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2-26 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back -- dominated big decision by a -- or a lot of pressure on this one a lot of media spotlight certainly. She has until Saturday night to decide whether she will go sign this bill. Which would make it lawful in the state of Arizona. To refuse service to a people that are gay who. Barely barely set the subject or about thinking how. Off the wall lewis' -- name as me. Let's say we have a lot of people holding for a long time we also have FaceBook which you know we have been used any yet Chris why don't you give me a FaceBook entry through this one comes from. Josh she says sandy sound just like emperor Cuomo no religious freedom no free speech you're being an anti religious bigot here follow the constitution you hypocrite. Odd as the most ignorant thing I've ever heard from a fake profile -- -- of fake profile mountain. Well let's let's start again. Read me a little bit at a time and I'll give a quick a quick reply a little bit as -- sandy you sound just like emperor Cuomo well OK I couldn't be more different than in cool idea I couldn't be more different brand of Cuomo if by became a Droid okay well -- religious freedom no free speech don't we all you don't have the religious freedom. To discriminate. I imagine that you wouldn't want. Lose the religious freedom to discriminate. Against somebody and free speech is a misnomer actually we all have free speech but there are certainly don't have free hate speech. The classic we don't have right to say fire -- a -- -- manner. There are certain restrictions to society's norms so unlike Cuomo which I'm not. It's not it's not a free speech issue and I've taken away religious freedom by saying you should not be allowed to discriminate against somebody pocket. You're being an anti religious bigots -- anti religious bigot and I believe in what religion teaches apparently if you consider yourself religious and this is all you -- you ever learn the damn thing have you. And I would say then. What happened to Christ. What -- Christ was. He was put to death because of intolerance of others to his view rose. What if what do you think about that you got anymore and yet there's one more line follow the constitution you hypocrite. All right the constitution does not give you a right to discriminate. Planes -- whether you think of a hypocrite or not. Produce a piece of of recording videotape. Sandstone I don't care what you produce something that says shows I've taken a different position I never have. All right if religion is going to be a valuable part of your life you should learn something from. And don't just use it as a sword to cut off ahead of anybody you don't agree whether and that's exactly witnesses. If if if your religion hasn't taught you -- then you haven't learned anything I don't give you go everyday I don't care if you're there day and night. I give -- moved to larger haven't learned anything from your religion. -- -- talk to your pastor or your I don't know what religion he has. Your pastor your priest your rabbi whatever. Some will say that -- our religion does not allow that tell me how many would encourage you to be bigoted against others. Especially when the laws equally applied why do you get better law than they do is that right. How do you take anything that this guy says seriously -- in -- is a fake out how. He's not even man enough to put together an account to voice is real opinion like that don't have ball -- all the doll you know what they do they stand in the shadows. They stand in the shadows because the aero point of view does not hold up on with the sunlight. You lift the rock and they come crawling on -- personally that was so ridiculous I think it was probably more parity -- -- a serious. But over the real key is you've got to get over the fact. That you shouldn't be thinking that you're more comfortable because there are people who you consider lesser than -- -- are one more Chris before I go Oracle's. The next one comes from -- wreck he says this law is discrimination simple -- that it's on American this is so wrong I'm surprised the governor is even considering it. -- to correct now the fact is one of our earlier callers Margaret says she was surprised that it stake in the governor of this long. To make -- remind I think it's. To show that even though she's against it she considered it is like a judge's opinion. You know could you imagine closing arguments. And they finally close and that's the end of the argument and the judge -- while I've heard and hopefully that'll you'll wanna believe that the judge deliberated. OK before he gave the information that the jury and then the jury deliberated even if it's if you have a slam -- of this may be a slam -- I -- it is. Open is slam dunk but she doesn't wanna give the impression that she just casually toss that off of her best. That I think that's it it's all in theater it's all an appearance. It has no merit as far as I'm concerned it has no. No wait and even everything within the state that we've read about is against. So it's not like this is a state that believes this and all the others don't believe that this is within the same state. All right I'm surprised ago passed to be honest review I don't know how that happened but I am surprised that it did happen. Let's go to a bill and middle poured billion on WB yen. Good morning sir logo. I agree disagree to a certain degree was. If you read the law. No I am. My how people can comment along the words written page there's just can't -- a Christian thing I don't look but yeah you know. I'm a Christian I'm in a while working -- crunch. Again. This without acted. Appropriately epic has anybody read the new testament. They -- -- -- great -- implication. Being on the ground