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2-25 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo's. Hasn't gotten the help that it deserves it hasn't gotten that partnership for a long long time. At a course Andrew Cuomo is in town yesterday when another he'd never cardboard check putting -- a promise of what 500 jobs. And I'm glad to get them I've been glad that the pour -- apartment here we could use all of -- economic benefits we can get. I'm asking rob and answer -- to Reno. And Donald Trump are they simply cannon fodder no matter who ends up as the candidate for Andrew Cuomo. If it's 4042 of 44 point difference as one survey released today would suggest. That's a hell of -- heels overcome -- I don't know if that can be done or not but all I know is nothing is secure in an election. And politics is a one dumb move we used via. The primal scream in the presidential campaign things like that this ends a campaign I don't know if they'll be any in this campaign. Plus I think it would take. A real major full pot with -- Andrew Cuomo Andy brilliant campaign. On behalf of progress or Reno or both of them. So we'll see where that goes what will be your best as best -- ticket. And his New York in decline Tony I hate to reprimand you on the air but I think after landing -- forced to Europe via. The producer you know you're supposed to warn me about things like this I did not announce on the show. That Miley Cyrus. Has on stage Miley Cyrus has kissed Katy Perry. Now we get visa. If these bulletins from corporate right where they tell us about all the things that are happening in the world just in case you know the news doesn't get back to buffalo. -- and that if things that are useful tidbits. I was trying to are trying to work that into today's show that Miley Cyrus kissed Katy Perry onstage intimate. I was just totally shocked. Here every shocked. We do now but there's so any time we get those helpful hints. I want you to remind me so that I can use them and seem like I'm really on the cutting edge of Entertainment Tonight I can't wait to post gazette and a beautiful. Didn't they tell those two people it's already been done many times the party's over without me and it's -- our shock and. You have any pictures. -- propose that. No you don't you should post I think it would be cool is to get a giraffe. Ever see a picture of a -- put his tongue out. At the giraffe tongue is like this law it's a huge time. And then you Photoshop the giraffe tongue on the Miley Cyrus. Or Katy Perry. Now one of them kissing the shadow of a giraffe tongue now that is worth posting you know are talking about just that simple human time. The smaller you wanna see it. But you -- a giraffe tongue hung like a big role of baloney stick out of that mouth. I think that at -- basically wait. We could be a buzz Tony we could be a social media buzz if we put the giraffe tongue on either Katy Perry or my -- are so you wanna put it on. A Miley Cyrus. I like Katy Perry better like Miley Cyrus there's the picture got the picture. Is it does is getting your hot. -- I secrets is jumping up and now the F after holes -- now this -- We're going to host this is cleared to post them on we cleared the senate to -- We as resistant class to class and good yeah that's what it was unfortunate and I haven't taken mine I was -- and I just -- -- Clinton lol. How have we want to be there there's a tongue stuck into another time we wanna be there when it happens -- -- fortunately you don't see any tong here maybe we'll season tongue between Donald Trump and rob mastering all I don't know maybe go kiss and make up maybe that would be good now that they were worth posting a dramatic -- with. -- Look at jumped Andrew Cuomo Spitzer is black book. Would do it -- -- Well maybe Cuomo started dating experts is that it's life. That would be out of that obese because I like distilled. She is a class act and they didn't observer and I felt very badly or when she was on stage while he was going is -- -- Coppola. Anyway we're back with the. Agent -- let's get back to a some of the items here Chris what are people saying on FaceBook besides are you going to post the Miley Cyrus kissing. Katy Perry picture this is from Victoria she says I hope the people start supporting restaurant a -- a lot of money behind -- but I do think he's beatable. -- lot of weak spots for him especially his attacks and gun owners and conservatives while I agree with the -- I agree with what she says. However it's going to take a more event this past the goal it's gonna sound counter intuitive. It has to go beyond the intellectual. Argument. The New York State is in decline. We know New York State is in decline but remember you've got to get to the visceral argument you've got to get to how much is it costing you who. Since Andrew Cuomo is taken over how what have you benefited -- what is the state benefited. Or are we just taking on more more. Cases of people who. Need benefits from people who are earning the money to pay for them. -- them and that that's the argument that has to be made