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2-26 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back could be gentility of sandy beach in Arizona governor brewer has until Saturday night. To decide whether to sign this bill into law. The bill -- it's a policy SB 10620. It would make it legal for -- people that owned businesses to refuse this to serve. Gays and lesbians I -- it's just so outlandish. And I'm really disappointed and I'm I'm angry for not only the bill itself over the fact that. Arizona does many things stand up for the federal government that I applaud especially in the illegal immigration department and enjoy a pile on what he goes out there. I I like that I I'm willing to defend them but nobody can defend this is just indefensible. And they give me an idea how a cuts across party lines certainly. On Tuesday former presidential candidate Mitt Romney said veto it. Sent out a tweet saying a veto SB 1062. Is right. So Mitt Romney says no Arizona's -- a US senators John McCain and Jeff -- both say veto it. Of these Super Bowl host committee which is overseeing preparations for the 2015 game the Super Bowl in Glendale issued a a statement saying. The bill would would the most significant blow to the State's economic growth potential what they're saying is I mean it's -- about economic growth. I wouldn't be the big least bit surprised if indeed this bill became law they -- Super -- wouldn't surprise me several businesses including. Apple in American Airlines on Monday encourage brewer to veto the bill the Phoenix city com. Council voted 821 to call for a brewer veto. So it seems like everybody. That there that we know of out there. Once this this bill vetoed yet it had enough it had enough legs to get to her desk. So it probably it didn't pass both houses logo legislature as she signs it becomes law. Yeah after that it'll be mode because it'll be challenged right away and it -- it will lose that it may take some time I don't know how long it would take to get. Through by the Supreme Court or circuit corner. -- earlier in this regard but the bottom line is it's not gonna stay it would be standing on anyway so why we've always screwing around with stuff like this don't we have more important things to do. Then discriminate against people because our religions says that we don't agree with -- There's a lot of things that other people of other religions all agree with and I'd like to know how you would feel. It's is being told by your server of its you couldn't be served. It's suggests -- it. That's the best way to describe it stupid. Let's go to while Michael in buffalo Michael York on WB end. They're Shandi are thinking about Russia with potent making that they each stand against gays and in Russia. And that's a real leader that's a real world leader who stick his -- out there. As a religious thing actually because what is called not really religious country it's appropriate thing. And he actually said he does not want the -- work. Put that perversion in the minds of his children. You know who right away. The human rights record that Russia has your your standing there telling me he's a real leader because he stands up against gays. It's history. From. -- went wait a second. Paula always I got a you are you defending Russia's human rights records. You can't beat you you you can't be that dumb are you really that -- You know I'm glad you are you know why Michael here's why am glad you are. Because any away second my goal my goal. My call hold on hold on. Is he still screaming but it. I. Glad he took that position. Because I'll tell you -- Anybody that that tries to defend this bill if it becomes law by a -- by applauding. Putin's. Position on gays that tells you all you need to know about this bill. If if morons like that and to be honest would you. I'm embarrassed he's listening to show. I really am I'm embarrassed by guy comes time he's defending cool and as being a real leader. Because the he's -- he won't he won't degrade the Soviet Union let me tell you something. The Soviet Union I mean there are allies in World War II -- we understand that. But you're gonna defend their human rights record. I mean especially when there are under Communist rule got to be kidding me but I feel like that because you know the old expression. You're judged by the company you keep. And I think you know what Tony here's a good here is a good slug line for those. Who want the bill to be signed into a loss if you think this works okay. Who who would sign it. -- -- -- The credit that you celebrate your attention back to read that you're somebody right there. You know this this Arizona bill does that put a simple -- you're on your little placard there are saying quote Melissa. So many people flock to your side on the just amazing. Amazing and I really I really wish -- I was sincere he'd lose the phone number. Aren't us let's go to the next call this is my friend Don and -- Pennsylvania Don here on W via. Come on Andy and Tony I don't know where to go and find out what's going on review. -- it is story of the day here you ask -- now what do you think. As we all know they have been doing things for quite awhile going against security administration in Washington drew and I honestly think that this is part of that retaliatory. Saying. Where they see. Christian right. Being aborted. Left and right in this country. And that I am not saying that this law is the way they should go about. Counteracting admitted that -- out of Washington but I think that's what's behind it. It's too bad if that is the case I don't know all the motivation on this site I did not need even notice was being considered as a as a bill to become a law. All I know is it Dellucci or other positions. In other words if if you really believe in their fight against illegal immigration. And things like that it's -- that -- it's it to break it drags you down to a level you shouldn't be you should be standing up for what you think is right. Regardless of the political spectrum. Yeah it's it's I like when she put her finger -- the nose of out of the presidents ago I give him a stern lecture that time it was walking down the gang. Called game via. Jet way but this is wrong and I think she can look at where and when McCain. And the other Jeff flake -- senators and Mitt Romney. And all the business people in the third Phoenix chamber of street Phoenix City Council all saying. Veto it -- that ought to tell us something I think it's an extreme Merrill. Section of the public that would think this was a good idea. Well like I I I agreed. With with what you just said. But however if you wanna look at it from from a real big picture. I mean. Right being taken away for most left and right from Washington day after day and again and I still think this -- a retaliatory measure. I don't think it's the right way to go about doing it. And I I think she's gonna veto it for sure. Dollars and -- -- -- -- well let me ask you this I don't disagree that our rights are being taken away but. Do we gain any rights by taking away somebody else's rights. I mean that's basically the way -- a look at I think oh no matter what kind of a major issue you have. The rights should be in a bubble that should be this is the right thing to do or not the right thing to do and to say we're going to retaliate against something we don't agree with it's happened before this. Where are going to take away somebody else's rights are getting in order. That you don't gain anything by. Well I suppose that's true but can I give an example of of what I think this is about sure. Let's say you -- you order a pizza shop. And it and I'm a gay guy in and I comedian and I am with mighty. My gay under your your guy another guy. And -- -- I order repeat that hasn't been Beijing. From scratch. And aid the guy that you'd look at main city Natalie you're. I don't. I don't like gay gay people being married I'm not gonna make debt pizza for you. So then I -- round and I say. Well. You've already made some peace these -- notice -- on here. Donald -- added another what they've already been made. They're for sale okay. And I don't. Aren't that bad that I have to stop to. What I think is part of -- deal I think it's got up to do with that. A customer's customer whether they buy something is already -- -- or you gonna have to produce the form. I mean unless they -- them like the example somebody else gave of pornographic stuff on a cake and I think it. Now that's bad that's bad nobody's making their point was up like that. I think that anytime we reject service with somebody. Outside of the fact that there on -- or they're -- going to pay for it or they're holding a gun to our head. I think it's wrong I think we should all be able walk up and order the pizza there Kringle or whatever we want without without having to discuss nor justify our lifestyle on. OK got to run Don good doctors as always thank you Obama. Good to be judged. By every. -- every waiter. Judge be judged by every waitress. Always good to be judged by every business. How would like to be judged by everybody the minute you walk out the door well that's what this is that's what this is. If your sexuality has nothing to do with -- ordering a snake. It has nothing to do with that or -- or -- -- are buying anything over the collar or by mail or anything else. And I'd like to know we talked about profiling how evil profiling is. And what is this if it's not profiling. And I'd like to know how you prove you know with you can't ask somebody. To show a photo ID in order to register to vote if that's already been struck down. By the High Court how could you possibly make a decision in your own mind that somebody is gay or lesbian. Even if they you know even if they're just standing -- in front of you can't tell. I mean some in my given educated yes. But you can't tell -- or are they going to the going to be whipping out a a gay or lesbian I. It's silly it's preposterous will be back activists. What's at risk here is religious liberties when I First Amendment right to freely exercise I religiously will continue to mean something in this country. And whether we now -- in a country that frankly as hostile to individual religious beliefs. Here are the people that you might know war against this becoming a law. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says veto it Arizona's to a US Senator John McCain and Jeff flake. So McCain and Romney the last two candidates for president. Say veto it. The Arizona Super Bowl host committees is there weighing in on this still believe me they will not be happy if this becomes law. Several businesses including apple and American Airlines. Want wanted veto of the Phoenix City Council. 821 voted to call for brewer to veto it so let me just say this about all of that. If you really wanna hide behind your religion so that you can justifiably. Discriminate against somebody your religion hasn't do you -- anything. It really hasn't. Your site you are totally intolerant of anybody out you don't have to embrace their lifestyle you don't have to encourage their lifestyle is limo. Just leave them alone and if they're not doing anything to harm you it's none of your business. Want to think for those of you are a rule book believing Jesus Christ and I assume a lot of people listening who showed do. Why isn't wasn't put to death because others were intolerant of his views. About that think about that. So I would not want to defend my position because my my religious beliefs prohibit somebody else doing something. If I do it it's -- it's on my own nickel it's meat. But I don't have a right to tell you can't do it and I and you can't do business with me you can't order an ice cream called