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2-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wolves down upon the view with great benefit. Yeah if India the whole movie. My husband and this month -- The bills so that you can and then find out what is it yeah. But it's not my responsibility that the. You've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. They're ready -- nothing much shorter than I'm violently. -- didn't do well eyewitness. Please -- 930 you've seen the new layout is inevitable. It's much meaning of the union people one more time if -- our game guy evidently. Going to -- It is. It takes to unsure of your calls creator -- beaver is it master control and if this is about once a week -- you know optometry blogger who's gonna tell us about how bad girls are these days I just to take a very quick aside actually you know what. I'm not gonna do it that -- just write down. Brothers and sisters that's all I need you to do -- our Brothers and sisters and one night. Run out of fingers Tuesday to scream and in my head bald little screen actors you know with that but the mechanics but to say Brothers and sisters because people. People are. I think that. That that I've lost my testosterone. And actually nothing could be further from the truth. And trying to define and redefine what a man issues. Which careless and silly guys -- -- put it by. Martin Luther King was only five foot seven Bob Dylan by foot six. So let's not that I pay attention to these things at all thank you John. That was awfully as Hillary special surprises in my water bottle about which ended the note may oh you know what's really funny -- -- we're talking about weight and height tables. Here's here's a riot John Sherman a giant maybe 595. And 595 and 511. Final in my hands are right yeah okay sure yeah like Derek Roy -- sixty aha. Okay Syria John Sherman airs at six foot four and anyway. Here's the thing about the weight in the -- tables. I told John job I will bet I can guess your weight and I will gas that you way to help a lot more than you'll look because your compact muscle. And I was really close -- So John looks like he should weigh about -- 170 pounds but knowing that he's all muscle of aka tiger way to the year but it's more technically job is obese. Which is -- ride it. So people like Michelle Obama. Obese this baby because. If that's obese. Obese. No John I'm not hitting argue the point being the weight and height tables are so far off it's not even funny. You are technically obese did you know that. Can you think of a more ludicrous statement somebody could make. OK I know -- -- all right let's get back to the calls -- not only do I have a relationship with you guys who -- that the accrue. And -- quickly -- -- detective John now Joba has established effective. We can all hate him because he wasn't a legendary game between the Buffalo Sabres at the Boston Bruins were Jim Schoenfeld number six the redhead. Put Wayne Cashman number twelve of the Boston Bruins through the Zamboni doors at the old auditorium in buffalo and then proceeded to -- the snot out of Wayne Cashman at a time when a fledgling sabres franchise was struggling. For respectability. Before all the hoosiers when they won the Stanley. And. But anyway at a -- -- -- and Tom. I said something earlier that if you'd -- The teenage boys have gotten out of hand. I think teenage girls are worse not just physically. But teenage girls are masters. Or would that be mistresses of psych ops against other girl's. Look around you probably gender fool around with that because forward. Oh I'm sorry -- I get my arms of -- Johns confused. I'm a big beetle and an eleventh my favorite what and by the way happy Malia were at the Berkeley native who started torture and today but anyway okay. Like today it was George Harrison -- You actually he a while ago if he did not have a -- On another radio station. Although that's okay. I respect people who -- -- -- people like I should -- nor has he works nights of Iraq I love Larry Norton Larry Norton because he's been in the business a long time and if anybody thinks embassy that things about it because we compete. -- -- wrong anybody who does that this line of work for that long. Earns my respect and by the way that's something new kids on the edge ought to start respecting a little bit someday you're gonna be experienced radio guys and you're gonna wish to people respected. You end up be men kids at the edge respect people who been doing this help a lot longer than you even if they compete with you because I sure do anyway go ahead. I think -- okay you asked me up on anyone but anyway. Yeah I was who grew up as far as music that was a lot more Canadian read focuses more on different divert the. -- different and oh yes here's another eighteen in a row from Gordon Lightfoot and the Barenaked Ladies. A letter call and found -- way. Look at it but we'll talk to come -- awfully cancer of course speed it of course anyway. Now I would epic game I was fifteen and hey the girl with -- -- it's fixes things. Other than that it though whatever more you want and don't silently. Well it's round there's only so much you can tell me about women that I don't already you know because quite frankly I'm kind of the master of that but. Not elaborate but I know you know what it does not Lorena Bobbitt. Don't laugh I talked to John -- wants -- really get a -- head and -- anyway. I've -- Noted that he was after starter you at all but what you know here's what but as far as women being as bad as guys these days. The fund the -- the -- the fundamental thing that I've noticed from guys and women who are in May that's what we used to call janitors. We'll