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2-26 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello is BJ governor -- said he needs a little under the weather but patrol trooper but I am I'm here to to entertain you. -- and far below we're gonna have a good time but I. And figure out Danny never to save me I've never never all these years -- pick up the phone this morning he wants to sell me three coconut shells. Now we're already get three coconut shells and why. -- any idea why it never is trying to sell me three coconut shells he says they're hardly used very low mileage from. Libyan men he's always up to solve these -- always is and and he's always in the commerce. Chris you got any idea why he would giants' only you know three coconut shells decoration maybe some home to core I could be as well you know might know Dennis George it was master. His partner in crime hello Dennis thank you and no I don't know but he's got three of them -- we have ourselves a actually. I'll -- I just figured it out. Didn't they -- as you would know this didn't they just get back from a Hawaiian coral. Here a year ago I think that's that new and you know sometimes you don't let yourself moves on a cruise or maybe not as uptight as you are is as the matron of Orchard Park and a maybe it is and as soon as and so all I'm. Where a couple maybe three. -- shelves if they're -- though I need a bigger show. In my by coconuts I want coconuts. In the well of the target about -- I'm sure they had a great but -- I don't while Bob. But anyway out every stop and while it's beautiful island -- -- charges here -- is the quiz master. You buy you heard from a lot on on radio -- seen him on television you've probably seen them at various venues but you've got a big deal coming up here. And it's that Michael's banquet facility. Saturday march 8 which as the week from the senate by a third not to about the group by the way -- Sassy group -- yeah Lynne Kelly and her wonderful staff -- -- -- is a nonprofit organization. It provides programs and support services for thousands. Of children. And adults with disabilities it's a great great advantage to every year at that that the -- basket is is. Is second to none I -- -- oil well over a hundred theme baskets and I'm going to be -- and seeing the event and are doing our trivia game -- -- Here I am seeing and doing the game actually that's a lot I've seen it work and I've never seen anybody work harder. That's because you know very good that -- -- don't -- about -- at all but you are you really do put on quite a show that he's very impressive. As you and you work really hard and you go into the audience in the audience comes up on stage in all kinds of things and you get you get out of joint rock. It's the object is is a rock and roll likely increasing in the old days but job. All proceeds benefit children and adults it's a developmental and intellectual disabilities in Western New York. I look forward to this. 51550. Drive or break email Al Kelly at. That's a SI NC dot org for our tickets and of. From Angela good -- are you think you'll do very well I want to give us a little sample I'm I'm a little under the weather so I'm not going to participate in this one however we have a new player here yes and his name is Chris Johnson. And Tony Caligiuri. And so that'll be between now between the two of you. And you know I heard the Oscars which is going -- -- -- yes I'm gonna give and give the guys. The actor in the year. And he didn't name movie that he won the ash flow and I'll hold on what you do is you just yell out when you know the answer now don't know what Everett the thing. Whenever it does that what he does is he just yells anything out. Just so that he is -- his voice was heard. And then he's actually hadn't. Come Obama as to what the answer is he just yell something out so that people assume that maybe he had the right answer you know. He gets a lot of sympathy votes that was that true Danny. Is Wednesday ever there. 000. -- As -- and I wanna I wanna -- Think when you're not quite. An outlet to. -- -- -- McCain hit it. I know the disease that budget is not for that -- had -- -- and those who shouldn't bail out bill being heavy German style inclusion very now -- -- is we're just happy Danny Danny Danny is -- really selling those three coconut shells that you wore on the winds. Well well it's not a coconut shell that was not there. Did you did you -- take my advice I said you're gonna see a lot of women in grass skirts in Hawaii bring a weed wacker did you do that it nor are brought I brought my opponent -- come close. -- -- -- And yeah apparently I wanna apologize because usually when we talk to you that's what this is for -- Cogent yes I don't I -- You know when I made fun -- you like quality you in there and that I've heard me ask you moron. And how I wanted to apologize because at that point you really skewed views made a mistake you -- idea wasn't it. When you make to mistake yes then. You are more insanity and or more however not returned from a corner who's yes we've only embarrassing crude and like where you're in the water. I think it was a play. -- wasn't it was a it was a -- All -- like. It's so wonderful if you make cryptic. You know if you make go to residual aren't as far as I know you've made for. -- -- junior Jared -- an opening. Well