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Mary Guinn Back As Ass't School Superintendent

Feb 27, 2014|

Carl Paladino

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo school board member Carl Paladino is with us on the WB a lifeline to talk about it stunning development at last night's board meeting. Carl what happened late into that meeting. -- the majority of the board. Decided to. -- on the agenda but he surprised motion and that motionless too. -- point eight. Deputy superintendent. It came as much of a surprise to. Other members of the board but obviously they had planned to -- planned to to do it went. The press -- Room and the. All the people -- meeting has gone home. One member of the press the Buffalo News this still there when we had to Google we weren't -- to open session. It and she was able to report with the system and we're doing. When you have a board meeting you have an agenda is schools superintendent doctor Pamela brown required to give board members. A heads up as to what's going to be on the agenda. She has put. It's a rule -- we have I personally have to look up but they say that the the superintendent is allowed to bring emotion. With about two part 48 or prior prior notice and such a significant action. And in this case. Appointing a person who. At least the minority aboard full fields that person is no right to that first light to the board before. Their name is Mary queen and she should consult from someplace else. And you come in and and probably ripped the morale of -- just about every constituency. Group in the awful public schools. She she. Lied to the board as we were letting its music discharging the consulting contract. It and to bring her on -- who uses the most insulting to. The majority of the board and the people as a city upon although it is sick again it is just. It was an action on their part they were determined to. A point this woman and they would and then it. And the public and have to look. To them. Obviously the more polarized we work. What was the. The bullish. 52311. Of the board members was that there -- present. But how do you think this. Was a plan that's been in the works for some time -- But in the works as we need to -- person. They wanted to pixel badly. When you heard this come up last -- as a recommendation when you heard it come up last night. What was your initial reaction. I obviously I was supposed to and I mean every effort they -- to look. -- at least adjourn to choose its next meeting so that we can have -- -- opener for a discussion about the. Did Pamela brown say why she needed her back is that as a deputy superintendent. -- brown Gerald brown is a jury unable person -- she doesn't understand. The the -- of -- superintendent. She wants to be there on the job training. And if this person was -- support in the past. Restrictions. Mary Lynn woods. The person who designed and he reorganization. Of the -- public schools can't. The which we believe this faulty. -- sort sort of farcical. The and LeBron needs personally Mary -- Two carrier and -- the issue Mary what is it -- -- type person. She's. She's crude which goes about doing things and in -- position to try to win this order for quite awhile before rumored to be able to do structure because it was -- from Asian. Was Mary -- a meeting last night when this all came up. Is this gonna bring -- the school board. That much closer to being taken over by the city of buffalo current. I don't you know when you say taken over that would have to be enacted state legislature. There was talk question writes that the Aaron Brown is just. Getting ready and asking crystal people some others to. Give him the power or -- the can the legislature. Give him. Power over the school board and and actually who -- I think that would be terrible. Because it would be it would be probably just a continuation of announces that works right now. Freely elected school board uses this -- have an election in November. Is the best way. But it hasn't been that way in the past because the elections and nobody was paying attention. Nobody wanted to pay attention to it wanted to get here's something is this is 680%. Of our schools fail. You know got a 46% graduation rates that people lying through his teeth is that an insult to suspensions are down. Hillary suspensions are down because they thought they told the principal's sent suspending people. And that and that's a result we get more violence in schools. Would that we've got parents and children -- adapter being bullied. It's -- -- the whole system camera. We're operating under a deficit right now deficit spending is gonna be another budget gap next year it's worth 175000. Dollars to primary going -- come from. Well it was budgeted. And they use this excuse that had been budgeted last year you have a deputy superintendent and they make an excuse -- they went out and they've posted this job prolong -- nobody wants to jab well that's nonsensical. Totally nonsensical. They're quality people around one was one of particular would suggest that he was. The deputy superintendent in Greece. Are put apparently. That she just to doubt she doesn't want anybody else but Mary what. And that you guys -- -- less -- -- so what will soon hopefully in May will. -- have a majority of the board after the -- -- and will be able to address these questions and written the superintendent who's where or. -- glad you could join us this morning thank you thank you. That's buffalo school board member Carl Paladino.