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Attaining Supermarket Savings

Feb 26, 2014|

Tracie Fobes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Have you noticed that trips to the grocery store are squeezing your household budget more than ever it is becoming more of a struggle is food prices soar and incomes remained flat. Joining us on the WBB. -- live line is penny pension mom dot com it's Tracy folks Tracy good morning. No doubt you must be seeing this these rising prices. I came out as. It's -- no matter where you like the prices is there going up or not and fortunately income -- went public. The treasury and our people we shopper's -- to complain the grocery prices are too high. But yet they just -- do they really show off for the lowest prices you know lots of folks say going to too many stories. Just as a drag takes too much time do you buy that. Aaron I actually you I've got to pick and the next time sporting store. -- I worked on people protect you know figured I'd add value. Your picture taken every -- and I. Has twenty iPad or my people. Now. You he had worked it right if you're that close as the worst. But when people try to do is maybe change report he -- -- why don't you might try to store brand. I have found that the store brands are absolutely just as wonderful as the main -- and and it back. -- are pretty are actually an -- in the sky. But -- realized. Now when you get most a year coupons is that from the Sunday newspaper somewhere else. I don't. Might actually could get majority. From the printing paper but I -- that coupons dot com. Albany coupon I'm Eric. In March tour dot com. -- -- -- Com. You know it comes to coupons. Why do you suppose some of the Americans just won't be caught dead using them on you what they objecting to just cutting them out as -- -- time. I think it can be built without and I think sometimes people feel like if -- you can recoup time. Maybe it means that I. I didn't I I really honestly can't or white people -- do it I think I'm not -- -- -- people think it take so much time to clip coupons and put that together. In another -- a lot of people don't really under Ian who pot. I don't understand how they work they don't understand how to really use that dark matter just a little bit of education and I'm a lot of people think coupons are really work that they're all -- low value that it doesn't make it different once he used that App Store. I think for people at the -- and there they think that it means that. They're. Heightened -- body or they don't how much money Eva who pot so it's a mental block and I think some people really have to try to over. You know -- CNET extreme -- show on TV probably have to -- you know. Are you one of those extreme -- people. Net and and him are run OK a lot of people don't realize is is a lot of speed connector on the show. People are getting deals that maybe aren't really going to happen expert. And ever issue is that -- hard to get as -- and once or you can't get an act of our country. For you spent some source triple coupons -- -- web. We have one store locally at the and they doubled but that's about it there's not that many options here -- -- -- people. To all hoped would make -- their own store. Yeah we we have double coupons here not triple well let me ask you this and it show why is it. That is seems everybody you know they have to buy seventy bottles of catch up in on they have bunkers in their houses storing toilet paper -- coast from Florida ceiling. You know I I honestly can't and I think people it's a rash it's. The excitement that I got. Seven models of mock her for not all of this stuff for free. Your people he would -- about -- -- While I can appreciate the fact that people want to pay it forward when your -- out all those items are preventing average person from getting the -- And buying -- to -- out there. I think it's a big -- -- -- because. It's not average purse and stop these are truly extreme. Cases of people and but people will. -- -- before we're out of time but before we let you go we have a web -- penny pension mom dot com. Penny -- -- dot com -- our listeners log on get some advice on how to -- better. I absolutely we've got everything that anybody can beat her coupons to -- -- -- debt setting up a budget. Tracy were pledged to join us this morning thanks. -- Tracy folks from penny pension mom dot com.