will be -- -- -- that I. And the religious people like him because of that particular reason. But my old saying is this. I don't even know what a person's actual. I don't need him. And don't come up in the into. I'm heterosexual. Bisexual I'm all ovals that you won't get to him and I think we're you know I agree. That the country. Me I don't know what the law and detail. I. Mean a person coming in the mind doesn't like it. And they're homosexuals. They ought to -- it. And now. Now the premiere -- -- in the football team they might be the defensive tackle and defensive end brought you know now. It was the same thing with a one gentleman op moved the college bowl want to count and it turned out and I made them double world I'm homosexual. I didn't even know that. I think it -- live at all I didn't care what you watch. And in order for this life if -- did become a law in order for it to be apply then. You would have to know for sure whether somebody was gay and how do you know or don't know of that that's not the -- that's the point. I don't believe. That's what I wanna know what the law in detail yeah I -- -- -- people like. It's a religious. People that I'm I'm not religion for a long time. I don't call myself a Christian I call myself a born again believer. When we come back I agree with you I think you're speaking very sensibly when we come back a letter read. Appeased by Kathy Herod. The senator for Arizona policy that tries to defend the bill and maybe some of your questions will be answered but believe me I totally agree with what you said bill I don't need to know it and it's not my business thank you. We'll be back with more after this. We're asking -- the question about the Arizona law. There's an op Ed piece and in favor of what they did. There's an op Ed piece by Kathy Herod. Is president of the center for Arizona policy. Does is in the USA today no I don't know exactly what that group -- she's a she says. There -- lies and misinformation. About SB 10620 spread across our state and nation. Arizona's legislature pass this bill to ensure that everyone in our state regardless of their religious beliefs is free to work according to their faith. It clarifies Arizona's religious freedom restoration act and had to bring it in line with the federal RF. RRA. The legislation came about because of the growing threats to religious freedom. We're seeing across our country in these cases a handful of courts and political. -- -- these are misinterpreting. Our FR a and denying families their constitutionally protected freedoms. But it goes on -- a little bit more but in no way shape or form and the rest of it does she explain. Once the threat is to to be religious freedom of others I don't get it. All it is Tuesday of bigotry that says that people think is sanctioned league by their own religious beliefs. And maybe your maybe your religion doesn't allow you. To be gay or lesbian and that's up to you when your religion but it doesn't infringe. On your religion or anything like it. To see that other people are treated equally whether they subscribe to your religion and now guys here's another thing can you imagine congress atlas look nationally. Congress passing. -- favoring one religion when you know they can't do that. -- -- Why would you be allowed to pass a law. Good demeaning all are restricting. Somebody's religion horse are in this case somebody's lifestyle. You can't. But you see it's not good enough to sit sit on the sidelines and say. This is a threat to my religious freedom tell -- how it is I'd like to know if some if if -- two lesbians come out of order pizza pizza. How by -- serving on the piece of pizza and casual about Tommy I'll bet infringes on your religious freedom. And if if not. How do you I'd like to know how you determine that -- lesbians. -- yesterday. Remember America I say there's always time. Being of for as far as guys are -- being a famine that and being gay. Are two different things now there are some gay people or seven it that it big they handled both sides of that issue. But there's a lot of affirmative people -- day and there sure is a lot of gay guys that are feminine. So what is the -- the clerk. Probably the part time summer clerk who's working at the hot dog and pizza stand. Going to be the final decision maker as to whether somebody gets served him. -- V. The what's the word I'm looking for stupidity is probably the nicest thing. That this law would allow. How would you like to be judged by the person you're just trying to buy a piece of pizza from or sub sandwich I just don't get I'm -- Let's go to I think people should be treated equally I know it sounds Pollyanna ish but if you -- Freedom of religion I want freedom wild lifestyle apart from your choice I don't ask you to participate in mind you shouldn't ask me to -- have been in yours. Let's go to -- Joseph and Orchard Park -- run -- Libya. India what -- but I heard a lot of anger or these flawed arguments this morning on as far as she destroyed ghost saying that. Christian -- -- but what retro style. Don't know anything about Jesus Christ I would just say that the homosexual. Came to Jesus he would tell them the same thing you could tell any senator go forth and sin no more. I'd argue for all your kinda miss miss even paraphrasing me. I said that Jesus Christ was put to death because of the intolerance of others to his views. And I think that's applicable to what we're talking about today. -- And awed at all what -- Let's be straight I did not say I did not say you don't know the teachings of Jesus Christ because there are people who quote every biblical person in the world. I just said what I just told you -- going. I thought that that no -- If you were actually crucified because pocket I would. -- not -- has -- -- -- Rome that he could not handle on the