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2-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to green flag country. News radio 930 WB he had. Rebels. And he would -- -- That. -- -- -- -- -- -- No one songs with an assault rifle knowing that. Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York. If you got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. About -- brilliant goaltender knew what to eat. These -- and I'm thirty. -- -- -- -- You have -- I'd like loaded. -- -- -- -- But why -- your password -- login but they won't forget the people of personal account. I'm gonna put up policy. Hourly is the greatest radio talk show host who's ever -- Signed today what I think it. Folks if you hear computers with people work I want it it does know something. You may work with somebody like. Well like your humble host who is -- roughly. -- mental age of twelve who is likely to use your email your FaceBook login to use up all things under your name that you would never personally send out so consider -- -- -- -- word -- -- wise to -- people with -- work. Anyway thanks for being with us in -- late Tuesday and -- with you WE and and John has my -- -- -- at an -- bag jobs area -- It was a little bit distracted because I was watching some clips for a month. The 1970s because as the other day 1970s like restaurants and applies the 1970s. With a couple of songs and with a couple of up a couple of movies. And it came up with was the the one video that basically summarizes the 1970s. His first trial and error. Electric Light Orchestra turned to -- I put the link up on my FaceBook page. If you watch -- promotional video was not concert video it was a promotional lip syncing video. You'll now understand the 1970s. I'm gonna say. Two words that will bring you. Bad memories of the 1970s. Cocaine and and club 747. Not that the two of course were -- did anyway shape or form but. Those two words yes and one other song but I think you need to know that summarizes. That particular era -- I think it was a seventies along but it was on the eighties please don't shoot me. I'm does anybody remember suites. Oxygen. Joseph you're gonna have to look that up I know you want to hell I'm surprised yeah. As your original. And if you want to understand the 1970s. You can forget about movies like -- anything for which -- Garfunkel wrote a soundtrack or song forget that. For Brian's song the only 1970s movie you need to know to fully understand the 1970s. Is Paul Newman and slap shot. So between Paul Newman slap shot. Electric Light Orchestra turned to stone. And the sweet video love is like oxygen along with cocaine and club 747. Not that the two were ever late in any way shape or form. That was the 1970s and I think I've summarized rather brilliantly thank you very -- using all pop culture references. No it a lot of places we're gonna go. I forgot to -- worked quite. Does anybody. Any good or whoever acquire. Yeah kind of a funny as well the OK before the -- somebody's gonna have to call him and explain their memories up acquire. Which was relatively secure techniques and your tactics they use -- to -- to keep kids from smoking weed o'clock. Just remember that and we'll maybe get to it a little later on so where were. You start talking about the seventies and you know ever notice that always just gets back to -- it's just got a bizarre thing. Now we have an atmosphere and an error with that god people are fine. It is very well perhaps -- does have some analgesic medicinal properties analgesic medicinal properties could be used for the betterment of the human condition. You know it's always funny -- -- -- used -- against legalizing -- have apparently never broke through terminal cancer -- -- the ironic use the word. And that suddenly these people for years oh no medicinal marijuana. -- marijuana but certainly their mother comes out with some stomach tumor and they can keep food down in the first person -- Houston a two week. Always funny how that works out I'm sorry that it's always great hypocrisy great lesson and a America. Anyway so it's all week. And she's down and she is now. There's a fight yesterday. At swindle. Did you hear about there's -- contrary to what some people think. This has actually happened in the city. And it's not only news because it happened and suburban school district in fact Robert doing the story probably ten years ago. About a buffalo schoolteacher. That we waved a buffalo school teachers who were hurt in the line of duty. Breaking up fights between thugs at schools -- the thugs of apparently moved out into the suburbs. Or are regulating. Plugs in the city by being in the suburbs because nothing says -- Charles do you like living these -- but. Anyway. All school. Not exactly -- -- I would not that it would happen -- -- justice at these kids would ample camera is lowered but. Paul I'm listen -- -- -- and -- in my body so well. There's a fight and it was -- there for kids for students involved in this fight. And the principal who's a woman and I like the big -- is the idea if she's -- self defense I have no idea. I know women that could kick the crap all for these -- spots