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2-25 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't wanna comment necessarily -- -- column who had sources that would not directly their campaign but. I would say this there's been no secret that like this Friday night LB. In Binghamton. I just checked the Westchester Matthew Binghamton not a west desert. As rob asks -- you know who has -- says he's leaning towards. -- joining afraid. To run against Andrew Cuomo but he's made his feelings known for a long time Donald Trump is Donald Trump Donald Trump is playing -- Roy Z rings every drop of juice. That began. Out of every opportunity and so I don't expect him -- but I'm no expert on politics is just my intuition. He has and ask for the job. He he's been down this road before he's been courted left them at the altar before and he's gonna do -- this time too and we didn't you know if that work. A slam dunk. If quiet if if he's in in the race that he's going to be Cuomo. Then I say okay give them you know every. Every opportunity take all the time in need even though you're not asking for the jobs even though you're a little reluctant I can see that but. If you get and it it's -- no I don't feel that at all. I fielded just entering the race is the first part of it. He has to put the right team together luckily the fundraising aspect is not is not a big obstacle for him. But he has to convince New Yorkers and keep reminding you -- -- -- name recognition. Doesn't do little wall he does have high name recognition but because of that the higher acceptance high rejection theory goes in the play. If you if you have high name recognition. Some people like you and some people don't. Now was asked to re -- Doesn't have high recognition but he doesn't come -- -- baggage either but not that many people know him. So if if if indeed. You wanna get in the race declare it and get in or get out as far as I'm concerned. -- 0309301806. On six two for six -- -- Also tell me what you think might be a dream ticket. On the Republican side. Last time we did anything like this this somebody suggested that answering on trump. Run as a team. Trumpet have to be the top of the ticket and no question about that. So anyway it will -- will see what's going on here would like to hear from you let's go to Mary show William Lancaster. Mary you're on WBN now -- -- Thank you thank your. You know thinking and and the thing and I listen to run after Reno this morning and now. I think I mean -- he's sincere. I think he should Juan and I think they should call. -- -- Because now they're having in the Republican committee aren't. Haven't fundraisers for trump again why don't they. -- has enough money while they try to get -- -- Reno out and get his message out and get. You know give us a -- They note that at the -- when I hear. You know things in here. He had gone sort of by mr. because. It came ideas that I have I been seen in years at New York State used to be the umpires stayed right with the welfare state -- and keep him. He can return to the empire state. You know what we could see all the the and I think. But he just stresses that. It positive like for. -- trumpet or cracking and also or you know -- -- -- you know. There's New York's Asia and -- you know but the actor you know I think would be. A good candidate and the invasion the -- comes -- -- they look you wanna have a primary turnout and it that you. Fine but he shouldn't just certain people around like it at the last minute. They're gonna have -- you know. Candidate if you look at. Second choice absolutely it's it's like the only other guy ask you to marry him and you know he just got turned out -- another woman last week I'm. You'll wanna be you wanna be the first choice. But the other thing it Elizabeth trump he's got that if he can. Make it to weigh his options and they look. I I really don't think I can do this because it would take away too much time from. My enterprises and everything it was a nice run and everything but nice -- But one that you guys back from the ones so we are entering a and I would they be ideal ticket I -- I don't know how many people would agree with me. -- and our governor and Carl Paladino lieutenant governor. That this is saying doctors scarlet. Car lot better last time the most people expected them and he certainly is vocal and outspoken that might need that does that spark him that would help them once in New York through through. Bring me -- you know the question are. And interest but I am disappointed with. The media when they covered this these are things were down -- OK anybody follow up. What. You can come out with all these jab jab -- but why don't they follow up and they. Where money coming from. Yeah you know what they should do is go back to their video library and take. A last year and the year before and run all balls clips and -- say okay. Here's what happened since then on this promise here's what's happened presence and a member north and see if he's performing -- -- just probe promising not delivering. And also on me and that you see that the new new New York like he's promising businesses. No taxes for ten years. Isn't that why don't put in the media. Question on that. Well you know that's a good question. I I hear you and and he's promising more more more. I had like for instances of this prisoner. College of fund -- nobody seems to be in favor of that. But he's coming out of it this is almost an every day situation now but. I'm in my budget call and share your thoughts. And from the other candidates to 11 call what does this stuff about the and he tried to get people off. I sucks all the air out of me -- -- -- we oxygen out of the room when he comes at Tom thank you thank you very much