rescue. -- credit where where is crucified. For no -- That's why a part of -- wash -- hands the whole thing and -- a big difference between the lifestyle homosexuality in the upper right. Well they'll boo but they both have somebody in common they both have something in common. -- of people around the -- -- happy with them at the moment. Because if if they were tolerant of it it -- never -- both in the Bible or in in Arizona this becomes I mean that's the basic point I'm trying to prove is that it's about intolerance of others. Right -- I'm part of up in the Christian -- but as far as you're all locked codes you know -- home. From what I read about it it's mainly it's it's what you're a Christian pretty much promoting being forced to promote homosexual thing. I understand going into a burger joint order burger. That's ridiculous for one thing how would you tell -- for another thing I'm not talking about question -- up or hear what they say show me your personal papers please. If you or your date well they would be sure either critics or like your parents. You. You -- -- Or are divorced now you're you're divorced and some are gonna go away I mean that predict what we all sinners but there's a remote. The game like -- that we urgently and started frequent them pretty much all -- -- outward nine to eight hours. And that's eligible says hey support this burger joint base report that it likes your Christian. The problem for. While they are all kinds of businesses that I remember there was a a hotel markets Hayward is it's in the southern not southern tier but south of buffalo. That did not want motorcycle list of park in their in the driveway. Now and in their parking lot now this is the kind of bull motorcyclists ago are husband and wife and this was not the biker gang from California. And they they refuse to have them park in the lot well guess what my choice was not to go there anymore. And that's Richard -- make your choices. But you can make an awful restrictions but I don't think this is a lawful request and thanks for holding I -- go will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. We backward region governor of sandy beach Tony that we get ID cards that say whether where Ryan heterosexual. Homosexual lesbians whatever. I get -- at one Dingell on either renewed progress. So I guess we would have no way a vote opening our wallet and taking out a card to prove our sexuality is no test for it. There's no blow up you don't have the spending time in a classroom to learn what it is. And how do you expect people who -- waiting on the public. Especially -- food service to know the sexuality. Of the people -- their row there waiting there is serving. There's no way to know you just don't know so there's so much that that is unworkable witness and does too is this. You wonder why the Democrats win a lot of elections -- a lot of votes look at New York State okay. Well if suddenly. The campaign -- start. And some Republican was showing some kind assigns a life that might up by the big race might upset somebody okay. Might finally get a toehold in the politics in New York. And suddenly Arizona comes up if this becomes a law. And the person's a good Republican a good conservative maybe even a Tea Party guy. I'd like to go a woman how do you defend. A law like this. Do you say well yeah I believe in the in the basic tennis smaller government which I do. I'd definitely go work your way you know lesser dependence on on social programs. More you know more on being able it take carry yourself and your family. How do you do you do you square that we have this law the answer is you can't. So what you have to do to put two and a defensive posture and had a big say well all Republicans are on caring and their discriminatory or whatever went -- -- -- You can't defend this law that's the opponent. You can't defend -- law so suddenly oh you're enlightened person you're an intelligent person you made up your mind that this is not a good law and it's not going to do. Under any kind of good in the state of oh vote. Arizona. And you can't support it but the bottom line is you're going to be pain with the same brush tour of the people who do support. You like that like that. It wasn't your position it wasn't your choice when you get into that same category and the Democrats win another one and you know one on that issue right. They're right on that issue why give -- an issue. May come and the issues their severe wrong on so many issues why hit it over like that I just don't get it I really don't. But as Tony said there where at a time period now where everybody has vowed to everybody else you think your conservative -- more conservative neo. My uncle was more conservative in my -- did you know that we're all conservative but you're not conservative enough especially if you disagree with any single thing. So that's ridiculous I think you'd figure you like you'd take your positions just like you take people went into your lives one and it's time. You make up your mind on them one at a time is not one size fits all by any manner -- means. Jim into don't want the job here on WBM. What's when he got Jim. And no opponent and protect the content. -- is that the defending the law now in order for over forty something years. On equities and smoking. In the building able property. Taxes is a -- people smoke holding. It's I don't I agree. I agree with that -- with -- From total view on the your actual I don't hear our culture you. You know. -- we do a lot lot of -- and what. I don't. Know why. And I mean. -- -- -- Optics are because. Your religion. Is closer to the centers. Well and there's always a disagreement you're right I'm glad you brought their religion up -- look Catholic Church doesn't recognize the divorced so does that mean you can't serve a drink across the bar if