now DD -- have a good time did you have a good time during that particular quit did your quick I I realize I know what you know it's. We gotta get out more when we usually you're going to wise she's gonna bring a passport. -- Yeah -- did you have a good time. Had a wonderful -- -- -- in the people who are -- Were actually and we got along very well we went all the islands and it's a terrific place to visit really well. -- -- -- -- The climate himself a selector. Elements it's harder because he's really great. Up anymore but I did have one. Question for the equipment go ahead. Okay. -- This Saturday. The best -- market. -- Oh well that would be Marie remembered that this is at the -- more than most. And so it. Is this thing it. What Monica I'll be -- We are imposed -- -- that I know old furniture does is that is a big the things you do does -- they'll have her antique chest. Sales of -- it and -- -- show. Me it was. Don't option out of a -- I didn't. -- Doug Bennett wasn't fun -- don't ever call back again. Much will take a break we'll be back with more aware of the quiz master uninterrupted. No I think I think of Marie did Wear grass skirt this year had a -- by -- on before -- Who will be back after this before -- he starts firing questions if you've never seen Dennis Georgia got to see them it's a family oriented show. And it's a lot of fun and it's high powered and there's a lot of energy and people laugh and and have a great time. And today the next one is going to be Saturday march date the week from the -- at Michael's banquet facility four of its called mastermind dinner. You do -- invite me and you still calling -- the mastermind and AMP game basket raffle to fund raiser for sassy suburban adult services. -- Nonprofit. Provides programs and support for kids and adults -- disabilities. A Lynne Kelly can be reached Florie and number 8051555. Email it's spelled Kelly at SAS I NC dot org okay Chris Johnson Tony Caligiuri now there's a lot of pride on the line for this and -- shout out the answer as you know and that is George of missiles -- Are gonna give -- the year I mean giving the actor and you give me the name of the movie that one -- anyone for. 2012. Daniel Day-Lewis. Willow Daniel Day-Lewis Miller director. He said bullies and my answer is Lincoln during our press threat Johnson keeps score and -- only give him a gay guy can't even -- -- Ontario. 2000 and war Jamie Foxx. I'll do a lot of collateral -- several -- British Al's answer is re a pivotal yeah you're wondering why exactly it's not as 11 what do game will be -- to admit I heard already. 2002003. Sean Penn Sean Handel told -- no way to achieve we don't have some of -- -- did it -- Object Mystic River Mystic River is correct yeah. All while all -- I'm going back there is sure to I don't know and so does everyone I watch them as -- strangers are national in writing. -- from 2001. Denzel. Washington. Will all Denzel government loves Denzel was the Baghdad today c'mon guys Denzel Washington wins a drug dealer. And something do training -- training day is correct yeah. It is -- -- is I think he's a ball I think they have been here from 55 sports radio and there's our next one night. 1997. Jack Nicholson. Few good men. A few good that is correct. I tell a patient -- not -- mystery comedy records 1990. Floor Tom Hanks Philadelphia -- They know Philadelphia billion are correct. Today. No -- on the -- Philadelphia is not sure they had it was forest golf. Race. That are in the -- ready here's our national ready 1991. The great Anthony Hopkins school OK Allan Lewis Jackson. Why are very what is it 30439. What are you four to 42191987. Michael Douglas. You can't handle that you know that Michael Douglas. Three Wall Street is -- -- back -- -- rank -- as well and then next to help every sitting there like did not already here it is. 1990. There in 1982. Ben Kingsley. Gandhi I'm the guy and he -- or -- -- -- to move 93. To 3199080. Robert De Niro. Reasonable wage employees that did it very nice man this is this is to attack took off as a number we've already 1979. Dustin Hoffman. Let's see I'm sorry tootsie not to exceed -- tootsie Dustin Hoffman motivated and tackles and owners and all mr. -- Only in this -- -- -- you know close to the answer is Kramer vs -- error that's right next ready here it is -- this is a good woman. Expected Jack Nicholson in 1977. 77. Maybe. Would have been easy -- now of of -- earlier. This is a good one -- flew over the -- -- current. Always had like this though is I believe I got three more questioner wondered -- -- question I'm looking for 1971. The great -- Jean -- and 71. Now. The -- now. Drug pop. A -- Drug good -- go out and operators. Just -- -- -- French united action and -- -- -- Tom would have the French connection one more in 1969. John Wayne. Okay true -- true -- very nice guy Josh did -- -- Obama did very well big -- get a vertically when -- these different show. Do you size up the crowd before you decide what kind of question -- yes -- yes but this group that's coming up on March -- is is it is a mixture -- all ages ago from the thirty straight up into the seventies and we want to stress it is a family show is in the -- unfortunately I found out the hard way that I posted something but I don't. What else have so much fun the last time I saw -- work was that we checks there