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2-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN in 1942 there are a 1101000. Japanese American citizens in good standing law abiding people. Who were thrown into internment camps simply because their parents were born. In the wrong country that's all they did wrong no right to a lawyer a right to a fair trial a right to a jury of their peers no right to due process of any kind. The only right they had right this way. Into the internment camps just put these are American citizens needed their rights the most they're government. Took them away. And rights -- rights of someone can take him away their privileges that's all we've ever had in this country is a bill of temporary. Privileges and if you read the news even badly. You know that every year the list gets shorter and shorter and shorter. Tom now or leave it right what you showed that -- spot news -- 930 check that big -- looked great. -- -- well and you know we try to accept the -- it throws if anybody notices. A real George Carlin Taylor lately and I will play -- and say this just. Because it's what. You've -- are so used to certain talk show hosts people who I respect greatly by the way sandy beach. I have a tremendous amount of respect for -- okay I don't think he does for me I have a tremendous about a respect for him. As far Sean Hannity I have a tremendous amount of respect for shall. And for Rush Limbaugh and for Mark Wood bit and to some extent for Michael -- -- but what I try to do with what -- is something that is unlike what these guys. I love them I respect them I think the world of their talent and their ability. I'm also know that sometimes you get typecast. As a talk show host and one of the things guys that tried to do. -- especially over the past three to five years is. I tried to be brutally honest with you guys even if it makes me look like an idiot sometimes I will be brutally honest with. Because I never want anybody to say I have something on you. And I'm going to tell people what a -- you more because you know what I don't need. I just -- to myself what a podium. Because that takes well because if you admit you are you know yourself you're not really following our. So. I'm not although I have great respect for the people I mentioned earlier. In many respects I'm not like those guys because I prefer to paddle my own canoe. Which is a lot different than being stock on hung up on some ideological. Thing bet you can't break out in -- will automatically make a hypocrite out of you in one way shape or form one of the things I learned very early in life is that. The more somebody claimed that what a great moral person they were and how everybody else was this dinner. The greater the chance would be that -- be caught with their William glory hole delicate creek park. I never wanted to be that guy that's why go to Como park. But. Joseph that was a joke you don't even have I mean it's a little bigger but anyway look I try to do. I try to do a talk show that is going to be funny that's going to be interest thing that will be insightful. That will. Bring together some of what I know -- history some of what -- all about being a cultural anthropologist sum up. Our cultural anthropologist. -- tell mom went to -- free art theater on Bailey -- I'm not going there for the movies on board there's a cultural anthropologist. Initiated by that. Anyway the point. Is that I try to do my own thing I don't wanna be any of those other people respect them greatly don't misunderstand. I'm just not those guys. Although I would definitely consider them ideologically. Very much akin to my viewpoint. Except when I listen to a -- like George Carlin. Who sometimes I'll play George Carlin would issue off. He would say things that would go against you or belief system -- would challenge what you believe -- he'd make you angry. I really made me angry at them sometimes to think about what he was saying -- -- you know what I can see from where he's come. And the thing about rights with which we started off this hour absolutely brilliant. And more Americans need to know about partners. The bill of rights now to bill of temporary privileges which can be taken away at any time. Ask the IRS and the Tea Party groups. Asked the NSA. And cell phone records asked the FC CN newsroom spies. This isn't some right wing paranoid delusional EC MC site give -- stop this is real stuff. And yet now we know about it. Most Americans say. When the voice and Justin -- like that it's not yet. That's what we're faced with an American. So when I read a story about what happened -- sweet home. First of -- I'm always going to be a little skeptical. About stuff I read in any media. That's just my nature. That's why for years now if you listen to the show you'll hear reset. Based on what we think we know you've heard me say that on a number of occasions. Now if this is gang activity that some people say Tom it was -- it was -- stuff. Well exactly how schools are supposed to deal with gang stuff. Other than if manifest itself in a classroom or school environment. -- get the cables out of school. You're you're -- out you say you know you're not welcome grow up. You know go downtown sell drugs especially want to live your life you live your life you keep that crap in the city it operate up to the suburbs. -- in the suburbs we've got our own drug dealers were honorable. Anyway it is that was humor I'm sorry I hope somebody call out the irony in that. 8030930. Is the former restarted the podium the cellphone. 