you happen to be a Catholic bar owner. Of somebody divorce should be out of business. Starting your money quietly confident on the fine arts in abortion -- at what point she's out of the door so. I think it's as. You know it's. It's -- totally political. And they were in control what state of things in a country with nothing in this secure but a lot of the issues. On its people -- sit and relax for a minute and you all. Really if you don't hurt me why is there anybody out. That's exactly right if it didn't take something away from you or damage or hurt you. Well said why should it bother you good point and I'm glad you are called to express that thank you very much. I've really think about it. If all of a sudden they said you know we're going to -- We're going to give. Benefits. To -- houses. State employees of the same sex okay. But in order to do that. We have the cut in half the benefits of the heterosexuals -- -- -- while then you'd have a you'd have a complaint. Why are you taking something away from me that I've earned and I come to expect to to give it to someone else that I understand. But if you are positioned doesn't change you get same benefits what's the problem. I don't know what the problem is the problem is psychological and I'm so glad he said of the last caller said. It's all political because everything now goes to a political -- Nothing is done for the good and welfare of the country or growth for any other avenue it's all political hollow look in the next election. A -- be able brag about it will we have the defendant how much did it cost. Did it come in under budget that are coming in over budget and so everything is filtered through that political filter and it's too bad because issues like this. Shouldn't -- political issue really shouldn't shouldn't be an issue at all if you want my opinion. But it. It's a live and let live thing would you rather have vote vote a two men come into -- -- that are gay. And have few drinks and a home or you rather have a heterosexual guy come in Europe to join after he's had too much. Oklahoma beat up his wife I don't think that's that too well thought of either. But when we start making those decisions and those decisions have to be made at the point of purchase. Who always going to appoint to be the arbitrator a vote what you can get which it. I mean what kind of a job is that like to be the server. To -- the server maybe you are you're in college or college guy and you have a summer job waiting on tables have been bought right. And you see this couple that you might get and he ordered to and they might be lesbians are not really sure you'll -- an overt. But you make a decision. And you decide yeah I think there. -- so are we cancer you have to go somewhere else I mean come on let's get serious about this stuff will be back after news it is -- company. You know there's all kinds of ways that. Businesspeople can protect their businesses you can -- dress codes for instance both Joba. A fine restaurant Tuesday by a -- guys necessary anybody -- and I can't get -- that's. Or no baseball -- okay. No shorts and you use the famous no shoes shirts -- service of course those things are all applicable. But -- holy picture the first time you say nobody's allowed to be seated if you're black. If if you're gonna do that let me know when you -- because I'd like to go watch the proceedings after -- -- that's not going to happen. And you shouldn't be a bad thing that you're comfortable with singled to be served if you're gay or lesbian. So the bottom line is I don't know what they're gay or lesbian people would have to be doing. Say your have a restaurant after restaurant would they have me what they have to have like sex on the table. In order to. To watch the other customers story away. Are they gonna come and have a meal like everybody else and leave like everybody else or even a follow him home to see what happens after their meal. It's ridiculous. That's the point it's so ridiculous like him barely set it up as the as the question. Because people -- the radio on and they'll just hear me ask the question and don't think what is in any. I guess I can barely get through posting this stuff. Our Chris a couple more wrote Facebook's -- This is from tot he says this is not an anti gay issue it's a pro choice issue any business should be allowed to choose their patrons. If the west Borough Baptist Church sort of in my business I tell me get the hell out while they're not allowed to choose their room let's and -- -- legal reason they're not allowed to choose their customers. A you can't you can't refuse service like that first of all it's a public business. You'd tell me why you you have to which you're renting to somebody you can't not rent to them because they're a minority. You can't do that. And you can't say I won't serve you because of fill in the blanks can't do that. Which they're doing here there are many things that knew that I are favoring New York or hope or Arizona but that would be one of them. Equality what's wrong whether. What's wrong what. Why won't why do you feel a need to discriminate against anybody. They don't buy -- what you believe in -- -- what they believe and are they forcing you to participate with them. -- they forcing you to read literature and -- There in there to get a cheeseburger. And and you shouldn't be able to say can have a cheeseburger because I think your gay person still does that. And he didn't really depressed about going over this because it's so. Obvious. It's like debating whether to -- two was four. Yeah as frustrated as I do Tony -- this. I've been sitting here -- crystal. Back beat up -- this this clock cannot move fast enough. To get to twelve because this is that type of topic where it you know we're getting beat up and we can't understand why it's. Amazing