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2-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I -- the look and he would write and think yeah if you go to the whole look. -- anxious and my brother maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- -- -- generally feel stupid. But apple people in charge. -- -- I'm not only -- they don't know what that. Good. Kind of -- people know me. I'm very happy. These greedy and dirty you know partner one simple request and somebody asked to have sharks -- Yeah yeah. Obviously for -- Austin power. That would be awesome powers the spy who shagged me -- first movie. Well whatever. Fourth one there's most of but the fourth one together I heard about it once and every -- -- -- myself out of my daughter were always and wears number four is number four. Now we know who number two is Robert Wagner but we don't -- forest. But anyway it and I told you guys earlier that my buddies in sponsors and rose next vacuums. They want some love on the FaceBook page now your sponsor of mine I will get -- -- but today so I wanna make it. I wanna get rose except to at least 100 likes on FaceBook RO SI EK apostrophe SN and here are some inducement warrior. I didn't realize this but then some of the liberal. If people were start to put pressure on Tom Rose act to not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show. Because after all remember liberals believe in. -- Except when it comes to conservatives or god forbid Christians. Not not a Christian. But I defend Christians with greater. Passion. And probably with more heartfelt. Venom. And and and most Christians defend Christians. But anyway so I go to Tom -- next page wrote thanks vacuums and I see that some people try to hijack these page for their political views -- and it. Get that Tom Rose not to advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show and I don't know Pete does or doesn't at this point I really don't -- But I had to respond. In my own inevitable -- so -- -- drive you to the rose next page if I want a rose to get some FaceBook blog today. I responded to the liberals you're gonna love this first of all -- rose -- five star review. If I bought bags from them that I know about those kinds of bags -- those would be the more often but vacuum bags. Come on Joseph give him some slack here I think probably legal I've never made any secret about that. A top please ignore the miscreants who don't understand Rush Limbaugh today are better dilution novels. As a small business person I'm sure you feel the love from liberals like reichstag fire horrible and dictator Obama. Who believed your hard earned money should be stolen from you and redistributed to the multi generational. Torture class. Or Michelle Obama having to make due with a 121000 dollar dress for a state dinner ever -- If these liberals don't like rush the radio as the off button. Perhaps their -- teachers like them to the existence of an off but tools plus conservative women. Are all hot. And believe there's more to being a woman and killing a baby in utero. Liberals believe in free speech. Only within the framework of the flawed precepts of the liberal worldview. They are the most intolerant people in the world. Exist there it's. And they -- let me put the word bitches electorate so I just PepsiCo business so you can take part -- rose -- -- -- page. I want want to rose -- get some love my other sponsors let me know and well I'll make sure you get some FaceBook -- to. FaceBook Levin had a blast. Based book love and these days. I'm way too fast let's go to legend and again in that alma. And that -- a teacher at one point she was assaulted by a kid and fifth. Grade who broke her -- the kid anyway get sent to a detention center. In general it's it's safe to say that all these years later said that child as a grown up is either a dad would be incarcerated. For a. But the the but the I don't know. Always kept tabs just from my own personal. Reasons of vengeance britney's you stuck with -- and we direct the story earlier heard the story about what happened at sweet home yesterday. I mean look. I like to be a conservative Terry and I hate violent crime. I can't stand bullies I also know. That a sixteen year old does not think like a thirty year old because the mental capacity is not the year. -- I agree. I mean I don't know what I think is you know and I know that I read. They went down people are fighting they don't really see if somebody goes to interfere they don't really see the person or just. They're they're black in the one that trying to stop them right out of the way they they continue to fight. So they probably didn't even. Didn't realize that somebody was trying to break I would never break up by. I wouldn't either I got actors are just let them you know what if -- let people fight for thirty seconds or they pretty much -- guest out anyway. -- this is permitted that's annoyed. If I do the dishes get your ass over miles into mine which. It's like my least favorite household shore is doing -- who's followed by cleaning the bathroom followed by matching socks. You know I love you Jeanette and I appreciate your sense of humor on but see my problem. I hit bullies are hit violent crime and I can't see a situation where may be the sixteen year old caught the principle within an intentional. -- I've seen that happen in hockey fights. And I don't know enough about that this key -- kid to know. Whether he's a bad kid or these are good kid who himself. Was being -- I don't know anything about him other than what I've hurt. And at sixteen. I don't know if he's going to be beyond redemption. Or if there's a possibility. That. You know may -- can learn from this and