the buffalo school board on Wednesday. He's talking about Pamela brown superintendent brown. I like her personal story I have empathy for I just don't think she has the mix of leadership and may be experiences. Take on this got a problem so if if Larry's right that she isn't equipped -- really taken on. She's hired training whales for 175000. A year. It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable what's happening in the buffalo school system that's not a subject even today. I'll but it really is when you hire somebody -- superintendent they shouldn't need a 175000. Dollar training wheels to learn on the job as shouldn't be the way and it. But that's exactly the way it is and there again. Presented at the last minute after the press -- gone home. And the meeting was nearly over and they get it passed by by the usual get a pass coalition -- should be taken out Pamela wound -- you know my thinking. Here's my thinking. I think that certain school board members are trying to feather of a mess. Before the may elections because in the may elections they may lose of their control that they have now. As so they're trying to set it -- as as cautiously -- feather bedding. As much as they can before there are shown the door pretty pathetic as wilderness it's nice that they can plaguing our money that your. Would not with with our money but the future of our kids exactly exactly that's exactly right. So Larry Quinn wants to throw his hat in the ring and I think that they welcome nine people that are are vying for a couple of law boards I hope we get better quality people and I think what we have now. Are people who are attracted to the power. -- not all of them and certainly. That's true cause some a lot of them were on the board have power already sold -- attractive for them they just want a better school system. But when you are when you're going to be on a board. That oversees a billion dollar budget. Give Jewell a lot of power a lot of Jews should -- talking about. And it's the starting block if you wanna get into politics -- I mean the mayor's the mayor is thinking of -- wanting to take over the school system first of all I think the mayor should take over city government. That would be a good start Belgian bank -- if he's -- yeah yeah exactly. So he wants to take NC he -- take over the school system. Of this on the board members now are favoring the nesting case they're shown the door. I mean it's crazy it is absolutely crazy nuts. -- let's see what else is going and well guess who got into a little bit of a skirmish Aaron Fernandez is imprisoned. Date march -- tight -- you know for the New England Patriots. He did not require medical attention. He was in a common area in the Bristol county house of correction and Dartmouth. And there was he was in an area where there's not supposed to be more than one prisoner at a time apparently there was another prisoner. Who didn't get a lot of Aaron maybe he played for the bills on time I'm not really sure. But the bottom line is they got into a -- -- -- kind of cool watch that I think I had heard that the other guy was -- coughs and Hernandez went after him all -- -- wearing all -- yeah that's real great effort that you don't want to get your little daughter for her birthday is only maybe get -- the latest. Justin Bieber video oh. There's little singing there's no dancing but it shows just them being arrested. They've released the video of Justin Bieber little plug. In one clip he waivers as he tries to walk heel to -- then he stumbles slightly. As he turns and he appears to have his arms out of balance. And on attuned to the video was sought by the associated press and other media organizations under Florida's public records laws of this is that. Hello little baby boy who was so brave one is a bodyguards around. You can you can get the -- the video of him being arrests and I think that's cool. Also an eleven year old girl in the Washington eleven years old fatally shot a cougar that was following her fourteen year old brother. Our official while I've officer -- account Dresdner said the children's father Tom why -- -- the -- away. From the Eric -- calves twice and and you know that happened to one America as members. I'm sorry I know I attitude just say it but they're Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson was pursued by cougars in a bar last Friday night. And it was topple his wife had to chase why it's all these things happen which have wild life like that in the night life of Buffalo, New York. -- to make cars and -- bars. I don't know how unethical. Conduct of the younger ones back tomorrow beach company you'd see something going on whether or traffic was -- was -- in Austria and I'm real wanna. Hundreds or politics neither of these six are not very. You can -- yesterday's news in printed organ today's news -- just use WB. And dot com -- and -- Chris Johnson has an update on the traffic what's going congress will be 33 west was closed -- vast and they were in the process of reopening a couple minutes don't talk -- rated tow truck was out their -- Still very slow 33 west at bats and the back -- all the way back to Harlem and beyond so it's not very slow right. Okay of those of -- from out of town who don't know bass is history. Okay when is as close the best that means it's at that streak -- if not I kind of get a feel and people buffalo history. It is Beijing got if you see anything or you're involved in and it was golly 03930106692. Visits are -- thirty. Where address that Sony -- they sabres sure on yet I have sabres this lecture or your I have an alkaline TO Eritrea teacher all right very very aware of it. We're training. Doing a baseline at the is the courts have backwards hats that were there. The next -- Concerned about when he sent down -- OK -- side our side he's got a guy then as you know this is they know baseball -- a free zone. Backwards right about it who go to Newton. Eagles had a great it may and Woodward and I this is a story. That impacts is because we've talked many -- about the state back for those of you don't know our position on the says I can't everybody's position. Tom's position last I checked as he was against that. But back it'll change. And I absolutely think it's an abomination. And of the federal court judge scrutiny. -- Williams threatening. Throughout the seven bullet rule was unconstitutional and