tell me that now. Women's bathrooms. Have become my freaking. Stalls. Fit for Higgs. Berman and cattle compared to. -- I tended bar for quite a few years time and I believe those let the weight of your visit to. And I -- wrong. On smaller sibling your mind that bill. Yup. -- -- over and the E Street buffalo yeah he's he's tended bar for a while for -- Yeah. If you see is teeth let me know. That we are there effect. Sort of the inside family joke I love my brother. Oh we we -- each other ruthlessly to see you know but I love. Well how about that one related female before you all the latest -- it and I'll say here as late as nineteen year old female. Got caught now to murder in with her husband is that it up to twenty others or whatever. -- from Craig's list yeah. -- -- whenever -- hook up with anybody from Craig's list I always have a hatchet and -- handy. I wouldn't believe me there with. Her own father thing and well I wouldn't doubt it he's nothing but the manipulator. She's been our life and which can't believe everything -- Out. As you know if you get the death penalty -- -- what do you think of that. Well I mean what is their side of me OK first of all the woman. A for a -- we've already. That women can be serial killers as men can be serial killers it's still is largely a male aspect of criminology and chronology. But to look at women like yeah -- though were borrows a whorehouse in Florida who along with -- lesbian lover would wait -- men and take out their hatred of men on guys who thought they were just paying for roadside. I've -- -- more clumsy and getting caught editor women -- more flyer or you'd think men they get -- you're more apt get caught editors. Leave more clues. Well at any given time according to the FBI writers like thirty your fifty serial killers on the loose in America hate to break the news now. Sometimes. Sometimes you get what the French would call while doing an anguished a madness of two. In other words to people get together. And commit crimes because of this insanity. That for whatever reason the man and the woman bring out in each other now I don't know if that's the case with these latest Craig list murders. That have been in the news but it wouldn't surprise me I believe it's called on -- it didn't. Craziness of two madness of two. Is that like thing has. Layup harmonize its swap the. -- moment -- -- are fun. Fully get a affiliate to work in -- and him at all for the do you not one that's madness. Card lead Fred I have to wait till next week to call you now can I use my call was. But by the way you know if there's a TV show we played the theme from -- a little bit earlier today during the first hour. We're it was actually detective munch who actually says -- they can't do in -- show would be law and order. Forgive my dad French it's part of my ancestry but I really don't speak it that well. You remember Richard -- what does it stand up I think is one of his -- was that. Crack me up. I do now he was the guy. I know -- Andy Kaufman was choked out by the wrestler. Bomb Richard Belzer is pretty amazing and talented guy and I I'm sure he's a liberal tool in many respects. But I respect his intellect. Oh yeah actors you know he's multi like we're going there the guy you know the woman died he was musicals song and -- -- one via. Your original law and -- -- -- back. Jury back and by the way interesting note. Okay here's a bit of you know what -- and useless information about your orbit majerle Tom and a little if you go. And future. You got to myself. Perfect you'll buy I'll play a useless information or jury or back in a moment but first serious information about to drive home and here is the always relevant Allen Harris Allen. Please don't make me do the weather again please don't make me do the weather again I have to do the weather again crap overnight low tonight in the single digits again not a -- And then tomorrow some snow showers one point three inches in the mornings so keep that in mind on the drive -- first of all your radio should always be set on WBE and 9:30 AM. No longer on FM because apparently people were just too ignorant of story that one promo we wrote it drives me nuts it says what choice once channel like what people do stupid here one of seven settled. -- the sorry and a fun of Monica upon 9:30 AM John's actions -- -- that the ball. All the morning crew Alan Harris will be here and if the snow keeps coming down -- -- sandy beach show from nine to noon and that traffic is a mass obviously you'll do when asked to be done that way you know we've we've. You've got the voice of -- experience here on this radio station that's all I can say this is like working for the all star team in buffalo broadcasting. And don't ever think that I take for granted because they don't. Tomorrow will be up to sixteen degrees as a high. And right now feels like minus five -- happen you know my gloves are all right now on my kitchen table along with my little my off. The -- statement -- your mops actually ahead band that acts like in your -- Now -- ourselves out of that Shelly here at least one WB and hello Lisa. Couldn't be better for tried. It. So -- calling and not to find out how I am but is sure to deal with me. Yeah you have what I was going to school in -- hipster -- and -- 68. We had eighty in the administrator principal name -- called me that worked at all. He was a wonderful man it was a marine. Quite like expand -- that big Lakshmi and who walked -- -- baseball bat. Any instill the fear that in every one mayor and -- wouldn't get your act in such a manner. -- -- -- Okay he carried a baseball. Now today I can't help but feeling that there would be some parents groups that