if you're if you're making intellectual argument you can say the New York State. Is the third worst state for hemorrhaging population is there all day in -- it was gonna right over there don't care they just don't care. You can say that the in state. Tuition. For colleges is being given to illegal. People. And they won't care. Is that it's only when it affects them directly that they care and you have to find out what affects people directly. What would make you wanna stay what would make you wanna leave but I think the differences are astronomical. I think most people would like to leave because of the same reason. A lot of people would like to stay or come here that edits that is that distribution of wealth. And when he was -- well I don't mean you have to be super rich I mean that you're paying. And the next person is getting him on a free ticket. Okay that's what it still. So that's what you have to convince them like I said. I would -- I would take the amount of benefits in New York State offers a -- published numbers have been 43700. Dollars in benefits if you converted them the cash. Each year get that in get that in ones. Put them Plexiglas slowed from -- everywhere you go this is how much it's costing you for every single person. That either comes into the state. Legally and comes into the state illegally. And I think it can be very very impressive if you on time bunkers since its. People who hear numbers they kind of get lost they don't remember them how what do percentages that you have to visualize -- you happen. Yes the -- by the -- and say this is the reason people are leaving look at this. This is America this is like let's make a deal this is like the price is right people -- just rushing here. Because they can get things here they can't get in any other state the only comparable status California. That offer the same kind of things and look at how screwed up California's right now. And where the same way basically we are state and decline. It -- Montreal will take your calls we come back on beach and company. I am going to buffalo. All the time because first of all I loved buffalo. That a nice compliment on the phone off era. The woman says that does she loves star -- my show and listening to this and she says she loves listening to this young man. You know I'm glad to get that compliment like now I'm doing I'm -- in the business. Unsure of myself I'm not really sure whether you're on the real. Make their living on being on the radio so it's nice when you get special at the beginning of your career like I'm looking right now -- nice compliments. It is very very welcome and thank you very much. Stop. And fight Scioscia is giver might be supplies of someone's idea how is it that thank you thank you madam I really do appreciative. Let's do. Next that -- and Snyder -- here on WB yen. Yet I thank you for taking my call this -- -- -- right there it would have to be a perfect storm to occur. Do things on the Republican side it would have to be a trumpet after you know ticket. And beyond that it would take on their part timing and then followed by momentum. On the democratic side. It would take the Cuomo. Could -- field acting out liberals want to color and possibly overplayed their hand. They might tip the balance them -- that's something cataclysmic might happen I'm talking about economically constant. An employer like Citicorp the business community gets so disgusted. They announced that they're gonna leave and take out 30000 jobs out of this city something like that and then. -- and after Reno could count on something like that it would have it would have to wake up the sleeping giant which -- New York City or. Downstate. I like the way your thinking especially if you added a part that I hadn't thought about. They can keep bringing the blahs the -- because it seems to be a little. Rivalry already beginning -- we have. New York State to between the state and the city. They could keep the pressure. Certainly on Cuomo to either approval what the blahs it was doing or condemn what the -- he was doing so that could cause some some -- some kind of problems and it could lead to a mistake -- I think that's an excellent those strategy -- Thank you I thought something's funny you know the block field the last minute car repeat do not make. New York City residents taken an illegal immigrant to. Thank you I love that thank you -- yeah I give a bad doing illegal immigrant I like his idea. You keep time Cuomo to the -- deal. Because I think of Lazio might even be more left -- Cuomo. So yeah and any kind of public forum you keep calling them out because this is the mayor of of New York City would talk about. And that seems to be that rivalry already remember of the pre K thing. New York wants that the -- to block as he -- Program he wants they have pre K funded by the city. And a state is saying wait a minute if it's free case should be funded by the say -- Arguing over who's gonna give up those cookies and to block as -- has only been an up as a man and a half. So there's that natural. A tendency to trying as