and then they'll have a nice cup of coffee. Apparently this principle was not one of these individuals. So you've got to one of the sixteen girls -- been busted. Up. Four felony assault. Not to be confused with felony arson which of course I wholeheartedly endorse him for years in or spelling errors and I think felony arsons of the best they ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But anyway. You guys have a little fun with -- all and we're friends now but -- anyway. The the student who has been arrested it. That did give his name. Because he's sixty years old. But will it and it's a matter of public record as what is it is Mikey Shawn Johnson. -- player in the NFL somewhere. My first thought he Shawn Johnson and NFL player well at the age of sixties and a although he's at the pre -- beating principles that is almost yours that's short for -- well. So that way for for whatever reason key issue on. And that three other people involved in some kind of a fight let's see what a flight school among sixteen year old boys typically involved. Let me just let me put my common sense Adam okay -- -- being sixteen. Somebody call somebody fact that. Let me get. Because that was always the big one when we were go to school somebody called if I get that was -- time that was drop dead time all right. In note that by the way no disrespect please understand them again a by transgender. Listeners I'm using it as an example of a painful bit of the past so don't at all I mean we know each other well enough -- So anyway no disrespect and so when you're sixteen years old somebody -- effect that that's a reason to fight. At least it was when I was go to school. It could be of course now. Could be drugs. Could be eight. Now drugs when you're sixty and could be bigger. Because we all love what you're 21 alcohol not a drug in orbit you know we'd. Could be that. Could be some linger could be a gang thing Balkans there wouldn't be any gains in Amherst the -- -- in Amherst there's a game since we'd -- The thought. That's stuff stops at the citywide you know that. So what could it be all wait -- -- -- they can share. What do you think guys -- with just over a woman. Was this over young lady was over drugs was over somebody calling somebody a bad name. Like the F word. Because that was guys when I went to school. Being called faggot Hitler's -- that was pretty much the worst thing you could say that somebody that was like drop in time nobody would put up with that. And again please understand that you use the word gratuitously to be a jerk I am. Also making a social commentary on the evolution of language and words that at one point were incendiary. And now really don't mean anything. As far as. You know these days if you call somebody that word it's like -- thank you very much thank you for acknowledging my sexuality but. Anyway. The unfortunate thing here is you've got an innocent principal whose job it is to keep order in the school. And she did something really stupid not offices I don't know if these were all black kids white kids I don't know if the principles white lack of a -- But one of the things we learned from the markers not the incident issues. If you are ever witness. To a fight involving members of a group to which you'd do not personally be long. Do not get involved you will not win if I saw a fight with four black -- Unlock it involved why would like -- put myself the situation being called a racist. I would immediately say I don't see anything I'd be colonel -- Sargent Schultz I if I mean I might drop the diamond call the cops. Then again in -- that probably wouldn't bother by somebody would probably drop a dime and call the cops. But I wouldn't get involved. The principal was valiant however sometimes being -- can also be the last thing you ever do. All I can say is if she was knocked out. Chances are she probably has some kind of cut a concussion. I hope that she's been cat -- to make sure that you have some kind of a subdural hematoma. I hope that she's been through all the screening tests to make sure that she didn't end up with a severe concussion. She was stupid for getting involved. I mean I'm sorry she's a victim in this but again. You don't get involved. I don't care for the principal one of view four of them. I'm a grown man on the -- wade into a fight with 416. Year old it's a marketed or. -- John would you do. Did you answer the question is gonna protect an -- to the question your big rough tough hockey player you gonna do. No I'm gonna do Bieber you're larger than the biggest guys are you gonna do what. All right I can -- -- two time but anything more than two that's you know on screw. Tumors easy threes more challenging -- impossible. But I can say. Anyway what is kids. He is is charged with that felony assault. Again not to be confused with felony arson. Which I've always indoors so. I'm being sarcastic. You'll have to forgive -- Forgive my bitterness and sarcasm if you would just having a little bitter fun at my expense now. Via a sixteen year old was arrested why weren't the other three arrest. If one was arrested why weren't the other three arrested that's what I want