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Fun Buffalo Snow Facts

Feb 27, 2014|

Meteorologist Dave Thomas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Thomas is with us on the WB in -- -- mourning -- morning and we're closing and a milestone. Yes where mystical -- and -- hundred inches of snow here measured at the F buffalo airport today. We Syria were there to about right now first speaking -- goes on across the area. Actually becoming heavier and -- -- hundreds flying as we speak. Dave what it was a last time. Buffalo hit 100 inches of snow. Actually that's too long ago three years ago that we reached. A 111 point eight inches of snow here in buffalo. But it but how often do we do -- not that often right. Not that often it's. On average about once every four years we'll reach a hundred inches of snow. David any idea how many consecutive days that we have had the snow that's been measurable. At the airport weather station. The record -- several weeks. About measurable snowfall. -- what's the outlook two I mean wintry conditions to continue. Into march. Yes brings three weeks away but -- still looking at winter. And pretty cold temperatures leading up until that time period. For the areas that the buffalo National Weather Service covers from -- to central New York State. Day it was one additional total derby so far. Buffalo is actually very close to the lead here as far as both of those. Protestors actually had well that lets you know here this -- and Syracuse is I think probably when that the derby here with 400 -- of voters so far this winter. And there's a wind chill advisory that's going into effect today. We do have -- -- so by -- affected earnings yet intense today. And it runs through Friday morning in Appleton -- wind chills fifteen to it is for many years that's 24 degrees below zero. -- Dave stay warm and I guess keep a lid on that snow total to campaign it attractive and state Thomas meteorologists at the buffalo office of the National Weather Service.

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