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Winter Misery Index

Feb 27, 2014|

Meteorologist Barbara Mayes-Boustead

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are you miserable folks because of this miserable winter we've been dealing with. It's coming got us. Non stop them is -- us again this morning our guest on the live line is Barbara mayors busted. -- meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Omaha Nebraska and she's on the WB a live line Barbara good morning thanks for joining us. Good morning and boy you've heard our traffic guy with a global problem we have this morning you heard our forecast. But you've come up with a winter misery index after some study and research. No we are miserable those warning no doubt about that blind sided by a system. That's gone from bad to worse buffalo has to have a prominent place on your index one army what do we rank. Well and we've looked at several sites around the country buffalo right now. It spring and that cannot category sport to think about you know hurricane categories -- -- five. It was like a category -- winter -- -- right out pretty severe but it out of -- it yet actually. Have to go to New York City your feelings about. Are you say who's worse. It's right in the worst of all they're really getting hammered this winter without cold and now. Is that the city of Detroit its own barber or is that. In eastern Michigan. But it's actually a good part of the Great Lakes area Chicago Indianapolis. Even over to -- Iowa though there is getting really hard and then all the way across you the East Coast with a billion New York getting hit pretty hard Q. I don't know the facts that are really had in index them and hitting that extreme category five. Buffalo Albany Rochester battery has. Still Revere and attack the good part of the country's Elsevier. Equally I don't that is not so you as a private lender at Omaha. What are they June decide to do a weather misery index. Well I'm not act first bucket at a my colleague Steve Albert is my collaborator he went written him into the winter optimistic backs. I could you know give or take a little bit injured so we wanted to come up with an index that put the -- out there -- accurate exactly what would you like that's. When people want an out you know as a bit of worst -- ever actually -- aren't there something I'm just forgetting that happened while ago you know there is terrible and there. This is cool -- Not nearly as much of a sudden buffalo and this winter we've not had a lot of snow at all what I -- -- out. Feel like a pot holed -- would be -- rare you know aren't. Well you know for some reason we can still come up with problems you know pat pat pat pat. You know when you have a really harsh winter like we're having. It means that we're going to be good for the next like ten years right. Oh yeah now one would hope that would be that lucky in the seventies and eighties there were probably going to kind of back to back and really pounded the eastern United States special. We haven't even went through this severe in awhile and that's part of why it feels so medical is because. You know we're not used to getting to this extreme it's it's rare now there are going to have been warming up but it seems the trend of going upwards so. It tenants -- Specter reality a couple of. No we reached a milestone here this morning 100 inches of snow so -- the weather season. But 100 issues but for me nothing on some of the charge you looked at -- other cities around. But you know paired up in recent now expect that they're speaking areas probably the most notorious -- -- -- believe it's a lot of notes here. But what would like to do is look at each site and it's apparent that while you know -- -- a hundred into the that you're about how rare that a couple of you out. It's pretty rare you know it's not their work don't you listeners. You know against a little bit to the index but not as much as it wouldn't say they got a hundred into Omaha. -- did not nice talking to you thank you very much. Well thank you don't live from the National Weather Service in Omaha Nebraska where she as a meteorologist. That's Barbara -- busted.

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