was and and as you went anywhere workers and according. -- You went everywhere just not gonna. -- and it's so much fun thank you -- at the end of your show I mean you're all in as they say in in poker -- -- or not I am and how do you do so many shows ago when you're you're at the fair or several shows a day do you. And get that energy level of this -- how he should be ninety Jews in December oh might work like one right after the other night I read regenerate but I do you are some. Now this is no comment on my guys got -- yes -- some -- Smart bombs. Yes. -- go travel and your husband and I didn't I didn't know I would certainly do its audit you have a ground he had we have you have to cater to your Groundhog Day the age group angle and wanna get tickets call than Kelly. At 8051555. Or email Al Kelly at SA as I NC dot org that. The quiz master Dennis George thank you very thank you so much -- Tony -- great job out there and that's -- in his first time now Tony you're a veteran at this -- to do it on TV we doing here. Ed did you enjoy that Christiane good time I was on and are pretty evenly -- there that was nature was nose -- -- I would take a break point comeback. Why in the hell are they thinking about in Arizona. Usually I love the stuff they're doing in Arizona. Because it they're not afraid to stand up the federal government but who ever thought this was a good idea ought to be deported. I will be back -- -- on news -- 930 we are WB. Home of Rush Limbaugh -- -- three news radio 9:30 AM. WBE and any never requested his wife -- good to just go back from a hub but. It went surfing. He was saying it would -- and and don't. I never you know I hate to say it is but I got to talk to Maria she's got -- useful -- I'm really truly I mean he he knows my number calls and I feel obliged -- But only speak of him on and so excellent -- so I don't problem and a man I love it -- for an. That is and now. I saw him in my backyard would metal detector supposed who's looking for you and yet I can remember I I told -- that. My money in my mind retirement monies in a cop beat him in Tony's back yard. So don't come in my -- did they get up but he was there with the less you know you can always tell the -- on under the carpet -- yeah that's him and a of course is that it was on a cruise through the only political assessments wise that's got a long time and pulling the guys a long time pass ever Cisco and Sampras -- love four -- five hours so it's a long while but it when you get there it's worth I'd love to be -- yeah. You know it's an economic problems with -- snow only you know only only molten lava and I don't just mean that guys like Joseph what was the most -- Whenever lob alerts you know Ottawa that in a Framingham Massachusetts police at a Wayland woman. -- wasn't looking for sweet treat she broke into an ice cream factory. And it was a breyer's ice cream factory they were close at the time but they found her name is Jennifer compel. She was hiding on the premises with a crowbar. Bolt cutters and -- bone so you know what flavor what I like -- What -- thing could steal out of ice cream factory mean veal like scream -- not that expensive which total plays like a jewelry store some. Where the -- might be worth a little bit more gonna go to jail go to jail for something day. So that's -- she went to breyer's and is she did not find what you should be in jail and not have any -- and all the Walla Walla. Now usually when stories about 20 legislation come out of them. Arizona. I support them OK I like echoed sheriff Arpaio out there I think he does a good job. Like Jan Brewer as the governor remember when the president came down. The walkway from the plane she had her finger under his nose like mom scolding a child. Overrun a that was Obama -- -- -- -- and does so usually guys I support them because. There have been trying to cut down on. Illegal. Immigration. And they've got a lot of vote legitimate points. But whoever thought this is a good idea ought to have their head examined. They have a bill which will become law if she wants -- it. She's under. Sometime constraints and as we've done fairly quickly and will tell you as we get into it. But what it says basically. Is that if a person owns a business. And someone wants to do business with -- his business or her business depending on on the gender of the business owner. If they hold a -- and not a political thing holding firm religious belief. That they are allowed not to serve them. They don't have the serve them if it's a restaurant they don't have to bring your vote whatever. And found this to be preposterous. I can't bully about it that the calendar again. I can't believe that it's in red -- about the report to him. It seems like we're back a century or maybe even two centuries it's up it's just patently absurd is what it is. Now she's getting a lot of pressure as she should. To veto and I hope she does because the last thing we need is is forget about. The image forget about all of that stuff just remember it's wrong. It's simply wrong if you -- here if you're in business. And you don't wanna do business with the some group of people. A because your religion does not approve of their lifestyle well don't do business -- anybody. Yeah again you know go into the cellar and make beads or something. Don't deal with the public and expect that