her a piece of pizza because I don't approve of it. Well what what do we all have to be approved of everything we believe in now. I don't think so so the ones who should be the most tolerant often times are the least tolerant -- Let's go to Margaret on line three Margaret you're on WB and hello Margaret what do you think about this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And when he Eric -- -- the lights. You know with -- to overeat when you are now forget about figuring things without. You know let me know light. Being excluded. -- add it. And I do think one more obstacle yet and that more and more more -- column but I just keep my mind going back to this. It's under. Who. She really think about the she she does he have to try and about whether or not this. It's right -- wrong. Think he'd get -- the content or she she back lacking a purple. And I think it straight that she -- I just say no I'm not gonna cap. I agree with the I agree -- -- because to me is such a fundamentally flawed law. Then if you if you replace the word gay or lesbian -- anything else black Latino. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't understand how you know. I'm that -- -- -- -- -- -- it -- that app state Mary. I watch the monitor the bright spot. I want impairment similar liked what I can't but I -- that I want to grow up I want him. Mary and somehow -- -- -- -- you know how I want I want everything I have and you know how are people hide behind religion. Right means. Well that's exactly what they're doing they can't justify it without something like -- religion involved because if so they just beyond pointed out is bigger -- which is what they are. But if they cloak themselves in religion may be may -- they didn't learn anything from a religion but. Maybe the next door neighbor won't be as critical of them because they're doing it for religious purposes I got around Margaret thank you recall while said. We'll be back for more would region company. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- -- back with reaching governor may have the best I cannot really -- great today but they're here to talk about what. A may do or not -- she hasn't -- Saturday night apparently at midnight to either sign or run or not sign. The anti gay bill unless the best way to describe it you know this is I don't get too philosophical here. But this is another version of something we've seen many times before. It's my theory is the way I feel that lots of people are not comfortable unless there're people being meet them. Economically beneath them intellectually beneath them they don't look as good as the as they do what ever reason you have but you're you're always comfortable that there's somebody. In your eyes -- lesser -- new car. In the last thing in the world you wanna do is find out that the people who -- lesser than you are are really they're the same as York they're not better. They're not words it's the same just have another variation. And because of that we've seen it before with the anti gambling zealots really came out against the Seneca nation member of building casinos. All that money spent to keep to Seneca from building casinos of gambling is -- Roger mind and yet when Cuomo gets it passed. And we're gonna have expanded the expanded casinos in New York State. Sudden -- but they weren't there they were nowhere to be seen the anti gambling zealots of gambling suddenly become a better thing no. It was affected the native Americans in many eyes were lesser than then the rest of the population -- We shouldn't allow them any come up -- that is such crap. I want to ask you one question. And -- you know you can answer it on the air you can answer to yourself. What have you lost. What has been taken away from you because others finally got the same rights that you. Nothing. Nothing how has it changed your life. Okay when the state gave benefits to same sex partners that worked for the state okay do you really care. That big guy who works overstayed his partner at home is another guy. Instead of a woman does that really bother you. How does it affect you. The answer is it really doesn't but you gotta have that could shed you'd have that cushion. That there are people out there that aren't as good as you are they're not as accomplished as you are. They're not as Smart as you are they don't have as much money they don't have as good a car I mean put in whatever you want. But once that starts to disappear. You're not comfortable with -- yourself market. Because you don't have anybody that in your eyes are lesser -- you -- We shouldn't have people a little less of them we are because there are people are less than we are. Everybody's born under different circumstances that we either take advantage of what we can we don't we fall under different places on the socioeconomic scale but the bottom line is where all the same basic person. And it just really annoys me when people try to defend it -- religion of all things. You're religion teaches you it's okay to be intolerant of somebody else that doesn't believe what you believe it is that what you're telling me. You're really telling me that kind of religion you -- involved with -- I'd like to know -- answer to that. And as I said earlier and I think it was good a good point people put Christ to death because they were intolerant of his deals. I do think that was right course. -- 0309301806169236. And start 930 let's see who's been holding on some people bowling on. Off for a long time services John and Williams bill John here on WB yeah. I think -- -- get. Some kind of opened reconsider your there are accurate what. I think that's the only human embryo and -- the -- really really basic constitutional history. Our founders created -- club that usually police can and restore the net every individual rights that are there are a lot. Their freedom. And