to me it really -- because you don't SE IC. Hypocrites. I see people who think their religious but if they really were they wouldn't proceed on this path. People who are comfortable. Wrapping it as a religious issue -- say they -- Rivera being denied their religious. Freedom by by eight. Being able to discriminate or not discriminating and so -- -- against somebody you don't know. It's like it's like I'm being discriminated because I impartial in the knows this ridiculous it is as backwards and auto employees. This one that comes from brain he says religious freedom is a very lame excuse for this largest opens a can of worms what's next. Denying service to women who have kids out of wedlock. That's a good boy absolutely so there are a lot of things that event does society frowns upon our religion frowns upon but unless it impacts. The moment unless they're doing some thing. In the moment that is that is detrimental to your business or illegal or just this tasteful or something like that. You have no no grounds to say you know are going to serve them. Obviously if they break the law or if -- erupt if they're acting in a detrimental matter to your business that are boisterous and loud and whatever who knows what. You have no right to do that you just simply ago. Well how about that we not allowed to several I don't wanna serve. To Muslims because I have a fear that they might be terrorists and al-Qaeda relate. Exactly or anybody with a turban on anybody who served a year if you let us at a star you know a guy comes orders dried up and you know that happened to me. I happen to meet a guy came in being the better be at the dry cleaners. And he had a job done and it hurt and he dropped off some clothes. And can you imagine if the dry cleaners that I'm sorry. You don't look like you could be trouble this guy to be a professor you leave -- always going to be a brain surgeon. But because there is wearing a turban. -- that that's going to say you have a right to. Not to allow him to have his clothes -- it's just stupid. Things that are stupid annoying me let's go to Lloyd in Cheektowaga loiter on double Libya. That in you're gonna have a lot like that this should be quiet and they're requiring people. Who have these establishment. Besides being their -- the only earlier this year an -- shoes servicer demanded the -- -- for the news service. That way you know it's somebody comes in and and we. If they -- -- and so you know -- -- he is some 300 pound guy comes in a while you're. And yet believe it should be. An. You know I don't love the thought -- -- -- key -- there is disclosure. Yeah you're right in -- businesses have to post disclosure signs all the time that would be an interest -- disclosure side of this is if this ever became why's she decides to sign it becomes law. It would be very interesting as a weapon disclosure signed would say hey thank you good point good point. And up out of that. Who it we're in the radio business we have disclosure up the Yang -- we have that. We give away a popsicle stick we got to do a three hours worth of legalese to tell you what to rods arm when you can. You win the popsicle stick and when it ends politicize whatever but the disclosure the big a big part of that you have another Chris another -- Yes I -- let's see here obvious one is from Pauly says this is a free country what a joke that is you should be allowed to deny services to any person you see fit for any reason. What country is -- living. You can't do that did the people know you can't do that now. -- -- ball off the another planet may end up here you can't do that. The best example is if you're renting something. There are anti discriminatory laws if you are saying you cannot and you cannot rent the duplex the other half of this building there I love him. Because of any reason they probably wouldn't give your resume but. If you if it was proven that you were discriminatory that says you didn't rent to blacks or minorities or young Hispanics whatever. You'd be in big trouble plain and simple you can't do that who thinks we can. And there's a difference between freedom of speech. There's no such thing as freedom of hate speech. In fact hate crimes although -- That's a show for different not having an exam to commit a crime it's a hate crime a budget kill somebody doesn't matter what you like them at the moment or hate him there's still bad. So that the whole point is why would they make it in Arizona more difficult for us to make some headway in some of the things going on at the federal level. Jan Brewer has done a very good job of stand so has Joseph Arpaio. To stand up to a federal government piles under investigation now from a mistaken and I I like her spunk and -- like what she's done and I've defended almost everything they've done with the illegal immigration but I can't defend this this is indefensible. And if you're going to defend it because it it comes from. He a Republican governor and was passed and signed by then you don't have. Much in the way of scruples that you're just in Europe blind party obediently loyalist -- -- are. And you make fun of the Democrats for being lemmings and going over the cliff that's exactly what your doing OK but if you've got to be the most liberal person in the world and he got to be the most Tea Party person in the world you've got to be the first you've got to be the most intense. -- it doesn't say much about you you know I'm very comfortable with yourself -- I should get radio license to practice psychiatry what do you think. I think got to make big money -- that about wraps it up hopefully -- are not going to talk for about eighteen hours known throughout. We'll see you tomorrow at nine on -- and I started WB. -- well. Which they never -- to music piece.

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