so it affected our case for. The arts safe act violation. Judge William Watson it was a block port city judge dismissed a a case. For a guy charged with carrying too many rounds. He dismissed a misdemeanor charge against the men filed because his magazine and is nine millimeter Ruger contain ten bullets. More than the limit. Per magazine under the of this fact as you remember. Andrew Cuomo you've gotten. I'm holiday secular bear that's a very famous that thing. On December 31 two and a half months after his arrest. -- US district judge Williams threatening rule the seven -- rules unconstitutional. It's the only portion of -- that he threw well but he did throw that out Niagara county prosecutors though even though it happened after -- working on the case. And solo Watson ruled. After hearing that opening up the Handguns Magazine. To count the bullets wasn't illegal search so this is technically yet. Because seek the bullets like that it was an illegal search. The dismissal criminal charges because he wasn't immediately league getting all of -- the farms back he the personal resolute complained he should get him back. After the arrest county sheriff's deputies confiscated five other guns listed on his pistol permit. So he had too many rounds according to -- -- and so may not only charged him with that but they confiscated his guns. And here's how meticulous these kinds of things have to be aren't. After ordering the person charged and his wife out of the car. The lieutenant the police department and -- portals and giving this information said. He directed. The officer to find a permit and the gun which the patrolman quickly dead. Then he told -- patrolman to make big guns sake keep in mind is in the semis now. My experience is I'm quoting here the best way to make guns -- -- as the removed the magazine according to lieutenant while the other two engines that do. You have to remove the magazine and make sure does not around in the chamber. Because the one in the chamber and -- I'd add that in there you know okay. Then the office has said it was also the only way to check the serial number two matches against the list on the pistol permit. Well I'd have thought I'd have to look at my hand guns again but I I that's not true at all guns whether it's true that's gone I because I don't own one of these guns I don't know. Make sure there was not around in the chamber there was not in observing the magazine I did notice there were at least ten pounds in the magazine. And then he emptied the -- empty the magazine I didn't count the rounds just to confirm our reasonable suspicion that there was more. Then ten. And his lawyer. Attorney tribesmen who's been on the air many times here said once the magazine is removed from the firearm. The firearm cannot fire. Well it can if there's a round in the chamber. At that point the search of the fire arm should have been C east but the officers went further it was a search without a warrant. So -- of that was spent that and of course the federal judge. Saying that the 707. -- limit was unconstitutional. But that was because they count them after they took the magazine now whatever that was and illegals so it's it's -- as interest. But it's also I think suffocating. Actually. Because. It's it's a bad law. Is that legislation. It's it's not a good I don't think it's at all about public safety and basically if I can use a scientific term. It sucks located at that. -- let's see -- Israel if you've seen. You know traffic slowed up accidents on slippery conditions let us know. Let's go to Tom in Lancaster time there on W via. Hi sandy those -- kisser I just got -- the Clinton street except -- -- the idea that north. The entrance ramp calling two I want making your is completely blocked off by a school bus -- -- children. I'd probably vehicle excellent attacker to Carson edged up and so on a lawful order to shore up their. But the carrier you pushed apart right apartment all sorts blocking entire approach -- at Clayton north but we'll get to Oakland street. Clinton dark out on the 190s blog because of a sideways bus okay thank you for that information Don appreciate it. So it's like slick obviously more than even volume seems to be the probably had earlier reports within the hour of vote of 33 which is the Kensington. Gotta be careful with the bats in both directions one direction might have been volume that's going in that's west. Coming up they mention an accident. That the people are seeing as they're going the opposite direction near the cemetery so as a lot of bad driving out there and this is one of those deceptive days. I was in here -- -- quarter 7630 quarter seven and was nothing nothing zero and then as I have Johnson is an alum doing prep for my show. I heard all of these -- traffic problems starting to -- if you I have something you'd like to share with us we would like to share with our audience. Let's go to bill in Orchard Park billion on WB yen. I don't. I love Ali -- us. Yes. -- -- to nineteen going north. Well it's now okay. UK -- can't get off that through way to get on the 219 where it wearers it's commutes no where where though bottleneck is will be accident on the clogged. It for a while and then we need and your -- -- getting. There -- car crash. -- out I've been in traffic for eighteen minute that we are at all that there are multiple accident -- it -- at Orchard Park by one day. All right thanks for that information appreciated of course when you're going south on the throw in the 219 in the on the floor of the 400 them to nineteen. That's a heavy traffic carried through so he said the 219. From the threw away that would be having. Toward via the Erie Pennsylvania. As you go to get on the 219 is totally blocked so be alert to that seems like lots of stuff going out there. And we would like to be your information Bob give a skull. You know three on 301806069236. Start 930 Chris Johnson as an update on traffic what he decorous yet it. 33 west incident it's still an apps Luke Massa are doctor Randy bush over about fifteen minutes ago said there in the process of clearing it. Right now it's still not clear there is an update on the night -- website it's still closed there are tow trucks on the scene so it looked like there were trying to get it out of the way but as of right now we are talked to a couple politic and hang out. They're still stuck in their cars they're forcing. A lot of people to get off at the 198 before you even get the best you know from this project -- can't even really get into the city it is cop cars in tow trucks all over the place at an accident. And -- just nobody's going anywhere. All right I've missed a good example of why should always keep your tank pulled through you don't have the slide off the -- being an accident you can just be caught in volume. And go with the temperatures as cold as they are it's good to have a little backup in the in the old tank. Let's go to we have a lot of people online who wanna tell us what's going on where they are. And as some people just them perhaps not having their best today and one of them might be Greg hi Greg you're on W. Yen. Good morning Elliott -- I'm fine Greg just had a little mishap what happened. I gotta tell you. If you are. On the June 19 south of the ninety anywhere -- as a complete extra. 