Mary. If -- running against Cuomo one of the things I do here's what I would do. I have a big Plexiglas. Container made this giant like Allah made a Plexiglas. And I would find out exactly how much our social programs. A handout in free money and free benefits convertible to dollars now. Tony you saw some impose an online and we can verify this by you saw posted online. The New York State. He ends -- the equivalent of 43700. Dollars. In -- in benefits. This is for not working this is one nothing just for being here. If that's the correct number and I can't verify that it is but if that is I would have 43700. Dollars in ones. I would fill that contain her up and how -- me everywhere I want. This is what is costing you for every single person in New York State with their hand out. Okay and then I'd make sure that everybody knew the position on immigration the position on the lower to wish him rate of four -- For illegals. I'd I do all of this stuff and -- as one big package to visually. Show what would hear. And then I also find some way to visualize the people leaving New York State is going to be a good way to visually do it because after awhile. Numbers can kinda Wear you down the kind of numb you you it's like looking at your paycheck. You really realize at the end of your two weeks or week or depends on how often you get paid. How much of the money you didn't yet that you earned a much of the money went all elsewhere that you earned. You don't realize it because it taken out before you even see it. I there's got to be a way to visualize that too. And being the third worst state of the fifty states the third worst in population lost that says something this is coming under Cuomo's watch. And Cuomo's programs I would take every one of those of those dollar draining programs and suggestions. And that make them into something visual of people currency now to some people. It's not gonna make any difference you know one. 'cause that pallets full of money there in the form of benefits is gonna come to them so I don't care they like a ballot. But to the rest who have to pay to fill that -- might -- a different story. In I would also have -- unveiled his -- people in the audience. I wouldn't plant people who came here I would plant people who laughed. And find out OK now you're in South Carolina and now you're in Florida and now you're in Texas why why did you leave -- and get verbatim from them these are honest to goodness taxpayers. Entrepreneur doors business owners who had believe the state. In order to survive and and certainly to prosper. So I would make that a human issue I would do all of that to -- visit to some peoples that make any difference. The more the merrier if this keeps growing and growing and growing. But to the others it might make a difference. Saw -- gullible solo campaign I think that's the only kind of campaign you can run I don't want the markets -- queens -- rules I want their knuckles. I want bare knuckles no helmet I know seatbelt no jock strap you go after each other and get -- out may have best person win. And I think in this case the best person would be the challenger I would be back -- more wanna hear from you. -- answering a Donald Trump or they simple cannon fodder for Andrew Cuomo. Right now of the latest poll says forty to 42 to 44 point difference between. Cuomo and them. And what's the best best ticket best of that ticket you can think of for this race will be back. How many times do you hear from people three more years and -- out -- here or see that the -- get a college on gun or -- kind of stuff and it's happening. I'm now we're talking about what would they were talking about all morning because of this new survey says that. Governor Cuomo Andrew Cuomo. Would be or trump or ask Marino by anywhere from forty to 44 points that's. Astronomical. But is he unbeatable totally -- strange things happen and in a campaigns. All politics is one major thing. As if it shows up maybe maybe elusive stranger things have happened longer odds have been surmounted. And I'm saying. Is the fact that -- Reno and trump. Are regarded as a such dark courses in this race is -- to make a cannon fodder. These people don't want a vote for what they consider a loser. They'll vote for OK I'm getting something out of it or I think this is a good person and or whatever but they wanna be on a winning team. So that the that the Democrats have the original question about that the incumbent usually does. But doesn't say he's unbeatable I don't think he has on the. To -- was mind blowing is how formal can be so far ahead considering. What his he'd done. That. Four New York they're so good. I think that's because you're not getting anything from them and I'm not getting anything from him and Chris isn't getting anything from them and we live in Western New York. I'm sure that there are people who think that he's the greatest thing since sliced bread for the very things we don't like. Think about it like that like could take New York State. And -- safest despised around here I despise it packed federal court ruled against that does seven -- climate okay. But a lot of people love New York State so here's something here's a major issue you think you can count on to really turn the tide. -- the best -- be is neutralized. And even that's -- that's a that's a step in all of these programs we hate the president program. While do you think people who have relative relatives in prison hate it. Well and we got a lot of people -- present we have more people I I heard this a few weeks ago or more people incarcerated in New York then any of its okay. That's that that's a there was account numbers station I heard on TV talks. So they all have relatives. So okay. We don't like we