you can pick and shoes on their lifestyle is the what are -- -- -- -- -- now it says that you know they have to be. A legitimate beliefs but I am going legitimate. Out the absurdity of this aren't if if she signs this into law. It can mean that the Clark it's weighed in on let's say it's it's a guy could be Al and wife -- He could be a child abuser. He could be anything you -- name that's not that's not nice okay. And heat can refused to serve somebody who might be gay or lesbian. I mean you've got to be kidding me I I you know every once in awhile. You think you can't you can't be surprised anymore -- you are on a regular basis. This is absurd it's absurd it's preposterous and the bottom line is how -- -- -- Even if she signs it into law it it's going to be kicked up by the Supreme Court as a way to supreme court's going to allow that now. One of the things that we talked about -- in the had a meeting with the Tony and examine whatever. Is that remember. In a New -- they -- -- -- -- shows. On pharmacists who refused to serve clients because they did not believe. In what the script this -- strapless references it was birth control. And the pharmacist did not believe in birth control the pharmacist. Was not to it was not under any obligation to serve it up however what they did is they had somebody else still. Somebody else if the pharmacist doesn't -- actually count out though whatever they are put him in the in the pill bottle or whatever method it is in Hamburg to you somebody else into. But the key is somebody has to be able. To get the job and you can't be discriminated against. And shouldn't be discriminated against simply because -- lifestyle complex with the owner of the business. I mean. -- Columbia let me just say this I would be so outraged if I stood up at a counter and ordered something or one that something -- Sorry. We don't think -- suitable customer are you kidding me. I mean to me it is so it's almost silly. You are your thoughts -- -- it's crazy his beyond silly I don't know how this year is is under a lot of pressure to VO and I hope she does dress your thoughts. It really bothers me to be -- it to me it's the same thing as separate pretty equal in the in the sixties I don't see much of a difference -- we get to pick and chose to. I mean it really seriously oddly religions all have differences in them so does that mean and how do you know how do you know. If somebody if somebody walks up to the counter that they have to whip out a card. That says I'm gay or lesbian how do you know first of all let me just say this again every time we do again has been show I would say this. There's a difference. The between a policy -- how to how ultimately -- out there. There's a difference from being if -- you can be a famine that and not gay. And you can be gay and not a -- there are a lot of guys that are very tough gay guys that are family. And there's a lot of people that are -- that -- -- Aren't so you can't tell just by looking at some money. You can't tell by talking to them. How do you know. Somebody walks up to the accountants is not have a grilled cheese. How he handled that you have a right if this blog it's passed the say no you don't ever grow trees here we don't serve gays and lesbians. First of -- even saying that makes the hair in my arms stand. It's wrong it's simply wrong and I would like to hear what your thoughts are on this -- -- Montreal on 80616926. Start 930. And I want you to think about it like this. I think the only ones. That would even attempt. To justify this. Our salt. There are in their religious attitudes that they have absolutely no room for any thoughts that they didn't gather when they were five years old. And that's wrong there really is you got to open your eyes you -- Got to judge people as Martin Luther King says by the content of their character he was he who's talking about the color of their skin but I'm also talking about what's in between the -- What's in the heart. What's in the mind. People are people whether they're gay lesbian or not and how dare you say you know gonna serve them because they are. You shouldn't be in business then go hide out cave somewhere. I'll take a break we'll be back with more now over the specifics of this for -- -- news radio 930 WB that's my opportunity to talk to you about Arizona's proposed law it's on Jan brewer's -- he's the governorship still sedated assignment. It becomes law I think it will be outrageous law it'll also be struck down. Think about like this if if you have final say because of -- or religion. On everybody's life and their life store a style and their choices where does that ever ran. I'm saying and it's not a religious. Thing. Because of that that's just hide behind you hide behind you're doing it not because you're a bigoted moron you are doing it because your religious what a load of crap that is. I'd give an example. A case composure good Catholic. And you don't believe and in divorce. Which the Catholic Church does not belabor -- Somebody comes up with -- kids and they want an ice cream -- it was -- no I'm not gonna Serbia -- divorced in my religion prohibits divorce they gonna do that. He really gonna do that. And how the hell do you know of somebody's gay or lesbian. Aren't. The other day Miley Cyrus gave a big against the Katy Perry onstage. While you think they can