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Potential Pothole Answer

Feb 27, 2014|

Roadmixer's Darren Geesaman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about fixing. Potholes. Our guest on the WB in line is Darren -- -- Darren has product manager for road mixer -- company in Bethel Pennsylvania that does just that. But to get them and good morning thank you for joining us. The morning and thank you for having me. Boy you know your company will be enshrined. Around here sir if you have a way to permanently fix potholes -- -- -- do that. What's the secret. We have a mobile -- -- -- and that's all right on the job iPod that's all the what you would get any batch and during warmer weather but of course are closed down in the wintry weather. When you need him the most actually. We can perform a permanent repairs and not just cold -- as you probably will note does not hold up very well at all but we -- Produced hot and accept all right on the job site. And crew in the 01. Mean our company produced. Produces that the machinery to do. How -- has been available. It's a relatively new line for us we've been and they in the equipment manufacturing business for many years but this. -- -- we've been working on this research and development and finalizing things for the last 45 years. Is it more expensive. No actually it's not it's it's much less expensive than you can call which is really their only option during the winter months. That's where our -- -- in the past but. Any time of year anyplace. Can produce hot asphalt. You know you're in the summer month so occasionally you'll -- a highway department truck. -- What looks like the tank with. Hot tar inside a patch of some sort one law would be so difficult about Tony one of these little. The vehicles during the wintertime and using. A hot -- patch mixture as opposed to cold patch of the known events that doesn't work. Well the problem is they can't get hot -- In the wintertime. But others they can't manufacture -- consult with a highly garage. That is correct they cannot. And to do to -- certified mixed which is what state requires. You have to they calibrated machine eventually can't even user recycle asphalt what to call -- A little abuse. It would have to come up the virgin mature or are machine expert in true fans don't end -- schools met with our order to boot it. The bind together and and read in the hot mix works and cold which doesn't is because when hot mix. Is hot it's been very fluid in -- and pliable and compact it into the hole that formed the shape of the hole and Coleman actually. On par and then when the hot mix cool then it gets hard the cold it never gets really hard and never has Lou. And then it falls out like within you know the next couple of days right. He is is your solution a long term fix. Yes it because we can produce the same mix -- couldn't get during the hot summer months. You know we can produce a rebel fighting you if you coupled with infrared technology which is very heated this huge hole first urged all. You can put him in between we'll repair. No -- going to -- a joint note -- in the cracked not like patents and shameless. And -- permanent. Any early accolades from and the municipalities around the country most of the success of your product -- house being used. We want that either. We can't hardly believe I can't wait to get -- handle on it. Because that is the revolutionary product to the fact that it's a bit lower mounted units that you can think it's true jobs might consider waiting in line. At the impact player and the course during the winter months when they're closed we can so it's doubtful. You know one quick question before we let you go -- Lou vehicle that carries this pension keeps -- -- show hot on scene. We're kind of money are we talking about thomas' big rig cost. Well if you -- to purchasing new truck. And in my actual. And of course each state -- just a little bit from street and they don't their actual requirements -- your -- was. You can be looking at probably. 300000 dollar mark truck and equipment included. While Darren nice to talk with -- this morning good luck with this product. As -- get some of these product manager for road to mixer in Bethel Pennsylvania.