180616. WB yet now I know it's -- -- Republicans have Ahmad black listeners are thinking all. -- are racist is coming up in you know what I can understand why you thank them but here's where I'm gonna three the curve ball. -- hate to break them Tuesday. But at one point in its history its out of -- a lot of was absolutely Lily white. In fact there was an unwritten law back in the 1940s in the town of one. And I will use the end were because that would be. Gratuitously offensive -- black Brothers and sisters who have prayed for me and who have been my friends and supporters over the years. But there was an old expression in Canton and it went something like this no and words in town after sunset. And if you're old enough to remember you know that I speak the truth. Now even when the -- to -- that was absolutely 100%. Legally right now Lily white guess what we have. In the late sixties early seventies you're never gonna believe there's would you believe we had gains. Would you believe that one -- it's your little angels are little children at white Caucasian kids were members of DA is. Do you -- my first memories as a five year old. Maybe it was for was hearing about some kid walking -- bigger road who was a member of a gang that can't -- east being knife. By a rival gang from -- -- west. White on white violence in tower over gang crime. So it it black and white it's violence. Candidate city and suburban today expert. But if you've got a problem with gangs have loved to hear from teachers out there because look folks I'm not the guy who who is all over teachers all the time. And if if other people are that's their prerogative they've got their freedom of speech on their show what I have done my share. I happen have a great deal of fondness and respect for most of the teachers. That I ever had the pleasure of being a plot by in the count on school district and you know that because they call it might show sometimes. That's -- you know there. I've never ever for a forgotten. What I learned from great teachers like -- hole who call -- last week or dale -- who introduced me to Billy Shakespeare. Or even silly teachers like -- lens. And I'll never for six LE -- shoes and art teacher. And I'll be damned if she could face up in the state with the in my entire life that I even use today. Our great artist never covers up his mistakes he works. Around them. I'm sorry that I'm sorry that that makes me emotional. But. What I love about what she said. Why is it's intrinsic. Honesty. A great artist never covers up his mistakes he works are round them. She said that when I was in third grade. And I'll be damned if I still don't remember those words to this day if they don't play huge role. In the way I approach my wife might show my performances it's veteran. So with this sweet home situation. I don't know if it was gang related. If your teacher it's we all and you can call live without you and your own you know Watson and not I don't wanna get you in trouble I'd like to know more about there's. If there's a big -- problem it needs to be addressed before another principal gets knocked down that's terrible. I. And I went -- -- police academy but I was in my thirties or some self defense that that was pretty nasty. And violence. I don't go looking for that I can pretty much handle myself OK these there's. I would not weighed in to four guys duking it out to maybe not for. This principal who was doing it. I feel bad for your shoes and a no win situation. Let's check in with some traffic right now there's a man who's always in a no win situation because if it's dead we mock him and if something's going on in the -- just what we mock him so he can't win here's our Harris Allen. Oh now he's gonna give me the silent -- All right -- -- get to the quickie weather than a WBE and I think that was payback. Let's say right now it is eighteen degrees and it feels like minus five flight back correct that we could see one to three inches of snow tomorrow morning. And if we do get the snow tomorrow morning. John's -- rose -- at the beach at 9 o'clock we'll keep you up to date with where this -- is heading and whether screwed -- traffic. The overnight low tonight I hate to say it again it's like a broken record. Eight degrees above freaking zero. And as -- ready now traffic. Not quite yet well let's just wait till 430 they'll break out if there's nothing going on under is gonna take some calls is it. Is it -- about Europe and accidents. -- gonna presume it's dead is a predictor after we'll do report thirty on WB pointless to government just hear that nothing's gonna. Wanna go do our Ryan on a cell phone on WB -- Ryan welcome to the program. The situation at this sweet home is this kid it's already beyond redemption at sixty and or a good kid who's having a bad day and what do we do about this after this kid into the system. Okay okay okay that the overall very good question. And here's and here's my perspective is that. A few years ago I worked in the school custodian of what my job -- at the trend will only need to fighting break immediately. First time that. I there a couple times that fights broke out in the in the middle school -- going after I'd be breaking upbeat will be going after. Okay screamed how they're gonna kill each other families and everything like that. And I want to break up an apparent commend like oh you put your hand on my kid my chart on the little Cofield pastor or Italian match. And parents don't want accurate that the kids are no go. Okay and they wanted to try and these are middle school kids. And the middle school kids in school okay here in here and