and what exactly caused the fight if somebody call somebody a name. Was it over drugs was over some ridiculously stupid dumb ass gang dispute when you got red shoe -- you've got blue shoe laces. Because that's really important in life I think the color she lives would you care. Was it over. I check which I always hold open the possibility. Because remember it's like to be sixteen. I would say that about the fights in our school in one way shape or form involved a girl. And it dispute between boys over a girl and the other half of the flights involved a dispute over somebody being called a game. All right which I don't even feel like I have to say it again but you know the F word used to -- the automatic white starter in the 1970s which is started off the show thinking about the 1970s thank you very much everything runs together like a river thank you Robert Redford A River Runs Through It. So you've got this principle well. Who is banged up and by seriously my my sympathy goes out to her. I hope this year is a very rapid recovery she's got to have a headache from hell right now something to which I can certainly relate. And that she is. Probably have to think twice about ever getting involved in a fight involving four students again. At a government. -- rule. And markers ID who is a state senator he learned this rule a couple of years ago. Never interject yourself in a fight involving people who don't look as you look. Don't do. Because you know as a peacemaker will automatically be seen to be interfering. In a culture you don't understand that because you can't possibly know the streets. There was tough streets of tweedle. You can't possibly understand. Especially she should've done is call the cops. And walked away she put herself her wrists now -- of them -- the difference between. Then and now. Joseph out of a you can relate to this John I think you can -- as your dad's got a artists. Now your dad's a no nonsense guys. I want to Avis. If I had gotten into a fight at school. And knocked out a principal. I would have been begging the police to send me to holding senator. I would have been begging this school district to lock me up in the June. I would've been begging somebody to take me to a Mexican drug lord for a more merciful execution. Because if I got gonna fight in school and I did not out of principle I guarantee you I would not be alive today to tell the tale. Now my father. Mostly German. Our editors were. He would have reduced me to boiling. And sausage links in about 24 hours and there would have been no more Tom -- If I ever got a fight and knocked out a principal at school. Now this sixteen year old allegedly did it now keep in mind. But they would keep in mind I have to to a -- but you know the brilliance never stops on the show. And I do what effect by the way my friends in the community I mentioned earlier for being cool enough to allow me to use lying because you know how cool I am. And you know that it's not done with any evil intent so thank you for being cool I pre you have no idea how much it. I appreciate the bond we have thanks for not be in putts is about it. Stay with us on WB and the hourly brilliance continues next. I think that also summarizes the 1970s. So anyway. Al Stewart some. We'll poetic lines have written and Iraq's deacons this and running like water colors in the rain I mean. He must at some seriously dude it's -- are right now are getting back to it no I do not to endorse fellow leader argues only filling arson but. Is. That today. It's because article about the -- it's legal. Felony assault assault there'd be no that they are distinctions along. I mean you assault. That's kind of a felony. Mean. A misdemeanor assault the pocket watch your market common sense Joseph if I -- a -- and pushed against the wall I mean. Technically is that -- the assault now let's be pushing you against the world signing my own death war. Okay that's what that would be I'd hardly call that now. But I know I know the law has distinctions Ahmanson's does not again it. But felony assault is the charge against that future NFL player I'm sorry it felt like he ought to be. He Shawn Johnson sixteen years old and it hurt them. First of all. Let's just -- analyzes. The principal. I'll -- he's got to -- always gonna blame the victim I don't know anything about the principle. I have no idea all -- know is that most teachers. Are not equipped. To deal with physical finding and and self defense -- there may be some black belts. In higher education I think I a couple of my teachers were in the karate and judo Taekwondo and stuff like that. But of course they would never be the ones around when anything was going down. It was always the lunch ladies they always got stuck dealing with -- everything you know the two dollar and 35 cents an hour lunch ladies they had to break up all cafeteria fights back then of course we actually were loud metal knives. Which now of course would probably be considered a weapon of mass destruction so you've got the the principal. Who. Look I know that she's got a responsibility. To protect students but the last I checked she does not heavy responsibility