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Filling Potholes; Fulfilling Resident Requests

Feb 27, 2014|

Bill Swanson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's check in next on the WB in -- line with tunnel on a highway superintendent bill Swanson bill that morning. Our generation hey before we get to potholes are you land -- in -- splits of snow to. Yes we are right now action were out salting the roads. He had a near you wrote who's got a pretty -- this winter home. Yesterday is it seems like every day we have to well salt roads or upon. What do you salt the roads as you describe it. Does that contribute to the development of a pothole depending on conditions will fall and the freeze. Yes between that and the -- yes it does and. It wears on a budget to -- that. For filling the holes all that stuff all those together and then now what happens is without our paving budget for the year. When we get past that certain amount -- money for our salt they had to come out of our PV market. -- -- Would you like to see about a possible sex and does attract you guys crazy too when you fix a pop home one day in its back in on the next week. Exactly. If somebody has -- struggled to -- yet you know on -- But have you really ever thought to have you really haven't thought much about it as too. You know what causes the pothole and you know what goes into fixing you know and along the fix might last. Well of them it's from the water table one of the the temperatures up and down and down. It's just the Wear a pair on the road -- -- -- reconstructed probably since the fifties. Now it's a huge problem. You know we talked to a guy and in the last half hour who's with the company in Pennsylvania Rhode mixer. That says they have they have effects it's not a cold patch it's a hot patch it sent a truck that can actually use you know. Infrared to warm the hole and then it's a hot -- in -- says it's it's -- much no longer term effects than what we're using now. I'm not really familiar with that. We announce a vehicle and cost about 300000. Dollars you would think that it it sounds like it might be unaffordable for. A local municipality but you know. Superintendent. What if you know three or four highway departments chipped in news. That there could probably work -- sharing services so we do some of their with the county known Belichick have more on. I would definitely look and -- something like that but I do have to see it work first and see how long it holds up. But he does -- probably love to see in a better effects we don't you think it's a surprising 2014 that we don't have a better effects. It actually got. It's the -- that's been used for ever and down it's it's a temporary back. Let's face backside and we need -- materials and I'm fortunate to plant can't open until usually around the middle April. Hey bill we're glad you could join us on a busy morning thanks no -- OK YouTube that is bill Swanson is the tunnel on a highway superintendent.