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Grocery Prices Trending Higher

Feb 26, 2014|

Phil Lempert of Supermarketguru.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our focus continues on grocery prices on the WBM live line is -- leopard. The Phillips editor of supermarket guru dot com they feel good morning. Good morning John -- you know we're trying to pin down the percentage of Americans who used coupons when they shop for groceries. We hear it's pretty low you know give any idea. Well yes on the the problem is that it's a horrid number to calculate. Only about three to 4% of coupons that are issues or actually redeemed. Now if you if you look at the numbers -- go deep into you'll find that about. DD 5% of all people use some kind of coupon at least once a month. But that could be for food it could be for health and beauty aids it could be just about anything even buying those old. Princes Diana played the scene this Sunday supplements. So it's it's horde that realize it's coupons or free money everybody should be using coupons you should be signing up. For years stores frequent shopper -- should be going on line. However here's the copy -- never pay for coupons to actually some web sites out there that will charge you to give you coupons and don't fall for that. Manufacturers. Will give you coupons go to there web sites go on FaceBook on Twitter and certainly looking that Sunday newspaper. It's kind of crazy buying coupon pay higher our shoppers. Basically lazy when they go into a store. Yes -- absolutely about 80% of what we buy every week is the same week after week and we follow the pants to the supermarket is laid out force. We go to the produce department and when we go there it's like aromatherapy. We have all of those wonderful colors and Roma's and it frankly puts -- -- a better mood so we've buying more and we stayed in the store longer. So what you want to do what you wanna beat them at their own game you want it to this -- of the store but there was an emotional boxes and cans and jars. -- there and then from the food safety standpoint it's mortar anyway. Phil what about product rebates you know you buy this you send in the -- with the name and address the UPC label. And maybe a store received you got a few bucks in the mail is just another money is setting up for the people often forget about or just ignore. I'm ignore and lazy yes. Absolutely there's more of those than ever before. However it's getting tougher to to get those rebates. Where a couple of years ago you might have had to buy one product are two products now they're wanting you to -- two or three or four products. So you've got to -- what the advantages. What you're getting back for how much time and effort you've got to spend and also never buy something because you're gonna get a rebate on it. Get rebates on the loose items that you belong on a normal basis otherwise you're not really saving anything. You are most people brand loyal. Or not. Yes. They are brand loyal however since the recession we've seen more people's which. For major brands to store brands and frankly the store brands have gotten better. -- the rule from here is number one remember that -- store brands have a 100% money back guarantee. So try it if you don't like it he can bring the unused portion back and to get your money back. Number two if you want to look at the ingredients and the nutritional information you -- see if it's the debacle to that major brand that you've got. For example one of the reasons that it might be less expensive to consider abuse and sugar they might use high fructose corn syrup which does peace. Slightly different than sugar so it's been ingredients or identical and in the identical order to them. And the nutritional or identical it's probably being made by the same company that made that name brand and it's gonna taste exactly the same. They fill these TV programs the show these creative or shoppers at the supermarket competing with each other in check out with a shopping cart full of stuff. After using coupons and they only pay a few cents -- a few bucks. Can you really do that. John they need to get a life it's -- teasing. There's been a lot of problems as a result of that TV show. And in fact just about every major food retailers including Wal-Mart Kroger and and the like. Have changed -- coupon policies -- you're not able to double coupon you're not be able to triple coupon. Could he do it yes you can but that becomes your entire life if you don't have a job and also when you really watch these shows I think that the funniest part. Is when they show them at their home that they've actually built like a mini warehouse. You know in the back of their house. So you know calculate the cost of holding that warehoused and you really need twelve gallons of mayonnaise that no matter what the braces that you paid. And you get a reality check. Yeah or 400 rolls of toilet paper. Okay John nice talking with -- thank you always great to talk to fill Lampard is under their -- supermarket guru dot com.