don't want to be productive member society sixteen I don't know that I wanna write anybody off yet. Right and I agree -- night. Economics teacher and I like. Kids and unfortunately these things happen and I really do blame that the idol -- because it. It their work has the crime and it they. Things will be different and being a teacher only have much power there's not really much teacher can do. Other than call the home but very different the -- and then the principal doesn't do anything because they claim that you know the people higher up. It's not they can do these kids figure out -- the then by the time they're in high school they know they're they're gonna basically get away with everything. However. Even as a sixteen year old and remember his -- It has been released to the public which says something about the nature of the shall we say the serious charges against him he's charged with felony. Assaults. Mean we're not talking about. There were I -- I write my translation I'm not a lawyer but I presume he's gonna be tried as an adult. And I don't know. All I know right now with my situation and at -- even handle a situation where I was teaching eighth graders. And I used to come home because that always could basically do without -- home when the student misbehavior. And they ended up and I used my home phone number -- visit calling me the students -- sound correcting me at my home. Dirty words everything I want to the principal and I was told. Well the years he's been teaching you should know not to -- your home -- to call it. OK did you ever think it again I'm not sure how long ago this happened but did you ever think about their pressing harassment charges against the students who would call you all to her pressure because that is a that's -- that's. I had to call the place the police basically told me there's nothing they can do when they're under age there's not. All the police did which I even had -- their phone numbers. Everything I went through the phone company to see who bit that people were calling me. And they called their home the police that crawl all the parents and you know basically. Platinum but the police told -- that found their their two young. -- here's what I'd like you to do yeah current and I'd just want you to take. -- can take advantage of my years of study and knowledge. The next time you get married I want you to Mary in to a very large Sicilian. Family. With many men named Tony and I tell. And I assure you this problem will go away very quickly. Well I actually am Italian. From Italy. Ha ha but not. Well are we talking at least celebration of roots and what are we talking about. OK let's close enough my dear close enough down the boot so he should not be an issue you know what I'm talking about your page. -- but you know what the problem is -- back off and on to the doctor for that that you know. The -- told me right out and also what happened that because of my stature because my mom and then I'm then. The students -- as intimidated because -- it was you know the big man. It would probably need to think twice before adopting a teacher. So you out there have a lot to do with that too is principle maybe she -- small woman that are. You know. I I I must tell you that the female black belts I know are very diminutive. And very effective. -- I underscore very effective. Very effective. Thank you. They protect me you can make thanks very much am I'm really glad you called Jeanette and you know. I know that you love people and this this is what I can tell just by talking to. You'll love people you'll love children and I can tell that it is really bothering you with. That kids for whatever reason are just not as respectful. As we would all like them to be and that somehow the code of honor. Which they tell he's pretty big Italian families in an Italian culture which -- always respected about it thank Alter the code of honor of our society is out the -- and window. Right I do -- is back in the hall but it out ahead could be continued in school and I know when I was on child like came from Italy and I remember all little kids I want to public school. There are afraid of the principles I mean now what -- like that the jokes to principles are like trying to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- three on my thirtieth news radio 930 WB and I -- I loved. The Italian culture the the western Italian culture of the boot Italian culture something very special about that. Let's go -- like my own culture German I mean basically leather pants sausage in your parts so our. Let's go to two out traffic right Packers -- workers. Yeah. I can always insult my own ethnicity and -- I -- All right Allen and let's go to our weather which I'd rather not do because -- What you guys. And by the way thank you for making you part of your life I really appreciate -- try to say that a couple of times -- -- and never take for granted. Basically tonight we're gonna be down to the single digits again. And then one to 3 inches tomorrow morning and you know that can always affect traffic think about it nine degrees above overnight benefits no hits tomorrow morning it's -- be that slippery it's not on the -- snow which means driving my kind of -- tomorrow morning -- jobs -- Susan rose and the entire crew here at WBM will have you covered and then sandy beaches on the -- live -- local nine in case he needs to be traffic kept focused. You know we've got what we do on WB Ian and we appreciate you were trusting us to targetable. All right so anyway at that sixteen in this kid you know he is legally. An -- for criminal. Prosecution. So we know bat. You know I would love to know and I forgive me for repeating the same thing