to be a kamikaze. And wading into a fight involving four I guess young strapping men. Is not what I consider to be a principal's responsibility. I I wouldn't want. Do it Joseph wouldn't wanna do it John -- wanna do it I don't even think all three who wanna do. What do you. I mean we probably dislikes appearance there last man standing for you you do -- you -- bail last man standing your -- But the principal waded into it and unfortunately she got hurt. And she got hurt in such a way that she got knocked out. I hate to tell this folks but if you are a bit of a fight and he ever been knocked out it does up and there's a reason why. John Travolta called Bruce Willis has punchy. In the pulp fiction you know a few punches to the head up and punch drunk. You know your brain is only made to withstand so nobody knocks in life and after that it kind of falls into pieces. So I feel horrible for this principle. I also don't think that she should've gotten involved. I don't know how big she is I don't know whether she's trained in self defense as I said before. But menace not that I would have done. Call me a coward I really don't hear a market to get the middle of 416 year old getting into a flight or some ominously even understand. Now be sixteen year old who was arrested now there was one arrest -- a felony assault arrest why the other three were arrested I don't know. What happened when the principal got knocked out I don't well. Did the other students under the principles -- or did all four of them turn on the principles start kicking her because nothing says hey look I'm a man like a four on one fight I've seen those on the hip hop nation. -- he's real men going after old guys you know six on one fights like in the -- con artists. I'm sure you've seen those two. Times like that I think mr. Smith and mr. Weston for their contributions to American culture but. The sixteen year old what ought to happen to him now I can tell you one -- As I said earlier. I don't know I don't know -- Never heard him don't know. Armor or it was like to be sixty years old. And I don't think that time. That different from view in saying that if the principal or the police had called beat early household and said. Mr. -- This is also -- call from the town of Avalon police department and I was in custody right now in the station -- and drive because he got a to a fight. And he knocked out a principal. That would probably be the last time I would ever be using the surname -- because of my family would have to -- me. My father would have killed me and I'm not even talking figuratively he would have. You would've done -- Joseph Pesci. With that blogs in the vice in casino on me and then turn me in the sausage OK even before The Sopranos he would run me through -- -- real grinder. No -- no -- no but I would not exist. Now I'm not saying my father was the most enlightened men in the world because he questioned but. Here's the question I had. In as far as how to deal with the sixty girl number one. Is this sixteen year old mentally competent. Forgive me for bringing some common sense to the table -- my first reaction is I'm angry at the sixteen world. And I feel bad for the principal. Because she didn't deserve that I wish you just what -- walked away. Because she's not equipped to handle for sixteen year old spite. I told you about women I know who. Can very easily handle most men I know 234 at a time because they're black belts and their killers. Those are the women that turned me on and excite the hell out of me but Marcus. I like a woman who can -- but. With their bare hands. I mean as opposed to apologies bigger clause in your heart just -- the storage. But -- that we it's faster but. This principal apparently was not one of them. So all. The sixteen year old my first question is number one. Is this an aberration for him. Translation. Bad. Now when you're sixteen years old. Market lately I put my Paul -- -- -- for a minute let me put on my defense attorney -- for a minute even though I'd never went to law school. I watch law and order. -- I believe I said two words that you should be pouncing on immediately. Watch law and order. Either or -- there ago right sorry I gotta wait for Joseph to catch up because -- given so much warning expect Joseph to react instantaneously to everything I say. That victory. Joseph I watch law and order. Thank you that makes me an expert on these things because I watch law and order. Slow on the uptake Sergio. -- what -- alert from the TV show by Dick Wolf law and order. Is that the -- -- Of the brain of a human being does not fully developed until you're in your early twenties in fact I would argue. Given the maturity levels of the 25 year old that recently I don't think the frontal -- developed until later for you at this point. Now I did not see that on law and order. But I don't know that -- order -- made bat. A frontal lobe does not fully developed until you're in your early twenties and that is the part of your brain that is most responsible for making it. Good -- sound decisions and engaging in good practical. Judgment. I realize that now so there's that to be considered. Also be