35 miles an hour which -- felt was reasonable. I hit the brake to stop. And no friction did not slow one bet I have a choice a rarity -- for enemy your driving up media. I drove up the media on the held back up there L a the other way -- -- night. All wow so you've got you got through immigrant aggressiveness well and that was like you would know no damage to you or anybody else. I would act of god in me but just like -- everybody -- June 19. Literally twenty miles an hour is probably safe travels to. Right OK thank you very much. Yeah now what was due to and doesn't always work to be -- highway but on your local street. Is that there's a spot where there's -- tell of long holes no cars on the side of the road. I hit the brake firmly and there and feel if you're going to be able to stop even at that street. If that's the you're having problems you're -- have big problems when -- get Obama and see if the ABS kicks in Colombia a vibration in the gas pedal. I know that marina Everett digital -- Everett used to go out and drive on slippery days just so she could feel vibration through the guesswork it's -- You'll learn something new -- really don't see -- -- drive anybody on the slippery -- as just the way ago what she's not going to visit us at the prison exactly. She. She -- on the conjugal visit boss it's. Because nobody knows you know I mean Tuesday. As woman nobody raises their hand. A lot of prisons go back playing ball well. Let's go to -- Caroline. Orchard Park -- on WB yen. -- -- -- Am I and I drove to buffalo this morning and backed Orchard Park. So I left out around that and the -- I was probably be crying and fly every accident happened. That's really -- I think. You know either people are. He almost every one of the accident that I stop in the nineteen -- out how to and the one you're talking about coming home tonight about the pickup truck. Or some kind of a floor vote -- car. I feel that people are either writing to ask that they think they can -- and that our. They're not speaking -- Aaron -- -- more like you know that it didn't happen -- possibly. You know I don't know that people are taking care of their -- you know you live and well. You know we have the ladder everybody should be thinking tires -- you know what can I do it like it until my -- and all of that and stop. I really under the plane and they now control. City and the county and I mean we pay our taxes and how -- these roads are not all said and that the more this guy this time at 5 in the morning. This seems to have snuck up on everybody because usually we're better prepared for that. As far as the highway crews are concerned as far as the drivers are concerned. It might be one of those things if we are having a lot of snow and it was a blizzard people would drive slower -- be more traction actually -- -- more snow. And they get caught by surprise like the driver was on just before you. Who was only going 3035 miles an hour and got no traction when he stepped on the break on -- home safely -- gonna stay home today. I don't know I'm looking at a plane I'm debating whether come back out it's really app I'd probably not tally until. You know it just look at each of these accidents involved like for -- -- -- -- -- -- You know once one gets caught up and it is hard to get around him especially if you don't have attraction will stay home and make yourself was couple copy and and look of the Wendell thank you Carolyn. With -- obstructionism you'll know them. Most pickup trucks are rear wheel drive some are all wheel drive. The ones that that are real wheel drive be sure you have to have some weight in the box in your truck. Otherwise. You're going to be slide around easily and when you -- Laura always remember this if if you learn nothing. Brake and accelerate and a straight line. OK if you're going into a corner coming out of a corner that's win. You break or accelerate you don't do it while you're negotiating the corner or the rear end of your vehicles a slide right out. But even -- the trucks with four wheel drive. I think it's a good idea to have something in the box of the truck that gives you some some weight back there better shot if you don't have -- all wheel driver four wheel drive. -- remember it doesn't help you're breaking it only helps to have X acceleration traction that's that's what it's -- for. But if you have a pickup truck you probably know this already. I'd put the way back even if that if even if it is for drug and as I said the last caller this is one of those deceptive deals worm. It doesn't look bad out there doesn't look too dangerous maybe you had a pocket it's no one timer non. But when you step on the break it's important that the you have some traction and -- end of that of that caller who went. Over the side who. The median and came up the other side. While that's got to -- I'm sure I've been shaved his eyeballs when he gets home tonight because now that was that was an interesting story can happen. And and also here's the thing. -- it's from my motorcycle days. Always look for an escape wrote if you're in traffic always say if that if traffic suddenly just stop right from anywhere what I ago. That's why usually I'm in a lame that doesn't have a cement barrier right next -- no place to go there. All right if you have anything to tell us we'd like hearing aid Altria and -- trio wanted hundreds excellence it's nice to visit to start 930.

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