you're the only thing is okay we know. OPEC in the days and in school at what you -- and teacher and broken up okay to earn enough trouble is that on the principle player. All that one economic data should I get an -- on your punishment. And I can't stop and -- The what all is okay it's a bigger issue with their all each generation of parents out there appeal to parents are looking good -- back here. -- the whole generation of parents out there that are their kids and not prepare. You know I understand what you were -- about friendship verses being a parent there are some kids who to who can actually him bowl. You know being more friendly with their parents didn't disciplinarian with their parents I had that kind of relationship with my mom my mom did not really have the discipline me because all she had to do was give me the look. You know my mom is not Italian. But she used to give me the -- Paul met. -- Shia and it was like the evil life and I would immediately cease and desist from of violating my ordinary -- rubric temperament. Really external public and without but once you might get really control instructor in the military he told you. OK Ryan this I have to hear more of you you are going anywhere if you hang up during the news -- a would have Joseph beamer hunt you down and take nude pictures of you -- put -- on FaceBook okay let's talk all got poked out of alignment spread its forcefully this great relationship I have with my audience I love you guys are -- a WB. I've still played just absolutely gorgeous on that's actually from by Johnny Carson NBC's the Tonight Show Crosby, Stills and Nash the acoustic version of southern cross. Never met anybody who did not love. That song. And it. Yeah ever wanted to importance harmonies and background locals ladies and gentlemen I submit the -- southern cross and Graham Nash as exhibit eight. Are right now folks are getting away from music not some view and again this is kind of where I enjoyed being unpredictable. I like to make you guys think a little bit and Michael liked to be the guy you know what I'm gonna say before the show even starts. Now first of all my sympathy goes out to the principal at sweet home high school. Who got knocked out yesterday -- into a fight. Between four young men one of what was a sixteen year old who's accused now of felony assault. I don't know why she got involved I wish she hadn't gotten involved. All I can tell you is when you -- go to school when I was go to school there is a cult. Like they have in the NHL are right if you watched Jon Scott fight now I know that jobs got to finance goals were player. But if you've ever watched him fight. You've seen it affect his is what does last fights it was obvious he had the guy. And he could have absolutely destroyed the -- He tried to give the guys the opportunity to surrender gracefully the guy didn't want to take it until at least got his game left and it was over. Mean that's the -- Scott gave them the chance to break it off the guided wanna break it off so Jon Scott basically said well all right I guess if you don't wanna surrender. Down you know. And the cold what we -- go to school is once a grown up got involved in your fight it was over. And I don't know what the hell happened yesterday it's sweet home but what ever happened to the cult. Now that's number one. And I feel bad for the principle I wish she hadn't gotten involved. I I know that she did with the best intentions but you know what people of died of head trauma. Acting with the best of intentions. And I hope she is she's gonna I gonna face open. The older you are the more time it takes to recover from a traumatic injury trust me on that now. There's that. Now I know that some -- you expect me to say this sixteen are all. This Fella this felonious assault hurt his name is he Sean. The actor's name is what's -- NFL player in the making does not keep Shawn Johnson. Sixteen years Ole. I know some of you expect a guy on this radio station to say hang up. -- I can't go this year. And I played a -- because I don't know enough about the story. I don't know if this is a kid with a track record of acting like a thug. Or if he's a good kid who is defending himself against three people attacking them I don't know. And hopefully cut the crap I read the newspaper. Now if this kid has a history of not playing well with others. Obviously he needs to be removed from that school setting. And sent to a place where discipline is rigidly enforced. By mentally men who know how to deal with sixteen year old like Kee Shawn Johnson if he is in fact a problem child. Number true. Is it is there a psychiatric issue and I'm only asking the question I'm not making the accusation. And I'm not trying to provide X call issue. But I do know that's the people with psychiatric issues do not engage in rational decision making. That's why they have psychiatric issues. Or that is a symptom of psychiatric issues mean is he mentally competent does he understand what he did. And the gravity of what he did. This is an important consideration to. Now again my sympathy is with the principle but I also don't wanna take some sixteen year old. If he can be redeemed -- And just throw away the kitty. At the same time I have to tell you that I do think some people are born evil. I think that some people. And others is great line from the Kevin Costner movie why Europe. -- the Doc Holliday character not Val Kilmer but their Quaid. Says to -- Kirk says for some people this world ain't ever gonna be right. And there are some people like that doesn't matter what you do doesn't