considered. Is this kid a good kid who was pushed in to -- -- Based what does that report. Do I know do you know that this candidate wasn't being pummeled by three other ads. -- a huge swing and fight for -- And the principle comes and should call our house I don't know that Libya back. So I'd like to know more about the circumstances. Of what -- sixteen year old was. Does this sixteen year old have a history of being a miscreants. Is this sixteen year old -- troublemaker. Is this sixteen year old royal pain in the it's just better off with a prison boot camp that a public school system. Well only the authorities can answer that will never know the answer to that because that's all going to be a confidential. But I would like to know a little bit more before -- immediately rushed to judgment and say we got to execute the -- For beating upper principal. Is this -- troublemaker habitually what we can have a bad day. Now before you get all -- an idea on me. One of the things I love about about some grown ups and I probably fall victim to this myself to. We like to pretend. On WB yen and elsewhere that when we were going to school we were perfect chirps. We were angels. We ever did a thing wrong. We followed all the rules. Relied -- parents. We always home at 11 o'clock. Snuck out the upstairs window and then went down the dorm or in front of the living room window and then climb back up because it was a quick why did. We never snuck out of the house of 3 in the morning -- -- France are. We certainly never took the car out joy riding. Well and it did. But we always tend to glorify. Our old men who shall we say morality. Our old net sweetness and light when we were kids. And forget about all the really stupid. Things we did it. I won't be too particular about certain issues but I will simply say that. I was not by any stretch of the imagination an Angel. I never beat up my principal. Probably because. Our principles that Ben Franklin junior high school. And that can -- east. Were very large imposing them for the most part. And I think they would have laughed at me and I just would've felt so humiliated it would've been worth the effort. So. There's. Be honest with. It will -- what does your gut tell you about this story. Here's my gut tells me I wanna know war. I wanna know more about what started the fight. Wanna know more about how the principal got hurt. I wanna know more about whether the student was having a bad day or is a habitual troublemaker. Now if the student is -- ritual troublemaker. But by sweet home hello at a care spurs on concern. Meet your new friends. I know sixteen he's not doing Annika yet. But. I wanna know more about the thought process where lack thereof. Of this sixteen your world. It's it's -- I don't know cricket it's conceivable that it was fighting for maybe he was -- Maybe three -- -- up in the gist of what that's what I -- the principal I don't know. Just out of -- -- year -- I read a story in the buffalo isn't right quite frankly don't believe the crap irate. You know once or twice they've got some things wrong about me so I can only imagine what they get wrong about everything else they write about. So I'm only going by what the police are saying and frankly the WBA website where were always right 100% of the time without fail. All right -- 0330. Is the is a phone number. Did your thoughts on this story. Cars part of me says it is sixteen year old as a habitual troublemaker I don't think he ever ought to be able to set -- in school again. He should go to some alternative instructional program. And earned his high school diploma and hopefully grow up. And hopefully solidify. His frontal lobe development and his capacity for logical rational thought. If he's a habitual troublemaker if he is a victim in this then his. Person like yours ought to be prosecuted as well. And again I'm kind of at a disadvantage because. It it is an -- possible for me to find out anything about his kids background. Because any previous incident we never find the name up because the -- understands I have no idea if this is a good kid who had a bad day. Were bad kid just the united. -- I don't know you've got kids as we don't. Are they scared to go to school. And I know that there have been some sporting events involving -- all about which I've heard from callers that. Let me simply say -- we don't did not exactly enjoy a terrific reputation over. I'm no disrespect for McCann were -- graduate but I'm just. So 347. At the news radio 930 WB you tell me what would happen a year. If if you don't think about this really curious. Because I'm willing to just pass judgment without having all of the facts in front. Especially -- reported in the media which I really don't trust. They get to what's wrong I've seen it with myself. They'd take things that would ever said as if they were set. And people read it and I think it was really -- wasn't you weren't there. 