he set out liberal one another. And that could be an opening act could be an opportunity I also agree with the caller said. About the baby -- -- it would have to via a trump asked the original ticket. So you can do one little more heavy lifting because he's county executive. The other -- more -- -- -- -- might make a good combination and attest to Reno is a realist. He realized that he has a better chance to get in those statewide office with trump then without. You don't you don't agree. I own because I can't see those two common together well oftentimes. You heard the expression political politics makes strange bedfellows in the doctors. Oftentimes you you people who are not normally would be together get together. For so it would mean opposite of the party for the sake of the state of the -- of -- country but -- is not a normal you know trump would never take the second position I adequate. He was always eagle. To -- the -- him. -- I think he addresses the salesman as a one of import them together -- the -- the component -- -- look it's better for both the view if you're together the chairman need to do that job that's exactly what do you think Chris if you think that together -- have a better chance than they would independent. It probably what I mean you combined name recognition and again it's actually kind of in the trenches right now yeah and especially as the economy executive. He's you know as a CEO of his county and so he might have a good inside as dealing with the state things -- remember. Oh well gee -- -- was in office -- even before Jimmer actually all of become executives. Complained that the Medicaid. Assessment for Erie county took in more they had to pay more for that. Then all of -- property tax combined so you take that you have those kinds of insights. As a county executive bear -- very as a hands on. In office sitting on executive would make a good counterpoint to Donald Trump. But the sale has to be made -- both guys. You know you know and they do these though we -- the world kind of benefits they usually attack a sign out outside the studio leader eagle at the door. You have all these big names going in there and it would have to be the same -- those garage at the leader eagle at the door. But then you've got the Eagles of the chairman and the guys who were behind the scenes in. In the this Republican group against that Republican group that. Yeah first of all it's obvious the Cox has a favorite in this race already right so I there's no pretension or he's -- troll although we have some clips of him being interviewed this morning say how thoroughly would be if if stronger in the -- through Moya early. I'd be thrilled if I look like Brad Pippen is not likely happen. So yeah I think he's the master manipulator gets them in the same Roman says look guys. Even if -- to gather it's going to be tough. Separate it's going to be. Very tough so why don't we kind of say we've got to get rid of this guy. We've got to take control blow of the governor's mansion and let's go and so they're gonna have the -- decide that. Leave a little -- going home because the bigger prizes at the end of the election at all comes down to trial and whether he really wants this I don't -- goes I don't think so we know the game I said that right from the beginning. And no longer trump waits. The more it's apparent than that whoever gets it whether it's asked the rain or somebody else there the second choice. -- nobody wants to be second choice nobody. And you don't want a left overs put on the plate you'll want a fresh real and -- -- think that audio out. The guy asked to Reno's deputy nomination but it was months and months and months and one trump finally set I don't want to say more diplomatic terms and but that's what would amount to. Then you've got so what does that mean it means -- the -- back up. You know you aren't the real. The real -- you are in our number one choice. And so where or asked to vote for a a backup instead of somebody there can be a real alternative. And that doesn't work in the longer he's -- For now this is a Dick around guys at their current. The book I guess not but of the lottery picks -- all of -- the worst is -- -- So I get it together put them together and let's get movement Chris a year and entries from FaceBook -- this one comes from man he says Cuomo. Isn't viewed downstate where he is here many of those reforms benefit downstate and that's where most of his voters are we don't like -- appear for things like this -- fact. Bought down there they love amend the state seemed to be too blue for -- or -- have a chance that caller is exactly. I mean that the poster is exactly right that's exactly right. We lived in this area we talked to other people in this area. We have a general feeling in this area above the governor it's different downstate and because downstate has many more people what we do. We have more geography they're more people okay. They're always gonna dominate as you said earlier Tony the only way it is ever gonna change is separate state and a into Tuesday's SI don't happen and I happened so you've got to get past that. There has to be a mistake. And almost part and take any chances. When the campaigns are you think you're gonna find Andrew Cuomo sitting in the chair in this studio. We'll talk show host Mike Jordan knows person doesn't those people offered by different set rules that are called. Professionals -- -- he wanted to make it now he he they do they put themselves in default for situations. They are constantly doing that. Because they don't wanna take a chance because all it takes now in our electronic ages one screwup. And it's over. We'll be back with more on those -- and -- -- Libya. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. We are back -- party. That they'll -- two very -- and that is Ed Cox of course urgent way and you know which president's daughter is married -- him or was Barrington. Whom Richard Nixon very. Good Tony surprised -- very good. Yeah Cox has been supporting cast the Reno but he said in the interview today he would welcome you know both candidates in -- primary and that's the all step. Forward that trump has done that I've seen. Is that effective before it was unequivocal. That he would not run unless there was no old primary that he was just getting handed the nomination clear the -- of an -- comes Donald trump. Now he says that Nolan -- that's been eliminated so that's the only step forward I've seen. So far but who knows though what goes on in the mind of a politician. The bottom line is we got a couple of people who were being mentioned as possible candidates and that will be rob -- the -- And Donald Trump one is eager the other says he's -- did. But doesn't seem to be that Adam that eager seems like he wants more according. He wants more cajoling wants more reading long ago and and he he he relishes that kind of treatment. Meanwhile I'm saying against somebody to have those two people in the same room at the same time as they are both gonna benefit if you. Worked together on this. Trump probably would be at the top of the ticket. Good then rob if you want a statewide offices the better chance of getting hit by your jumping on the ticket would trump that it would be going going -- I think that's a pretty logical argument but that would require somebody. Who has the first and foremost not a vote making the state better. In those setting aside their ego and whatever and I don't know of trumps up that. I'm sure trump wants good things but is he willing to them put everything else on hold in his life and his career in his career is actually plural. And go forward with a because I have a feeling that he's not thrilled about it he's considering yet. If I get religious happened about going out on the campaign stump and all that stuff but it goes through in order to two will. Be on the ballot -- sort of stuff and -- that and -- as a voter. To vote for somebody who wants the job. -- for somebody who who absolutely -- the job. Who who has of this -- role of feeling about a loss they grabbed that job that job and and make something of it off trumpets that is that an. Moscow we haven't seen that let's go to Jeff Sessions Rangel Jeff you're on WB. Right -- eyes and still recovering road -- on the story but anyway. First all real court. On somebody. Blatant settled -- -- Brooks is the Gartner in with the you know in with Cuomo because those two words we have like. Will be no difference. They are perfect for each other you know I'd love your -- -- go in with his speech it would be perfect that's got a bigger guard Greg Biggs. The other thing the that the decline in the stated -- salute I mean. But what they released -- -- during a panel of interviews that he said he talked about all these millionaires want others that are leaving New York City. And thankfully some -- -- -- coming here to western new York and spending money and building houses in. Have a little bit easier way of life and that's -- jetBlue was so busy here and that's why they talk about this rapid. Rail system and everything. But you know problem is you know like Margaret -- said you know socialism. Fine it's your runner or people money that's exactly right one person honors if they do move the floor in the move to other issues that people that are here are the most import. I -- people on I talked to so many people who who don't understand that there sheltered downtown was not built on its side and and dollar bills wouldn't to a cattle. You know these people take cheer or deductions at the end of the year and it. If they don't have the money to begin at this year they're not a big future oil production and that's going to be the orbiter to really hard you know right away. Well to put our you know is obviously for every political opportunity that they can be used war. And many times -- they hand out -- these goodies from the state or from a federal government in order to buy that loyalty at a very vulnerable time in the lives of the people receiving this. Expecting lifelong loyalty and in many times again it. But the bottom line is I wish they I wish everybody paid more