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Helpful Hints For Stingier Shopping

Feb 26, 2014|

Meg Major

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The high cost of groceries for these days. Let's talk about the on the live line make major chief content editor for the progressive grocer -- good morning. Good morning how are you were doing OK the progressive -- to trade newspaper. Great magazine and online brands yes you know lots of other headlines stories today. Well it -- certainly topic. That high higher cost of groceries. But I would only content that that's. Sort of cast against the -- place in the the food industry it's seen probably did the decade people where. That so would it seems to me so much more radical but crude prices had been so maintained. For in the years prior. Now okay so we're making up for. Against a good decade if they're going before. A price for it. I don't know that you can define it is making up these matches it's as you know as. Manufacturing. And logistics in everything improved with the in the food industry pipeline. So where prices in that in that decade of the run up to the more efficient. System that you know -- stated that supply chain but in this past few years in particular. It's basically did some of that is a lot of that patients say -- in weather related concerns with. You know livestock. And just do that the cost of transporting goods in you know it's some of these. You know difficult weather conditions we've had so there's there's a couple things that played they continue. Meg and earlier guest told -- you save a lot of money by a really shopping around and buying. Store brand items vs the name brand item but. Are they really do the same. Well I think it. Brand in particular. Specific brands are very important. For -- you know particular category for many shoppers. I think the trial and error and error experience with Stewart Brand. Is always a great idea there's there's -- a downside because there's an experimentation factor. You get the you know -- chance to sample from -- each store has its own house brands. So it's beyond poor. Quality values they'll hold the whole picture selecting -- did great. It's a great option but secondly you know certainly there's so many more are opportunities for consumers to stretch their backs. Via their mobile devices with coupons and -- traditional paper coupons but there's been a lot more. -- interesting merchandising and promotional tactics to retailers are employing these days. Started thinking back to a blue -- special if you will there's been. And at that more of -- sales by department sin and different things they did step sort of like when you're getting -- is in the mode of supermarkets shopping. Be sure to stay tuned into the messages -- over head to the point of sale information. The things that may otherwise be. Not being as part of your options you know my advice would be to really stay alert. While you're physically in the -- because I think that's where a lot of you know at the drudgery can become a lot more interesting. Because. Consumers have more many more places to shop these states and they -- exists against five years ago. Share you know we've heard too that if you think prices are high now just wait because this drought in California. Is really gonna send prices up. Well. I I would always cautioned against alarmist reactions that might. Experiences where there has been. A factor for farmers and agriculture community for the duration. So again they're a global supply chain that we pull -- so I I oftentimes think that the protectionist mentality something stinks. That you know who did travel distances is somehow being and I did that to -- is the beauty of our global supply chain as well because. You have an opportunity to -- alien. With really great products from around the globe that. Deal with things sort Avnet logistics in. You know content really get there and inefficient manner and still represent a great value. In answering your mentality how about coupon -- totally understand very few Americans use coupons I mean even if they can buy one get one free. Dealing percentages on how many American Jews actually use coupons. You know a bit in the past few years coupons have really didn't. On the rise among some that could be -- -- so in other words now I don't have percentages because they fluctuate depending upon who is. Preventing that -- but the general trend has been a spike in the past few years during the you know that peak. Part of the economic downturn from saint 2008. -- ten. If there was that this guy did Bart rotten cop with Q parties it's. I C a a real shift now towards mobile coupons. And more nontraditional. Ways since. But I I think paper coupons for summer still are are still. Very important for its particularly for trial. And also for you stock apps. But it's it's really comes down to a time efficiency standpoint. Again -- you know that -- that word of today's consumer would be value. It's all part of that value proposition. Saving time saving money. Saving. Foot traffic to hear the stories that most appealed to your particular need at that particular time. -- good to talk -- thank you very much here. Meg major chief content editor for the trade paper the progressive grocer.