would objective is carrying a weapon because. -- Leads. A lowly real -- -- well -- it's. All too. Well pat. And I -- an apparent -- -- coming up. All these days -- they would ever used the bat well. -- C that's our Joseph tell me I got a break I can seize -- get off fidgety either batteries got explosive diarrhea hole all about here Lisa because Joseph started gimme that look like that kid there. Do in the Charleston and boardwalk empire after drickamer who took the poison and at the -- anywhere in WB and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Side not the present and wrong with -- at 630 throw it in his -- 930 WBM. All are real quickly before we get back to the principal who carried the bat. Jerry you're back. For those who don't know he was. Detective Briscoe law and order. Law and order courses at a number of permutations in terms of the cast that over the years and of course the various derivation of law and order -- order SV EU law and order criminal intent which I really can't give -- -- I've tried but I just can't do it. That I say law and order. I get but so what you might not know about jury or back is that in real life you know what of his best friends was. One of his best friends was a New York gangster named crazy Joseph Gallo. And jury backed knew who wept crazy Joseph Gallo. Because the real story is the jury or backwards -- at the shooting. A jury or back did not cooperate with the police did not want to say a thing supposedly. Not because he was concerned about retaliation from the mob. But because he was afraid it might hurt his career. And I don't believe bet for one minute. And -- -- -- in New York. And he knew that light and he knew that crazy Joseph Gallo made a decision to -- that life. And that's one of the risks that he talked. So why would jury or back put himself at risk to. Put the finger on somebody who was engaged in a way of life that he also chose. And by the way crazy -- is thought to have been one of the gunman involved in the murder of Albert Anastasia in the barbershop in New York City in 1957. I don't even know where this information comes from a half the time. I just pick it up and dreams and visions. And has nothing to do which -- all right it is 635 a news radio 930 WBE and and what effect the -- in the pews so what anyway at least that not only in the guy's name again give us a -- -- -- in the -- -- -- the public figures but. The principal at your school. Had the a baseball bat this guy was an ex Marine Corps should ever ex Marines you should know it's always amplified. But. Basically he instilled by his very presence. And his raw. Losing seeping dripping testosterone. The idea that he was not to be trifle with and that any misbehavior. Would be met with the most severe consequences. Pollyanna and in Vienna I -- an idea. Good I'd put my and it's like we're good friends and my parents statement not in cultural Bible study at our home. And there's nothing that I said previously when you say he was a man of god believe it or not that I got a message from god just a few seconds -- -- But anyway. You know that desperate for six or what. I have a question I don't know how old you are and I don't want to know hole you are but. I have a thesis. That I need to share with you and it is there's. That the girls and women of 2014. Had become. Worse than the boys of 2014 in terms of deep -- important discipline and lack of class. OK I guess I and but I'd like your leaders for many years but not. I -- -- teenage daughters and I can add up to their. Okay why what happened because girls used to be everything -- -- sugar and spice and everything nice and well. Girls seemed more grown bigger not a bigger a testicles on the guys. And I think it got a lot to do with society and I think it's Cadillac to do with you know that. Technology you know it's so what about Eric you know Miley Cyrus and everything out there they're telling us it's okay to be like and like wow. Look at Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry -- tongue kissed each other Roma long I've got no problem. Well I don't either but yeah. -- -- -- I only watch it fifty times in a role model but. As far as the odds -- and that's I'm not relive like that I would especially watching -- period compilations but what I was gonna say. When I was gonna say though is at some point. Girls became physically. Verbally. More violent and more ruthless than the boys and generally over worries. Yes it's a skeptic the family gets the family -- I mean when my mother went around my grandmother was there -- you know Regis yeah I know what you can -- don't want all the time you've got to be. You're never gonna know come on Lisa don't hand me that crap as your parents didn't know what you were doing all the time at least. You're okay this this is me being argumentative because. I'm guilty of this myself so I have to call yes -- I detect somebody else basically saying you were a little Mary Magdalene and her out of your. You were a little virgin Mary living Christ. -- existence. Now not I was not good but my daughter. Should that give -- you know you gotta give you the freedom to do what they wanted to and you gotta make and I got out. You know I know that you -- -- knocking -- happy. It'll impede the ARIAD now but. Can't stifle a neither bush etiquette -- that aliens that you think are important then passed. You know -- -- into -- he can't. It'll run two tight in the yet and I got to beat you there you just have to make our only can't be -- front. You know it's it's very interesting you say that and you know. It's always interest in Lisa and obviously your site owners -- OK. It's like a normal by the way. Got you fooled OK