their property and through their labor. And I think -- -- it down the property rights if I want to smoke on my private property I go out. There are a lot of other people to welcome -- private property should be allowed to. -- refuse certain somewhat but what occurred in my life property are should be allowed to recruit refute that urban. But if you open a bit if you open a business that's open to the public. Suddenly it's not the -- the rules change because you can't be discriminatory. In that unless there are legitimate lawful reasons and I think somebody who doesn't enjoy your lifestyle or you don't enjoy their lifestyle was not a legitimate reason. Although I don't agree with that because. Little baby you know that -- game you're service now. That you and I have a disagreement and that's okay I will never shore up your electronic then. -- -- little luck and know about it I'm Nicole -- struck it very differently. When you shake a little -- Arizona is now what you end up with an in between classes of course. Changed your words changed two words take the word -- output the word black in and tell me how nepalese. I -- and that argument I kind of fuel I hate to say that I've looked at him about it. All I'm not saying at the little argument I'm not saying that that those people are too -- -- the black people. But it -- -- property. You should be able to reassert -- our refused service that more under private property. Document duke it out into -- more like our elders sort of setting individual right not claps right. And when we get -- like you start to at least get them in the idea that we have been like things are. And it's certainly different factions in the country at this point that we we all the function as a society. Well I understand what you're saying in regard to your tired of having the government interfere with your life all the time. But the things that you been mentioning are things that -- catch up things to what we already had another awards -- we have already had that many of these things that are being. Talked about now legislatively. And -- so for them. Or any group whether it's gays lesbians or anybody else gays Latinos. Blacks that does not matter for them to just catch up with the rest of society we shouldn't hold that against them that it's too bad it had to get to where -- was for them to have to catch up thank you. -- -- Lifeguard. And as a gay person drowning. You going that's your job right. If if you're on guard -- your job -- You don't want to save them because you know that they -- gay or lesbian and you don't believe in their -- on your church is a that there against the what you should be doing. Get any of that. -- really don't and you do have a right on private property but remember the open a restaurant is suddenly not private property it's a public but it is a public business. And as I said you wanted that you ought to play the trump -- and I don't mean Donald if you play the trump card. Take the word gay out and put the word black in. Imagine this if you think there was a firestorm over this. -- imaginary restaurant. Owner saying I'm not going to serve you because your black. Anybody want a holy picture what that would be like. Will be back because they had to catch up. Let's not hold that against. And they had to catch up the stuff we already had I'm speaking as a white male. American citizen. All right they had to catch up because they didn't have what we -- and there's no reason they shouldn't have a week that we should all have the same. As far as those rights those basic human. Decency rights and not hold it against them because they didn't have an all these years and now they want it wouldn't you want a portion. And as I said before the big question is what has it taken away from you. How -- it change your life hasn't made your life less than it should be I don't think so we'll be back after this. This care is religious liberties when I First Amendment right to freely exercise I religiously will continue to mean something in this country. And whether we now -- in a country that frankly as hostile to individual religious beliefs. What's dangerous about this this -- who besides the face of it. If she signs it into law is this I mentioned before that I'm very conservative person. And most of the things that Arizona has tried to do. I am very much in favor of what they've tried to do and and I can back it up if they are against illegal immigration. That's solid and it's solid. It's illegal you're in here illegally you snuck in wives were -- put at risk so you could sneak in and not follow the rules that's easily defensible. But what happens is this. What happens is. Something like this if she signs it into law undermines all that. I can defend Joseph Arpaio and and he is out of the way he does a law and order I think that he's a Smart guy and he's got a lot done. But this undermines that to this undermines everything so that as a conservative -- go up against a liberal. And now and and I'm trying to make legitimate intellectual points. As a way around it broke the law -- justify that we care of it but how do you justify if this becomes. Pretty justified. I can't and I -- there's just no way. But Tony and I were talking and in regards Chris is involved -- this true. Is that where an era now where everybody has stepped out to everybody else. All it's just it was almost like the bills I'm a fan old. There and I'm super man not a super fan I've been there when it was eighty below zero we lost a 120 to three organ you've got to be. You've got out do what everybody else. So if you're conservative is not enough to be conservative got to be more conservative and somebody else even have a it was wrong you've got to be more conservative if liberal look what's happening with Cuomo and to block -- deal. Cuomo's liberal the -- feels more liberal. How do somebody