attention. Because things that are obvious to you things that are obvious to me and Tony and Chris are obvious to everybody and they're not willing to get involved in positive faxed them directly what they don't know is it does affect them directly. Absolutely you know the other thing too that bothers me is that you know these -- talk about shovel ready jobs and stimulus which of course didn't work for anything but. You know the problem with that is when you build a bridge you or you repair the world or something like that. It it takes care they union yeah higher levers do and it shops for a couple of -- -- -- whatever is. But it doesn't create jobs -- the people the entrepreneurial people in this town in this area. They're actually invest in businesses the -- and businesses the build businesses to construction people the small business owners of the guys. That we need to hear otherwise we are just force. And you know these guys are they make it harder and harder on them all the time to build -- to do things. You know that regulations are just crazy and yelled here it says it's you know it's a -- for any -- -- -- Greece stayed very -- stating it's absolutely ridiculous. Of that. It happens because they got for a young kids. And that's the re slightly that he urged state I work you know I operate now getting in trouble with the box but I gotta get this out. You know the the thing is that I'd like -- school system here a lot of the people involved well. The politics absolutely stink here it's absolutely just to chill. But you know that the problem is it's screws up everything for this great community that is so wonderful. It's so great to have it here but I am getting ready to leave because I just can't take the politics from the actions in the -- surge is absolutely ridiculous. What you're absolutely right and I can I can sense the emotion in your voice that isn't. It's a great place for people it's a great place for scenery if we can get Newman under new management sign in front of -- many I'd appreciate it thank you thank you very much of these got a good point. It really is for so if you not lived anywhere else. I've I've worked in lived in eleven states. You know -- to -- housing here especially westerners are on talking about. -- housing here is very very reasonable it truly is. And once you get away from the over tax situation. The the scenery and in New York State is gorgeous is beautiful. But unfortunately it's all corrupted in our minds by the people Obama's -- seems like Iran for reasons their own personal. Convenience their own personal benefit Packers their own personal. A package of staying in office the of the perpetual motion machine. You keep feeding those who keep voting for over and over again -- knows she some -- preaching reform. It's it's much like your dad's taking offer banana split. And your mother says on the way out now here don't go out get any ice could learn a thing or get a nice leafy salad. He wants the listen to that you're going out for banana split well -- -- a mistake think that the state is a banana split. About -- that they absolutely do and what he talks about these jobs however. It's many of mark tied to votes in one way shape or form. Meanwhile we're the only ones that are like this basically. I knew what was that Volkswagen. Down -- just turn down a and organizing vote. Bug Volkswagen people -- for Volkswagen's that we don't wanna be represented by the media I think it was you ago. I know we don't wanna be turned down. So why do you think that is why do you think that the states that don't offer. These benefit packages that we offer all are more prosperous than -- week if you can tie goes together doesn't take a genius to figure that out. And look at the states that are screwed economically -- the states just like us. Those of the rebels of the problematic states and keep in mind. Once you start losing population and we are you know what that affects representation in congress the House of Representatives. The of fewer people you have you may lose a policy making those -- unseat and the less influence you have nationally. The less benefit there is nationally zone. It's a it's a downward spiral I think for New York State. And a one of our guests earlier on the early morning news show said that Andrew Cuomo is managing the decline. A New York State and that he's exactly right will be back after. I wouldn't say we're there yet I think. And I don't wanna comment necessarily on frets com who had sources that would not directly in her campaign but. I would say this there's been no secret that like this Friday night LB. In Binghamton. I just checked the Westchester map Binghamton but nonetheless. Your opinion a couple of things guys. -- we'd just -- a religious commercial or commercial which got me thinking about this. Again I was having a discussion as to why things are the way they are and how they got there and every once in awhile. There seems to be a disconnect in my mind because I can't put them together is all right. It drives me crazy when I -- favorite. I'm thinking