but. Do you remember being sixteen. Because I do. And I guess. Bet you probably thought on balance you were an okay person when you -- sixteen years -- right. Probably didn't think you were some evil person. You let it had -- -- of self doubt you might have thought it might have had thoughts of worth less nests but what sixteen year old kid does. You know you think your love to get broken up with them you know the African world comes to an end okay and you have a really bad day. Sometimes good people Jesus Celek Sam Mays -- sometimes good people can have really bad days and -- sometimes. People for whatever reason. Just their screwed up and they just never do the right there and I don't know what we're talking about here with this sixteen year old. -- don't go anywhere because talking about you and and your being sixteen. Because. I would never name names or specifics that I could name. But I would never do I can tell you five people I know were successful business people who believe me when there are sixty years old. They might not have been beaten up principles but they weren't about to win the most like Jesus a word either. And I hate it. Is this the campaign hadn't. All right let's go live -- here's a -- the only areas in the song was. This underscores the importance of having a good producer. The song was hit. Only because the producer. Made it I hit by itself the song sucked cigar smoke. With a good producer. It was actually tolerable. And a top ten yeah. And sweet had a top ten hit. I've had no top ten hits. They're laughing at me. It's -- 534 whose particular 930 WBM's hourly with you. And that we are talking in the about what happens when you don't yesterday to try to branch out a little bit and you know. I know that sometimes. You expect certain hosts uncertain stations to take a certain approach on certain things and I will bet -- that there were people. Which ended today. Who expected. To just jump all over the sixteen year old Swede all. Who has been charged with felony assault against the principle yesterday. Kee Shawn Johnson sixteen years -- Now. In life I've learned. To be circumspect. About what I read. And to be aware of what I know verses what I think I know. And there are some certainty is and there are some iron clad philosophies. That I have never want. My sympathies go out to the principal who was knocked out. I think she made a bad decision with good intentions. Personally I would weighed in to fight were four guys who were sixteen years old are duking it out. It's just too vulnerable. Four guys against it it there's too many fists fly. And I can see this situation. And again I'm not saying this happen. But I could easily see a situation where you go to punch somebody. Voila there's the principles based than before you can -- punch action is now. How many people -- boardwalk empire. Remember what anybody remember mr. Garros last assignment. And the unfortunate case of bad timing to which he felt that that I can see that happening in this kind of a situation. See I don't know enough about the issue on to know whether he is. A bad kid. With a history of behavioral issues. Who deserves to be in a prison like boot camp. Or whether he's a good kid who has had a bad. I don't know enough about. I feel bad for the principal I wanna send her flowers ought to get her -- hug. Because there's not a doubt in my mind that the principal. Loves her students. Most people who work in education. If they didn't have a basic love of children. And -- Balkans don't insert the twelve year old humor that I would ordinarily do it if they didn't have a basic love of children they wouldn't be doing that for a live. Are right. Unfortunately. The mark is not the lesson holds in this case. When you see a fight breaking out. Don't get involved. It's not your job. Just like our resolve the issue called security at the casino. The principal should've said you know a lot. This is above my pay grade she should call the cops. Nobody would have blamed for call the cops for not getting involved rusher so wouldn't have she did it with the best intention. It's not a decision I would have made. It's not a decision Joseph would've made -- like 6162. John Sherman is maybe 511 but he's compact he's all muscle. You know what they wanted on that I would have done it and you've got this woman principal diving -- -- Unfortunately there isn't a code of honor anymore. And that's a real problem in our society. Because there was a time. When you didn't. Do stuff like. They're receivers. You know the best analogy I can use as a hockey fight. Folks. For a while the NHL things got really ugly. And I started off the show with intent talking about the 1970s. And I don't know if you remember this game but it was a rivalry game between the Toronto Maple -- to the Boston Bruins at Toronto's maple leaf gardens. Wayne Cashman the Boston Bruins got on top Bobby ball -- the Toronto Maple Leafs. To this day I I think about this I cannot find the video on YouTube occupied stuck up. -- Cashman had Bobbi -- on the ice Bobby ball on the was unconscious. And Wayne Cashman continued to be -- The the heck out of these days the hockey coach says no once the guys down it's done and in the league. You don't do that in the NHL. If you keep punching a guy when he's on the place. Even your own teammates are not going to be on your side you've broken the code that's like the man -- It's like. You know try to -- your -- ex wife within a year. It is I gotta wait a year it is five. Thirty. -- six month are a month are at 530 united WB yet. Get your thoughts on others. And give thought by the way on what is happening Hewitt sixteen. If the cops had called your house instead. Were