be served in Arizona and lesbians they did it for theatrical purposes. And what you have to do to probe your heterosexual. This like denial and I don't we get lectured all the time about profiling. Suppose some of eminent man comes in with -- another man you can be a feminine and not gay. Are you against somebody being a famine it to -- a much scale I don't get that. A really don't get it. They have a card that that certifies that there heterosexual to get a punch every time you have sex. With somebody of the opposite sex that how they know is is so stupid it's beyond belief. And I'm I'm I feel terrible that this is Arizona because Arizona stands up of the federal government on a lot of things that I believe they should stand up for. Are cracking down on illegal immigration. And Joseph Arpaio the sheriff of Maricopa County out there I think that's a good job trying to reform. People and things like that. This is just Bob a lot. On their reputation. Let's go to Josh in Lancaster Joshua on WB yeah. And -- I'm looking there -- And I don't know they are being over here are notable than others ala and that maybe prior to that there are. Out there iMac lecture but it's just. Business owner being able to this eight you know they'll they'll limit of their the business they're gonna provide now he's certainly. How do they know who gave getting ally Serbs gave I don't think that issue -- issues when. You know if you if you'd go to a -- at home buyer can't they -- somewhat and you know I want. A picture up to land you know embracing America on the cake. You know or our photographer were two women in their wedding pictured on. They should have the choice to say no. They say it's a person who went to -- bakery own -- -- homosexual. And said you know my kicker on this day homosexual vote. Homosexuality. Has been out that person of course -- have optimistic. I don't we'll be back I'm not gonna make it -- While we have settled law in so many areas that duke does not echo what you just said for a instance. Suppose instead of being a business -- suppose you own a duplex. And you live on one -- you're renting out the other side you are the owner of the home. You can indiscriminately. Refuse to rent it out before you alleged religious purposes because somebody is gay or lesbian that's that's not legal and so what happens is. That's that's big -- those kinds of laws have been around for a long time. What this does I think is give a gives people a legitimate reason. To be prejudice. And and we don't need that we can go the other way on this we don't have to have this but I think it would show. -- great deal of courage for general orders say now. When are gonna go there will fight the federal government over illegal things but wanted to fight him over this. Weapons but he EU I think is a person's -- Britain's. People you you had agreed once summer comes -- with the proposition that you don't agree with. They should have that. That freedom that you could. I know it's part he can't I don't know about amber alerts are skeptics who go they wouldn't turn some away but that again we're not making your kicker -- -- -- -- -- don't you know about the largest group that is against this and want her to. To veto it is business. And both of the senators including John McCain are against that it seems like it's a who's who of people who don't see it as the right thing to do thank you thank you for calling. Let me give you some of this so dueling. The band Joe's kind of op Ed pieces in the USA today so far of this is in favor of the law that they want -- or -- So far the prized. Charges against so far the prize for prejudice appears. To go to Arizona if governor Jan Brewer goes along she has until the end of today Saturday to decide whether to sign a measure that would -- businesses. Or self employed individuals refused. To serve gay or lesbian customers or anybody else. As long as the -- refusal. Is based on a sincerely held religious beliefs now there. You talk about you talk about an old world. I sincerely. Held religious belief. What does that mean. OK I mean you know look at one time as Catholics we -- the lead on Friday was that he sincerely held religious believe it's been changed. There are lots of things that are sincerely held by for -- religion. Is big it's a big field in on -- talk about a lot of people who believe in things in the name of religion. That are either illegal immoral or fattening that's the way it is but. And so that's -- -- got there. The legislation invites all manner of state sanctioned bigotry and I agree -- that. Baker who believes the interracial marriages -- -- could turn away a mixed race couple wanting to buy a wedding -- a Muslim hotel owner could refused. To give a Rome to a woman who would not cover herself with a burka. Business owners who wanted to serve everyone could not force employees with certain religious beliefs to do so. So you know you could be the waiter or the waitress the server you refuse to serve this table what shall serve that table that's chaos. -- chaos and makes a decision as the individual waiter as the -- I mean where does this and you talk about the slippery slow. This is a huge slippery slope if Jammer -- Smart and I think she is. She will veto this bill will be back what more -- beach company.

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