about. Because of that religious commercial and think about Christ Jesus aren't. By any account he was a humble man okay very simple. Humble man he was not or Nate he was not over the top he was none of those things he was a very simple person. If he edited for Christian religions why is it then forced to go for such a humble person. We have such ornate temples of worship. I mean we live gold chalice citizen and fabulous architecture. And stained glass windows it does not seem that that would fit. The the reason that we are that we are honoring this man and believing in this man if we believe in him. We believe in his attitude and his way. This does not seem like something he would. So it's just a random thought that way at whistling in one ear and out the other I'm just interest in your opinion if you -- this year because we use human beings are flawed. Well I know that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It it just seems like it's it's a disconnect and I've never heard it discussed take an interest in subjects on the because maybe there's. I have no goal background information on that I don't know of Christ ever dressed anything like. The places of worship or not. And I don't know what led to this may be it's an in an over zealous missed two. Show how much video and love and respected crisis they wanna do Graham things in his name. But it didn't it just does not seem like the kind of -- -- do now they're beautiful. -- to visit -- married him and their worship in or whatever but that is my question my question is. How what's the connection because I don't think there's a connection -- and that's excellent question that's why I'm a talk show host owning just telling yet. Now we'll find out tomorrow I'll get emails well the service sector career home runs -- centrist. Look Vivica says it's make me out of buying -- support or should I guarantee there's something somewhere that some we will bring up I didn't know laws. Probably you know are they were so over the top when they first started doing making churches and it just seems like a lot of the buildings in Europe and it'll -- Hospital absolutely. Ed affordable and it's I you know I'm mainly familiar with Christian churches -- I'm sure that there are other religions that do the same thing because. Just the way Chrysler -- led his life would not blow would not lead me to believe that he would have -- one of these year. I mean they're beautiful to see. And there either via gorgeous architecture and almost things -- just that seem to -- I've never been in the temple mosque so I don't know well. If it's the only. Going door to Catholic I bet I goals and I've been all of our government must have been to a temple and very nice and and and a serious. And that that's fine and I'm not criticizing I'm just wondering why it happened. It's one of those things you're going to wonder why things haven't like us all the time yes mr. science wired ever clouds though what they are. And had this discussion and couldn't come up with an answer and when I can't come up with a -- -- -- really truly does. What about the Olympics guys were you satisfied where your -- satisfied where you unfulfilled because of -- hockey flop. No less than satisfied. With. Probably because NBC kinda soured me this time around. Plus it didn't seem like the Soviets had their act together. -- -- early what we've read stories about the -- tells -- -- don't like that and of course. Not doing well as a country. With metals and in hockey -- and it was a dollar. I crests I kind of thing that NBC could take analysts and from fox we have the yeah Daytona and run of the Olympics from four years ago. We we -- better now commitment on the 1981 but yes we're just they're rushing game over and over what -- -- -- you guys are real hockey fans we kinda like wash that at the Kansas deflated yeah I did the most bizarre thing is the American team. By all accounts of players coaches articles was the best team in the parlor around and they agree in the quarterfinals. There really is no good explanation to how they just came up so empty against Canada and -- wanted to score a goal they scored goals for two games. Two games no goals so and I'm sorry -- and Ryan didn't get more why he merely had a shutout. He wants seventeen seconds away or shut up and then they didn't score at all. It's only my high school years didn't score all prolonged period of time. Very disappointing that it. -- where mama hides the court is it well. Well our typical these really to welcome the panel -- it happened at the had just where we're picking the women lost about highlighting regular yes that the guys lost it was like put a -- balloon. And so Iowa everybody is because the Russians have a little humor though. On the closing ceremonies where they've made that fifth ring yeah. That was cool acknowledging it was a technical glitch and this is so. I had about wraps it up. -- we'll see you tomorrow. At night undergrad at 930 we are WV. The -- moon which they never had to leave -- peace.

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