just wanted to make sure OK so. Let you bing bing bing. No it's it's like you know I I've got a whole bit I wanna do on stage about. Dual radio show about people seeing ghosts in your genius. Say you believe in -- to a psychiatrist in your African lunatic. But anyway that's another story. Anyway. I mean I just I find it just hilarious actually be double standards in our society but will go to some -- date. But in terms of of the girls and how bad they have gotten the social media. I have often said that social media represents both the best of technology. And the worst of technology and unfortunately I happen to believe that 90%. Of social media even with adults is absolute toxicity. And -- Great. And that's all you're gonna give me you're gonna make me wonder that monologue and then only gonna say is I agree without letting anything -- We have a neighbor who's -- it all means that are younger or simply construe. And compile -- years. And recently. My called -- to -- already set off mum were -- the only time and it's like oh about. So. -- In. Other words you know out you know it was nice you know. In other words when you were the family and the mother wasn't. More worded. Quote. Like you know this time you know what. You don't get to choose your family you're born into your family. And sometimes you'll find in life -- I don't mean to preach. But sometimes you come across people who actually treat you better than family even though they are not your blood. And if you've got family that treats you like blood and friends to treat you like blood that's 90% life's battle right there. Yep it is. You're very -- I think. Oh I didn't say I did I said that people give him. -- encouraged actually it was to sell me but that I want to thank you. Very much for the call leases it really has been a pleasure. All right get interest things that anybody. Those experiences out there because again I had really thought about taking the show in this direction. But. These days. Are the girls. As bad as or worse than the boys we started out talking about despite its weasel. And look I'm not and I know that I would have surprised some of you today. By not coming on here saying I think they should take this sixteen year old to Niagara square and publicly hanged him. And the reason I'm not saying that is because I don't know enough about the story I don't know first of all at six team. If there is any evidence of contrition genuine contrition. There's a possibility. Of redemption number one. Number two. I don't know if there is a psychiatric issue involved number three. I don't know if it was a bad kid being a tool or a good kid have a bad. You know that's that's the thing about cops to that you that you need to understand. And that's why a lot cops -- real bitter. And that's why it's a young person's job settle old guy's job because we're old woman's job. Cops seat scum bags doing what they do best comebacks on a daily basis and they also see good people. At their absolute worst. You know very far and few between and do they get the chance to respond to a call work everything is just fine and dandy and everything to scopus out. -- ever higher rated by alcoholism and depression among cops because you do get a skewed view of humanity. Seriously. It it it happens. And you'd be surprised that an example of some friends of mine at. You know -- they did their twenty and out and within five years you know they thought they are going to be on easy street for twenty years on the -- five years off their debt. Happens all the time. -- -- it's on it's tragic it's unfortunate. You gotta take each day as a -- and that it worked worked. Now I mentioned something to -- earlier and it's like every day I get a I get a note from people questioning. No not my sanity. But while those to put people questioning. My level of testosterone. Because I did not come on the today and today I think we should hang its sixteen girls. And as -- said earlier I don't have enough information. My sympathy. Is with the principal who was hurt. No gifts no hands no but. That is where my sympathy happens to be. She was an innocent victim of an assault. She was a woman who with the best of intentions made a bad decision just like mark -- And market a look at this as some political thing from mark resigned look. I know that mark his body did not give in to the fight at -- casino expecting it to go the way it. But I said at the time the lesson from mark is on the use -- to people who don't look like you're fighting. Your job is to not get involved. And I think the extent that even further wind to people you don't know. Or when two people you do an open have nothing to do we are fighting. That's above your pay grade. How many innocent people heard about over the years who try to intervene in a fight end up dead themselves shot it's punched in the head. Catches them in the -- low they go down they -- it happens subdural hematoma concussion a contusion you name it people died. Your brains -- very delicate thing asked me I know. Now. Right drool during the program but somebody said hey Tom I noticed that you used the expression my Brothers and sisters more. I know -- what. This last week. And a lot of Joseph you're looking at first audio you'll look like one of those Mexican policy is who arrested chop all. The obvious you don't like -- would the drug right. Joseph I don't have any drugs out there are no drugs in my Jeep I mean you can arrest me after the show is that some giants up. Now if you wanna put the cubs -- now. Are you gonna be like Josh Olin and gangsters walking through the gun away and say you wanna dance. You wanna wanna that you would Sherman. You'd be surprised bullet. Note