matter how much money they make that matter I'll make sure to whom they'll kill you the first chance they get. I don't know enough about the facts and circumstances a key issue on to be able to say one way or the other. But if there's a gay problem. It's got to be pulled out by the roots. If this was a gang situation. -- let's get to the calls on the WB and back to our Ryan who was a G editor. At a school and what are the tasks he had was to break up fights which I'm sorry Ryan they don't pay you enough as a maintenance guy to break up fights -- put your own face limbs and bones muscles tendons and cartilage on the line. Are you better right there and it to keep did not get enough to do that deal with the parents quite figure out what I was thinking about on the brakes is that. You know it would it be navigate to -- beautiful woman I don't want okayed it to be proud of -- but here's another thing. Okay wait I have to interrupt you -- Did he beat her or did she get caught by one straight punch -- knocked out with one punch. Well I. I've played a bet sports myself and I understand how to stop and. Hit me in the know George -- go down and bleed got knocked out punched in the nose and done. Well I -- tiger -- -- nobody's invincible but -- -- you can learn what a typical thing that can probably don't realize that a lot of those kids that parents. You know they probably came from very humble beginnings -- -- okay and worked very hard and colonel and they've worked a lack crummy job with the you know crabby people. Just to be able to give. They're kids that like an Amherst and give them a better education. Give them a better chance the world can -- -- what I gathered when I looked at school kids don't realize. The teachers were underpaid and I can't emphasize that up. Come out and they got to deal all the crap they got to deal with with. You know that all politics -- And trying to -- these kids up early to survive in the world locate a high school over the party's over and -- it and really prepare or. You know when I was pleased to say like all we know what. Well and what reality in the real world kitchen where you got no skills and no education. You're really not much you so much people here all the you know nothing really beyond item minimum wager pretty -- But my friend one of the things you said earlier that really stuck out from me is when the parents would come and pick up their little picture of their little angels their little legions of light and goodness. They would look at you the big bad janitor and ask why you laid hands on their child -- faces civil lawsuit. We now know fortunately the principal -- my Barack. -- very firm on on that you know you know if you see kids fighting break up because of one does it hurt you in and and there are some liability issues there. But it won't hear their -- you know and. Then have to prove that you saw them. I'm I don't know I'd I I'd I mindedness -- that it turned around -- -- the aware of the past. Oil well honestly the first time that you know what where to almost came to appoint I want to turn my back and walk out of there -- you can they're just evil. Still there but. You know a lot it. It gets that on morality issue you know it's you know political indicated it was in the adult. And that's what people are paid. So if not you you -- a lot more experience with the kids then do why I have two of my own who of course were. Absolutely perfect who had no disciplinary issues what so. Ever in school. -- I'm sorry I'm. Cops -- they never ever were in the back a cop ever cover ups are right I can't talk for but anyway. But -- -- little angels you know just like I was a little Angel -- know I don't know if you're aware of this but only to perfect people who lived -- Jesus and so. -- up in every talk show is like to believe that but. Your experience based on what we think we know about this story. Does that sound like a candidate who. Can be redeemed to me what what would your questions be how would you approach is because. He finished at one of -- I don't wanna see a psychopath in the school but I also don't wanna see some kid who might be a good -- it was have a bad day you know be written up for the rest of his life for wants to put event. And you know something I empathize with that because they're kind of the school I had bad days okay well at all about the actions you do afterwards. Okay as the term reduction and trying to redeem yourself that's what he tries to do that what the they do it's it's it's it's all that okay. -- there are currently. That get -- its protection that before their double. Should parents out there that just won't address these issues and these kids think it's cool to be out these days. But I think they can go a wannabe thugs and drug dealer I think the simple real -- at all it's. Only -- Where people just ultimately you're gonna -- everyone away from YouTube like it's going to be scorn and hate you just kind of all the BS you bring -- -- just because you're you wanna go out of the -- -- criminal. He yeah and you know you talk about a lonely life and I will not go into details in the people who know me best know that I don't just a pull stories out by -- I know people in the witness protection program they live the most lonely. Lives imaginable. They can't contact their families. Today everything has to be pre planned and god forbid if somebody thinks they got recognized they got to move they got to start all over again. There is no glamour and there's no glory in being. A mid level gangster or -- guy and witness protection. Okay yes I I actually