348. News radio 930 WB -- And if you had knocked out of school principal when you were sixteen years old would you be alive today. I wouldn't be I would have been made and defiant little. -- -- -- -- I can tell it's eighteen degrees in the real feel is minus five and just be done with -- because -- the under the weather one more time. I'm just -- becomes a ridiculously depressed -- -- -- -- well putrid in the world that's going to be and look for me thank you. If I get -- -- winter. I need the warm breezes. Big rule to blow across my body at midnight on the beach that's all I'm gonna say. Clothing optional I might yet. Now. That's I wanna see the southern cross for the first time -- Now. I want your calls say look folks one of the things that don't wanna do I don't -- demonize the sixteen year old. If this kid was -- what is ordinarily a good kid who is have a bad day. It happens. You know there're there are circumstances that happened in a sixteen year old life I remember being sixties. We think it's the end of the world. Your girlfriend gumption -- did the exam. Your mom has been a real pain in the past you have a senior debt in a few years. And everything just got to congregate and aggregates in your brain. And then somebody says the wrong thing at the wrong time and it's not. So. This is the kind of stuff you kind of expect from sixteen year old boy. To be involved in fist fights you don't expect the sixty year old boy. To send a female principal sprawling. Unconscious on the ground. That is a line that was crossed that you bolt crossed that's like the -- and a hockey fight you don't know. That's like somebody when they're now after you already knocked about you don't know the threat to our. Current let's go to carry in the Apollo one. -- may I ask what might have happened to you did you knocked out a principal in your formative years. I'm my car because my parents that does something wrong I'm a female from others that while you are my left wing that fact could happen different. She represented Stanley outside of -- out. Yeah you know that worked until I get into radio and my third of. -- absurd says that one more time I was abusing myself. Get in trouble at all my aren't quite as much trouble at all. So no it -- We think we know I always like to prefaced a question by saying what we think we know because trust me I know how badly the media can give facts wrong in misrepresent stories. But. Did your inclination toward this sixteen year old because. I don't wanna throw the kid out if he's a good kid having a bad day if he's a bad kid do what he usually does the kid needs some serious intervention now unless it's already too late. I agree with you a 100% children are not 161718. No frontal -- actually developed actually give. I'm still waiting for -- the fully develop on twelve years all that. -- successfully develop my myself front that your adult. Okay parents apparently in the equation and and let me different radio station sometimes unfair to teachers because they don't think you're looking -- The change in parenting. And the change -- where. Well blow blow -- don't. Look look it if if other host of this nation have a problem with teachers don't poured their water in the -- let you call their show and tell them. I think I've bent over backwards to be -- teachers in fact my former social studies teacher called my show last week. So I'd bend over backwards to congratulate my teachers I'm not the other guys. When my apology thank you accept that agreement that the young and it's not it out but my question now is where the parents. Why. If the parent comes out and says he was a good boy he's taken care of his babies and he's -- a rap album. All -- all the -- is clueless. Or he was in his cousin's -- -- was. Senior principal. Outside the boundaries. Why doesn't the young man knows that hitting option now. Is outside the boundary I want to both Franklin aftershock that good question got adults more than up against a locker. Curious Mirko would have reached into -- chest cavities -- our hearts out and made us watch them beat until they stopped. OK but as a teacher I work for mr. sharp I reminded him of that at all. I can't do that today. -- sure doll -- but I got news for you. You might -- them but you damn well better respect them and as it turned out he was a great men -- market along with the -- every guy. You'd wait I went to your high school we where we were bad and finishing in everything right you're absolutely right. A man to know that the -- needed to be respected. Somewhere that's been lost because we value young people are those that actually hear from them in this society. And young people do not adults -- I'm going to be respect. Even bow tie Joseph -- Bow -- Joseph partner ladies and gentlemen. Underneath the velvet bow tie and the gentle mister Rogers suit was the personality. That was army trained at an army top it. Experience but I was pretty sure that mr. Parker can whip off that boat tie and turned it into a lethal weapon at a moment's notice. I got to move -- seven miles disabled -- other. Our role here but if but it's up enough -- of of the Arctic talking about the situation it's legal which is tragedy. I don't wanna make it worse don't throw this out with the bath water if it was a good kid having a bad I don't know enough about this kid yet.

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