holding your son or your daughter and by the way the girls -- just as bad as the guys these days. I don't wanna give what you all guys have bad reputation. If you talk to schoolteachers in fact I want schoolteachers to -- in big girls. That we might remember those of us who were ancient you know thirties and fifties. The girls we remember all -- in us at all that stuff. -- -- -- -- Series I've I've it's -- teachers we if you think the up is our top their -- only do they fight. But they are down right cold. Ears when it comes to psych ops. Well -- awful WB Ian will look at pictures of worked on this front. I think. Where were the off off duty police officers and school I graduated from a suburban place -- Cheektowaga. In the late eighties. And we always had off duty police officers and school we knew who they were. And we got these firms would have -- -- It was -- nothing ever happened if we wanted to -- we take it out -- Wear to school or Parker told them. The year. I am not sure. Exactly what sweet home does in terms of off duty police officers or in school resource officer but -- all the high schools a big place and one or two cops can't be everywhere the same time. While I understand that it's not too late eighties anymore -- would all the violence that's been going on in schools. Instead of violate gun owners rights watch take the first step. And get some police officers in these schools and they could know that there's police and schools. What they would have brought a knife in went on but it would attorney nor not fully. We're worse. Well again. There would be people who would argue that even the off duty cop should not have a gun in a school. I didn't -- had to bring a gun but I'll say it isn't the only person or break for it up as a female principle I think -- TV she looks like she may be just barely breaks are poems. But you're gonna put her -- she's only water around -- stop. She shouldn't have. My point issue should not leader nor -- -- -- -- And you know what in a situation like that there's no shame in saying this is above my pay grade I have a family to get home to -- Even -- Koppel call for back up. -- one other point I wanted to make -- about the kids nowadays. I'm not a scientist but I have a theory they kids some kids are turning Ferrell. They don't have the parents around the mothers the fathers just with the barrel animal. You -- like the lord of the plot. -- any concept of right or wrong. Keep go to this because you're onto something I used the -- on my FaceBook page federal America which -- applied by the way to all races equally when I see people acting like feral animals. Well I think it's part of growing up without parents. If you don't have a longer around to raise you -- you have a father around and Graham was raising fuel and it's raising new somebody else raising new. You don't have the same respect for humanity I think that I grew up. My father died when I was young but I global my mother and she taught me right from wrong I don't think the kids have that anymore it's just what these TN TV. And I let you know however there -- schools down and they just don't have respect for human life. You know there but here's what I -- -- and I wish build up ahead the answer America's have a good idea really really really rich guy. It is why some kids like you. How were you able to emerge as a man and a man of honor and a man of respect despite not having dad around early. And yet some of these kids for whatever reason they don't have a dead around. And as you said they turn Ferrell but what was the difference between you and some kid who acts like a freak animal. I think part of it is a neighborhood you grow up and as well I mean. If I did wrong and -- would see it knew they would tell my parents I was doing wrong in my character Shrek and I do abide by the rules -- a curfew. You know home. It was their lawyer highways. I'll just the way it was -- I mean people respected their neighbors their respective parents it's just not there anymore to joke she makes me sick. You know the thing is -- you gotta understand I'm sure you do that. In Amherst and there's a whole bunch of schools and -- -- number school districts within Everest you've -- ever central you've got Williams real you've got sweet home. And all of those would be in one jurisdiction the Amherst PP. There's only so many Amherst PGIs to go around. I understand that what gates -- it was just an idea I mean. Those people pay enough money in taxes for schools. That I can't see -- they couldn't afford it. I mean he -- had a harder fewer actual options just to do that spot. I think you've got to do -- I think what else -- get a bill. But if you know here's here's what I would say ago. I mean think about all the school days we've had and all of the days were we didn't come on the here and say there's a big fight its -- -- -- a principal got hurt. Mean you don't you also don't want overreact and then commit yourself to a million dollars or 1000005 for police officer over career if you don't have to. Well you know maybe put a minute spurts. -- three days -- -- stolen both kids always going to be in there. Thank god forbid a seat belt to get -- of one written. We well that would be the only suggestion I have because like they say abuse there's no right or wrong anything copper down. Anymore. Well it's you know -- unfortunate because I still think when it gets down -- in some respects is. We don't have a code of honor anymore. You know even the old line I mean seriously. Even the old line. Organized crime gangsters. Had a code of honor which. You know you take it to extremes but you don't kill cops you don't kill civilians unless they're dirty. And that's why an