I know someone who -- a few people who have not done timer doing time after being you know. What you described -- ultimately at the end of the day it's like. It's like that okay 18 up thirty for an okay. You know everyone wants to be your brother you're earning your mentoring do everything for you. Okay but then afterwards OK once. You know everywhere are getting arrested in Boston these kids seem to have the invasion and -- might be 80 go to jail for -- little that -- or meets all that that's not the real UK all but drag the green make it past her on the court I got -- -- -- up there to post Soviet helping get them built someplace -- tomorrow okay. I you know like we could take the -- sure. It's a -- patent and nobody wants to in the recovery that it's not the way it was in the movies and all the. What little good on the what do I reported a tape I'm very wrong picture about what -- at all well. Let's face it -- the last American hero gangster was -- leotard. The soprano. For twenty years he wanted Costa he grilled cheese offer radiator. And I'm like you even get into what he did instead of -- with a woman. I gotta go. -- riot it's a great call I'm honored to hear from you I. I'd love to hear from teachers about what you do with a situation like this -- commodity sure but I have a great respect for the teaching a profession. I am not somebody who beats up on teachers. Don't know an actress talked in the past the only thing I'd I have many other things went bad were made such. I'm a dip -- that -- -- I called you a few years ago talking about having to aggravate elect. Just quote concert ever made it. There is insane. I would never lived with a roommate when I travel I could save money if I -- to share a room with a stranger and that will happen roughly the same time hell freezes over. Thank you very much and that you -- All I appreciate that it's. Not likely but Bangladesh hold its hourly on meant WB eat and talk about the situation in sweet home. I'd love to hear from those of you were teachers about. What you do these days in a situation. Where you've got the sixteen year old port duking it out. First of all I wouldn't get involved. Personally. It is not worth my getting a concussion and or brain damage to step in to some dumb ass -- but they weren't the secondly I'd be why they end up this road. Thirdly courted aggravation. That's what we have police officers on WB Ian. Eric -- and if you -- see any major. Traffic problems and you know the difference between major and some minor thing VW -- in traffic command hotline 80303218030321. Our gang Peru's we've got thick cloudy skies tonight windy and colder with flurries and the overnight low is going to be -- up Bob we're going to be in the single digits again. Tomorrow we could see one to three inches of snow in the morning it comes out of the morning and the drivers a little bit sketchy nature -- -- -- John's second Susan rose from five until mine -- the persists after nine sandy -- has you covered nine. Until noon and you're talking about you know people who -- we went cover one or two snowstorms. And a few inches are accurate there during the morning drive up to twice in our careers tomorrow's high. Sixteen degree east on -- -- right now. And it feels like minus five. All right let's talk to a teacher this is -- -- in elm -- -- what was your first all heard about the situation in sweet home with this sixteen year old. Allegedly acting out a female principal who waited in the wild brawl with four teen boys. Well I am a teacher and I I feel that what the problem is that there are no consequences than the student knowledge. And so basically nothing will happen to them and add doctor myself I've been prompted several times and I mean I mean you know. If you're. Right I live -- geared do you -- -- I won't ask them where you teach and a lot of perch on the spot. But you've been assaulted physically. -- kids -- When I was -- young teacher when I first they're thinking you know -- -- prompted by a first grader was punched in the mountain brook now. That's because I was just teaching the clapping and he came out of nowhere and decided. That he was gonna do it can mean. OK time out. There had to be some underlying psychiatric issue with this kid. Some. None that I know out. A cable normal people just don't. Come across a classroom and punched a teacher in the nose during the middle class. Oh good lord I'm sorry that happened -- I -- I think -- 24 years old. But when that happened to me. Oh good lord I know women who would pray for a kid to do that because they throw ran out the window. Well and actually at that time when I started teaching something like Don they found the boy to a detention center. First -- on. And then I was adopted by high school student violated manner by a group of games -- and in my class they came out of nowhere. It's. It was one of those really fair five on one fights. Try and more like about forty hit. While I love watching the hip hop nation because when those those bad -- -- just -- -- I mean you know there six on one fights -- the real men. -- hold about a minute -- because I wanna talk -- more because I don't mean to bring up some painful memories but I also can tell in your voice that you've got a lot wanna say. And I want you think about it and I want to rejoin me after the news break -- wanna cut you short. All right so -- stand by Q you mentioned in question and those that fifth grader. Fifth grader or not that probably just too which. That make -- bad person for 56 at WB yeah.

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