think it's a waste of taxpayer money but where offset by those who benefit from and because you don't benefit from a and I don't benefit -- Crist doesn't have a problem and probably most of our audience doesn't doesn't mean it's not real of the others that do. And the thing that that's mind blowing is okay quite as this this big of a lead is this -- support. Four reelection why is he spending so much time trying to bribe Western New York if he's already got this in the bag what does he need also. I think he I think he does thank you president gbagbo wants -- wants to firm up Western New York. Because even though he's claiming he's not a presidential candidate. Candidate. And who knows what could happen in Hillary Clinton or anybody else who might be an -- at this moment. And he wants to present a united front he wants to win not just win but win big. And winning big would include having to. Gather a lot of bolts that. He doesn't finger in his corner now that's the reason I don't think he's sitting in Albany going. You know if I don't get the Erie county Erica -- -- of I don't think these things like that at all I think he's thinking I wanna slammed. Is this like OK if we won a five to four and in the Olympic hockey would that be enough. Would you rather went five nothing. He wants to win five nothing five -- may not get the nod nationally but five nothing state the size -- New York are now OK let's hope for. I mean that's my opinion I don't know. The people we talked to our early morning there was no way -- -- a lot more about politics than I do I'm just looking at it as as they via interested bystander. Who has the contribute to all this crap. That they -- would decide who income redistribute to people who didn't pay into it in the first place. 393018061696. -- -- thirty Chris give me another FaceBook if you're. This one comes from Warren -- no Republican or conservative and winning statewide election in New York people here. Will vote for anybody with a -- and -- their name nobody else stands a chance it's pretty sad I mean think about it you know. Most things we don't like okay how many words there -- Bloomberg of law. Course he's not -- Buffalo,. New York connect now to block zeal. The closet is already started the same way or maybe even further left them Bloomberg. But it ego and so yeah he wants to do the ID cards so that illegals and get their benefits fast there can't hand out those benefits fast enough. Those public benefits funded by you and me so you got that down there and it's the same thing here I was not here when Pataki ran. But Pataki not many people know them. And he was governor when the time -- when I came back after that. Was Spitzer kind of thrust upon us what we were told he's in Mexico as the hours to it it's like we didn't have a and I think in many ways that's the way a lot of people feel Cuomo I don't think almost afraid of losing he's he's afraid of not win not clearing the table. You know just -- every ball -- -- think. -- and that's why he's here with a cardboard check. And believe me he's got cardboard checks for other places as well but I loved it when he so much he loves New York. The Western New York. Buffalo, New York that's the biggest -- -- -- will be back. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. We have. The highest taxes but we have the worst business climate I mean it's it's possible to business in this state. We have the most corruption. Okay now that's rob rob asked the Reno who would like to be governor. And what he's saying if you're a B -- analyst Larry if you listened to -- this radio station you know you hear this repeated often because it's true. But to a lot of people don't care as long as those on the goodies keep coming to them they could care less. But what I'm saying is there the last gubernatorial election. We had this some of the opposing. Of people on both both during the primary and they. And the actual election and they were good -- solid ideas and whatever -- quite impressed with the with them and nothing happened. So as good as answering -- may be. The forty or 42 or 44 points as -- shown in the latest survey is being. That much behind the eight ball with either rest or Renault or trump. Is a lot to overcome it's not. It's not a can't do. But it's a heavy -- and something would have to happen in Paul -- vote campaign and something. Fabulous would have to happen in the Republican campaign for it to happen. So I wanna know if these guys just -- and water we just wasting our time or should we hope and Andrew Cuomo wins big and wants to run for president as the get him the hell out of dodge. And what is the best bet ticket. You know it goes really against my grain to hope that he wins big so can run for president. Does that need to have an even greater influence on the life of all Americans is that it just does but he can run he's not gonna win the presidency so will still be stuck with them as trade on the national stage she hardly he's hardly above a radar blip there ever notice that. I mean he's the big dog and in this statements and not not necessarily sold nationally Hillary kills and Europe and presidential primary so there's an you know we've come to club part. Of our lives -- politically where we're told who the next office -- going to be. We're already told that the next person running will be Hillary Clinton now we're told. And we were told that the Spitzer was going to be our next governor anyone's. There were told it Cuomo is going to be the governor after about -- was it seems like more of a runaway train here we have no control. To accept were expected to pay for the train. And all -- refreshments served on the train and all the benefits of being on the train and yet what are we trying