Irish gangster named mad dog Cole which killed because he killed a five year old kid in a shootout with -- and other gang. He basically put a big X on his head because he violated the code of honor the mob you don't kill kits. Well you just know that -- that Connors daughter delusional -- there's nothing it's just. I don't know -- survival I guess you call it. Now -- social darwinism perhaps. No I appreciate your call my friend and a good luck to you can't hear you bet they don't three on my third great show by the what you guys you know. Q this is not really what I was expecting to have -- always expected great show what we're getting a I don't like using this word because it's totally overdone we're getting a diversity of opinion here on business and I didn't wanna do the knee jerk show -- let's hang advocate at Niagara square. Because I don't have enough information on which to go. Again bad can't do it a bad thing or good kid have a bad I don't know. It's and I frankly have ceased to believe apple what I read in the local newspaper anyway here's all I can say is. Just based on personal experience have been known to get some things wrong including certain quotes and events on news radio 930 WB. -- does a weakened agreeable to some awesome read about now. I'm just I'm fantasizing out don't mind me AccuWeather forward tonight we're gonna be out of a single digits again. Attack overnight -- nine. Tomorrow's -- hours one to 3 inches tomorrow morning now obviously but when you're driving at work given the cold temperatures it's might be an issue. Given the fact that even in worry people still not figured out how to drive in the winter. It'll be windy and very cold tomorrow afternoon with a high temperature of sixty. Meaning of course that you look at the beautiful yet wild Ferrell half barrel optimistic that will be -- enjoying the warmth of -- basement. The overnight. Well hi tomorrow sixteen in the tomorrow's night's low was six. Sweet Jesus right now eighteen degrees there was not blasphemy. Minus five is the feel light temperature will be feels like temperature to be grammatically correct. So the situation in the sweet old school we're talking about that -- my my sympathies are with the principal. I know that she did which she did out of concern for the students. I just don't think she made the right decision. I understand the reasons were holes. She one of the protect -- But unfortunately. She's the one who now is gonna have to get the CT scan. Who's gonna have to see the neurologist who's going to be dealing with soft tissue damage who might have a fracture whatever the hell else goes on how to hold -- but I do know this the older you get. The heart of the blow you take the longer it takes to recover from it. Picked up to the bank. Somebody hits me in the nose now -- now for a week you kidding me. Like -- to work this week. Anyway fortunately that doesn't happen often although my cat is a pretty good boxer afterward that. She's pretty fast. And let's get back to the calls shall we were you Angel when you're going to school. Did you ever get away with some stuff that you look back analogous today there but for the grace of god go live. Because as much as I'd like to think that I was Jesus as a fifteen year old. As much as I'd like to think that I had a Christ like temperament and that I was of an absolutely pure ensure rubric nature. I know that that is self deception. And I'm sure you're honest with yourself you have to admit there were times when you might have ended up in jail. Let's go to I'm just saying here's Tom in Cheektowaga who's -- backed me up on -- but I -- few minutes ago by Fred welcome to show you're on WB you know. -- OK. First thought is that about the girl thing -- an -- I want it to the first thing is that it is -- I've been temporary disability I don't have a vehicle are now idle crew looking for a while but that they can buses and not too long ago. Teenage girl probably more than sixteen or seventeen if that was exactly. Very proudly showing its name -- it get stitches. Bitches get not snitches get stitches but it just gets -- Were ready I don't quite understand the message but. Well like that about bill. Will be good it's been willing to sample little boy or whatever these now you know. Wow. There's not a guy worth fighting over if your check unless he's like Johnny Holmes of these -- -- -- -- Justin Bieber whatever target Pakistan for somebody to Wear something probably like I mean come on now. But anyway you know I mean the -- collar -- -- -- thought it was in the eighties. I defected to the I remember like that that you mentioned wink has been an -- thought I would that the game was shot -- at 3 o'clock the -- this thing go out and it's been. And put them through the Zamboni doors and beat the crap out of them. He did -- in my animals did it. I think I have a man crush on you I watch the highlights of that on the late night news in that is one of the great moments in sabres history. That he was up I've used to play -- local leagues and all -- like -- they have fifty now when I was fifteen. And I would bet that game and it sounds over the repeated what he -- the album all that that. Produced by John felt the by the way little known fact. Now doctor dirty view he didn't go to four years of dirty musical school just to be called mr. thing agreement all all. A lot of talk to more because it's been fun and I know it's gonna be even better after 60 take another step in your beer and we'll lower reconvene in ten minutes okay. Don't hang up don't hang up on me don't do that to me because pitches it's -- -- a couple all the time according to hunt W via.

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