he'd be there at the -- you can't just begin with the crowd well if you're gonna go out there walk the tightrope make sure -- can defend. Yeah I don't think this is a defensible bill. As I said what has been taken away from you is as far as rights a concern benefits are concerned anything like that. That we're just given to people who didn't have them before you. About that man and I mean if -- if not only comfortable because there are people you can consider lesser people than you your pathetic. How does the fact that somebody is -- how does that hurt or affect somebody's life. And if you're gonna go F. After that because he says that's immoral that are you cannot serve swingers and you're not Smart meters weren't the three sons or or any other sexual. White wife beaters either results she outdoors culture -- other words the person here I'm not serving you because your lifestyle I don't approve of but the president back of you who's a heterosexual who comes home drunk every Friday night beats the hell out of their wives here what do you need LB Japanese they carry you to argue how you balance that. And also very simple question tell me -- you know somebody's get. Merely tell me I'd like to know is there a -- at the -- is there a secret handshake involved here. They have my computer chip under there on the other hand I mean I don't I don't know. You're telling me the clerk standing there asking if you want pepperoni on your pizza. Is going to be the pass for a person that decides whether you're gay or not whether you get pizza. This law is so I thought I can't believe it. I can't I can't believe it guts really led to legislative houses and in Arizona. OK let's go to a dinner in Grand Island and here on WB yeah. They hand the and my friends from the -- Massachusetts -- you -- I'm fine thanks for holding on you have a lot of reasons there that's okay and he would go out Kenya I can agree with you analyze. Lot of issues here but there's one problem they could start if for example is if it and the if -- -- area and they go to Saint Mary's Roman Catholic church and they go to father while O'Malley. And they say -- farther we get married Roman Catholic Church if the pre nineteen into the gentlemen. Well what happens. Due to leave anger. Do they go CO lawyers it's -- -- -- -- is -- Barnes if they fall a little bit which -- let me explain to you regarding -- person well if you pretty pretty says I can't marry you. That's a religious decision made by the church in the church is responsible for. This is civil law this is -- is supposed to apply to all religions to all citizens and and died in in our society today all people who live in the state whether you are a citizen whether you're legal or illegal that's the difference the differences this -- -- society talking and saying those who couldn't get married this is -- church and they have that right and there's no laws ever gonna change that thank you government. That second ever reaching the -- Civilian laws never going to change what churches can and can't do regarding the year of the tenants of their own church that's not even open for discussion. So that it if the two males go from wanna be married in the Catholic priest says no. That's the that's the position of the church and respect that because that's their church this is civil law and suppose the -- because. Here you shouldn't be held responsible if -- presbyterian. Because the Catholic priest. A won't marry two guys so that's not your responsibility because you don't emblem of that church. But a simple law which is what that says. On civil and criminal. That that protects all of us or prosecutes all of us no matter whether we're men women kids that does not matter if it applies to all of us through. And what I'm saying is it really diminishes. The good fight then the state of blow Arizona has put up in the past. When you think of the last two Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Said no Mitt Romney tweeted Vito SB 1062. Right now. John McCain and Jeff -- core US senators obviously. Said no veto it so the last two Republican candidates -- for the presidency said VO the Arizona Super Bowl host committee. What this thing is him. You via if you're you know we don't wanna tell you what that overweight I'm very happy about this dolphins and so they're in their true. The businesses. -- like apple and American Airlines said veto the Phoenix City Council eight -- one voted to veto it. So you know it's it's fine to have your positions and fine to have your beliefs in Asia Asia and they should be sacrosanct to you. Your beliefs are not necessarily shared by somebody else. Just as you -- share of -- they don't share yours and we have to respect that we really truly do I know you're sick of the government getting involved with us as I -- Totally -- three -- my back up subjects that they all involve government interference with us. As leading our normalized but this is more than that. Because send people to legislative bodies to represent us and hopefully the legislation represents losses well. Do you think that the people of Arizona wanna be represented by this I don't think cell. I think there was a lot of lobbying done and today and and got through but if you look. And look at that -- be a broad a scope of this it really embarrasses the state of of Arizona and it takes away some of the good fight that they have been managing to wage with the federal government I hate to see this happen. And remember this -- today it's somebody you agree with. Wonder if tomorrow which you know what do you think's gonna happen. You've got to be so surprised that it happened to you. And then somebody who considers themselves better than you are so happy because we're beneath them. Get over that thinking. We'll be back -- more would be and company.

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