to do we're trying to get out of town so we don't have the paper everybody -- So we're gonna wind up putting asked to Reno up against Cuomo and I think Michael Capuano put it past. The guy that is presiding over the highest tax only in the country I believe bubbly and I mean it's so easy to defeat and he's. And though all I know about trump is what you know about trump but don't you want a guy who wants the job. But you want a guy who asks for the job. Would you hire somebody that. That gave the impression he was doing who favor if he even. Talked about the job well that's where tropics right now. And even if he jumps in the race he's not an automatic what are. He's way behind the eight ball but I'm wishing either say yes some -- or no I'm not him. I don't care of most people wait until March or not -- next week. Let's go to our Carol into the water Carol you're on WB yeah. I ND I loved your idea about. The graphics because I think that people need to see. Ot exactly what's happening and I don't think I I work and work. We're dealing with hypotheticals constantly. Right and people see something they -- -- only trigger aspect a -- But. Does the idea about people -- and and people. Coming exit out -- -- right I think it would be great if you show it in dollars and fat. Your people were leaving our Nat and -- -- people why freebies. They're the ones who are are actually holding the state op are where old and stayed out and I think did if you showed it in that respect. These are but different the money that just locked out. Exactly right I mean we -- and high profile. We have a Rush Limbaugh Bob people who just have had enough for the New York taxation Doug got a -- Olav. Sean Hannity is about always is a public figures you know who have had enough -- that. But we don't see these tens of hundreds of thousands of people leaving that we don't even know. Well the other thing it -- of people coming and this state they're coming in this state. Are bringing out millions of dollars so -- big -- the big businesses coming into this state are a drop in the bucket compared to what we've bank. Not your kids who Kool -- -- 4050000. Dollars and good job. Are being transferred down south or down south as where the money's going back and of people coming to the state of course. And the people want to get there it's. Flight 3040000. Or 60000 dollar -- for anybody. My husband is a retired. -- employee. And we're struggling. But we've yet supposedly leave this state. Because we do he'd get to break that if I get this state act and retirement. That it's a first here we're doing insider now but if we leave this state he gets he gets no break at all. You have people who are still in their working years if they go to Florida they go to Texas or there's a handful of states. Where there's no state tax -- even if they go for the same money they get an instant raised because of that and it's funny. But Texas seems to be a thriving state doing very well Florida seems to be fine you'll notice -- -- states like us and California are doing them well. What you have because we're getting more way to mark -- -- and it never gonna change as long as the big people. And the big money Arab League banks and people don't understand that you can't acts that ridge. Pay -- the poor because there's more or an hour days than there are -- it comes down a little people. We'll work our lives two and three jobs which has been the mortgage. Why they're giving people free housing read this spree that and they don't care if obamacare both through because they were getting it free to start out -- This president program he's got that he wants to do now although Laurie goes away give a college education. Or 5000 dollars worth of a college education to criminals. It show that total disregard they have for -- rank and file people like you -- me who pays the bills thank you very much care about that. All they don't care about -- everyone agrees that prisoners it gets a benefit like this. Yup they're felons they can vote but they have a lot of family and friends and -- event people that they know they can vote. So what they're doing is they're just handing out the benefits as fast as they possibly can and they're coming up with new and inventive. And clever ways to hand -- the -- money. Did you ever think about. Of paying for college education for criminals and then there coming -- so what you know this is really gonna save vary. The state a lot of money because the rate of recidivism will be down have you noticed that these programs. That they propose are all going to save money. And it never happens notice that. Who keeps track of it later he keep track of somebody who got a college in did not come back how do you track that. How do you track those are dead how you track how much it cost of -- each of us the bottom line is. A that they don't think you'll have the wherewithal to stay -- that so you'll forget about it. But the people who are related to those criminals won't forget about it -- get their votes will be back with more would be -- and. Governor almost as managing the decline. Has opposed to the street ball that well in under Spitzer. And other Paterson. Your your your busy thinking -- Paula is doughnuts and pop ice chip and you have both on the same weekend in the Jeffrey -- compression -- hole. Which enjoyed better the -- -- or the pop I checked him. That's a tough one well that's why I I'm not afraid to ask the tough questions. -- don't butter ball as thoughts on because pop I forgot my TP sauce despite the fact that I asked three times out. Or signs dipping sauce while that's ridiculous if I realize protest and maybe they'll give you an extra breast -- one on the back for dancing what I would suggest. Now I I saw