just on it in the -- get them out as he could one bit than those on down almost sabres game tonight you -- to -- John -- -- -- to take off. I don't have a problem with -- if you want to go because he's got a man crush on Ryan Miller announced we'll talk about. Is is Miller gonna play tonight by the way really he's he's not gonna just -- the -- again. John are you cool with this. Right Joseph give out your driving game at. Our. Of such a tough guy to work for. Enjoy enjoy Joseph drives for Joseph the hockey fan agencies and they get older and he. He was like already and he he has mollify his muffler on the he is also that he has already ago. Drive safely brother we'll see you tomorrow -- you wash your dishes where -- jump to wanted to take care therefore are gonna basically tomorrow put through the dishwasher. No aren't drive safely every -- birds she got a job at a all right so anyway are a German. Now that the huge -- -- -- on a regular. All right I'm kidding we're having fun with -- self. People said hey how could you keep on saying my brother and sister for example. My black Brothers and sisters. And I explain this last week and I'm gonna explain it again. Or when I say my homosexual. Bisexual and transgender. Brothers and sisters. I wanna explain something to you that is very very important to me. And I hope it's important to you. And I wouldn't take the time even talk about it it wasn't important to me. But. Without it all sappy. On you. I have realized. Over the course. The past few years in a particular the past few few months. The level. Of respect and love. Many of you have for me. To a level I never even knew. And I never even suspected. And I will tell you that for the past three to five years I've really tried to be a better person especially when I meet people in public because I'm naturally a very shy person I know that it's hard to believe. But come -- performing I tend to be shocked. I tend to be retiring. I don't tend to be the outgoing type most performers are exactly that way. All right so just understand that. But. I realized that a lot of the people who were sending me a lot of support over the years. Where people that. -- black. Hispanic. People who grew up in the inner city. Who shirt. Many of my roots and -- -- values. I also realized. That many of the people who shared my route and core values are homosexual. Bisexual. Transgender. Now. Election in -- a little secret. As a conservative area. They conservative terrier that I know what we have this is a promo. A couple of weeks ago. Bear mustn't be. Any room in your head or your heart. For hatred of anybody. Based on how they look. Based on their origin ethnic ancestral. Based on their sexual orientation. Now in all brutal honesty the transgender thing. That talk a little education for me because I didn't quite understand. And I thought it was kind of screw. When I first started hearing about it. I met a few transgender people. I talked to a few transgender people but I got a much better sense of from where it is they were comic. And don't insult -- -- -- the twelve year old dignity here okay but the bottom line years. Is that when you are blessed with the respect and the love of people. Who were so different from -- so many ways but who share the love of liberty. And a dedication to the constitution. In an appreciation. Of our founding fathers and a deep love. -- goes in and out of uniform who have helped give us this country we have basically bowl. You don't throw that level where. And I don't care if somebody is a born again Christian. A Catholic and you know that I've defended Catholics and born again is more than anybody else in the media despite my own religious well I don't wanna -- -- if it's not just have a different -- is set to spirituality. The most people. But the bottom line news when I say my Brothers. And sisters my black Brothers and sisters my gay Brothers and sisters by by Brothers and sisters by transgender Brothers and sisters my conservative Brothers and sisters. My Hispanic Brothers and sisters. When I say things like that I do it for a reason. And the reason is there's. In this line of work you can either use language to divide people and by bottom lines. And push people apart. For stupid reasons. Or you can use language to try to include. People. In your life and to include people in your show. So my philosophy is pretty simple. If you're with me as a freedom lover. If you're with the as a lover of liberty. I don't care about anything else about you as a as a quote unquote negative. Are. Well on the same team if your pro freedom a pro you. So what I say Brothers and sisters. I mean and that's from a heart. They need some contrived consultant BS adults women at 653 WB. Are ready when Mike was that it and sees anything embarrassing that I. I -- -- drop and half mile off the year aren't -- -- Anyway not that I would ever do such a thing -- you especially on the -- -- and so because it's right in front of me without a signal I would never event. Anyway again. Thank you for a great show -- boy this is really again took unexpected directions but then again. That's why to talk joke is it's a dynamic and vibrant and living -- As the electorate light orchestra might have saying a long time ago it's a living thing. When a terrible thing to lose -- topic anyway thanks for all the calls. Thanks for your participation on FaceBook. If you enjoy what I do you understand what I am about. My philosophy is about and you'd think that other people should be exposed to it. Exposed me to demand. Tom -- hourly on FaceBook BA UERLE. Thanks to John German -- -- and know yourself. --

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