in my sick bed to show loyalty I have even though I was not working yesterday. Here I am I'm sick I can't commend the work and I watch cinema Bob on channel 7 in the morning and he's got a really nice job. Whose -- it was -- Randall Mike -- -- from his front mine different ball long hours. Mike is the consummate professionals really good -- to -- to pump -- gas really oh I know that yet you have adequate -- gas station awful ones. Working Nvidia Everett Joshua you know diamonds they hear here have a cup of coffee mate now I know secure way to monitor didn't -- only gasoline and a as a senator Bob was way of the Randall either a really nice job a trigger on television and it really does he's got a very friendly face. And they didn't they do a couple I only watch one. Segment debated several segments on the Academy Awards of excellence nice job. And they have that morning team on channel seven. See here's the deal -- think about these things they have very two very attractive people doing that morning Georgia seven however. One -- is a little teeny person and the other is a huge debt. The value the female. Is very attractive and very competent. Does that it was a good job and -- the guy that isn't a good job so I guess if you like guys he's attractive guy okay. Not that there's anything wrong -- me saying items such a mentally it wears on saying okay. But they don't look like a team. Because their heads -- club that's. It. Even the guys sitting alone is like two feet taller than her sitting down they are -- real range the sat or do something. You know it is a depth perception may be likely go to movies sometimes. If you put somebody further behind the other person you know move them back. Then the camera will make like their Mort equals. But -- -- the giant and and a little Barbie doll. I don't mean that in a negative way she's very attractive but she's team she's petite. And he isn't it looks like he came out of -- WW whatever they're calling themselves now. Have you seen that morning and no I have not so badly they -- matched him up size wise. Like -- Like I always like to be massive size wise woman -- women who worked with me but they can't find that size as the pilots have guys. The ball he tests the he'll -- only occasionally fall apart. You breeds is Beardsley who does or asking about this you're all kinds of people this morning. On the early morning news talk about the upcoming may in the -- -- gubernatorial race. -- whether Andrew Cuomo was a law whether it was a you know it's already over before it had even begun. A simply because they via a new poll came out distancing walk home from either asked the original trump. They took. Some numbers on if they imported gather I don't know if that would make a difference or not but it's between 4040 to a 44 points depending on what you -- And that's. Huge I mean there really isn't. Is that insurmountable. Now. Things can happen in campaigns. -- you remember me remember the primal scream. Of a deem the presidential candidate Howard and he was going great until that one scream and they was done. It was it was or I don't expect quote -- who primal scream anytime soon but you never know in the heat of battle. When you get up there in front of the public and with today's one of our -- cycle once you do it. It gets shown over and is like pulling a Saddam Hussein out of a hole. In Iraq okay it's the same thing over and over and over so it just takes one thing like that whether it could capital what happened I don't know the that is anybody else. But so it's not a done deal. But it's it's going to be a tough but if indeed and is now. Well it it does seem like a done deal and it seems like the only way were ever gonna get out of this. And I've seen it posted and it's the reason why I'm bringing this up is four New York streets they display and a two state -- and most is it -- right it's not gonna happen but it seems like that would be our only it's our only salvation -- only way we're going to be it would be safe. Well the reason that New York State has never employed at a presidential campaign we know we don't even get the key candidates Mike commands and New York State to raise money but they're not gonna come into campaign. It happened because it's a given you know it's you know it's got to go. As as -- repeat as they Republican loss -- a democratic way and that's the way it is you're right and socialist state changes. The composition Tuesday is that -- happen and desired the to do something like that -- -- to proceed on that otherwise it would pose the most that I'm gonna do that to themselves. They they worked hard to gerrymandered to statins have a position it is now -- not -- I'm -- that. The that's the last thing they're gonna do even people's well leadership in the next state constitution. Blob blob blob Olga your constitutional convention blah blah blah you know appoints those people the people who -- in power now. Do you think they're going to appoint people that are gonna undo what they've spent all their lives do. But I happen. We're up the creek without a paddle but what I'm saying is even up the creek without a paddle. I mean they could find Andrew Cuomo with a chimpanzees some -- swinging from a -- we don't know. We didn't know that much about Spitzer. But. That's not how all the way to have the run a race hoping. That's like a car race that your opponent crashes and you are still running at the end of the race. Is this a done video and rob asked to Reno or Donald Trump simply can and water. What's the best -- ticket and isn't New York State in decline I think that is pretty much of a given but I'd like to hear your thoughts on. Will be back -- more with --

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